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  1. Kema - Great question that I neglected to ask. I also wonder how often they stop the system to lube critical parts/areas....My fault for not asking more question. I have Peter’s direct extension so I may call him back in the coming days to ask a few more questions.....If I do Iwill post that information in this thread...Mark
  2. I spoke with Peter at Dillon Precision (super professional and nice) and he shared with me two updates related to the Dillon RL1100 press... 1 - They have a RL1100 set up in the Engineering area at Dillon and he said at his last check that unit had completed slightly over 1,900,000 cycles with no breakages or stops with the exception of one spring that occurred post 1 million cycles. He said they plan on continuing to run the machine until they have a major breakage. 2 - As I placed my pre-order for my RL1100 in 9mm he told me for that specific caliber I was number 34 on the pre-order list and he did not know the total number of RL1100 pre-orders for all calibers combined...when I asked when he anticipated the release of the RL1100 and he said right now they are shooting for sometime in December...... Thought I would share this update I received from Dillon on 10/15/19.....Mark
  3. I wet tumble and use pins. Usual dawn and lemi-shine recipe. When finished I dump from my Rebel 17 into a PAINTERS cheesecloth bag made for 5 gallon paint buckets (3 pack at Lowes cost $4.00 and one will last you about 30-40 dumps) rinse pins and brass in water then I dump the entire contents (brass and pins) into my DILLON media separator. I throw a $4.00 tupperware tub over the top to catch any pins that might not drop out the bottom and give it about 7-9 turns one way, then the other way. I remove the tupperware top cover and all of my pins are in the bottom of my media separator and the brass is in the cage. Dump brass and Let it air dry on a towel and I am ready to load the next day (shop is heated)......No magnets and No mess.....Mark
  4. Helocat - This is a great post..Logical, grounded, and with the facts that many may not want to admit too...Your post just made me decide to purchase the new 1100 unit when it is released while keeping my 650 to use for smaller runs of the other calibers I already am set up to run today.....Great Post Sir...Mark
  5. Good point. Did not think of it that way when I read your first post. Thanks for your follow up....Mark
  6. Thanks Zack - I appreciate your post and feedback...Being a Match Director and Senior RO I knew you would be able to provide direction...Thanks Again Sir...Mark
  7. Or would the shooter be required to go to the safe area after shooting the first pistol, remove it from his holster, bag it, and place his second pistol into the holster on his self.....He was not shooting two different pistols in this match, only one...and he said he was doing this so his pistol would not get scratched....Mark
  8. This happened at our monthly steel challenge match. Shooter bought a new CZ pistol and did not want to carry it in the holster to the line so he brought it to the line in a closed zip case (just like rimfire pistol) and on the load and make ready command he proceeded to remove it from the zipped bag, load, and holster....He did NOT have a chamber flag in the pistol so I had no way of knowing if there was a round in the chamber. There was NO mag in the pistol.... What say you forum RO’s - is this legal? When I asked him why he was following this process he said he did not want to scratch his new pistol by caring it around in around in the holster. I asked if the holster was made for the pistol and he said yes. I understand the desire to keep our new weapons in pristine condition but ifnhe is going to shoot this pistol in competition it is gonna get some scratches....Thanks Mark
  9. Thanks Steve. Headed to Wally World later this evening so your quick response is greatly appreciated...Mark
  10. Question. Armor All makes two different types of Wash and Wax. Can you tell me which one to use Armor All Ultra Shine Wash and Wax or Armor All Premium Wash and Wax Thanks Mark
  11. Brian Enos - Medium weight Slide-Glide...Brian provides Slide-Glide in three different viscosities. .... ..This is the ONLY gun lube I use...For occasional need for gun oil - I use CLP...Mark
  12. Mine took 7 weeks and was a stock unit with a few minor upgrades...The wait is worth it..... I want a lighter weight 15” rail for mine. Not a gunsmith and have no idea what would fit and if it would be an easy swap out....Mark
  13. I have one in my AR9 and I am up to about 1700 rounds through my rifle since installing with ZERO issues....Sorry I am not able to provide more feedback...Mark
  14. I have a friend who owns a KelTec Sub2000 and asked me if it is legal to shoot under USPSA Steel Challenge rules.... Thanks. Mark
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