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  1. looking to where i may get a lighter trigger return spring and a lighter firing pin spring,,i installed the Apex trigger kit on my wife's Hellcat, nice trigger, i also have the Hellcat but i like the oem trigger shoe, i just needs the 2 springs, any idea where i may get them chet
  2. thanks, will give them a try
  3. been loading alot 9mm 125 rn coated lately, my wife has been saying the loads are quite snappy with titegroup and sport pistol, i have alot of other powders to try, any suggestions, she is shooting a walthers PPQ and the new S&W shield 9mm ez slide. i do have alot of other 9mm weights also, 115, 135, 147 and 165, but would like to stay with the 125 coated. chet
  4. i am getting low on my small pistol primers, i have a few 1000 of small rifle, will they work ok in small pistol use. chet
  5. since i have the new hellcat 2 weeks now, shot it about 40 shots, i am finding the trigger rough and a bit hard, before i have to spend another 150 dollars on a aftermarket trigger, i am curious if any hellcat owners went thru polishing the trigger parts ect and maybe changing the trigger spring or striker spring, or has anyone just polished the trigger parts and no spring mods. is it worth a try. chet
  6. well i want to thank for the tip on the grip safety, that was the problem, as i mentioned i do not have the problem probably due to the way i hold the gun, my wife is just getting over cancer, went thru 5 chemo and 3 radiation and this did take a toll on her wrist and arm strength, it's coming back but very very slow so she probably is not getting the grip she use to, but i did tie the grip safety plunger to the grip with some fine fishing line for the test, normally she would be lucky to shoot 3 shots the most and the slide would lock back, we just got back and she went thru 30 or 40 shots, n
  7. well i am off to the range with the grip safety held tight against the grip, hope this solves the problem. cold here in PA chet
  8. how much improvement did the PRP help, did it help any on reset, was it lighter, have you ever shot a canik 9mm if so does the PRP kit compare chet
  9. i am waiting on S&W to get back to me on this, chet
  10. Hello Sarge only thing when i got the gun, i took off the slide and cleaned and lube. chet
  11. that is what i thought it might be i watched her shoot, finger not near the slide stop lock. i am thinking the slide lock spring tension is either too strong or too weak, if the grip safety is not the issue, have to rethink what to do here chet
  12. 2 weeks ago i purchase this new 9mm EZ shield 9mm for my wife. she has 5 or 6 other 9mm semi auto pistols, no problems with them. this new gun is puzzling, from day one at the. we go to the range takes maybe 2 shots, slide locks back, pull slide gun goes into battery maybe will shoot 2 -3 then slide locks back with ammo in mag, so we go home and back the next day with the other mag, my wife shoots around 20 rounds and no problem, so i call customer service and explain, tech said the mag might be bad, so i sent the old one back yesterday, and we go to the range and the gun is doing the same th
  13. thanks Tito chet ps trigger is a bugger, coming from my Canik TP9SFX, springfield shoud go the canik factory and get some trigger lessons light years ahead of my hellcat
  14. i solved the problem, i made a handi racker (Improved) chet
  15. HI tito after i posted about the optics, i did read about have to cut the top of the slide, gonna pass on that scope don't want to cut nothing, what did u end up paying for the sentinel chet
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