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  1. Pealandco - Allow me to share only one persons view point on part of your questions Sir - I own and load on a 15+ year old 650, recently purchased an RL1100 and used to own a Mark7 Evolution (Apex’s 1st cousin that was prettier and had a slightly different priming system from the Apex - I believe)…… The RL1100’s primary advantage over the 650/750 series loaders is the swaging station. The 1100 offers several other enhanced items but for the most part the added swaging station is why many buy this machine series along with the robustness of the machine for automation. You will not gain more stations for added capabilities on the 1100 over your 750 but what you will gain with the 1100 is the opportunity to spend more on toolheads and caliber conversion kits. As for the Apex I cannot comment directly but to my understanding it is a slightly modified version of the Evolution with a modified priming system (again I do not know these details - but I am sure others here can help answer this unknown by me point). As for the Evolution I owned - OH MY Goodness - what a beautiful machine in every aspect…It was truly a Swiss Watch compared to a Timex - butter smooth action, WELL built, and just a beautiful machine to look at (all of the pieces and parts were so well finished)…and Well Built (yea I know I already said this). Ok - back to reality - I sold my EVO because after 4 months of trying really really hard working with Mark7 I just could not get the priming system on my specific EVO to cycle consistently and after the third primer detonation I decided to let it go….I also upgraded the case feed from the Hornady unit that came with the machine to a Dillon variable speed and this was a worth the cost and effort IMO…..Now I will say this - there are folks right here on this forum who own the Evolution and Revolution and they will tell you that once you get the Mark7 machines dialed in - they are a true joy to own, run, and they can put out some high volume, high quality ammo….I just gave up trying to get my EVO to that point because I am old, I have OCD when it comes to reloading, and I have little patience for anything that does not eventually work like I think it should (the OCD again coming out in me)….. If Mark7 has improved the priming system on the Apex over the EVO I might consider getting one - eventually - but for now I am going to continue to sit on the bench waiting to see how this new machine does…..Also, I like you love Dillon reloaders and even though there is nothing that I can find in writing anywhere I have heard rumor that Dillon is working on a 10 stage reloader but as we all know it took a long time before they were able to release the RL1100 over their original planned release so I am sure we will hear nothing about this (if it is true) until the unit is being built for its release (just my guess)….. I am anxious to read and learn from others the comments and feedback in your OP questions related to the Apex…Just thought I would share my thoughts related to the Dillon 750 vs. 1100…..AGAIN - these are only my opinions/thoughts/comments and I am sure others will vary….Mark
  2. Kema - I did not find it anywhere so I sent Rollsizer a message just now through their Facebook page asking if they could upload a copy to Youtube. If/when they do - if they notify me I will post the link here and message you through the forum…Mark
  3. Thanks SJRiggs - my computer skills are not the greatest Sir… and My wife is the first to admit this….Mark
  4. Ysrracer - This is what I think the OP is talking about…..but stand to be corrected if I am wrong…. https://benstoegerproshop.com/dillon-precision-650-750-bearing-camming-pin-upgrade-by-uniquetek/
  5. Another thing to consider is the shell plate. What has happened to you once happened to me and I caused it (learned after the fact)…..I had recently taken my machine down for a complete cleaning and when I put everything back together I neglected to tighten down my shell plate as tight as I should have…As a result my shell pate was “flexing” enough to cause me the same problem that you are describing…..I went back and tightened my shell plate bolt about another 1/4 turn and it fixed my issue. During that tear down and cleaning I also changed out the indexing ball and spring and because the spring was longer it created more upward push on the plate making me think it was tight enough when actually it was not. Many folks actually snip one or two runs off of their indexing spring so it still functions but allows the indexing ball to sit a little lower under the shell plate…. This may not be the cause of your problem but I thought it worth mentioning because what you are describing - happened to me….Good Luck…Mark
  6. Just saw this and thought I would share…We all know de-priming is a pain point for many reloaders…… Rollsizer.com will be releasing an automatic decapper / deprimer shortly. The deprimer will handle soiled cases and you only have to clean your cases once. Yes. You halve your cleaning time. Bonus especially for wet cleaners. The one decapper will process everything from 380acp up to 308win. All you change is the drop tubes. It will come with similar fittings to the rollsizers to connect to a Dillon casefeeder. We have partnered with FW Arms to utilise their proprietary universal decapping dies. They are the best on the market. These will be supplied with the machines as standard and yes the one decapper does all the calibres listed. It's a special design so your reloading press one doesn't work. Sorry. All you need is the drop tubes which.you probably already have from our rollsizers.... Yes they work. Oh. They also process 3,000 cases per hour...... You can mix calibres (within reason) cases so 380acp in with the 9mm cases is not a problem for example. We tested9, 38s and 357SIG and threw a few 380acp in for good measure. No problems. We need to update the website first so we won't be accepting backorders until then. Plan on early August '21 Videos showing the new unit on the Rollsizer Facebook page - Hoping the link below works (my apology if it does not - I am not a computer guru). If not you can go to their website and see a couple of videos of this new system…..I do find it interesting that Rollsizer is teaming up with FW Arms - That tells me that Will (FW Arms) makes a high quality product…. No idea on the price point….. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiYl7DLlY7yAhUNVs0KHWaZAWA4ChAWMAl6BAgKEAM&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Frollsizer%2Fposts&usg=AOvVaw18yXKSu6ywhqXTUfSSzQdv
  7. DDC and Cuz - Great points from both of you…. This is why I like this forum and folks like both of you (and others who are members here)….I can express my thoughts, share my comments, and usually I do not get SLAMED against a brick wall by someone who’s opinion differs…Others sharing their reasons for viewing the topic differently typically will open my eyes to things I had not thought about or considered….Thanks for your responses and view points…I continue to learn at 61 years of age…Mark
  8. DDC - You bring up a point that I have thought about a lot recently based on what has occurred over the past 18 months in the reloading world we dabble in (saying this comparing what we load vs. a professional ammo company). I am guessing that because all reloading companies have experienced demand like they have never experienced before, Dillon Precision being right up in the middle of all of this as we all are aware….IMO Dillon will launch their unit at a price point that is between 25%-50% higher than a comparable unit. If their launch sales are not through the roof, they might be happier with less sales and slightly higher profit margins - at least for a little while. I hope I am wrong but I fear I may be right… I say this based on where Dillon is today - they are experiencing unprecedented sales, long lead time backorders, and there is a certain level of frustration that is evident when you talk with “some” of the CSR associates at Dillon….and I can understand why - when day in and day out they cannot provide the answer to the person they are speaking with that they want to hear - and it is completely outside of their direct control I can only imagine that this has to be disheartening after a while….. It all will pass and lessons will be learned but until it does I think based on what is still occurring related to COVID will will see a lot of new pricing “normals” for all of the items we want and need to successfully reload and shoot - including the auto drive that Dillon will soon launch (or will this be like the RL1100 where Dillon will struggle to get the required parts in from their primary supplier’s)…..I guess only time will tell…..Mark
  9. Well I just learned something - Never knew such a kit existed…No need for one because I have my original 37 year old RCBS Rock Chucker bolted to the reloading bench for any single stage work I have….but it is cool to know that such a kit is available….
  10. Rogue - Let me first say that I have ZERO direct experience with this brass but in reading comments on other forms from folks that have experience with this brass - it seems that it may have a couple of minor challenges that you should be aware of before you start using this brass….. Here is one comment from another forum reloader - again this is not my direct experience…..Heavy, low capacity, thick necks and variable dimensions. When we see it, it's been fired in the L85A1 (SA80 rifle) or our equivalent of the US M249 SAW and they do terrible things to the spent brass on their way out. Hope this helps - not trying to say anything negative - just wanting you to be aware of comments from others experiences with this brass…It reads to be reloadable - you will just need to be careful to ensure you do not get a case stuck and you use a powder that may be more dense…….
  11. As others have said - Redding dies are worth the little extra you usually pay…I use Redding dies for seating and crimping because I love the ability to “micro-adjust” by reaching up and turning that knob on the top of the supporting die rather that having to loosen that one inch nut that never seems to have a good angle to get your wrench on to loosen or tighten….But that is just my opinion…. I like you and others really like my Dillon dies - have some sets that I have used for over 20 years and they are still consistent and work but having an extra set of dies - especially in the world we live in today - is not a good idea - it is a great idea…..No one knows what will happen tomorrow so you plan for the worst had pray for the best….I called it being smart and prepared….
  12. MkMckinley - I had a Evolution for about 6-8 months and I, like you quickly gave up on the Mark 7 stock Hornady Case Feeder that came with my Evo unit. I replaced mine with a variable speed Dillon case feeder and it fit perfectly onto the case feeder pole system that came with my Evo…..and it ran flawlessly….. Something you might want to consider because the variable speed unit is much faster than the old Dillon Casefeeder and I think you could get one shipped with the required shell plate for less than $500.00 - saving you a little coin….Just a thought…Mark
  13. OMG - The money I would spend if Dillon Precision was this close to my home…I would have a second mortgage to contend with and more than likely be short a wonderful wife of 39 years…Best I stay in MS….
  14. AHI - Thanks for your details also Sir…I have a small base die that I have used in a limited capacity in the past on my 650 but with very good results. I was hoping George or you were using a small base die in your brass prep processing…This will be part of my set up…Thanks again for sharing…Mark
  15. Thanks Stephen for this update. Gonna grab another 1000 while the gettin is good….Mark Get these ordered and then I can sit down to a large bag of peanuts (If Lisa will share her stash).....
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