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  1. I appreciate all the feedback in this thread. Thank you particularly for addressing my original question.
  2. I'll probably try one. For science and stuff. Can you tell me what the width of the NLA handle is? That and the Radian were on my list too.
  3. Haha. I could just imagine falling backwards on that thing. In my case, I don't see using a sling with the rifle it would go on.
  4. I guess that gives me more time to save up rather than take the hit all at once. That or my interest will have waned by then. LOL
  5. I'm building a 9mm AR and came across these Vendetta charge handles. They come in big and bigger and look like they could be nice for articulating providing they're quality pieces. Does anyone have any experience with either of these? http://vendettaprecision.com/vp-25-ambi-charging-handle-ar-15/ http://vendettaprecision.com/vp-25-extended-ambi-charging-handle/
  6. I'm definitely leaning that way. The on-machine swage seems great because I imagine doing it by hand would suck. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. I don't have plans to do more than 2 or 3 calibers at this point. Primarily just 9mm. Thanks for the feedback. I've done quite a bit or searching the boards and have been leaning towards the 1100 based on the expectation that I'll primarily be doing 9mm with the possibility of one or two rifle cals later on. At this point I'm trying to get an idea of the real world setup costs of the 750 and 1100 based on what accessories most people buy above and beyond the machine itself.
  8. Initially just 9mm but I'll probably do 223 and 300blk if I've got the machine.
  9. I'm probably approaching 5K this year. I can appreciate this and it's certainly a significant part of the draw to reloading. I'll probably be around 5k this year but if I was reloading I wouldn't be surprised if that would go up. Thanks for the info. It's definitely worth considering. I'm typically not opposed to buying in bulk to save a few bucks. Crunching some quick number it looks like I can certainly save money over buying Syntech but not so much that it's a no brainer. I guess my primary reason for making this post was more to get feedback on the performance difference between factory competition ammo like Syntech and what I can create by loading ammo myself.
  10. I'm comparing the 750 and 1100 but as I have no experience reloading I'm insure what options and accessories I would want to add to each machine right out of the box. The 1100 (when it's finally available) seems like it will come with most of the accessories you'd need and want to reload comfortably. The 750 on the other hand has an attractive price but it doesn't include the case feeder, swager or dies making the actual price difference smaller. Are there other must have upgrades I'd likely end up adding to the 750 that would just bring it closer to the price of the 1100 or beyond the previously mentioned would they be about the same? Any feedback is appreciated.
  11. I've been shooting USPSA and IDPA locally for close to a year now. I started in Production and moved to CO a few months ago. I've just been shooting whatever ammo I could get a good deal on which is typically S&B or Fiocchi 115g at around 0.17/rd. I'm trying to sell myself on reloading but I'm questioning how much better reloading my own 9mm would be than buying factory ammo like Syntech or something else. I haven't really shopped factory competition ammo much but the Syntech looks like it can be had around 0.21/rd so it would take a while for reloading to pay for itself. So my question is, how much better, if any, can my reloaded ammo perform vs Syntech or another factory ammo option I'm unaware of? I've yet to try Syntech or reloads so any feedback is appreciated.
  12. We're you able to preorder with Dillon or somewhere else?
  13. Is the deal any better if we call? I've already got a good local shop that will sell it to me at list price.
  14. I was just coming here to post this same thread. 60 off at Titan seems to be about the best deal I've seen but I just started looking and the shipping fee softens the deal a bit. Can we expect any better deals between Thanksgiving and Christmas that would be worth waiting for?
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