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  1. Pedialyte is better than Gatorade but I'd do a electrolyte mix like LMNT. Google it, I'm sure there are a few other similar options. I do my own DIY mix of LMNT (sodium, potassium, magnesium) and it works great.
  2. I've been running a battle belt lately. The biggest thing I noticed is it's not as rigid as my DAA outer belt. Since the DAA mag pouches hang off the belt quite a bit they sag/flop a bit so I switched to some elastic style pouches. You should be able to find a drop and holster that works. My Safariland setup is real close but if I got rid of the QLS it wouldn't stick out nearly as much.
  3. I didn't. Maybe I'm wrong but I'm guessing all that cash makes it pretty easy to justify a class that size.
  4. I'm glad to hear my impression of the student ratio isn't way off. The class itself wasn't cheap but there was also a hotel room for two nights, 7 hours on the road, and 2 days away from my family. At least I know more about what to look for going forward.
  5. I recently took a pistol/red dot 2-day class with a fairly prominent trainer. I had some fun and got a few things out of the class. looking back I feel I would have gotten more if I was a newer shooter or at least new to red dots but that's another thread. The biggest thing I learned was to ask what the max class head count is before signing up for any future training. This class was 26 students. Shooting time was divided between two lines and one on one feedback was a cumulative time of 10 minutes if I'm generous. I'm curious, what do you feel is reasonable class size? What has been your experience with training class sizes? What else have you learned from training classes that helps you decide on what to attend in the future? This applies to practical shooting and defensive training.
  6. In my opinion, if the distance between positions is more than a couple steps it will be slower to run with both hands on the gun. You should check it on a timer at different distances but I'll bet you'll find it best to just run with the gun only in your primary hand and just raise and regrip as you enter the next position. Regripping as you enter a position doesn't cost you any extra time and shouldn't cost you any accuracy if you practice it a bit. On the other hand, running with both hands on the gun will definitely slow you down and the time difference will be magnified as the distance increases.
  7. I have these. They're fantastic.
  8. While I agree the MD can't prevent shooters from doing unsafe things, the way I read the situation, the MD was directing the shooter during both of the issues. The MD saw the shooter flag themselves and failed to DQ them and then the MD failed to instruct the shooter to unload and show clear which lead to the DQ when the shooter came up again. To clarify, I'm assuming the MD is also the RM as is common with most level one matches.
  9. Sounds like a cluster f on the MDs part. If the competitor swept himself that should be a DQ so I'm not sure how he got to come back. If he didn't get the competitor, who is new and relying heavily on the direction of the person giving commands, to unload and show clear at the time he stopped him I'd say that's mostly on whoever was giving the commands.
  10. I'm looking to start reloading 300 Blackout. I'm thinking I'll just use converted brass rather than do it myself to start. If I get the short trim tool head for the 1100 can the short stations be utilized for reloading like the regular tool head or can you only use the trimming stuff in the short stations? If I can use it, I figured I'd grab the short tool head to reload and I'll have it to start converting should the time come. Any feedback is appreciated.
  11. Oops, you're right. I was thinking of the Shadow 2. Edit: I don't think anyone will be surprised to see SA triggers made legal in CO in the near future with the way things are going.
  12. It think it depends on which and how many calibers you regularly load and if you have to run them through the press twice or not. One big advantage with the 1100 is you can add a bullet dropper without having to seat and crimp at the same time. The bullet dropper will make it significantly faster.
  13. Agreed. If it was me, I'd go with the TSO and shoot carry optics. With the current rule set, that's about as good of a gun as it gets in carry optics. If you want to shoot open from there it's another level of commitment and there aren't many competitive guys (or girls) running a $2k open gun. All that being said, if you just want to shoot whatever gun is currently blowing your hair back and open is the only class it fit in then do that. The reality is the gun is only a small factor in how well you perform in USPSA.
  14. I started doing this a while ago too. Mostly so I could just get close before dialing it in with ammo at the range. After doing it a few times I found it was so close that I don't even bother confirming any longer, same as you.
  15. Thank you for all the tips. I've acquired about half of the stuff you've mentioned. The reamers and chamfer cutters will probably be next. The gage blocks and pins sound handy too. Thanks for the feedback. Most of the tooling is provided in the shop but I have a message out to the instructor to get some further suggestions. Thanks, I'll take a look at these. That makes sense. I have my share of tools that sounded like good ideas but I've never used.
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