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  1. In most of the matches I've shot, only two guns were allowed so I usually shot optics, then irons, of each low ready division - RFR, RFP, PCC. RFPO was the last one I was working on so I shot that first followed by CO. I do think it's useful to pair those as my splits for CO are comparable to my RFPO splits, maybe .05 second slower. So shooting RFPO first would be a good warmup for CO. Same for RFRO/PCCO. In the last match I shot four guns - RFRO/PCCO/RFPO/CO in that order.
  2. Thanks Thomas! And congrats on your 9th GM! Unless I overlooked someone not in the 13 Club, I think you are now tied with Colin Cogdill for the most GMs in SCSA! I hope I can catch up to you soon I'm thinking my OSR/ISR gun will be a 7-shot or 8-shot S&W in .357 (shooting super light 38 loads in 357 cases, or perhaps even in 38 Short Colt cases). I'm having a heck of a time finding the gun though - seems like everywhere is out of stock for an 8-shot. I am leaning towards just buying a 7-shot like a 686 Plus so I can have a lighter gun and because it's more readily available. I don't want to deal with moonclips and I'm confident I can 3d print some speedloaders for a 7-shot since I have already for my 6-shot 686.
  3. It's weird seeing a Glock looking gun without a Glock grip angle!
  4. As of today I've finally reached GM in all six low ready divisions! RFPO was my last hold out but I finally posted a decent score shooting it in reverse order (4,3,2,1,S). I'm also about a half second away from my first GM in a centerfire pistol division (CO). My goal is to reach GM in all 13 divisions, but as I don't have a competition revolver yet, I'll probably tackle those last. Hoping to get GMs in CO, SS, and PROD by the end of the year, and make some inroads into OPN/LTD.
  5. I used a Truglo adapter when I ran my Holosun on my Mark III. I still have it if you want to buy a used mount.
  6. Each stage has a peak time. This is the time from which the classification brackets are calculated. The peak time divided by your time gives you your classification percentage for the stages you shot (with only your best score for each stage used in the calculation). Classifications are ranked as follows: GM - 95% M - 85% A - 75% B - 60% C - 40% D - below 40% For the stages you shot, the total peak time is 48.5 seconds, so this divided by your time gets you 55.20%, or C class. To find the time you need to beat, divide the peak time for those stages by the classification percentage. So to get B, you would need to be under 80.83 seconds for those 6 stages.
  7. What division (or gun) were you shooting?
  8. If you'd like, PM me your email and I'll send over the files I made for your friend to look over. He will probably need to modify/combine them to work with your setup.
  9. This probably won't help you but what I did was to 3d print my own adapters to run the Wiland 10/22 front sight insert and PCC rear sight insert on my PCC. Through trial and error I configured them to the same height as my C-More Railway.
  10. For those of you who practice the stages, do you make up your shots or only shoot one shot per steel? I've been shooting one per steel (and adding a .5sec miss penalty to simulate my makeup shot) because it's convenient for me. I usually shoot four stages when I practice and have enough mags that I don't have to reload between stages when I don't make up shots. I think I might start making up my shots in practice too as I can usually only manage one or two clean runs when trying to shoot to my goal times in an actual match. Just wondering what you guys usually do. I read somewhere that you should only practice one per steel because this is what you are aiming for in competition, but when pushing myself I'm invariably missing and am not getting the practice of "making up the shot" during my actual practice sessions.
  11. I did finally get my AMG Commander yesterday; took just shy of 11 weeks (75 days total). That said, so far I think it's worth the wait, both for all the data it gives me, and for the ability to use it for dry fire practice.
  12. Hoops, thanks for crunching the numbers. I was already pretty convinced that most GMs shot at or slightly below the GM time on average so I hope they don't make significant changes to the peak times based on outlier performance from a select few participants.
  13. They did email me back last night and said by the end of next week, so I'll stick it out a while longer.
  14. Has anyone ordered an AMG Commander recently? I am right at the 8 week point and emails go unanswered. If I get nothing back from them soon I think I'll have to file a dispute through PayPal.
  15. So I shot four stages on a brand new division and got GM. If I shoot the remaining four stages and tank them all, I still keep my GM, right?
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