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  1. Squatch, the issue doesn't look like the dies. From what I see your probably using the standard F size dillon powder funnel which has a straight angle to it. Its for most 9mm, but from the pictures I'm assuming your running 147gr projectiles which are very long, so the bottom of the projectile is caught by the taper of the case. Instead of changing all kinds of sizing dies and messing with stuff that probably won't help and just cause more issues, I'm going to recommend changing to the D size dillon powder funnel, which is designed for the 38 special/357 mag. Mess with the depth to get it right, but I have a theory this will fix your problem.
  2. I used to irritate folks who picked up my 9Major brass. It would crunch and not resize because the web was blown out to much. Then the stuff that somehow did make it thru the sizing die and ended up a reloaded cartridge wouldn't pass a case gauge. For future reference and simplicity sake, you could always buy off the shelf new brass and load a batch, just to eliminate that as a variable, but I'm almost certain that the brass is not your issue. And if it passes a case gauge it should chamber in your gun. That said, The case head isn't going to "swell" outside of spec when you fire it an additional time and cause any type of extraction issue. Extraction issues are often related to the extractor in a 1911... And we all know 9mm's, more so 9Majors are more sensitive on having the extractor tuned just right. And if its an open gun with a sight mount covering the top of the ejection port while the slide is open, tuning the ejector is also critical. There are a ton of forum posts about tuning extraction/ejection for 9 Major to reference.
  3. I've had better luck with Autocomp than 3N38 for 9Major. There is plenty of load data on the forum here if you go back and search.
  4. I was having a similar issue in my 929, turned out my hand was getting worn and I was having a slow time issue on two chambers, where the firing pin wouldn't hit center of the round on the anvil, more often when I was pulling the trigger slow.
  5. Own both, like both, still prefer M&P with Apex.... I run 115gr Xtreme Bullets with AA#2, CCI primers, and range brass... in the same everything... The P320 X5 has great recoil impulse for such a high bore axis. Personally the trigger is the biggest fail, playing with the apex is a little better, but haven't had a chance to play with the grety guns. The Glock 34 I've been shooting for years and compare everything to it. I have reduced weight springs (excluding recoil spring which is stock). I think it has a better recoil impulse and second best trigger only to the M&P with the Apex. I think the key defining difference for preference between the P320 and Glock is going to be the grip angle... The trigger can be modified and I honestly don't think one is better than the other. There isn't really anything significant other than grip angle to shift between one of the other. On the other hand the M&P with the apex trigger installed is a significantly better trigger than either.
  6. I use ammoseek... had excellent luck with it as a search engine.
  7. Well from what I see in this failure to feed, the slide isn't to the rear long enough or far enough to let the next round come all the way up for the back of the slide to engage the case head. In my personal experience, its a short throw charge in a reload that ended up in the mix, probably had a noticeably different report and recoil impulse. I've also had the same experience running very fast powder with a inconsistent batch of fiocchi primers which had an insane extreme spread over my chrono.
  8. I was honestly disappointed with my Type B. Not saying its a bad gun by any means, it seems to be well built, please don't assume I'm bashing it. I'm just not satisfied after the wait and price. I preordered, and mine came in with the second batch to ship. I waited over a year, and was super excited. I had a wonderful experience with the Arsenal Strike One Speed model prior. Being a very flat shooting gun, with a great trigger. At the time was the only polymer gun on the market that actually was different than every other one enough to impress me to want one. When the Type B shipped and I finally got my hands on it, it just was not the same. The gun was excellent quality, came with four mags and some kinda funny smelling lubricant. Felt amazing in the hand, but I noticed right off the bat it seemed kinda heavy, and the slide was kinda wide. Played with it, noticed it the slide was sprung extremely heavy. Side by side comparing to a Glock 17, it was about as long, a hair wider on the slide. I had assumed it was going to be more in the realm of the Glock 19 size guns but it wasn't. The trigger was different, and alot heavier than I expected. Nothing like the Strike One. A pencil test revealed it had very light ignition. Light to the point where maybe it might be a federal primers only kinda gun. When I finally shot it, I ran off the shelf federal 115gr FMJ. It ran flawless, no light primer strikes, but it had the recoil impulse of a hi point!!! Between the heavy compound recoil spring system and the slide weight it shot nothing like the Arsenal Stryke One. Its like those two things completely cancel out the whole point of the low bore axis. I didn't even bother trying heavier defensive loads. Even my minor PF handload was rough. Just to much moving mass and to much spring. I didn't measure it but prior experience would compare to a 18 or heavier pound recoil spring. A fellow shooter at my local club showed up with a Raven edition... Which hands down felt entirely different. I don't know if they've changed the recoil spring system but it was considerably lighter, and the gun was actually lighter with the additional mill work. I didn't have an opportunity to feel the trigger break. I honestly wish they were still importing the Strike One's, and really wonder if the Type B's had been made where they were originally supposed to under the Arsenal trademark if they would have been more like the Strike One. Still I have hope for the Type B. I understand they are making constant improvements, even selling a kit to lighten the trigger. However its $95 for two small springs and a small fabricated metal part. For the money, just about any other common cheaper production gun like a Glock 17, Sig P320, or M&P has a better recoil impulse. One could buy an M&P 5" with an Apex trigger, competition sights, and a stack of mags for the money of the Type B, and end up with alot flatter shooter gun with a heck of alot better trigger.
  9. 124gr Bayou Bullets with 3.4gr Titegroup, 1.135" COAL, you can work it down pending how consistant your powder throws are. Possibly 3.2gr and still have enough buffer in power factor. Light recoiling bunny load... Your comp is going to get dirty as all get out, but I found it had considerably less dot movement than the plated bullets, and the 124's have less movement than the 147's. The 115's had move movement, but also had more powder.
  10. So typically when shooting high power rifle, your not just trying to verify power factor. Usually your trying to find out extreme spread and standard deviation, along with you average velocity over a larger string of shots. This kinda changes the game. There hasn't been much in terms of improvement in the lines of "sky-screen" chronographs in the last 20 years. The $100 rcbs and chrony's are not accurate or consistent enough to get data that you need. The CED and old Ohler are decent, but their interfaces are like trying to program a 90's era home security system. The Labradar is an awesome creation. Its relatively easy to use, provides all the information on the screen at hand, and is by far one of the most accurate ways of measuring possible. Its great all around for rifle and pistol, and if I had to get only one chronograph this would be it. It basically has two downsides... The first being price. The other is trying to use it on crowded firing lines. Unless you have a range to yourself, it can be problematic. The Magnetospeed is another option, specifically the more expensive V3 version. Its multi button interface is considerably easier to scroll thru and work than the lite version. It ironically doesn't seem to effect barrel harmonics as much as one would assume. Its a very simple design that works quiet well. And its about $150 cheaper than a lab radar. Its easy to pack in your gear bag, and not awkward to setup (no tripods or sweet spots) as it literally just clamps on your barrel. The big winner I give it is the user interface. It give standard deviation and extreme spread on the fly, so no math work involved on your part, and its archiving ability is really cool. They work on suppressed guns, and quiet guns that sometimes the lab radar has problems picking up, and it doesn't care if someone is on the bench next to you. Also if you want to get it off your barrel, a little creativity can go a long way. I've seen folks buy cheap picatinny attachments and use pieces of extruded aluminum to make mounts to isolate sensor from the barrel because they perceive it might effect their accuracy, which in my experience it doesn't.
  11. IMHO if you really want the best trigger in a budget poly gun.... Instead of the three you mentioned, pick up an M&P and drop an apex trigger in it... I've yet to find anything as short and light with a short reset that will offer reliable ignition that will run as fast and flat in leu of a 2011... And I'm a Glock guy...
  12. Hyperfire triggers have a significantly faster lock time and a little more ignition force over a stock trigger. From what I've seen there is a common them with faxon bolt firing pins breaking. The common problem seems to be folks are replacing broke firing pins with the same brand or quality one so yea they continue to break. I bought a JP bolt, and never broke a firing pin. My Spinta bolt never broke one either. My buddy put a hyperfire behind a faxon and it didn't last a week... He replaced it with a Wilson S7 tool steel, went to become a PCC master, took a state title, all on that single firing pin constantly getting hit by a hyperfire 24 3G trigger.
  13. So polishing systematically removes very small amounts of material by using a micro abrasive compound. If the surface is already smooth, why not just clean it? Why would you keep polishing it?
  14. What you need is about $3500 minimum start up, that is enough to get you in the production division game. You need to budget that into the following: 1) Quality Scope (FFP, MOA/MOA or MIL/MIL, 5-25, 6-24x) with a throw lever and anti-cant device all in a good base or set of quality rings. 2) A rifle capable of consistent and repeatable all day long sub-minute accuracy (not that I had three holes touching that one day off the bench BS), and it needs to be magazine fed, and not some heavy bench monster. Less and less shots are prone, and you'll NEVER shoot off a bench. 3) A good quality bipod with aftermarket claw or spike feet, preferably one that can be easily attached via QR picatinny mount. 4) A butt bag and a pumper pillow minimum (your gonna end up with a bunch of different useless bags till you figure out what you like) and you'll need a 2 point precision rifle sling. 5) Ammo and a setup to reload, I recommend having a good chronograph in the mix with this. This can be as cheap or expensive as it needs to be. All I know is if you end up using compressed loads then buy Forester Dies instead of Reddings, and ALWAYS full size your brass.... 6) A kestrel 5700 elite with applied ballistics is highly recommended. Yes you can do without it, but in my experience you don't want to. You can't develope your own DA trajectory charts on paper, and keep a data book, but don't get in the habit of depending on your phone because you'll shoot places you can't get signal. There are a lot of little items that you can waste money on, and some you can't live without. Shoot at least ONE match before you really start dumping money into stuff. Tag along with a buddy, borrow a rifle.
  15. Its just funny looking back at my original post from 2016.... Since then, they've come out with a 223rem version, and a larger 300 win mag and 338 lapua... That is pretty crazy.
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