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  1. Last word I read was December 16, 2019 dillon Classifieds 2,210 posts Gender:Male Location:Scottsdale,Az Posted December 2 We expect to begin shipping machines on December 16th. WWW.DILLONPRECISION.COM
  2. Thanks to everyone that responded to my questions...This provides me a much more clear understanding of the why’s and how comes related to plated vs. coated....For 10 + years I have been buying to main bullets from X-Treme - their 147gr plated for suppressed shooting and the 124gr HPCB for PPC and handgun....With their recent changes they now charge shipping and because of their reduced discounts on Black Friday this year (10% vs. 20% in years past) my usual once a year order, this year, was sizably smaller.... A forum member here recommended RMR as an alternative so I have my first 1000 piece order from RMR in transit (free shipping) and I am excited to give this very affordable alternative a try... Thanks again everyone for taking the time to respond to my questions...
  3. Ten days and counting....I pre-ordered one about 8 weeks ago and the Dillon rep. provided an “estimated” press cost with a 9mm set up at $1999 (I think)......Hoping they will be able to honor the estimated pricing they provided......Mark
  4. I am an old fart that has reloaded for about 40 years and of course when I started the primary handgun shooting sport was PPC (Not PCC) and I loaded and shot thousands of rounds of 148 HBWC over 2.7gr. Of Bullseye For my 38Spl S&W revolver......In fact I still have several thousand rounds of Zero and Hornady bullets in my reloading inventory... Today related to pistol I mainly load plated bullets for match's and practice.....I read so much about build up in pistol and PCC compensators and muzzle breaks (and I currently load and shoot PCC on a regular basis) so in laymen's terms can you help me understand the advantage of a coated bullet like Blue Bullets over a completely (lead based is not exposed) plated bullet....I ask because it would seem to this simple minded guy that a plated bullet would leave much less residue in a pistols comp or a rifles muzzle break than would a coated bullet because I would think that the “coating” on a Blue Bullet type bullet would leave more residue.... One guy I shoot with every month at a local Steel Challenge match shoots a GMR-15 and only shoots Blue Bullets...He is always talking about having to “chisel” (his word not mine) out the build up in his comp every so often.... My hope is no one will bash me for asking what may be a stupid question but this one has me wondering why coated bullets have become so popular and what have I missed that I need to learn more about....Thanks in advance...Mark
  5. New Dillon catalog (Blue Press) just arrived and Dillon has raised their price on the Super 1050 to $2000 ($1999.99 so you might as well say $2k)...Will have to look at last months catalog but I am thinking that is a $120.00 price Increase in one month...Will be interesting to see what the price for the 1100 will be since up to this point they have only provided an estimated price at release... The price on the RL550C went up from $440.00 to $510 also.....OUCH.....Mark
  6. IronPony - Thanks for this post...I usually order from X-Treme but just placed my first order with RMR....Great price and free shipping...Ordered 1000 rounds to try before I hurt my postal ladies feelings......Mark
  7. Sigarmsp226

    P365 For CCW

    LawDog - You might want to check Vedder Holsters website. They have 20% off right now..I carry everyday IWB at 4 o-clock with their Rapid Tuck design...They also make holsters specifically for the P365 SAS....Mark
  8. X-Treme Bullets now has 10% off all products once you load into your cart......For the most part this covers their shipping rates...Mark
  9. X-Treme Bullets had 20% off last year but so far no discount offered or provided...I do know that last year you had to load what you wanted into your cart before any discount would show up...Will check again at 3 am when I get up.....Mark
  10. Sigarmsp226

    9mm Brass

    Guys - I just received my first shipment from Todd of brass I sent to Todd for sorting and cleaning....AMAZING is the first word that describes what he returned to me...My brass was unsorted range brass from a coupe of local ranges where I shoot on a regular basis and I called myself cleaning this brass.. Nope- Nope- Nope - Todd CLEANS brass as compared to what I thought was clean brass and he has a sorting process that gets 99+% of the “less than desirable or you sure do not want to reload this type or brand brass” culled out so if you need brass or have brass - contact Todd....and the cool part id the brass he scrapped out of the brass I sent him was replaced by his on hand sorted brass AND he provided me a credit for the scrap value of my brass he culled.... I will be sending Todd another 10,000 rounds of my brass over the next 2-4 weeks.....This guy has the best brass for reloaders...That is why his stock sells out so fast....Thanks Again Todd - You Sir are a Great Asset to this Forum......Mark
  11. Just ordered two myself...Thanks guys for this thread and posting this preventive solution...Mark
  12. Sigarmsp226

    9mm Brass

    Todd - PM sent....Thanks Mark
  13. Sigarmsp226

    9mm Brass

    Todd and Forum Friends - Just thought I would share some great news from the shipping side - UPS just introduced this week “Flat Rate Shipping”. A 1050 cubic inch box that weighs 70 lbs or less ships anywhere in the US for $16.75 with up to 1728 cubic inches for $20.75 ...Check out all the size and cost details at the link below....Mark https://pressroom.ups.com/pressroom/ContentDetailsViewer.page?ConceptType=PressReleases&id=1573046682002-277 https://www.supplychaindive.com/news/ups-flat-rate-shipping-packaging/566837/
  14. Thanks Chuck. I did not realize this.....Mark
  15. Sarge - would this not be covered under Dillon’s no-BS lifetime warranty since you are using it on a 650?....Mark
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