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  1. Another vote for Robbie Wheaton. Does great shotgun work. He is a gifted gunsmith which also knows his way around custom 2011 and Glock pistols as well as accurate AR15 and bolt guns.
  2. This thread has kinda strayed off topic. If you are looking for great pricing on Dillon products, check out Bobcat Armament / Bobcat Steel on facebook. They are hard to beat. Once you pick up the case feeder and want more production, I can advise for Mr Bullet feeder as well.
  3. Made this transition in Feb. Mr Bullet Feeder is worth every penny!
  4. TMT Tactical http://tmttactical.com/
  5. Shooting Sports Innovations Nitro Fin. Have several of them on both limited and open 2011s. They seem to fit my hands much better than frame or scope mount thumb rests. I really like them! http://shootingsportsinnovations.com/
  6. Wow, my Bedell 9mm major gun with SV metal grip almost seems obese after seeing some of these weights. It comes in @ a full figured 58.75oz.
  7. Sounds like a good excuse to build a new gun. You have obviously shot enough that you have some ideas of what you like, want or need in a new gun. Start it now, you may have it before spring.
  8. Dent or corrosion. I bought an M2 off gunbroker. Mag tube was rusted on inside. Experienced same symptoms.
  9. Best $6 you'll spend. Wish all my Dillon accessories were as cheap, yet effective. If you don't like it, which is highly unlikely, just cut it off. I've spent a lot more on a lot less! Can't understand owning a Dillon and worrying about spending $6.
  10. Faced this decision earlier this year. Bought a 650 for small primer. Also bought a MR Bullet feeder for 9mm. That little sucker is awesome! Wish I made the move years ago.
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