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  1. Can someone clarify the difference between the MBX 140mm and 141.25mm mags please? Do they both use the same tube and just use different length base pads to make up the total length? Does this also apply to the 170mm and 171.25mm mags? Thanks.
  2. Some of the parts are fussy to get back together but it's not that complicated and there's plenty of help on Youtube.
  3. If you were starting with just MBX 9/38 tubes, what brand springs and follower would you pick? Just MBX, or Grams or some other combo? To clarify, I have to jump through hoops to get complete mags that hold more than 15 rounds in my state but I should be able to order all the parts to "repair" some mags so can choose any guts I want. Any feedback is appreciated.
  4. I'll be taking my first machine shop classes this summer so some of the footprints will be a tall ask for me. It would really simplify things if optics had flat fronts instead of the typical radius. The Atlas system seems like a good option. It doesn't put the optic as deep in the slide as I'd like though.
  5. Based on the feedback that's been coming in, the Timney trigger is noticeably better than the JG trigger and a good bit cheaper too. Now might be a good time to sell the JG trigger because the Timney trigger is on track to become the Glock competition trigger. That'll make it hard to recover what's been spent on the JG trigger in the used market as time goes on. Maybe it doesn't matter to you but I think it's worth considering.
  6. Springs are cheap. Why not just buy a lighter one to try? I've run a 4lb springs on CCI primers without issue.
  7. The quick release pin on the Hennings are awesome when you need to run a brush through them. I wish they'd update their Glock extensions to add that feature.
  8. This is a scam website, folks. Google it up.
  9. Thanks. How about the horizontal and vertical surfaces that touch the radius?
  10. Thanks for all the insight on the details. Much appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Doing the radius by hand seems inelegant compared to milling but I can't think of any other way that wouldn't require a cnc or wider cut to mill the radius. It makes sense that the radius isn't a contact surface but are the horizontal and vertical surfaces adjacent to it contact/impact surfaces or is there supposed to be some clearance?
  12. Is anyone familiar with the specs and milling the Lissner ramp cut into a frame? Most of it looks pretty straight forward but I'm particularly interested in how the radius is done. Maybe my Google-fu is lacking but I haven't found much info or even pictures. Any feedback is appreciated.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. If you have some pics of the gun you built that you can share that would be awesome. Do you shoot it in 3-gun or USPSA? I checked the Atlas site and it looks like the Erebus has a 4.6" barrel with a govt. slide cut back to 4.25" and the Nemesis has a 5" barrel with a govt. slide cut back 0.4" I'd probably build out at the Erebus dimensions since it's already been done.
  14. I'll see if CHP does the Dawson cut. I've had a few of their plates. I'm not interested in a dovetail mount but I'll be starting with a blank slide so there'll be no existing dovetail anyway.
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