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  1. Guys - Thanks for your responses and recommendations. Ken V. saw my post and kindly sent me an email also. I have a copy of his book - Do you feel the need for speed - in route and because of the comments from the friends here I will read this book and give Ken’s recommended training tips to heart. Knowing that changing habits (good or bad) to consistant repeatable results take time I have loaded up about 8k rounds of 9mm and I also will be using my 10/22 Target Lite rifle in practice to save on overall ammo costs... Again my thanks to each of you who took the time to respond...I did not know about Ken’s book and the other recommendations related to stamina and using my 22 rifle are all great points.....Update late summer after I dedicate the needed time to see if I can step up to my personal challenge....Mark
  2. Wanted to ask the BE Forum braintrust what has worked for you...Proven results that has allowed you to become a better, faster, more accurate PCC shooter in the Steel Challenge arena.....I know many will say - practice, practice, practice - which I already do now but why not try things that are not in my bailiwick of ideas to see it trying something new and different will allow me to be the next Senior World Champion.....Thanks Mark
  3. Sigarmsp226

    Sight in distance for USPSA

    Gunner - For Steel Challenge I was told by several PPC professionals that they sight in at 15 yards so I voted this way...As for USPSA courses that are not Steel Challenge - I do not know but will follow this thread to learn....Mark
  4. Sigarmsp226

    CMC launches new 9mm PCC trigger

    I have been running this trigger on my PSA AR for about 4 months now and it has run flawlwss.... I started with the CMC standard trigger but I was having incosistant results (double fire cycles and trigger reset issues). Dropped this system in and it has run flawless...Mark
  5. Sigarmsp226

    TTI VS. TF 10 round extensions

    Going to order two TTI units to try based on the comments in this thread. Anxious to see how they function.
  6. Sigarmsp226

    Preferred 9mm plated bullet?

    Xtreme also for me....I shoot their 124gr mostly but also load and shoot some 147gr for the sub-sonic backyard fun shooting.... My TG load for the 124’s is 3.6gr with an OAL of 1.11 Mark
  7. Sigarmsp226

    9mm only reloading

    The time to buy a reloading system is NOW when reloading supplies are affordable and easy to get.....Yes factory ammo is cheap right now but if you start shooting more and factory ammo pricing start going up and another ammo scare hits, and we all know it will, you will pay a premium for factory ammo and a reloading system and the components needed to support your itch..... I am not a wealthy person by any means but I have bought a couple of cases of factory ammo in the past 6 months but more so I have started loading up on my reloading supplies so when the next scare hits I can continue to shoot my 500-1000 rounds a month.... My vote - Buy a reloading set up NOW even if you leave it in the box....Mark
  8. The good news first - 1 - I have traveled to and watched two World SCSA matches and one National and I LOVE this shooting discipline 2 - I am fortunate to be friends with a local guy who has a plasma cutter and has started cutting AR500 targets so I have all of the targets and stands required to set up all eight courses, but I can only do four at a time due to my current target stand and hanger inventory 3- I am a USPSA member in good standing and I recently became a certified IDPA Safety Officer 4 - Other members have indicated that they are interested in shooting this discipline 5 - Range Owner (private owned club) is 100% on board with allowing me to start this up So hear me out and provide honest feedback, comments, and suggestions....If I venture down this pathway I want to be SAFE, have fun, and build it into a possible sanctioned club for SCSA - but I want to make sure I am ready and I have the participation to keep this going.....I live in a small town with several surrounding towns that equate to about a tri-city population of about 120k and there is also a active Air Force Training Base in our area... My thought was to start with the very basics - Set up several Saturday morning shoots where each Saturday I would set up 4 courses of fire and limit the number of shooters to two squads of 10....I have two I-Pads with a SCSA program loaded that allows for the shooters to be loaded and scores to be managed. I also have another SO that I work IDPA matches with that said he would help me and run one squad.... Now the question that I need to ask but may not want to read the responses - Am I screwing up by trying to do this in this manner BEFORE working to become qualified by USPSA ? I want to start this as a Saturday fun shoot where every person that wants can come give it a try...Club Owner believes it will generate new members and my goal is to not charge anything for the shoots I set up at least for a month or two and then go from there.....Also all shooters would be required to sigh a club waver related to liability responsibility. The club owner has everyone that steps onto his club read and sign this document or they are not allowed to come onto his club property.... I could go on but at this point I will pause to ask for feedback from the forum friends.....Be nice please.....Also I am 59 years old and want this to be SAFE fun shooting and as you can see I am willing to put my own money and time into this to give it every chance to be successful.... After getting to hang out at the National and World SCSA matches with B J Norris, Jessie Harrison, KC Eusabio, Max Michel, Doug Koenig, Cole Busch, Shane Coley,and other world class shooters, and these same folks allowed me to hang with their squads for mutiple days, I was hooked with this discipline. Thanks in advance for your feedback, comments, and suggestions......Mark
  9. I just purchased my second P320 X5, my first one I purchased right after they were released, and I noticed that the new X5 that I just recently purchased has a black barrel in it rather than a stainless one like my earlier version....Anyone know why SIG made a barrel change on the X5 and when they made the change? Thanks Mark
  10. Sigarmsp226

    Case sorter and pick up tool recommendations

    Just ordered me some trays and will check Harbor Freight to see if I can pick up the vibrating tumbler....Thanks for this information...Mark
  11. I did what Sarge suggested and took the pin assembly out and carefully ground (bevil) one side without losing any length and after that I tried it on 20+ pieces of brass that previously had their primers sucked back up into their primer opening so thanks to you guys I think this fixed my issue...Will be loading another 1k rounds this weekend with a portion of those being blaser brass.....so time will tell... Thanks again to everyone for your comments and recommendations....I greatly apprecite all of the support here.....Mark
  12. Greg - Thanks Sir - I had no idea this could occur. I apprecite your feedback and comments...Mark
  13. Sigarmsp226

    X-Treme Bullets - anyone buying lately?

    Received my shipping conformation yesterday (11/26) for this 11/22 order so all appears to be good....Mark
  14. Sigarmsp226

    X5 competition load

    3.5gr of Titegroup 124gr X-Treme HPCB - FCP (Full Copper Plated) Round Nose 1.11 OAL just loaded and will be checking power factor on the following load this weekend 3.5gr of W231 124gr X-Treme HPCB - FCP (Full Copper Plated) Round Nose 1.11 OAL