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  1. 8MOA on my two PCC’s And also on my two rimfire rifles
  2. Hog - Thanks for posting the pictures - Dirt - Thanks again for the product details. I just ordered my unit from Everglades and hope to have it here later this week. Then to find a local machine shop to turn mine down that will not break it off in me. Mark
  3. Dirt - Thank you Sir - Two questions - Do you recommend using this with pistol rounds also AND if I buy the exact item you show above will I still need to find someone to turn it down Or will it fit on the RL1100 toolhead as received? Mark
  4. Ok guys - B-A-C-K up for a minute please for this less than bright guy that owns a RL1100 and just ordered the tool-heads I needed to set it up for loading 223(currently set up for 9mm)......Whet you are describing here is that when you are loading 223 you actually turn down the body of a die (or something) and you insert this through the non-threaded opening above the primer station that acts as a top side “support rod” that insures that, at the priming station, the case plate remains Secure from the top side to insure better and more precise primer insertion? A picture of what you are using would help this old slow redneck understand what you are doing..... Thanks for helping me understand what you are discussing here and the ultimate goal....Mark
  5. Guys - I was just looking at Practi-Score and saw where the 2020 Alabama Steel Challenge State Championship in September this year is NOT running OL as one of their courses...I wonder if and why they decided to do this at the State Championship level. It is not because of bay space because the shoot is at CMP in Talladega where the World Speed Shooting Championship is held and has 10 or 11 bays on the main course.....
  6. Flago - When your time allows can you post a picture and the link to the thumb rest you are using on your Scorpion please. I am wanting to add one to my Scorpion and did not realize there was one available from Tac....Thanks Mark
  7. After I shot my first match and my results were simular to yours one of the RO’s told me to not leave after the match because he had something for me....I hung around and what he gave me changed everything for me at the next match one month later.... He gave me two new USPSA targets and told me to take them home and paint the A sections on one and on the other one paint everything except the A sections with BLACK paint....He told me to take these targets and practice drawing and dry firing at both styles at least twice a week for the next four weeks until the next match....Then he told me to do one other thing that helped me more than anything...He told me to put the targets up and stand 10 yards away and with nothing in my hands STARE at each target for 5 minutes then close my eyes and visualize the target....Then do the same for the other one.....and do this at least once every other day for three weeks.....I did what he recommended and....... The next match I went from dead last to 19th out of 32 shooters.....You might want to give this a try...USPSA targets can be purchased usually at your local gun stores or call your match director and ask if you can purchase a couple for your own use....
  8. M700. Thanks for posting this video. I am hoping to get my loader set up in the coming weeks and already have my camera in hand but have not “played” with it yet...This video helps a lot...Thanks. Mark
  9. Code - On my 650 I have a small mirror mounted so I can see down into the case right after the powder drop station. On my 1100 I will be mounting a back up camera system I purchased off of EBay that came with a monitor. I purchased an endoscope camera only to learn after it arrived that it would not work with Apple devices so keep this in mind if you go this route.....Dr. Youngeyes here on this forum provided me guidance and direction in my final selection(Backup camera system)...Super guy with a lot of knowledge and experience....
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^ DDC said it perfectly.....Eliminate this as one of your variables......and Dillon’s work very well with Titegroup And with CCI primers.....I use both with very good results.....Mark
  11. ZZT - Thank you Sir - I actually read a 2018/2019 thread where Zack, you, and several others were discussing these rules but as I read that thread I becamce confused....Thank you for taking time to resond again to my questions. Greatly appreciate your help...Mark
  12. So to my questions 1- Shooter decides to NOT move out of the left box and shoots all five plates from the left box....What are the penalties (break out if it is considered to be a missed plate or procedural)..... 2 - Shooter starts in the middle box and does not move and shoots all five plates from the center box....What are the penalties (break out if it is considered to be a missed plate or procedural)..... 3 - Shooter Starts in the middle box and shoots ONLY the three plates that are normally shot from this box (does not move)...What are the penalties (break out if it is considered to be a missed plate or procedural)..... Thanks Mark
  13. My MR - Switch Bolt will put 10 shots in one hole using my C-More 8MOA, from a rest, at 12 yds all day long.... I sight in my SC - RFRO guns at 12 yards.... I LOVE my Switch Bolt Only about 900 rounds through it so far with ZERO problems - Not a single FTF or FTE...
  14. Thanks guys - I have never had powder spillage issues on my 550 or 650 but I do not load major loads but I am going to order a set for my 1100....Thanks Again...Mark
  15. Chgo Fire Fighter - That quarter circle thingie on the side of your loader that looks like a piece of foam insulation - does that help stabilize your case during the movement from one stage to the next helping prevent powder spillage and insuring good alignment at each station when the case stops? If so is that something that is only needed when you are loading the case that contains a large amount of powder or does is also help prevent the case from sticking on the powder funnel (cannot tell if you have one of those on the other side of your press also)? Thanks Mark
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