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  1. Yeah that's a lesson most guys get a few times. And get a few batteries for the bag. I need more now that you share your story.
  2. Yeah..It happened to me and a friend.
  3. We'll I am dabbling with an optic for shooting duty styled matches. Been a journey but I learned a valuable lesson. Tighten up the cap on the top the battery it comes loose every now and then. Hit the video if you want but I just shared the point. FYI this is the 226 9mm conversion kit with a Romeo 1 reddot.
  4. Broke a slide stop on my Shadow 2 a few weeks ago shooting a steel challenge. Anyway 12-15 k right on schedule.... Been a while but I actually tried to be helpful and make a public service announcement. Ok its been a long darn time since I did a video and wanted to knock some rust off my stammering skills. Hope you enjoy. Hint change your slide stop every year if you want to skip the video.
  5. I checked out Bodybuilding.com and found a good video on medicine ball slams. They will compliment box jumps nicely. I have had to trim down my 2020 plan as not to burn out. I find that as I age my recovery time needs more "respect". I think on agility day I will work in medicine ball slams with box jump and some kettle bell swings.
  6. Your weak hand might become your strong hand! I hope you recover quickly and don't loose much time to thus injury.
  7. I'm on the road this weekend. Not sure how I am going to handle it. Friday I will leave work early for a work out then Saturday will be tough but I might get a day pass at a local gym and Sunday I can hit my own gym for a workout if I am not too tired. Might take Sunday as a rest day. We will see. Burpees in the bathroom.....
  8. Mikey. I am the opposite I need a gym or I never get stuff done. Yesterday was an unplanned recovery day after squats on Tuesday which were the heaviest ones I've done in 20 years. #Ishouldofskippedlegday! BC57 Tried crossfit and I will go back but I found the workouts a bit too much. Even scaled you can only do so many burpees. Our club just got more beginners so it might be a good time to get rolling again. I was going to start back last week but the flu and a chest infection delayed my return. Benos I am sore enough then read your workout! OUCH!!!!
  9. Some good replies. I had to take a week and bit off with a chest infection but got back to work yesterday. I did what people recommended. Squats. I haven't lifted 275 since I was in my 20's. I start with very light cardio some ab work then did some front and overhead squats with the bar to warm up then did a few warm up sets then 225*8 , 275*3 and 225*6 I will continue until mid April and then work on doing higher reps. Feeling it today Chest and shoulders tonight. Going light so my legs can recover! Friday I will dead lift and Saturday or Sunday will be footwork/speed day. Old3GNR I love the concept 2 rower and get 2-3 rows in a week. I will like do 1000 meters after a mild bike ride.
  10. Thanks for the note. After taking 11 years off to grow a 90 pounds on my belly I have to get after it. Right now I am trying to balance things out a bit and figure out a pace that I can sustain. Diet is the hardest part for me and staying at 2600-2700 calories is work. You know its worth it. Today I am going to take the PM off and go to the range and shoot in the snow. I think I will practice calling shots and knock some rust. Might set up a short stage if no one is around. Light workout tonight. It took 6 weeks to drop 2 pounds but I am 2 pounds down from my Dec 1 weight. 5 more pounds to drop for mid march. Non IPSC shooting I have a 300win mag load I want to test so my shoulder work out is taken care off Those 208 ELDs kick but I hope to get a mile shot in this year. I expect the load will change when I get a muzzle break.
  11. I'd love to hear what peoples opinions are..... Endurance. Long matches in the heat. Fitness helps me be less tired and focus better. Really important when your shooting and doing some RO'ing. Speed, agility and footwork. Speed kills in any sport. Core strength heck overall strength its all good. Flexibility - Gosh darn low ports. Being fit outside of shooting has great benefits and who wouldn't want to make Super Senior with 10+ years experience in the division. What's your regiment? I'm working a little running but mostly rowing and cycling. Some powerlifting and some heavy bag work. Once a week I do some agility work and speed (ish) work. There is so much I want to do but the body will take only so much if I want to function at all. I make sure I get abs down 4 times a week. Once the weather gets nicer I may have to trim back one of the workouts with more range time.
  12. Feels like I bit off more than I can chew! Dead lifts, squats and crossfit are a lot to fit into a week with a few other workouts. I find I need two days off a week so I can function. Tomorrow is agility days and a bit of running on the tread mill for bursts. CrossFit might need a break if I continue with my routine. Replace it with boxing and stretching with very light cardio (active rest). I hate to give it up but I might have to for a few months and start back in Spring. I want to beable to climb than damn rope!
  13. Yeah the poundage is an issue but everyone here is in the fight. Wish I didn't take 9-10 years off. How is everyone doing it? I am working out but diet is the most important part. Using Myfitness app for tracking calories and doing low carbs. Definitely not Keto anymore as I eat a lot of protein. Definitely not carnivore because I eat veggies just low carb. I have some carbs before my workouts. No sugar and the only processed food I eat is sausages. 2500-2700 calories a day. Broke down yesterday and had 3000 but I did a big leg workout the day before. exercise can be bad for my appetite. Been doing some dry fire and set up a stage 2 weeks ago at the range. I was ROUGH. Way too deliberate and slow.... Forgot to call shots the first stage and I was not smooth at all. If the weather is fitting I will set up a wall at the range and run a short back and forth.
  14. Robbie, Great goals. Steel challenge with a 22 is a great way to get people shooting. Fun, low recoil. Hope the weight drops and stays off.
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