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  1. i am currently shooting a new Shadow 2, i want to go to the next level of performance handguns, been reading about the 2011 type pistols. just for mainly having fun at the range and maybe a few steel challenge shoots. what are common popular 2011 pistols available over the counter, not a custom, brands, models suggestions chet
  2. sorry, i should have mentioned, we will be shooting production, chet
  3. question, this will be the first uspsa steel challenge match coming on in july 6, question i have is me and my my buddy both have cz shadow2 single and double action guns, when i am at the stage i am holstered, loaded, should the hammer be down or cocked and on safe chet
  4. i never heard of them, i just checked them out, in fact a nice article in this months American Rifleman. just should have made it optic ready, by looking at it, does it seem to be a high bore axis. chet
  5. my buddy has a Sig X5 i have shot it, it's ok the trigger is so so, he then did an aftermarket trigger, it was nice to shoot, a little pricey after the trigger was done, he then tried a Canik TP9SFX and i shot it, more accurate by a small margin than the x5, i shoot a CZ shadow 2 with a few mods, so i went a purchased a Canik, recoil spring a little stiff, called Canik and they sent me a lighter captured spring set up no charge, shoots a tad tighter than my shadow 2. Canik has something good with the that TP9SFX gun, it is sort of big for my wife's hands, she did shoot a few shots, and she actually shoots it better than her Walthers PPQ. chet
  6. thank you, might try 3.3 of SP accuracy is slightly better with TG, hoping to get there with SP chet
  7. curious if anyone ever chronographed 3.2 SP vs 3.2 TG in a 147gr 9mm, i have been loading both with good results, since i don't have a chrony, wonder if there is much difference in fps. chet
  8. i made a few front rest over the years, curious what shooters find the best shape for a top, flat across, sort of v shaped and material wise, small sand bag, leather covered hard felt, looking for some idea what shape and material used in a top that seems to work best, i tried both v shaped and a flat type, hard to decide. any links or pics that i may have missed. chet
  9. chetc


    canik tp9sfx and and some keyholing with my shadow 2
  10. might look into a different recoil spring for my shadow 2, can someone tell me the what the stock recoil spring is rated at. i would like to try the next one down. chet
  11. chetc


    They were Penn 120gr tcbb lead, 4.3 wsf
  12. chetc

    gun size

    hi DK i did make a size on paper, don't fit, only way it will fit, if i get different mag bases, if they are available, the mags that come with the gun have plus 2 bases. chet
  13. chetc

    gun size

    if i am reading the rules correctly for USPSA competition, my canik TP9SFX won't fit in the regulation size frame, it will without the mag but it's about 1/8 to long from bottom of grip to the top of the rear sight. chet
  14. chetc


    hello himurax13 Overcrimped is my guess. i will check that, but i have not bothered that crimp setting in yrs, other bullets no issues no shavings, did not slug barrel, 4 9mm pistols all keyholed. gonna pull the rest of the bullets and let ya know thanks chet
  15. chetc


    i loaded up a few 120gr tc 9mm bullets, with 3 different powders and off to the range, 90%of them keyhole sideways into the target at 10 or 25yds, in 4 different 9mm semi's, so now i have to pull the rest of them, any ideas the cause. all were loaded to 1.040 chet
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