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  1. Set up and dry run the process of low ready to the first target 2-4 times before starting your first string and at least 1 or 2 times before starting your remaining 3-4 strings. More Importantly - And I have watched this by every Grand Master and Master shooter - After you complete your dry run - your low ready start position for your head and EYES are on the first target - NOT your sights.......Watch videos on line and you will see that the professionals are looking at their first target before the start buzzer sounds......Just a suggestion.....
  2. Thanks Zack - Wife does the Facebook thing for us and I neglected to go to the USPSA sight first...Sorry Sir and thanks for your post....Mark
  3. Love it - Great post and great pictures....Needed a good laugh this morning....
  4. Hoping Zack can jump in here and provide an update, if he has any information.....Thanks Mark
  5. IMO since I have a 650 having graduated up from a 550, I like the primer system on the 650 better than the 550 and it is my understanding that the primer system on the 750 is similar to the 550, which is different than the 650 and you said you were not crazy about the priming system on the 550 so I would keep the 650. Put a case feeder on the 650 and a Mr Bulletfeeder on it and you can load 30k rounds over a long three to four day weekend.....Just my opinion.....
  6. My C-More arrived today so I will get it mounted and head to the range this weekend if the weather allows...We have had more than our fair share of rain this early spring thus far.....Update when I get to the range
  7. Have you tried adjusting the trap slide on the case feeder opening? It is the small adjustable sleeve. I was experiencing the same thing when I started loading 300 B/O and it fixed my same issues completely....
  8. Learned that Dillon has a RL1100 in their R&D area that had over 1,000,000 cycles on it with no major component breakages. That is an impressive number in my book...
  9. Sigarmsp226

    XTG Module

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Agree also - I put one on my X5 and while I really like the results - there are better $200 improvements that one can make as mentioned above... will continue to use the grip unit as I like the overall feel of it better than the standard X5 grip...
  10. I have my 30 year old Rock Chucker sitting on my bench beside my 650 for the same reason - load development and those small batch runs in a different caliber....Hard to beat the old work horse single stage but sure love what Dillon has done on the progressive side reloading....
  11. Ours are white because we make them from cut 1”x2” pieces of plastic trim wood (Lowes)....
  12. Dang. That right there is purty....(county word that means Pretty).....Mark
  13. AzShooter - Thanks for sharing this photo and information. Having just purchased this model Scorpion I too want a holster since I am usually an RO and want to shoot in the match. This will save time....Mark
  14. Gerritm - Thanks for responding to my message this past weekend....Well I was able to get into a NIB Switchbolt with the thumbhole stock yesterday for under $500 so I decided to give this rifle a try since I currently shoot the Ruger Target-Lite and have the occasional FTF or FTE issue (usually once or twice in each match).... I spoke to Jason at MR yesterday by phone and after five minutes on the phone with him I am glad I bought this rifle...He told me that if I have any issues or problems with my rifle to contact him direct at MR and he will make it right....That is customer service that can not be beat - IMO....Time will tell...Should have the rifle in my hands next week.... Thanks for starting this thread...Mark
  15. I purchased a complete striker assembly from Osage County Guns https://osagecountyguns.com/sig-sauer-1302833-r.html
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