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  1. I was still getting spillage with one reloading innovations damper on my 650 using 4.2g n320 for 9mm. It’s when I added a second damper to another station that the spillage stopped. In some cases, two are better then one.
  2. Focus on the form of the movements and go slow learning proper technique. Some of these movements like the snatch are taught to you in a 10 min block of instruction. Thats not enough IMHO. That is a complex movement that takes Olympic weightlifters years to master. Hopefully you have good coaches. So go slow, ask questions, AND don't worry about trying to get the most reps or rounds during a WOD only to sacrifice form and sustain a serious injury in the process. Ask me how I know.
  3. My gmr13 is tight with any glock brand magazine but works smoothly with pmag brand mags. No binding and drop free.
  4. So very sweet ! Love it. Congrats. What caliber ?
  5. Whidden Gunworks makes dies for the 6 creedmoor. I have used H4350 w/ 105 berger hybrids and H1000 w/ 115 DTACs with great success
  6. Gorgeous girl and awesome photo. Congratulations !
  7. Gorgeous Best of luck with it
  8. You did well by swallowing the blue pill. The customer service is worth the price of the press.
  9. How about Gary Natale at Gansguns.com Very fast turnaround time and he does good work. I know he doesnt do hard chrome so you will have to send it out somewhere else for that.
  10. Varget doesnt meter well out of the Dillon powder measure. I use XBR8208 and it meters much more consistent then Varget. I have heard XBR8208 called a shorter cut Varget. They have similar properties except one meters great and the other one is inconsistent.
  11. Dont know where that location is but...If your looking for HP-38 then Natchez has the 1# cans in stock as of this morning.
  12. I would choose the Rem 700. In its basic form its a classic bolt action rifle and should shoot 1 MOA or better with match ammo out of the box. Later on if you really want to get into it you can customize it the way you want it with a custom stock, aftermarket trigger, match barrel, etc.
  13. I am getting an open racegun this month chambered in 38 supercomp. I know that 38 super/ supercomp is a straight walled case and the SC is rimless. I have a bunch of Starline 9mm supercomp brass left over when I used to shoot this caliber in a race gun I sold years ago. I know that this is a rimless tapered case that was designed after the 9x23 Winchester case. My question is that if I use 38 super resizing dies for resizing the 9 supercomp brass then will it be safer to use this brass in a 38 super/ supercomp chambered barrel? Will it turn a tapered wall case to a straight wall case? Next question : Does anybody know if the case wall thickness and case capacity is the same for Starline 9mm SC vs 38 SC? The previous owner gave me extensive load data on this gun using 38 SC brass and it would be nice to be able to use the exact same load formulas.
  14. If you do a google search for bear kettlebell complex you will find some nice exercise combos that will get your heart racing.
  15. Just took delivery of this one yesterday. I have not made it to the range yet. I am curious to see how the pistol handles with the heavy flanged cone barrel. Wilson Tactical Elite in 45acp Black Armor Tuff Round Butt Magwell Gold Bead Front Sight Slide Top Serrations 30LPI Serrate Rear of Slide 40LPI Heavy Machine Chamfer on bottom of slide Omit FCS Ball endmill cuts Ryan Wilson Style high grip modification Naked slide Keep Wilson logo on rear of slide Countersunk slide stop
  16. Little bastard gen II is the way to go from APA. This is an excellent design.
  17. I just got a Gen 3 G34 with 300-400 rounds through it with no mags for $430 shipped so use that as a price barometer. I think $430 was a great price.
  18. I was a big fan of the old site. Lots of great information. The new site is an abomination. Members are trying to use it but are frustrated. I wish that simple things were put into place BEFORE the transition to Scout. Real basic things like a Search function and a way to Follow topics. I really dont know how you can have any type of internet forum w/o these two basic features. Its been about a month since Scout Hide is up and running and no real improvements have been impemented. Can it really be that difficult?
  19. I lube with One Shot even on a press like the 1050 where there is alot of torque produced. It just makes cycling the press easier.
  20. The Bear Bryant prayer "This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is very important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving something in its place I have traded for it. I want it to be gain, not loss — good, not evil. Success, not failure in order that I shall not forget the price I paid for it."
  21. I have two rl1050 and two xl650. The 1050s are dedicated to 9mm and 45acp. One 650 dedicated to 223. The other 650 is the utility player. I have about 8 different 650 caliber conversions to load up diff calibers of ammo on that one.
  22. Just get a Franklin Vibra-prime. Its alot cheaper and I can fill a primer tube in 20 seconds.
  23. I like it. Its a shame it isn't single stack legal. Do you shoot it in L-10? No, I have not a USPSA match in many years. I just like nice 1911s.
  24. Here is a single stack in 45acp. Also has a fitted barrel in 38 super. The advantage of having the interchangeable breechface.
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