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  1. Hello , can I just buy bcg ?

    1. eggman


      I need to keep the BCG with the receiver as it is the only BCG I've got that is tapped for the handles needed for the side bolt DD receiver .

  2. I was use cheap buckshot like S&B 9 or 12 pellet 00 .
  3. Thank you . Ebay can sell gun parts right now ?
  4. Thanks for you answer my question . I have a cz75 tactical sp-01 , i try to looking for a tactical sp-01 slide do a rmr cut on it ,but can't find it.
  5. Hello everybody ! Can I use shadow 2 slide on a regular CZ75 tactical sp-01 ? Is that working ? Thanks very much !
  6. Thank you ! And one more question , I have a silencerco suppressor , do you know what kind cover is good for cold down it , because it was burn my hand many time just like BBQ chicken wings ......
  7. Nice beautiful gun ! Did you used it shot about 1100 yard or more ?
  8. Thanks ! Your information help me a lot !
  9. I've heard 6.5creedmoor ,i don't know 6.0 , what's different ?
  10. I like a semi automatic rifle hit 12 inch square plate target about 1100~1200yard , it doesn't matter small or large frame. I don't really like action rifle. Thanks about your information .
  11. Any body have a semi automatic rifle for 1100 yard ? I'm jist curious about what caliber can do that ?
  12. I like JP 3 port muzzle brake , just a little loud
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