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  1. I use Defend ear custom molded earbuds. I use them on the outdoor range by themselves and they provide excellent protection while hearing commands. Indoors I used an electronic ear muff. For normal life I use my hearing aid. https://www.westone.com/store/defendear/
  2. Again, Thank you everyone for the help. I stayed with the Dillon wire ejector and removed one of the flat washes from my bearing upgrade kit. Works great.
  3. My 650 has a plate bearing and i currently am using the ejector wire to extract the round from the plate. I occasionally get a round that is not ejecting and I need to manually push it. In searching Ebay there are a couple of vendors that sell a 3D printed replacement ejector - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dillon-650-Ejector-wire-FIX-NEW-Upgrade-fix-for-ejector-wire-13298-problems/254364270905?hash=item3b394ac139:g:JdsAAOSwh9pa2kgw. Anyone have experience with the 3D printed ejector wire replacement? Is it worth a try?
  4. I would like know anyones experience with the Blue Bullets 158gr at 357 Magnum velocities. I am looking to develop a load with either Unique or VV3N38.
  5. My 380 load is 100gr Rainer over 2.5gr Bullseye. I have no chronological data.
  6. Cowboy85306 you are correct. I miss stated. The first powder was black powder. I should has said first smokeless powder. I am working from memory and would have to look it up, but I beleive the US govt contract for ammo when they went smokeless changed to a heavier bullet and the original Bullseye formulation. It is a mute point though. You are correct original powder was black powder.
  7. This is my choice of bullets : http://cowboybullets.com/ also try Blue Bullets they sell a 250 polymer coated bullet. I have purchased some but haven’t worked up a load. Starline brass and CCI or Winchester primers.
  8. I shoot a lot of 45 Colt. My go to load- a classic- is 8 to 8.5 gr of Unique behind a 250 gr cast lead bullet. My SAA gives a small ragged hole at 20 yards off the bench. For light loads look to Trailboss data. Bullseye was the original powder used in the 45 Colt, it should work well as well. I just prefer Unique.
  9. My 9 mm Tripps run flawlessly. +1 Virgil is a great person and corrects any problems.
  10. +1 on the Baer 1911. Wounderfully built, very tight and you must get used to that. I have owned a few over the years and all were great. Les built my first competition gun when he was living in Allentown PA. Baers are less than Wilson more the DW. If want to spend less than a Wilson and more than a DW, go Baer.
  11. I went through the same process. I went the Springfield route. I hand picked the Springfield making sure it was tight and well fitted. Had my smith add an EGW ignition group, EGW recoil system, Dawson fiber front and adjustable rear, vz grips, and barrel cut flush, rescessed, and recrownded. It added about $500 to the base gun price.
  12. Sorry for the delay - The whole manual was too large to post. Here is the 38 SC page. 38 SC VihtavuoriInternationalReloguide2008.pdf
  13. Thanks again. I found the older version of the VV reloading manual and it has the 38 SC load data. I will be moving to 3n38. Between the info here and the older VV manual, I should be fine.
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