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  1. It's definitely not just carbon. Carbon doesnt get shiny when you cut into the crud. Edit: After cleaning, my barrel weighed in at 11.0 oz (I have the black barrel, not the stainless). I removed around .3 oz of lead buildup and that was after dissolving much of it with peracetic acid.
  2. For those of you who have never cleaned/scraped the inside of your barrel, try weighing if you remove it from your receiver. Per Wiland, a brand new barrel will weigh 10.5 oz; anything over that is lead/carbon buildup in your shroud. I ended up buying an 11/16 forstner bit (kind of a nuclear option, I know) and I'll let you know my results. I am presently 3d printing a coupler to hook it up to a hex rod that I'll use as my reamer shaft, and turn it by hand.
  3. Sounds like a good idea, I'll give it a shot!
  4. For those of you with Wiland LLW barrels. How do you remove the lead buildup inside the shroud just in front of the crown/muzzle face? Wire brushes don't seem strong enough so I ended up plugging the bore and filling the shroud with peracetic acid (what I use to clean my muzzle brake). It worked okay but there's still some stubborn lead buildup right in front of the crown. Any ideas?
  5. Drawing from holster I can comfortably do S&H at .80s. ACCL, RDBT, and 5TG at 1.20-1.25s, and OTLM at 1.35s. Pushing speed I can shave off 10% from the above but my hits are inconsistent.
  6. Update: Todd at Wiland sent me a new barrel and it works great! I was ringing steel at 100 yards even with the Blazer, so there's no problems at all with accuracy. One thing I didn't realize is that he recommends cleaning the barrel after 250 rounds; I didn't do that with my first one. Not sure if 500 rounds is enough to cause issues but I'll be more stringent with cleaning from now on.
  7. I don't shoot PPC but shoot RFPO/RFRO and CO. I've found that when starting from low ready for rimfire, I'll sometimes shoot a different order than CO, since in CO I can orient myself to the first target whereas with the rimfires I have to aim at the flag. I've also noticed that when aiming at the flag and bringing the rifle to my cheek, I'm generally faster when starting on a left side target vs. right. It feels more natural to shoulder this way than to bring the rifle up and under your chin when moving it to a right side target. You kind of have to loop it beneath your chin rather than bringing it to your cheek in an straight line, and it adds a consistent tenth of a second or so for me.
  8. I cleaned the barrel and found there was some kind of buildup 2/3rds down from the breech that I couldn't clean out. I don't think it was lead buildup as I only shot 500rds through and that shouldn't have been enough to cause any visible residue. Anyway I'll be sending the barrel back for a replacement. Here's a photo.
  9. They were the now discontinued Blazer Lead Round Nose 38gr. Maybe the light weight and the high velocity is too fast to stabilize? Though I don't have any keyholing issues with my Mark III, which has a shorter barrel.
  10. Have any of you guys had problems with keyholing using the Wiland LLW barrel? I got mine the other day and it functioned perfectly with CCI AR Tactical 40gr CPRN 1200 FPS, but consistently keyholed when I switched to CCI Blazer LRN 1235 FPS. Kind of sucks since I have 6k rds of Blazer that I reserved for my RFRO practice ammo.
  11. I guess my post was not as clear as I thought. I'm shooting Steel Challenge stages so yeah they are all classifiers. My question is, for those of you who have moved from CO to Open, did you find that shooting Open with Open equipment was easier or harder than shooting CO with CO equipment? Did your classification basically transfer over or was there a learning curve involved? Comparing my CO scores to the Open score times isn't really effective as it's not apples to apples - I don't have Open equipment.
  12. Hi guys, I'm currently shooting Carry Optics at the M->GM level (in practice anyway) but have been thinking of moving into Open for SCSA and eventually USPSA. I've never shot an Open gun before, but in looking at the time differential between CO and Open, it seems like the Open times per run range from around .13s to .42s shorter than in CO. I would think that the Open-specific equipment like your race holster, compensator, SA trigger, and frame mounted vs. slide mounted red dot would be more than enough to make up for the time difference so that if you're shooting in the GM level at CO, you should be able to maintain that in Open. Am I correct or being too optimistic? For those of you who have made the transition, did you think CO was harder or easier than Open? In reading the above, maybe it's self evident that Open is easier since the GM times are lower than in CO... but what are your thoughts?
  13. I'm looking to upgrade my Pocket Pro II to the AMG Commander. I'm really interested in recording split times; does the AMG allow you to do this while still syncing with Practiscore (i.e. is the split data recorded somewhere else in addition to inputting the final time in Practiscore)? Or would I have to use a separate app to record the split times, then enter the final times manually in Practiscore?
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