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  1. Thanks a lot , i order some fgmm 185grain for test .
  2. Thank you very much ! I will order it and try FGM308M2 bullets.
  3. I'm looking for a long range rifle have $1000 budget for gun only . The savege 10 asbury precision rifle looks good . But i don't know how it work ? And what kind ammo is good for twist 1:10 , somebody say fgmm 168gr , somebody say 175 or 185gr . I have no idea. If you know that please tech me ! Thank you !
  4. I have cz 75 sp-01 and rami , magazine release too hard for me . How to make that soft ? Thanks a lot!
  5. What kind go fast goodies for it , it looks good !
  6. Look it is good ! My friend have one i never try it , i will test it next week . Thanks!
  7. I have PSA ar pistol , i will check them website. Thanks!
  8. I will ask my friends who have pcc gun let me try ... Thanks !
  9. I am interested to play uspsa pcc , but im new shooter and don't know about how to build a pcc gun . What kind pcc is good for a new shooter ? I saw a lot people use many different ar9 . I hope some body can tech me how to buil a good ar9 working good no jam . Thanks !
  10. I have 5 black Taylor Freelance +4 mag extensions for CZ 75. They are used and have dings on them.


    Here is the link to Taylor Freelance: http://taylorfreelance.com/shopping/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5&products_id=116.


    Message me with your email address if you want pics of them.

    1. Leohe8888


      I already bought henning +6 basepad , but if your price is good i will take them for backup.  all the basepad comes GRAMS SPRING/FOLLOWER KIT ?


    2. Leohe8888



    3. rich63


      They're all sold.

  11. I try to found a factory CZ rami for my ccw gun,but no many people use It . I wanna know how to get a cheap CZ rami ,everything is from factory no any modify . Thank you !
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