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  1. Sigarmsp226

    GMR 15 magwell

    Sorry for my delay in providing photos of the AWT Magwell Funnel on my GMR-15. Also the writing you see on the inside comes off. I did this with a sharpie not the company....Mark
  2. Sigarmsp226

    JP GMR15 recommendations

    GIO - I went with the AWT aluminum magwell in black and I am happy with it so far. Installed in 2 min and has a set screw on it to help keep it secure.....Mark https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/AWT-PCC-GMR-15-Magwells-P5092.aspx Heat dissipator - Cannot say if it makes a huge different but Ben at JP suggested I get it for only $75 if I ever plan on shooting USPSA run and gun courses to help with the heat espically with matches in the South where I live where it can be 100F on the range when shooting....I am an old man (59) so I went with an entire black on black on black GMR rifle....Mark
  3. Sigarmsp226

    JP GMR15 recommendations

    GIO - Everyone has their opinion so I will share mine with you....I recently ordered a GMR-15 and I went with the basic stock, non side charging handle unit. The only options I added was the barrel heat dissipator, and the stainless 14.5” barrel with the pinned three port comp...I swear it looks like the comp is part of the barrel.... I went with this set up after talking to several professional shooters that use this rifle for shooting steel. Now if your plans are to shoot IDPA this set up shoud also be good since most stages will never require a reload but if you are going to shoot USPSA I am sure there are others here who can advise what other options you should consider. My rifle was just over $1800 delivered and I plan on using the money I did not spend on the extras to stock up on the needed reloading supplies as funding allows....I did add two items to my GMR. A aluminum mag well funnel ($95.) and most importantly a C-More ARW Aluminum 8MOA red dot($325). If you have never looked through a C-More you might want to give it consideration......Mark
  4. Sigarmsp226

    GMR 15 magwell

    ZZW - No Sir. Took less than 2 minutes. I did take a drop of gun oil and put on a small cloth rag and lightly wiped down the area that the two parts were going to mating so that it did not hang up requiring me to have to “tap” it on. It slid on with force from my palm and then I put one drop of blue loctite on the set screw before securing....I will get a few pictures this weekend and post here.....Mark
  5. Sigarmsp226

    Best PCC trigger?

    +1 on the CMC 9mm trigger. I love mine and it has run flawlessly....Mark
  6. Sigarmsp226

    Yet Another JP GMR15 or MPX thread.

    Agree. I carry both to my IDPA matches I shoot in. If the stage reflects 12 or more shots to complete I load a 33 rd with 20 rounds. I ussually load my mags with 6-8 extra rounds. If it is a short stage with 11rounds or less I load a 17 rd mag. I also carry two extra 17 round mags on my belt in the event I have a 33rd malfunction... Glock has just recently introduced a 24rd mag but their price is higher than a OEM Glock 33rd mag.... Brownells currently has the OEM 33rd mag on sale for $28.99. Spend $100 and get 10% off today and free shipping....
  7. Sigarmsp226

    X5 Blue bullets

    JAFO - Going to slug my P320 X5 barrel and my M&P Core today or tomottow to see what they measure...Might need some guidance on the best bullet based on my findings...More to come...Mark
  8. Sigarmsp226

    Dedicated PCC load

    No Sir - Currently a PSA AR9 with a 16” barrel but plan on converting over to my JP GMR-15 that just arrived a couple of week ago....I have not yet put a round through the JP yet as I want to learn on my PSA before changing over to the JP... I use this load currently because it is my IDPA pistol load. Since I just recently (about 90 days ago) got into PCC I decided to use my pistol load for my PCC shooting for now espically since I have several thousand rounds already loaded of this recipe... As I learn more about PCC shooting and shoot more, my plan will be to create a lighter load for my PCC rifles... I welcome any guidance, comments, suggestions because my plan is to create a dedicated PCC load this winter as time allows.....Mark
  9. Sigarmsp226

    What kind of bullets are you feeding your PCC?

    Thanks Garrett - Appreciate the response and feedback....Mark
  10. Sigarmsp226

    What kind of bullets are you feeding your PCC?

    Garrett - Any excessive smoke issues or unburned power with the 231? I ask because I picked up two 8lb unopened jugs from a sportings good store that was going out of business for a heck of a price ( $150.00 for both ) and have been loading Titegroup for a long time and Plan on working up some loads for my PCC and pistols I shoot in local IDPA matches....Mark
  11. Sigarmsp226

    I am diving into the PCC pool

    Patrick - Thanks for posting this link. About to order one. Mark
  12. Sigarmsp226

    Carry Optics

    I shot in this class twice with a SIG P320RX, and made several range trips before my first match, only to realize that the Romeo1 red dot is to small for these 59 year old eyes....I was chasing that dot all day....Purchased a Burris FF3 6 MOA and will give it a try again in the near future..... Right now I have shifted my focus to PCC and with a C-More 8MOA I find that big red dot easily.....But remember - I am old....Mark
  13. Sigarmsp226

    How has PCC going?

    S&W686 - A Local shooter that I shoot with twice a month won his division in PPC and finished 2nd overall in PCC (DH)..... He could not quit talking about how great everyone at this shoot was towards the shooters and that the courses were challenging and fun. He said it was the best organized shoots he has shot at and plans on going back next year and dragging me along.... Great job by everyone involved in the eyes of this shooter and he is a good guy.....Mark
  14. Sigarmsp226

    Dedicated PCC load

    X-Treme 124gr Heavy Plated FMJ CCI primers 3.5gr Titegroup Mixed Brass 1.11 OAL At 10 feet average (20 shots) - 1152 FPS.
  15. Sigarmsp226

    GMR 15 magwell

    Agree 100% Sir....Mark