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  1. Scores are posted on USPSA website. Thanks to all that have made this such a great match for the last 5 years. Great ROs Great Office and range staff And most of all, the shooters, you make it all worth while. Mark Kauder
  2. Not sure what you mean? We had wonderful, almost hot weather today. Mark scores just went up Where do you see the section champions? Don't know. I doubt they're posted anywhere yet. I'm interested to see it too, along with the prize list/breakdown. I will try and email a PDF fo the prize list in the next day or so, the stats guys are on the road home. Mark
  3. There might be a river running around or through the bay, but everywhere else will be decent. The bays are kinda sandy, and not the sort of stuff the sticks to your shoots.....ususally. Mark
  4. Single Stack GM 1 Single Stack M 2 Single Stack A 4 Single Stack B 9 Single Stack C 3 Single Stack D 3 Single Stack U 2
  5. Production GM 3 Production M 12 Production A 9 Production B 20 Production C 17 Production D 5 Production U 8
  6. Limited 10 A 1 Limited 10 B 4 Limited 10 B 4 Limited 10 C 2 Limited 10 D 2 Limited 10 U 3
  7. Limited GM 6 Limited M 14 Limited A 16 Limited B 35 Limited C 25 Limited D 6 Limited U 13
  8. I will see what I can scrape together this evening after work. Mark
  9. 277 rounds minimum, plus Chrono rounds.... 30.77777 per stage. A little lower than normal.... But we got movers this year.
  10. Stages will be email to those entered in the match tonight and posted on the match FB page tonight. If one of you Super Genius' want to post them here, knock yourself out Mark
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