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  1. I dropped my Remington 5R onto the KRG Bravo so that I could go to AICS mags and I love the set up...KRG shipped my stock and accessories within three days of me placing my order on line...Great company and I really like the Bravo stock for my use...
  2. When I find a product that works, and by the way I learned abouT FW Arms right here on this site, I tend to share what has worked for me, and others...I have no affiliation with FW Arms and was only trying to help this forum member in this thread just like I was the other forum member in the other thread.... I have learned so much from this forum members and had no “hidden agenda” in providing the information and links. I apologize to you AHI and the OP for posting my earlier comments and recommendations. I have removed my posts in this and the other thread....Again my apology to a
  3. Last week I sent an email through their on line warranty link for a part on my powder check alarm that quit working. Received an email the next day stating warranty part would be provided free of charge and two days later received an email that the part was in route....Great CS support for their on line warranty requests...Mark
  4. Yesterday morning Powder Valley loaded up and released inventory on CCI - SPP, Federal Match SPP, and Winchester SRP all at the same time....Limit was 1000 each and once you loaded the primers in your cart you hit the check out and of course the “processing” buffering icon pops up...I had to try four times before I finally got my cart with available inventory...I tried to get 1000 each of the three different configurations but was only able to secure 1000 CCI - SPP.....Cost of the primers were just $39.50, Haz-Mat was $19.95 and shipping was $9.95.......I started to cancel the order but $70.00
  5. That is actually a fair price for that rifle. If only my funds allowed.........
  6. Never realized that the static in our body could cause a primer to ignite. Thanks for sharing this information and truly sorry to read of your friends injuries. I always wear safety glasses but I will now be even more careful while handling my primers. As for me - I loaded about 10k rounds on my 550 before selling and have loaded about 50k on my 650 with zero detonations. I have crushed a few from time to time but being that I load with a slow stroke cycle I usually can feel something not being right before I cause to much damage. Learned a valuable lesson reading
  7. Guys - thanks for sharing these primer prices from years past.....Amazing how affordable they used to be....Mark
  8. Or just buy that M134 you are standing behind and then you will be spending a lot more time in your shop reloading...Just a thought.....
  9. Anxious to read your range report as I have 5000 of these exact primers in my inventory that I bought several years back from Cabela’s for $17.50 per thousand...Mark
  10. We have two M&P-15 22’s and if I had the funds I would love to add this one to the family but right now funds will not allow....Looks like it would be a great bladed pistol for my grandkids.... https://www.smith-wesson.com/product/mp15-22-pistol
  11. Sir - Read through this 2012 thread related to this same issue to see if this helps you identify your problem....Mark
  12. I found a 1000 pack of primers in my supplies about two years ago that cost me $17.00....I loaded them and they went bang...Guessing they were at least 10 years old... Anyone else remember when primers were less than $17.00 per thousand.....I cannot remember what they sold for when I started reloading in 1983....But they were cheap....Loaded tens of thousands of rounds of 148gr HBWC over 2.7gr of Bullseye on my RCBS Rock Chucker...The only progressive loader to have back in those days was a loader made by Star - I think...Mark
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