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  1. - got into law school: "I AM THE LAW!!!!"

  2. I compete against that gun every weekend now....I'm still pissed I didn't buy it when I had the chance!! DP how many of those guns do you still own? Don't make me cry, man. Tough times.... TOUGH times.
  3. Ok THAT is AWESOME!!!! I am having a custom leather case tooled for the new custom cues I have on order. I was going with a celtic knot design, but NOW... ....It's getting a FREAKIN' SWORD!!!! As for what I carry, I have a lefty CQC-7, but I won't pretend to know what the hell I am doing with it. But when I couldn't get a gun in, I figured it was better than nothing Fun aside, coming out one time, host nation security searched my bag after I boarded. They found the knife, for some reason delt compelled to open it, and could not figure out the liner lock. So naturally they just threw it back in my bah to make julian strips of my clothing. Nice, huh? Hey! Where's PaulW? He has more sexy knives (on him) at any given time than any three frickin ninjas.
  4. how about the lightly tweaked 98 Kimber, also just back from IONBOND. Carried a lot, shot a little.
  5. Here's a somewhat simpler, Springer loaded in .40 from 01. Wiggans did most of the metal work, PaulW tweaked the trigger when I decided to take it racing.
  6. yeah, it's a hottie. My first frame up, full house, custom metal gun. I could bore you with details for HOURS!!! I kinda challenged Wiggans with that one and he really took teh bit between his teeth and showed off a little. Freakin' tack driver too, I was shooting 2-3" groups in the head of an IPSC target @ 25y last time I took her out.... and that was cheap Winny white box. Moving on to one of our own. Here's a lovely, frame up carry gun, built by our own Venri / RadCat. Talk about showing off... Vintage Springer LW 4" gun. Very crisp lines and markings. And then RADCAT got his files on it and it went off the heezy!!! Check out how he ran the checkering from the MS housing right into the frame.
  7. and then we'll swoop on into a frame up match .40 built on Les Baer frame and NOS Enhanced Delta slide, BarSto, Brown, S&A etc, etc, etc. Custom Hogue grips with the Delta emblems. NP3 and Roguard finish. Yes, I'm a butthead and sold her..... DOH!!!
  8. the hidden truth is I had to change my shorts after that run. Now, painfully, I relive it every time I see my own avitar. Ok, to start us off, a 5" all steel in .45 ACP, lest I be accused of NOT being a purist snob. Just back from IONBOND
  9. Yup, that's what we all swore to swear to if your wife walked in swearing about something and asked about the oil stains. And besides, I started the 1911 Single Stack photo thread.... maybe pre-dating this little venture. Pics of THE ultimate 1911 on the way
  10. Brother I lve you, you know that. But 93 PAGES of pasts?!?!?!?! And I KNOW I am in the SSEC as a charter member I ran the FL Single Stack Classic in 00-01, and shot "big boy pants" LIMITED with a no BS CARRY 5" and carry gear (yeah bitches!!) for the first 18 months when I started IPSC. For the first 6 months, with 8 round mags!!! (Oh, and if that doesn't do it, remember I fixed it so you and Nemo could referee the World Oil Wrestling Championships in my Latina thread. YOU OWE ME!!!)
  11. I've been "away" for a while. At the risk of tempting the mods so quick on the BAN!!! button, I will inject the slightest bit of sarcastic HUMOR HUMOR HUMOR HUMOR HUMOR HUMOR HUMOR into this post. How can you be an elitist snob, and admit to shooting L10. <ok, I'm gone, see you guys in another 6 months> OK, if I am not banned in the next half hour, I may load images of my own swingle stack. I put three of my guns up for sale, and as I was taking the pics, fell ass over tea kettle with my Wiggans / Springer........ all over again. Nicest pistol by anyone I have ever seen or touched. Yes, the gauntlet is cast.
  12. dirtypool40

    Which one?

    HELL YES!!! (once I can afford one) Cheerleader or Nurse? (from Old School)
  13. If ZH tried to block my membership for the above, I'll do the same to his. I start shooting LIMITED with leather gear and a swingle stack Kimber. No L10 for me (but I figure you guys already knew that)
  14. a relatively unknown but uber-talented 'smith did these three back 7 or 8 years ago. He's a good friend who just got lost and really let me down so I don't work with him anymore but his work was as good as anything I've touched from any big name. That black gun started life as a $375 Mil Spec SA and is now the nicest pistol I've ever handled including the Heinie's, Garthwait's, Vickers and what have you. (Also the same gun in pics set 2 and 4). That black gun is going off to IONBOND and is the only gun PaulW has repeatedly tried to steal. It's just sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. The "Delta" is actually built frame up on an idea we came up with for the ultimate "game" single stack. The slide is from an "Enhanced" Delta, so we could build a .40, put a bomar in and not have a gap like the Ellison. Top is serrated to look like a Gold Cup, frame is a Les Baer, barsto, brown, S&A, and Wilson parts rounded it out. Grips are a special set from Kim Ahrends. I could go on and on about the details in that and the black gun. This is rounded, that is recessed, etc etc. Not at all. Not me. I like .40 skinnys. The black gun is one of only two 5" .45's I think I've ever owned. I carry a little .45 Venry did, but for matches, I don't see any home for a .45. The bottom, stainless .40 is before and after. Gun started life as a 2001 .40 loaded. Same GS did the initial work, I sold it, then bought it back years later and had PaulW tweak it up into a racer for the S FL Single Stack last year.
  15. Another failed attempt to post. ZHunter is going to help me soon, and these babies are worth it.
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