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  1. Quick update - Yesterday we had 26 guns at out local match. Surprised by the mix......Glad to see centerfire picked up.... 13 CF and 13 RF All CF shooters were shooting 9mm except two - one was shooting 40 and one was shooting 45.....and five or six wanted their brass - which we happily accommodated....
  2. Mid April is going to be WONDERFUL related to weather...This is GREAT news.....Thanks Zack for again putting on a World Class Shot this year at Talladega....It was a pleasure visiting with you again.....Hoping you are able to break that 700 gun mark in 2021.... For anyone who has ever wanted to go to a World Class match - this is the match to go to......I drive three hours one way just to watch and it was another great match this year...The coolest part was meeting Mike Foley this year....A SUPER friendly gentleman that was very approachable and asked me what I thought he could do
  3. Here is a small example of what we are seeing locally. We run a 5 stage course - once a month match - referred to as Outlaw Steel because we do not have the bay size to support SO and OL and we are not sanctioned. The numbers below show that we have started seeing some of our CF only shooters not coming and/or a few shooting RF as their second gun rather than shooting CF in two divisions. May 2020 - 29 guns - 18 CF and 11 RF June 2020 - 27 guns - 15 CF and 12 RF July 2020 - 27 guns - 11 CF and 16 RF August 2020 - 25 guns - 8 CF and 17 RF Sept 2020 - This wee
  4. RGA - Thanks Sir - I am up a little earlier than usual this morning so this will be my reading....Thanks Again for taking time to share and post...Mark
  5. Following this thread and these very important discussion points as I have bullets (150gr FMJ-BT) in route to load up 200 rds for my M1A...Going to load 5 rounds at a couple of different charges to check for cycling, pressure signs, and also to check 100 yard accuracy.... no intent on going close to the top end of any load range and intend on using H4895 as my go to powder....
  6. Well guys I am going to be the “other guy” in this discussion.... In my opinion in the current market if this unit includes everything a person needs to load 9mm or .223/5.56 And seeing the condition this unit is in I am betting the OP can get 90% if not 95% and here are my reasons for saying this... 1 - There are folks that LOVE the 650 (me being one) that has loaded on a 650 for years and would love to have a second machine so that everything that works for one machine works for their second machine (I know some will say 650 and 750 parts will also swap out but the primi
  7. 231 is what I have used for the past 10+ years but have titegroup as a common backup.....
  8. Sorry Bobkoh - Read your post wrong the first time. The bullets I am talking about that Killough has available now are round nose....Here is a picture from the last 5000 I received..... Thanks InTheShaw for pointing out my mis-read....
  9. Sarge - Thanks Sir for telling me this. It was not my intent to break any rule here. Mods - If I have error-ed here PLEASE delete this post - I was doing this to help other forum members find bullets which as we all know are really hard to find right now. It was not my intent to break any forum policy/rule. I do not want to jeopardize my membership here in any way. Sarge - Thanks again for posting your comment - I will stand by for guidance from management. Mark
  10. First off guys - I have no affiliation with this company other than having purchased over 20,000 bullets from them to date with ZERO issues....A few things I can tell you and then I let you decide if they are right for you. You can order as few as 100 bullets or as many as 50,000 bullets...... The ship F-A-S-T - Usually within 48 hrs of order receipt.... They only stock and ship one bullet - Why - Because it is the bullet of choice for professional shooters that want a 9mm "Major Power Factor" bullet At the time of me posting this information their website reflected
  11. I have a 45LC on mine to add weight to the primer push down rod and once I did this my issue went away immediately....Learned this trick right here on the BE forum....Good Luck...Mark
  12. Thanks TRP formyour response - I will hold on to my extra unit and give it a try...Thanks Again...Mark
  13. I received in 52 days ago and it is still sitting in the sealed box that it came in from Dillon....I had some travel and family issues come up that prevented me from unboxing it - and now these delays should work in my favor (I hope)....I am going to list it for sale In the classifieds here tomorrow for what I paid for it along with some additional accessories I bought to go with it. Hoping I can find someone local to purchase it so I do not have to ship this 70lb beast......
  14. Thanks HogRider - Because I have a couple of extra Dillon powder checker units that I ordered to use with the RL1100 (that I am going to list for sale here in the classifieds in the coming days) I might keep these extra powder check units for now to see if they will work because the “plunger” on the Dillon powder check does NOT cause me any problems on my Dillon 650 (that I am going to keep) when loading W231 powder. W231 is my “go to” powder for 9mm because I have about 14lbs of it left in my limited pistol powder inventory (got a great deal on two 8lb. jugs and two 1lb. containers earlier th
  15. I have run at least 8000 rounds thru mine with zero issues...I love mine also...
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