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  1. I shot that one before, I think was 2016 or 2017. They have a great match and an awesome prize table.
  2. The last time I saw them was on the rain6 website, that was a little bit ago. I just looked and don’t see it anymore.
  3. Incentives and deterrents.... this is how your direct people to do or not do something. I’ve seen my local club change a lot since I shot my first match in 1998. Not just the membership, and leadership, but the shooters themselves. The competitive nature of our sport deters the weak “everybody gets a trophy” crowd, which is a heaven send more than we realize. I’ve shot with slot of different clubs, and slot of different matches over the years. Some places are strong and viable, constantly bringing in new shooters and growing or maintaining crowds. Other seems to struggle for various reasons. But it’s the long term members, the guys who show up every match, volunteer their labor, and run things who make or break a club. If you can find or build a good crew, then your ok. But finding talent willing to work for free is getting harder to come by. That volunteer spirit doesn’t seem to be as abundant as it once was. And yelling at shooters or harassing them into helping after they paid a fee to shoot, especially new shooters, can kill turn out. The answer may be better organization and financial incentives. In other words, delegate and assign specific duties. Folks who show up the night before to put up stage props and help from beginning to end get match money kicked back to them. Folks who down show up for setup and tear down but do other tasks like RO, Score Keep, Past, or Roll Brass and sort it on the tables for everyone maybe get to shoot for free or reduced fee. Everyone else pays full match fee but you can literally show up, shoot, and leave. And not just anyone can do it, you have to earn your way into it, as a reward for service to the club. Incentives... and deterrent would be it’s a lost brass match to all consumer only shooters. Just an idea. I think staff volunteers and RO’s should be rewarded for their hard work. Just expecting everyone to step up and do their part in generals, especially since everyone is paying the same amount isn’t really the best model for success. It seems to be the way it’s always been done but it’s short comings are obvious by this topic post alone.
  4. what this guy said... someone smarter than me explained how the little sensor works in digital scales, and they do require time to warm up or they will shift reading weight as they do. I’ve been running an RCBS chargemaster for probably a decade now, and there has always been about a .2 gr shift after warm up.
  5. I don’t think it matters after it goes thru your 38super sizing die... Sure factory 9x23 ammo (if there is such a thing) might have an issue. Like you ever notice when you size 9mm brass thru a carbide die its no longer a tapered case... does anyone even make a non straight wall sizing ring full size die for 9mm that leaves it tapered? Basically if you size it smaller than your chamber, it fits, it shoots... the issue you might come into is ejection or extraction, pending how picky your gun is. Ive been amazed at what kinda brass has run thru my super 1050, fired in my gun, and ended up reloaded again. 38 super, supercomputer, TJ, 9x23, 9 supercomp. It all ends up in my practice ammo that I don’t even bother to case gauge check. Does it feed and cycle, I mean I have more problems with 38 super brass stamped armscor or a-USA than 9x23. I’m not paying to much attention, I clear the malfunction and keep shooting, so I’m not claiming it’s always 100%. But can you run in in a 38super and safely, of course.
  6. Way to bring back an old post and an old show... is it still running? I completely forgot the show. Started watching FTWD, which really seemed to do a little better, then at the end of whatever season I never picked it back up.
  7. Best thing I ever did to my Rem 700 SBS tactical 20” was throw the hogue stock in the dumpster where it belonged, drop the gun in an HS Precision I picked up used off this forum, recrown that barrel, and drop an old adjustable factory Remington trigger on it. I went from an extremely inconsistent 2ish moa pain in the rear to a solid sub minute rifle.
  8. Assuming the scope has a 1” tube a low .275” rings will put your objective lens on the barrel. A medium .375~.400 height ring should be just right.
  9. Make sure that the gun your looking at fits the division and game your planning on competing in. The best recommendation I can give you is show up at the local match, befriend some fellow shooters. Learn everything you can about the divisions, and think heavily on which division would best fit you. After you decide on which division, find out what the predominating platforms for that division are. That is the platform I would recommend investing in. All to often I see people go out and just buy something without researching, then get to a match and get stuck in a division they really can't compete or even learn in with the gear they purchased. Wasted money would have been put to better use buying ammo for practice.
  10. Squatch, the issue doesn't look like the dies. From what I see your probably using the standard F size dillon powder funnel which has a straight angle to it. Its for most 9mm, but from the pictures I'm assuming your running 147gr projectiles which are very long, so the bottom of the projectile is caught by the taper of the case. Instead of changing all kinds of sizing dies and messing with stuff that probably won't help and just cause more issues, I'm going to recommend changing to the D size dillon powder funnel, which is designed for the 38 special/357 mag. Mess with the depth to get it right, but I have a theory this will fix your problem.
  11. I used to irritate folks who picked up my 9Major brass. It would crunch and not resize because the web was blown out to much. Then the stuff that somehow did make it thru the sizing die and ended up a reloaded cartridge wouldn't pass a case gauge. For future reference and simplicity sake, you could always buy off the shelf new brass and load a batch, just to eliminate that as a variable, but I'm almost certain that the brass is not your issue. And if it passes a case gauge it should chamber in your gun. That said, The case head isn't going to "swell" outside of spec when you fire it an additional time and cause any type of extraction issue. Extraction issues are often related to the extractor in a 1911... And we all know 9mm's, more so 9Majors are more sensitive on having the extractor tuned just right. And if its an open gun with a sight mount covering the top of the ejection port while the slide is open, tuning the ejector is also critical. There are a ton of forum posts about tuning extraction/ejection for 9 Major to reference.
  12. I've had better luck with Autocomp than 3N38 for 9Major. There is plenty of load data on the forum here if you go back and search.
  13. I was having a similar issue in my 929, turned out my hand was getting worn and I was having a slow time issue on two chambers, where the firing pin wouldn't hit center of the round on the anvil, more often when I was pulling the trigger slow.
  14. Own both, like both, still prefer M&P with Apex.... I run 115gr Xtreme Bullets with AA#2, CCI primers, and range brass... in the same everything... The P320 X5 has great recoil impulse for such a high bore axis. Personally the trigger is the biggest fail, playing with the apex is a little better, but haven't had a chance to play with the grety guns. The Glock 34 I've been shooting for years and compare everything to it. I have reduced weight springs (excluding recoil spring which is stock). I think it has a better recoil impulse and second best trigger only to the M&P with the Apex. I think the key defining difference for preference between the P320 and Glock is going to be the grip angle... The trigger can be modified and I honestly don't think one is better than the other. There isn't really anything significant other than grip angle to shift between one of the other. On the other hand the M&P with the apex trigger installed is a significantly better trigger than either.
  15. I use ammoseek... had excellent luck with it as a search engine.
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