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  1. Here ya go. Direct from Dillon Precision. https://www.dillonprecision.com/order-status.html
  2. I am still using today my GemPro 250 I purchased 5-6 years ago and it works great. Mine came with a couple of calibration weights and when I turn mine on I give it about 1-2 minutes to warm up and then I check every 20th round to make sure my powder drop is working as set. I also have a RCBS 5-10-10 (something like that) I also use after I check every other 20th round on the GemPro and so far mine continues to work flawlessly. Guess I got a “Good” unit….
  3. Jim - Thanks for your post. I will add a Hornady Micro-adjust die to my next Midway order and give this a try….To save a dollar in today’s day and time is a dollar spent on other reloading supplies. Thanks Again
  4. Well from my point of view the Redding Pro Series seating die is worth the price. I agree with you 100% that it is a pain to go thur the process required to adjust the OAL on a non-adjustable stem seating die as compared to the Redding. I run one on my 650 and 1100 and if either were to break I would buy a replacement unit while the broken unit went back to Redding for fixing (Lifetime Warranty on their dies)….. Now as for the Redding Pro Series/Micro adjustable Taper Crimp Die - this is another story….My brand new die just yesterday arrived back from Redding because of the three different 9mm rounds I load this die was sticking on all three. Redding was SUPER fast to respond to my email notifying them of my problem and told me to send the die back in its original packaging along with 3-4 dummy rounds that were loaded with this die that stuck. So I paid the $9.00 shipping back to Redding and 10 calendar days later (very fast turn around IMO) I received an email stating my die was back in route to me….. What was somewhat disturbing to me was the message in that email…..It read as follows: Mark, your die is in route back to you now. Your tracking # is xxxxxxxxxxx. Please note that using the dummy rounds you provided we were not able to completely eliminate the sticking issue. We polished your die and this helped but did not completely eliminate the sticking you were experiencing. Our recommendation is that while you are reloading you stop every 10 rounds or so and add a small amount of case lube to the projectile and the upper portion of the case just before it goes into the Redding Taper Crimp die…. Needless to say this will not occur…..I pay $75.00 for this die and this is what I have to do to keep it from sticking yet my factory Dillon taper crimp die used on both Dillon machines do not stick when I load these same exact rounds…..For now I will keep this die but going forward I will not purchase another Redding Micro-adjustable taper crimp die for anything I load - BUT - I do love Redding's Pro Series/Micro-Adjustable Seating Dies - Love Them and I have several and my next purchase is one for 6.5 Creedmoor….. Sorry for going off subject to your question but I thought it was important to share….Money well spent on the Redding adjustable seating die for any caliber IMO…….
  5. To add to Hesed’s comments - the great news about the 1100 is you do not have to “push” to seat the primer - everything is done on the down stroke of the machine except for shell plate indexing and retraction of the tool head….
  6. This is interesting - Gonna have to give this a try also…If it works for my old shoulder I will drill a small divet into my handle and create a fourth position….Thanks for posting this picture….
  7. And this thread is another example of why I love this forum. The OP asked for guidance and recommendations and everyone provided their recommendations and reasons as to why they have what they have. I am betting one, if not more of the posts in this thread “fits” into the OP’s situation/senario. These are the types of threads I love to come back to and read what others are doing and/or what pathway they followed…..Warpspeed said it best - I truly believe that whatever you buy will be not only an amazing tool once you get it set up and running but also an investment….I have yet to see a Dillon press go down in value when they are taken care of by the owner….
  8. Many good points to consider posted above my response but….. a couple of very important things before you decide on the unit you….. 1 - The 550 - A SUPER machine capable of loading hundreds of thousands of rounds - but you must turn the shell plate in order to advance to the next process - each and every time and you have four stations. A case feeder can be added but it does not come from Dillon set up for a case feeder. Toolheads and caliber conversions are less expensive vs. the 750 toolheads and caliber conversions. or 2 - The 750 - Also a SUPER machine capable of loading hundreds of thousands of rounds - the shell plate advances automatically advances to the next process every time you pull the handle - and you have five stations. The system comes from Dillon set up and ready for an automatic case feeder - an option that most reloaders want and prefer. Many have started on the 550 and eventually moved up to the 650/750 while many prefer the manual control capability of the 550 and have never and would never move to the 650/750. For me I started with the 550 and then sold it and went to a 650 (which I now have two). Whatever you decide you will hear it over and over again - Dillon Precision has GREAT service and support and I think both machines still carry a lifetime warranty…… Good Luck on your decision - Nothing is more exciting than setting up your first Dillon system….
  9. What an unusual coating color (really cool). I cannot shoot that great but with those I would have the best looking bullets at the match. Much cooler looking vs. the Blue, Black, or Red bullets most shoot….Thanks for posting the picture…..
  10. Same for me also. Going to wait a little longer before I re-stock. Hoping as fall/winter arrive and shooting slows a little maybe demand will also drop off. Time will tell but I will continue to monitor pricing and availability closely. I have not seen a lot of CCI - SPP’s becoming available vs. Federal’s - but beggars cannot always be choosers…..
  11. That is what I did and mine cycles perfectly….
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