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  1. I shoot both and don't find much issue going back and forth. I prefer USPSA but the area IDPA matches are often closer and less of a commitment away from family. They're really the same thing with a slightly different set of rules. Someone once told me USPSA is like IDPA but fun and I find that holds true for the most part. If your primary focus is USPSA, I wouldn't give much thought to doing USPSA stuff like dropping mags during an IDPA match.
  2. Can you expand on your theory here? I'm not sure what I'm missing as the dot can be seen in any part of the window including right on top of the irons.
  3. Welcome. I've modeled a few 3D printable shooting/reloading items myself. https://www.thingiverse.com/michael303/designs
  4. Just to follow up on this, my area coordinator replied to my message quickly and confirmed the longer Staccato P and effectively all longer bull, heavy, cone barrels are good to go. Considering the terms heavy and cone aren't defined, this makes the most sense. I asked my AC: I came across a thread on a message board where someone said "it was agreed that if a pistol makes weight and fits The Box, it will be allowed" on a recent area coordinator conference call, effectively making the 4.4" Staccato P and other 1911s with bull barrels longer than 4.25" legal. Do you know anything about this? He replied: That is the direction we were given in a recent AC call. This doesn't mean ported guns or enlarged safeties will be allowed however. The ruling was in reference to the cone vs bull barrel reference. It would be great if they actually updated the rule book but as you know there is a freeze on any rule book changes this year. We are trying to get the word out to the MDs. If you run across any MD who questions it, have them contact me, if they are in my area.
  5. I saw your post on 1911Addicts regarding a recent IDPA AC conference call where it was agreed that if a pistol makes weight and fits the box it's good to go. I was going to reach out to my AC about this but I'm curous which AC you spoke with.
  6. I don't mean to s#!t on JG because I love his YT videos but I didn't find the trigger to be worth anywhere near the price. The trigger kit I bought was over $300 after options and would frequently double fire until I replaced the connector with a Ghost. I eventually sold it and have just been using a Ghost connector and light striker spring and have found it to be 90-95% as good for a fraction of the price and completely reliable. The only other competitor I know personaly that's had a JG trigger had reliability issues with it too. I don't have any experience with the Timney trigger but I'd be looking at that if I was in the market but at this point I don't feel like the trigger is holding me back.
  7. If you have a 3D printer or know someone who does I modeled some anti-wobble pins for my 1100 and uploaded them to Thingiverse. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4618602 If you don't have access to a printer you can send me a message and I can print you a few for a small fee.
  8. Did your coordinator clarify why they believe it's not illegal?
  9. The diuretic effect that caffeine has is mild and generally less than the water that it's consumed with so you shouldn't need to worry about it dehydrating you. It's a bit off topic but I've been experimenting with taking some L-theanine with caffeine, usually coffee, as it blunts the negative effects of caffeine. So far my experience has been positive so it's worth trying if you like coffee but don't want jitters when you're shooting.
  10. I broke down and bought a FixitStick kit a while back. It still seems overpriced for what it is but it's small and convenient.
  11. Pedialyte is better than Gatorade but I'd do a electrolyte mix like LMNT. Google it, I'm sure there are a few other similar options. I do my own DIY mix of LMNT (sodium, potassium, magnesium) and it works great.
  12. I've been running a battle belt lately. The biggest thing I noticed is it's not as rigid as my DAA outer belt. Since the DAA mag pouches hang off the belt quite a bit they sag/flop a bit so I switched to some elastic style pouches. You should be able to find a drop and holster that works. My Safariland setup is real close but if I got rid of the QLS it wouldn't stick out nearly as much.
  13. I didn't. Maybe I'm wrong but I'm guessing all that cash makes it pretty easy to justify a class that size.
  14. I'm glad to hear my impression of the student ratio isn't way off. The class itself wasn't cheap but there was also a hotel room for two nights, 7 hours on the road, and 2 days away from my family. At least I know more about what to look for going forward.
  15. I recently took a pistol/red dot 2-day class with a fairly prominent trainer. I had some fun and got a few things out of the class. looking back I feel I would have gotten more if I was a newer shooter or at least new to red dots but that's another thread. The biggest thing I learned was to ask what the max class head count is before signing up for any future training. This class was 26 students. Shooting time was divided between two lines and one on one feedback was a cumulative time of 10 minutes if I'm generous. I'm curious, what do you feel is reasonable class size? What has been your experience with training class sizes? What else have you learned from training classes that helps you decide on what to attend in the future? This applies to practical shooting and defensive training.
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