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  1. I have to agree what Brewski said, I picked up a new Dan Wesson a few weeks ago. and i am working on different loads for my shadow 2, shadow 2 is sort of fussy on loads, but those loads are set to chamber in the PM9, they all shoot good, gun will shoot anything so far and VERY accurate. chet
  2. guy at the range shooting a Q 5 plastic lower, not the steel one, he was shooting at 20yds and i was down a few shooting 20yds also, i offered him to try my Canik, he cried twice, he was there with a TP9 SFX the following week. he does shoot it better, it will shoot every bit as good or better as the Q 5 and the Sig pro x 5 also. my Canik is not ammo fussy like my Shadow 2, they shoot close now since i put a scope on my shadow, chet
  3. the brazo are ok, what load are you using on the acme 122, i am loading 4.0 to 4.0 2 sport pistol or 3.6 titegroup chet
  4. i have the brazo 125 in .357 dia, they work fine, 4.0 sport pistol and 1.250 oal they fit all my 9"s chet
  5. i was shooting at the range yesterday, i was shooting off of my rest doing some load testing, this guy comes along and was shooting a newer P 210 in 9mm and had an older one made in Germany, he asked i would shoot them off my rest and see how they group, i was shooting my shadow 2 and my new Dan Wesson PM9, i tried a few different loads with both the P 210"s the one made in Germany grouped much better than the one made in the states, he was so happy when he saw the group the P210 made in Germany shot, he cut the target out and took it with him. he did say they were rather expensive vs the one
  6. hi Pat i wish i could hold that steady, i try every now and then, but i average better groups with some type of rest. chet
  7. i am shooting at 20yds for getting my best loads off of a rest, i have 2 rest. one is a v formed pc of wood , i used 1/8" thk felt and covered it with leather, the other is a leather sandbag i rest the gun on, from experienced shooters. would one be preferred over the other. chet
  8. i hear you on .358 dia. but i take it you don't use the Lee factory crimp die on the last stage. any problems with coating shavings chet
  9. i am shooting the 9mm bayou 120 tcg bullet, i am looking at the Acme 9mm 122 conical nose similar to the bayou, anyone ever shoot these 2 bullets to compare. chet
  10. just a thought, a Canik TP9SFX, my glocks cannot shoot near as good, and that are priced right. and accurate edging out my shadow 2 on paper at 25yds. just a thought chet
  11. chetc

    sight alignment

    i do have some glocks, they are easier to aim, and the best is the walthers ppq
  12. chetc

    sight alignment

    i have the new shadow 2, i am having a problem lining up the sight, when i normally aim with this pistol i am constantly struggling to get the front sight down to line up with the rear sight, looking for some suggestions to help. would a different set of grips do anything here. chet
  13. looks like i missed the sale
  14. looking to get another 9mm semi pistol. i am looking at the Dan Wesson P9M model 01909. i want to be able to shoot groups on paper. hoping to improve what i currently have in 9mm, Shadow 2, Canik TP9SFX. A few glocks. a witness match elite and a walthers ppq. any comments on the PM9 chet
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