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  1. What's the difference between the 3G and the C?
  2. That introductory price point ends black Friday. Get some!!!
  3. Mine is older but I load to 1.165
  4. I read that as short shorts, and was thinking what's the problem? As long as they're on the female persuasion.
  5. 11k rounds on mine and I haven't touched the extractor. I've never had a Single hiccup. According to Bobby I should move the old spring forward and put the new one in the rear. I'm currently freshening all the springs as I have it sold to a buddy. Bobby's building me a new one. ? A shorty with a metal grip. Any week now ?
  6. I used to have Production, Limited, and Single Stack competition guns, all tricked out by very well know gunsmiths, and complete rigs for each. I had 2 presses for 40 and 9 and bought my 45 rounds from Walmart, since I shot it the least. When my vision got to the point I couldn't see the front sight without cheaters I bought a CKArms Open Gun. I couldn't afford it at the time, but it was that or get out of the sport as I couldn't stand all the vision correction methods I tried. Well, long story short, I was rejuvenated, I could see. I loved shooting again. I have not shot anything but open for 2 years. I sold all 3 of my other competition guns and presses. I have a company load for me to my specifications. My gun has not failed me even once in 2 years, I don't have the headache of reloading, and I really enjoy the sport again. Do what makes you happy. If stressing over money takes all the fun out of it, do what you did. If I ever needed to cut back on expenses I'd try CArry Optics, but I love my Open Gun and I hate mag changes.... Lol
  7. Check, check, check Racker hit my front tooth so hard I thought It was knocked out Finally went with aluminum cmore after 2 plastic ones wouldn't hold zero Mount loosens up every few matches, usually just the rear-most screw...even with blue loctitie No ejection issues, or comp problems...knock on wood To the OP...I run 115 gr JHP in my CK....with 7.7 Autocomp at 1.165. That round was too long for one of my STI mags with the spacer as they kept hanging up. I have since accumulated a couple old style SVI and bought a couple MBX mags. I no longer have mag feeding issues.
  8. My CK loves 115 JHP with 7.7 Autocomp loaded to 1.165. Hits 172 pf in Florida.
  9. All the electronics integrated in the mount so the glass sits right down on the slide
  10. 172. 7.7 Autocomp 115Gr JHPS CK Comp. 3 barrel poppels
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