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  1. They are hard to unload, I use a small piece of 1x2 and push them foward.
  2. Have been using BBi for some years now always great service, the bullets shot good too.
  3. I load 3.7 of sport pistol under 165 bbi at 1.135 for a 130 power factor.
  4. I have Shot many different coated bullets but BBi are my go to their customer service is great.
  5. I load them to 1.10 same as precision delta with 3.7 titegroup pf of 128.in Springfield ro.
  6. I will take both invctus shell carrier s please send address so l can send you a check, thanks. John Blachniak

  7. Yes will do, waiting to get it back from person who found it.
  8. Insert falling out anyone have this issue if so do you have a fix
  9. My ro has been flawless, so has my sig, trigger jobs on both they shoot better than I do.
  10. I load 38 long colt on a 550 with 38 spc-357 dies never a problem.
  11. Just bought a 1911 Sig in 9mm,adjustable sight, elevation screw will not move, can someone help me out here, have
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