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  1. Thanks ZZT - Makes sense because Cole and Rick Busch shoot a lot of their matches up North...Funny you share this because you are 100% correct - I did not start having this issue until I shot several winter matches where the temps were in the high 30’s and I had left my loaded mags and extra rounds sitting in an open top bag in my shooting buggy... Thanks for your post - I just learned something that was so simple yet I missed the reasoning......Mark
  2. Thanks guys - I am going to try the Home Depot container first but will look at the belt options as a future plan...Thanks again to both of you for taking time to provide feedback...Mark
  3. Baker - I have recently experienced the same “grease” issue you describe with the CCI 40grain Mini-Mags I shoot in my Scorpion....At the World Steel Championship last year I was eating lunch with Cole Busch’s father who was wiping down every CCI round that he and Cole were going to use in the next match they were scheduled to shoot at the World Steel Match. I inquired as to why and he told me the rounds had slightly more factory grease on the rounds than previously and resulted in cycle issues from time to time so he was wiping off the excess....using a clean cotton rag.... I learn
  4. While on the topic of accessories for the 10/22 format may I ask what others here are using for your 10 round mag holders...I shoot a Switchbolt 10/22 and utilize the standard 10 round BX-1 Ruger mags with the TK base pad extensions for easier insertion and removal but today I walk up to the shooting box with six mags in one hand that I set on the barrel top or small piece of wood acting as the shooters table and my cased rifle in the other. Was thinking there is a better way - I have seen “trays” that hold the mags and also belt rigs..... Wanted to ask what others in the RFR(x) d
  5. John V - You are a good man and a true asset to this forum...Thanks for looking out for us fellow reloaders...I am going to start looking at Shooters Connection first for all of my future reloading needs....
  6. May I ask what caliber? Want to tell my son to be on this lookout if they are getting 9mm systems into their inventory.
  7. Thanks Sir - Glad to read that they are starting to move in the direction of what the “normal” price used to be....Only time will tell us if this or what the new “normal” will be.... Appreciate your reply....Mark
  8. Outer Limits - May I ask what they are selling for now before shipping and Haz-Mat?
  9. My son ordered his the first week of January of this year and he told me that they estimated a 24 week ship date......He ordered his in 9mm.
  10. Mickey Scuba’s point is worth reviewing - First thing that came to mind when I was reading th OP.... Also keep in mind you may need to “flip” or change out the insert you are using when you go from a round nose bullet to an XTP because the bullet nose profile might be causing the bullet to go in ever so slightly at an angle....
  11. Primers in stock (sorry guys they do not ship) at Van’s Sporting Goods in Cullman, AL today - CCI - SPP $5.49 per 100 with a limit of 500....First I have seen on any retail shelf in a while... Guy said they received in a backorder (did not say from where) and marked up the primers based on the store’s standard mark up...Guy at store said he knew they could sell for more but it he said we value our customer base and would not jeopardize losing a single customer over a few dollars...He said they felt bad not being able to sell at their previous price of $4.10 per 100.....but said the
  12. Also be sure to wear safety glasses when reloading because these type “crushed” primers will ignite..... Ask me how I know....
  13. Finger Blaster - If you will go over to the Brian Enos classified section and look under vendors you will see one named A+ Brass. Todd who is the owner might be able to provide you some guidance. Todd has a vision system he uses today and he has sorted by head stamp over 80,000 pieces of 9mm brass for me. Hope this helps provide you a jumpstart back into this really neat process. Mark
  14. TMZ - Am I seeing this correctly - You are running a Dillon Powder Measure system on your EVO? If I may ask - Why? Thanks Mark
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