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  1. I think they will sell you a aet barrel. I have an akai with one in it.
  2. for a few more dollars you could get a Trojan, and a few more get a dawson crp Trojan. outstanding performance sooo fun to shoot. worth every penny. a springfield range officer in nine is a choise too.
  3. Yup, blue bullets has a .400, 200 gr, no looooob groove. the coating is real tough too.
  4. I like it. May a few drops of blood here and there to finish it off
  5. Whitefish is correct. A broken link is likely due to a timing/fitting issue, though as mentioned, anything can just brake.
  6. Blue bullets are sized to .400 as well
  7. 200 gr coated bullets are silly accurate in a sti barrel. 200 gr blue bullet, 4.2 gr titegroup. very accurate. load long with a Trojan.
  8. the limited gun in black dlc would be sexy
  9. I use titegroup behind 200 gr blue bullets, down a infinity ultimatch barrel. bare lead is a little puffy for me but blues are nearly the same price and the coating is really durable
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