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  1. https://www.printables.com/model/637245-glock-dry-fire-clip
  2. Those website in-stock notifications are typically cron jobs that run periodically. If the cycle period is too long, say once every hour, the item goes in and out of stock before the job runs it never sees the item as in-stock and the emails don't go out. It's not typically a push notification, at least not in my experience. If you want to get something that sells out fast you'll have to use a website tracker that checks every few minutes.
  3. I have a spreadsheet with the window sizes of quite a few optics and I have the SRO at 22.61 mm X 24.89 mm. I just went and measured the vertical height of one of my SROs and I'd say that's spot on. So within 0.6mm if we're nitpicking. It definitely isn't 26mm.
  4. I'm looking forward to more info on this coming out. Looks like it's aimed right at the SRO. Edit to add: The following site states the window dimensions are 1.1" (28 mm) x 0.87" (22 mm) and also has details on the reticle. Window Size: 1.1 × 0.87 in I believe that makes it as wide as the Romeo 1 Pro and as tall as the SRO. That's approaching the size of the Romeo 3 Max but with an RMR footprint.
  5. Welcome. There are typically at least 2 matches every weekend to choose from.
  6. The difference between the two will be insignificant so get the one that gives you the feels. Shooting performance is 90% the shooter if not more so one or the other won't give you a noticeable advantage.
  7. Thank you both for the feedback. I examined every part of the gun I could without luck. I finally bought a spring testing kit from Atlas and the spring that came with my EGW ignition kit was supposed to be 17 lbs but actually measured more like 13 lbs. I swapped it out for a Wolff 17 lb spring that actually measured 17 lbs and I haven't had a problem since. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't something else going on. This is a fairly middle-of-the-road load though so it would have surprised me. Thank you both for the feedback.
  8. I'm hoping to get some input on how the primers look on my fired brass. Particularly, is there a high pressure situation going on that could be causing a reliability issue? I was dealing with what I estimated to be light strikes in a 1911 I was building. When a few other people, who I'd consider more knowledgeable than me, saw the fired brass they were convinced the problem was coming from a high pressure situation that was causing the firing pin hole to clog up with metal bits and slow down the firing pin. Eventually I was able to measure the hammer spring weight and found it was closer to 13 lbs rather than the 17 lbs it was labeled and swapping it out has since resolved the issue but I want to get some feedback and see if there is an issue here that just hasn't caught up to me yet. This load is 3.3gr of N320 under a 147gr Black Bullets projectile with an overall length of 1.140. This brass came out of a double stack 1911 but I've shot thousands of rounds of this load through my Glocks and it looks the same and has never given me trouble. You can see the primers are cratering a bit but I see no flattening. Any feedback is appreciated. I'm not convinced that there's a high pressure issue here but I'm open to being wrong. First picture is this load out of the 1911 and one of my Glocks (gen 5). Second picture is some factory ammo out of the 1911. Third picture is more of this load out of the 1911.
  9. I got to try one of these first hand recently. The window size is fantastic. The refresh rate of the dot seemed to make it look scattered while firing rather than the dot streaking. Is this normal? Also, is a dimensional print of the footprint available?
  10. Per the IDPA 2017 rule book: ESP Excluded Features and Modifications (Non-Inclusive list): A. Trigger shoes. And the 2022 Equipment Appendices. A.2.4 ESP Excluded Features and Modifications (Non-Inclusive list) A.2.4.1 Trigger shoes. I believe this makes the Timney Apex non-compliant for IDPA CO since it follows the ESP equipment rules. That being said, I run an aftermarket shoe that's purely cosmetic on my Glocks and no one has said a thing. I'd probably put a stock one back in if I went to a big match though.
  11. I might have tried the Cheely but couldn't find it in stock anywhere at the time. I might go back and test the EGW pin with a Wolff 17 or even 15 sitting to see how it performs now that I know the EGW 17 spring is really like a 13?
  12. It seems nice. It's long AF and actually protrudes into the chamber when the hammer is down. I can't see a scenario where there'd be a round in the chamber with a hammer down so it doesn't seem to be an issue.
  13. To follow up on this, I couldn't find the compressed length to measure the main spring at and the gauge I bought only has a marking for measuring government length recoil springs. I do have 15 and 19 lb Wolff main springs though and they both measure to the claimed weight at about the same length. The spring that came in the EGW ignition kit that's in this gun is stated to be 17 lbs but measures at 13 lbs, maybe 14 if I'm being generous at the same length that the Wolffs measure to their stated weight. So that was fun...
  14. I got a chance last night to test a new extended firing pin briefly and went through about 60 rounds without an issue. I mistakenly assumed that the "O/S" in the EGW O/S Firing Pin that I originally put in the gun meant it was oversized or extended but that wasn't the case. The new Dawson is significantly longer.
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