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  1. I index like a pistol, and find the 17 is faster, I do not use a mag well on the JP, 17 off course I find easier to run around with in a standard mag pouch. Keep in mind different disciplines have their own requirements, so learn to use all of the equipment well.
  2. local wed night outlaw/uspsa match requires two mandatory reloads in each stage to level the playing field. you learn to use the 17 round mags and reload quick, I like it, and don't have to listen to the pistol guys whine that we got an advantage
  3. ?????????????.....................?
  4. By the time you buy quality parts, include your valuable time, you may save a few bucks, the real advantage is that JP will take care of you if you have an issue. Have been shooting one since 6/27, was competitive out of the box, flawless function from the first round, have one on order for the Lady, the weight or lack of not an issue, I have no plans to win national championships, and until you get up there in the ranks you won't know the difference. There is nothing more delightful than having an instrument that functions flawlessly at a match, there is nothing worse than a piece that frustrates you and wastes you time and entry fee ? The only downside is that if you don't perform well, you can't blame that rifle ?
  5. ???……………………….:) but it would run flawlessly, another mortgage.
  6. I agree with that, too bad infinity does not make PCCs. Well back to a JP, mine (gmr15) ran flawlessly for 500, and now the linkage between the bolt release and the part that contacts the magazine follower is broken(broken at the mag release, so no bolt open on empty). Contacted them a few days ago and still waiting for reply. May need to find out what is the most reliable lower and put something together myself for my lovely bride.
  7. Been enjoying a JP gmr15 bought new at a discount, competitive and fun to shoot. Wife is interested in shooting one, right before we ordered hers a friend suggested looking at the Wilson. Not much info in discussions around here, whats the low down on the Wilson 9mm?? some search was not overly enthusiastic?
  8. may depend on your load and how tight the barrel is, our zero 147 fmj load at 130 pf, chronoed 123, the 135 pf 124 montana gold chronoed 130 in one of our gmr15s, when it had around 300 rounds through the barrel.
  9. can the springs be replaced with the JP reduced power springs instead ?
  10. My 12 year old will take it, classified Master the week before her 12th birthday at Fclass midrange.........hit the 3" X ring 29 out of 60 times at the last match....:)
  11. Rigger is correct, the glass quality of the Razor is excellent even compared to spotters twice the price. There was some good deals on the older models for a while, since a new look came out last year, might look for one.
  12. This .......SV are in a league of their own....
  13. might be a hot load for a 180, and very hot for a 200, start low and safe .....may I suggest 4.5-4.6 and chrono for 180........maybe 4.0 for the 200gr. 200 are best best loaded long.
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