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  1. I never heard of EMOM so thanks I just learned something. Motosapien- sounds like you got an active life!
  2. I was drawing up my workout plan today at break. I have a weekend match so today would have been a day off but since Saturday is a travel day and Sunday is match day I will rest this weekend. My focus today is getting a second deadlift workout in this week, I just started dead lifts and will focus on form with a fairly light weight 135, 185, 205 and maybe 225. Warm up 10 minute light exercise bike get the heart rate to 120. 3 minutes concept 2 rower Kettle bell swing 2 x 10-12 Deadlifts 1x5 1x3 1x2 1x1 1x1 Rest 5 minutes Skipping 1x 90s Sitting Tucks 1x60 3 minutes bag work Elbows to floor bag 15 right and left. See the 5.11 video on working out its the "rotational" exercise. Pick up and flip the floor dummy Repeat one more set I will get one minute of plank in there. Tread mill 10 minutes 2 minute warm up and 1 minute run, 2 minute rest 1 minute run 2 minutes rest, 30 seconds back ward running and then warm down. I mix in and substitute exercises such as push ups, situps, box jumps and kicking the heavy bags and few others as I can't do them all and function post workout . Love to see what others are doing!
  3. Check my ego. That might be the hardest part LOL. I think the first month will a fun challenge and I hope this helps with shooting stages. Going to try to work on an agility ladder.
  4. So my local communities CrossFit gym aka "Box" is doing a fundamentals course in November. I am going to sign up and get a month membership. Anything I can do to cram for my course? I do light deadlifts, box jumps and kettlebell swings along with some other weight lifting. What can I expect and tell me how it helped your shooting if you are bored and want to explain it out for me. I lost some weight but still have 30 more. I am not able to do a pull up yet.... Goal for my 53rd birthday in March is a few. I am thinking it will be a 2-3 days a week with supplementary workouts at my current gym.
  5. We shoot PPC every now and then and we shoot from cover and supported. Its a good match and helps calm down my trigger after shooing IPSC. Besides a little revolver time helps with the soul
  6. Fitness has helped my game. I am mentally stronger in the afternoon of a 2 day match or that dreaded stage after eating lunch. This means I look harder plan my stages better. Another way I think of fitness it should means I can shoot more later into life more effectively. Movement etc. I was shooting match after working on my agility and I got to the position much faster but my reload which is decent wasn't keeping up with my movement, so I might as well came in a little slower and smoother. Shoulder/Back/Chest/Arm work has improved my bullseye shooting so likely helping me with steel and mini targets. I started deadlifts a few weeks ago an I think/hope the heavier weight gives me a death grip with my support hand.
  7. Good luck and I think this is not a 6 month thing its a whole life thing. Gulp that is a hard one to swallow and my weakness. I've done the yo-yo weight changes and I hope I am on my last cycle of big weight losses. Started in March at 303 and just broke 242. Any activity , assuming good form, is good as many have said long term diet is the kicker. I went from almost being on insulin to off all my diabetic meds. Sugar, white bread and white rice are gone. I did a modified Keto ( a bit more protein than traditional) and it was a great start to reset my eating habits. I slow added more complex carbs with fibre and manage my calories. I use my glucose meter to measure my sugars and note changes. No cheat days in a week maybe once a month because weekly cheats are not good for me. One cheat I indulge is a slice of multigrain bread if I eat breakfast on the road (going to a match) only one slice! I use podcasts to stay motivated and they help kill time driving to matches. Jockopod cast some of Joe Rogan and then of course we have shooting podcasts. Oh yeah no booze well again its a once every two month thing this can be easy or hard depending on your social circle but it saves a ton of money which helps in buy more reloading supplies. I started doing 10 minutes of cardo and few exercises then crawling home. Now I get 4-5 workouts in a week for over an hour but still crawl home. I like dumbbells and do a few kettlebell moves. I think that helps with grip strength and core strength which should help my shooting. I see many people talking about CrossFit and boy the videos are motivating. Going to sign up for a month and a fundamentals course and try to see if that will be something I like and will make a part of my life. I think the community aspect will be positive for me as I enjoy the group dynamic while shooting matches. Creating a healthy diet and lifestyle you can reasonably enjoy long term .. Well if figure it out let me know . And if it will help my hitfactor I will buy the book (Kindle addition).
  8. Finally got out to do this. 6.39 6.06 5.95 5.38+.5 5.18+1 6.05 Draws between 1.08 and 1.35 Most of my splits were about .5 unless it was T3 to T1 those took longer Dropped a few runs as the gun wasn't running good. Swapped out the springs and oiled her up. Production CZ Shadow 2 from a production holster. Looking forward to getting those splits down.
  9. That would be fun to do at the gym in the cardio room. Oh wait I better stick to that in basement
  10. Picked up the book on Amazon.ca kindle edition 9.99 and its half read. Read a little more tonight and get started on the first few drills. MY RU ready timer only seems to do 1.0 second intervals? Might have to upgrade but its a start. My biggest weakness is tranistions targets and I could lower my splits If I can get a better grip, follow up shots and transitions I should beable to shave a second off a medium stage and more off a large. Kinda excited. Lots of dry fire and a few hundred rounds a week. Work starts tonight after the gym and before the reloading room.
  11. I bought an agility ladder. Need to figure what drills I will run on it. Likely do it twice a week 5-8 drills before my weight lifting workout. I might setup a stage in my backyards and practice movement and hard corners. If you feel the ground shaking... That's me
  12. Seems like a lot of us are on the same journey. I was 300+ things are good now but I have done this journey a few times. I would say sugar is the first thing to address unless it comes from natural food I suggest getting off it. Even lowering what you ingest from natural food a bit to. Some like paleo, Keto, etc... I sorta of fall between those two diets. I gave up my beloved pizza but its worth it. Exercise but don't kill yourself well at first. When I was over 300 I started and it was walking on the treadmill for a few minutes and the bike for a few more. Then I would have enough energy for a few simple weight lifting moves but only 2-3 sets. After a month it was more and after two it was more. Find something that energizes you for motivation. I suggest the Jocko Podcast but there are a million out there and like music its personal taste and what resonates with you. Good luck brother and keep on fighting. It helps to have a goal or a reason to train..... My goal was help my team do service shoot against the local reserves which included running and shooting. Then it was top 10 in our provincial match. Now I want to loose 20 more so I can start crossfit as a beast. No regrets but the extra skin LOL.
  13. average of 4 Level 3s was 84 percent and a few points higher for Level 2 matches.
  14. In stage planning I will plan my reloads but by array or shooting position. 6,10,8, 10 round mags in Canada so I find that works well and I am getting to the point to know if I am going to run dry if my plan falls apart. Not always. But I know on an 8 if I used too much ammo and need an additional reload.
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