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  1. I bought a George Forman countertop stove at a local garage sale for $5.00. Then I bought two brownie pans at WalMart for $6.00 each and I can dry 600-700 pieces of 9mm in 20 min....Mark
  2. Guys - Simple solution - at least it worked for me before I switched to SS wet tumbling... Use 3/4 to 7/8’s corn cob media and the other portion I used walnut media...Brass got clean and polished with almost no. Dust....Something to consider.....Mark
  3. Or do what I did when I got my 650.... I use my RCBS Rock Chucker as a depriming unit so that I do not get all that “crap” on my 650.....Mark
  4. Posvar - Yes Sir - the SN is part of the FCU and I did pick up the complete lower unit with the FCU for $200.00. Just had to have it shipped to my FFL for registration...Still carrying this version and loving it...Mark
  5. Tampa-XD45 - Thanks Sir for your reply - I will read the provided informaiton also....Mark
  6. Darqusoull13 - Question for you Sir - I recently received my GMR-15 and have not yet put a round thru it but in reading the information that JP provided with my rifle there is a very detailed recommended break-in process...Can you or anyone else comment on following this process??? After spending what I did for this rifle I plan on following this process to the letter.... What are your thoughts on this process (is it beneficial in the short or long term)? I just wanted to ask if you or others that did not follow the recommended break in process on their GMR-15 and if so did it affect the accuracy....Thanks Mark
  7. This thread has my attention....Anxious to read the comments and learn from this thread....Mark
  8. One other point that I learned that many may not realize - Currently the RL1100 has a two year warranty where as the Super1050 carries a one year warranty....May not be that important from what most have said because of the relibility of these machines but worth mentioning....Mark
  9. Sigarmsp226

    P365 For CCW

    Frankly - Since you seem to have little to nothing good to say about SIG let me know when you find something to replace your P365, because it reads like you will are already hoping that you can find something else and I will be happy to give you what you consider any SIG to be worth which I am guessing is almost nothing.....I am surprised you would even carry a SIG P365 as your CCP if you think so poorly of the company... I have two of what you call ”first runs” P365’s (bought both pistols within 30-90 days of the release) that my wife and I trust to be able to save our lives if we ever need to use one when we are away from the house....Over 2000 rounds thru mine with ZERO issues and over 800 thru my wife’s with ZERO issues.... I also have 9 other SIGS in my collection and shoot three different SIGS in competition with one bone stock P320X5 that was part of their first production run of this specific pistol that has over 9000 flawless rounds thru it and over 5000 thru another bone stock P226 SSS pistol....For me I have been very happy with my SIGS - the West German and US made pistols and also the 556 SBR I own....If/when I had any issue a phone call was all it took to get my issue managed....
  10. One suggestion to consider - Todd, owner of APlusBrass (who is listed in the classified section of this forum) can help you...Todd can provide you sorted and cleaned brass and/or he can sort your brass for you, separating the military and stepped brass...If you have brass or just want to buy brass at a certain level of cleaned/processed send Todd a message....Todd is currently about half way thru the 30,000 pieces of 9mm brass he is sorting for me..I send him about 5k rounds at a time and he is sorts my cleaned brass for $35.00 per box of 5k.. plus shipping (large flat rate for $20.00)...I clean my own brass before sending but Todd can also clean your brass and sort, if that is what you want and will price based upon what you want him to do or provide..... Todd has built and created programs for a sorting brass that uses computers a photo imaging to sort by head stamp....Might want to send him a message...He has been a HUGE help for me.....Mark
  11. Being that I am new to the “Dillon Big Boy Reloading Machines - the 1050/1100 series ( having loaded on Dillon 550 and 650 machines for 10+ years ) I decided to go for the RL1100 over the RL1050 or Super 1050 and for me here are the reasons why..... 1- Many people who have years and years and tens of thousands or rounds of experience on this series of machines have said that the RL1050 was a superior machine over the Super1050 and I wanted to purchase a NEW dillon machine and to find a new RL1050 today would be all but impossible..... 2 - Dillon identified that the RL1100 was going to address many of the issues that end users expressed as being “problems” with the Super 1050 so why not wait for the RL1100 to be released... 3 - Say what you want but Steve Dillon was NOT going to release the RL1100 until it was ready and his team could support it so yes delays occurred but I would rather wait vs. having a RL1100 six months earlier only to have to deal with “possible issues”.... 4 - Dillon RDE was running a machine on site 24/7 to identify the machines weak points and as these issues came up they addressed and FIXED these issues before the recent release....Dillon also worked hard to source as many of the parts used on the RL1100 from US suppliers, whenever possible so for that I say KUDOS to Dillon. 5 - Yes the stroke on the RL1100 is 1.3” longer than the stroke on the Super 1050 but this is because Dillon went back to the large roller cam that should eliminate powder spillage from the unit hitting “bumps” in the multiple processes that this machine is managing with every pull of the handle....and with a reduced force of almost 12% required to cycle the RL1100 over the Super 1050 (this figure is an estimate based on preliminary testing conducted at Dillon) why not give this 60 year old arm and shoulder a 12% break in the strength required to cycle this machine..... 6 - And finally say what you want but for my money I want to invest my dollars in what Steve Dillon and his HUGE team of VERY Smart Engineers that designed these machines to be the best they can be...Think about it for a minute - Thousands of hours of work by some of the smartest men and ladies in the world go to work everyday at Dillon Precision RDE to do one thing - Figure out how to build a better reloading system for all of us to enjoy....Deduct the cost of the raw materials used to build a machine in this category and the small margin of profit per machine that each of us pays is a very very small price considering the total braintrust’s of knowledge, experience, failures, and mostly their successes in a device that performs so many different functions with ONE handle pull.... “Impressive” is not even a good word to describe what the Dillon Precision team has accomplished over the years and with technology becoming better and better everyday I decided to invest my hard earned dollars in the latest technology by the smartest people in the industry.... Do not be hating on me based on my opinion - just think about the points I have made when you decide what machine to buy and before you put comments in writing about everything that is wrong with Dillon machines When many times a phone call is all it takes to get an issued resolved....Mark
  12. Thanks to the OP and everyone for your comments and suggestions...I now have a 3 gallon bucket mounted to a $45 Frankfort Arsenal Tumbler and have sorted 10 gallons of mixed brass so far in just a couple of hours...I also created spacers between each sorting tray by cutting the top off of a couple of 3 gallon buckets (this was the best suggestion after utilizing a vibrating tumbler) and the final thing I did was cut the bottom out of a 3 gallon bucket and it serves as my sorting tray for my 380 brass plate.... I also added an additional lead weight (You Tube video with step by step instructions)to the steel weight plate attached to the fan motor to allow this unit to generate more vibration....I also added a larger base plate vs. the one that came on the unit so it would not fall over during use.... I will finish sorting the remaining 15 gallons of mixed brass I have on hand this weekend and then next weekend I will assemble my Harbor Freight electric concrete mixer and get to cleaning all this sorted brass.... Thanks again to each of you for making the sorting of all of this brass a fairly enjoyable and very easy process....Mark
  13. Watching the video on you tube where the RL1100 is being set up the video shows a large black plate with DP engraved on it. Is this a base plate that comes with every RL1100 unit or does One have to order this plate as a separate accessory?
  14. This is what I do also and the changeover is simple and fast.....worth the cost for the complete changeover system IMO....Mark
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