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  1. In my estimation it seems unnecessary beyond doing it for the curiosity. The pretravel on mine is minimal as it is and certainly not a detriment to performance.
  2. Good feedback. I've been happy with my GG flat adjustable kit too but I might have to try the snappy reset spring because the competition one almost makes it feel too slow to reset. On an unrelated note GG did an IG live yesterday and mentioned that they omitted the pretravel screw so you can't disable the safety mechanism.
  3. Thanks. That's what I figured. I have an SRO on a Springer plate already and don't like how high off bore it rides. Looking for something that'll mount direct. Guess I'll keep waiting for the R1P to restock.
  4. I don't suppose this will fit on a P320 Legion in the factory mount by chance?
  5. Haha. I should have picked up on that. I thought it was a little sad that I had to explain what MAP was. Where'd you snag it for 355? I'd jump on 399 if I could get it.
  6. It's the manufacturer's Minimum Advertised Price that retailers agree not to go below. The MAP on the R1P is 399.99 currently.
  7. Thanks but f**k that. I guess I should have clarified that I'm not going to overpay to have it now. I've already got an SRO on a Springer plate that I can use until I can get it at or under MAP.
  8. Can someone fill me in on what the deal is with the Romeo 1 Pro availability? I'm under the impression that it was released but they're basically unavailable anywhere online. A local gun shop has one but it's the 3 moa and I was leaning towards the 6 moa.
  9. Your setup sounds good so far. The 21rd mags with TTI or Springer +2 basepads and Grams spring and follower kit are popular. I'm going with the 17rd mags with Henning +5 basepads but TTI and Springer also make +5 basepads. They hold 23 with the Grams spring and followers. Any of those setups should do. I didn't see a need to look beyond oem mags. I use the Double Alpha Racer mag pouches. They're a good balance between features and price. Any pouches will do though so just but whatever looks cool and in your budget. There's plenty more content on this stuff if you search through old threads.
  10. Also check out the Henning Group extensions. Lots of good feedback on those.
  11. The way the pre travel is eliminated with a set screw in these triggers it's essentially pre pulling the trigger part way. Since the safeties are disengaged as the trigger is pulled, going too far with the pre travel screw can absolutely make an unsafe firearm. I'm coming from Glocks so I'm not too familiar with the P320 trigger but eliminating any pre travel beyond the initial slack would be a no go for me. Unless there's a ridiculous amount of initial slack to take up, which my stock Legion trigger doesn't have, there may not be a lot of value in a pre travel set screw.
  12. Yes, I gathered all that reading through the thread and respective product pages.
  13. Like I said, I've read over most of the thread so I'm fairly familiar with the options and features currently on the market. GG had a curved adjustable version available for a while now like you said but the flat adjustable trigger is new, at least according to this Facebook post from four days ago. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2532398287002814&id=1634185900157395 I was initially interested in trying the GG competition kit with the AC trigger like a few others have done but now that the flat adjustable GG trigger is available I'll see if it's good enough on its own before I swap it out for the AC trigger.
  14. I've been going through this thread waiting for my Legion to show up. I haven't seen it mentioned yet so I figured I'd share. It looks like Gray Guns finally released a flat adjustable trigger and kit a couple days ago. https://grayguns.com/product/p320-adjustable-straight-trigger-system-competition/
  15. Can you expand on that? Did it cost anything?
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