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  1. My time with the Girsan is now at an end. I went to a match two weeks ago and the 312 just wouldn’t run. I kept getting failures to eject. I thought it it was my substandard cleaning habits so today I tore it down and found the problem. When I removed the tube nut and pulled the barrel I noticed that the barrel extension rotated a bit and sure enough it spun right off the barrel with nothing but my fingers. I’ve cleaned it up with degreaser and alcohol, applied a generous amount of rockset and screwed it back on. It’s sitting on my dining room table now. Hopefully it’ll work. Either way it’s time to upgrade. Im looking at getting either the P3K from MOA Precision or just the regular M3K and put my mag tube extension on it.
  2. Grip is high enough into the beaver tail that I consistently get slide bite. Stock barrel shoots POI=POA. I'm baffled.
  3. After fixing a previous problem with my G23 I've now encountered a new one. My son bought me a Lone Wolf threaded conversion barrel for my 23. It's chambered in 9mm. I took it to the range and couldn't hit 8" plates at 10 yards. Whoa. So out came the paper targets. The pistol now shoots 8.75" high at 25 yards. Has anyone else had such a massive shift in the POI when using a conversion barrel? Any advice on solutions? I'm leaning towards getting Dawson Precision adjustable sights.
  4. I've got one that's seen some use. I like it except for the turrets. Mine does double duty on my coyote/3gun rifle.
  5. It's already on order. Great minds think alike. lol
  6. My Ghost connector doesn't have an overtravel tab. I've fixed the problem. After swapping out connectors to no avail so I swiped a trigger bar from my son's parts stash. What do ya know? No more doubling. I tried every connector I have and they all work with this new trigger bar. I took a closer loser look at my old trigger bar and there is obvious wear on the end that engages with the striker. It's rounded over and there is a slight groove in the edge. Lesson is inspect your fire control parts closely when you have a malfunction like this. Thanks for all all the advice everyone.
  7. Let me clarify a bit. I have been successfully running the Ghost Edge connector in my 23 for over four years. This issue of doubling is a recent occurrence. I don't have any spare parts to swap but I do have an new trigger assembly and sticker on order. I'm fairly confident that some part, striker, trigger bar, etc. is worn enough that it is letting the striker release on reset. Hopefully once my order arrives I'll be able to zero in on the exact problem.
  8. I've had this G23 for several years now and I've been running a Ghost Edge connector in it since I got it but the last few times I've had it at the range it's been firing on the reset. I pull the trigger it goes bang but as I'm releasing the trigger it goes bang again. It does this sporadically, two or three times per magazine. However, if I pull the trigger and keep it pinned back until the slide is back in battery and the gun is steady I can then release the trigger and it's fine. I'm running stock springs in this. The only thing I've done to the fire controls is a polish and the Edge connector and that was shortly after I got it. It's been running fine for 4 years now, up until a couple of weeks ago. Is it time for me to replace the trigger mechanism? Is everything just worn out. I've got maybe 6000 rounds through it. Thanks
  9. http://www.grizzly.com/products/12-X-36-Combination-Gunsmithing-Lathe-Mill/G0791?utm_campaign=zPage I was looking to buy the Grizzly G4003G gunsmithing lathe for my small shop. Space is limited so when I saw they had this, well it's tempting. It's the same as the lathe I was going to buy but it has a small milling attachment. Most of my milling will be 80% AR receivers and pistol slides. Does anyone have any experience with this machine or Grizzle lathes/mills in general?
  10. Thanks for all the replies, everyone. Unfortunately, I buggered up the OEM plastic rod so I had to order another. Should be here next week. In the mean time I'll get my calipers out and start writing down the critical dimensions. Saturday I'm off to the range and I'm going to try and quantify what is happening. I have three rods and three different spring weights. I'm going tojust focus on the stock spring and document the difference between the POI and the POA with all three rods and the stock 17# spring. I'll do all this from 20 yards off a rest/bag to try and eliminate any inconsistencies on my part. If anything this should be educational.
  11. It's a NDK rod with the factory spring. I changed the rod for the same reasons so many shooters do. It increases the weight, it helps with accuracy by having a more consistent lock up and I have three rods with different weight springs for tuning my Glock to different loads. I haven't shot any minor power loads through it yet but my major loads are Freedom Munitions 165 RNFP @ 1005 fps or 165 HP @ 990 fps. I tried some Hornady Critical Defense 165s @ 1175 fps and it shoots low with those too. Distance is about 15 yards and it's hitting 4-6 inches below point of aim. All of these rounds were POI=POA out to 20 yards with the factory plastic rod.
  12. I recently installed a stainless steel guide rod in my G23 and the point of impact is now 5-6 inches low. Has anyone else encountered this? And what can I do to fix it. Other than that the gun runs great.
  13. I've got some money coming in so I want to upgrade the stock on my Savage 12FV. Right now it still has the original tupperware that came with it. I'm on a fixed $800 or less budget. Here's what I have narrowed it down to. Bell and Carlson Medalist plus Accurate Mag DBM - price including inletting $787.00 weight 6lbs (with DBM), DBM comes with a 10 round mag MDT HS3 chassis with their Skeleton stock V3 - price $790.00 weight 4.87lbs, no mag KRG 180-Alpha Chassis - $768 blk ($798 FDE) weight 3.5lbs, no mag I'm leaning towards the Alpha-180 because it's the lightest, but it's the most expensive. (I want it in FDE) The B&C system comes with a magazine so that's one less thing to buy right away. The HS3 has changeable skins so I can go with a different color later on. I don't compete in any PRS matches but I'd like to if I can find some close to where I live. Right now I'm shooting at a friends place. He's got a 300 yard range between some corn fields but I just met a guy who has a property where he shoots out to 1600 yards. the B&C: https://redhawkrifles.com/products/rifle-stocks-bell-and-carlson-stocks-bell-and-carlson-tactical-stocks/bell-and-carlson/2-32 http://store.accurate-mag.com/savageshortactionbottommetalkit.aspx The MDT: http://mdttac.com/hs3-chassis-system.html http://mdttac.com/mdt-skeleton-rifle-stock-v3.html the KRG Alpha-180: https://kineticresearchgroup.com/product/180-alpha-chassis/?krg=b
  14. Thanks, I'm trying. Yeah, I call my shots. I'm still not used to the recoil. I doesn't kick any harder than my 12g Mossberg but it's still different. And the only experience I've had with rifle cartridges bigger than 5.56 was when I was in the Army. And then I was shooting an M60, so a little different. lol I need to do some serious dry fire. Fifteen minutes a day, every day.
  15. Back on topic, here's a group I shot today. It would've been 0.45" if I wouldn't have pilled that last shot.
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