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Found 130 results

  1. I have always reloaded jacket and plated bullets for .40 and .45 ACP. I am now adding .9mm to the mix and exploring coated bullets for all 3 calibers. Mainly these will be for target practice, defensive training and maybe some competitions at some point. I will be shooting the appropriate caliber through my Glock 17, 19, 22, 34 and 41 all with stock barrels. Also in my HK VP-9, my Ruger SR1911 and Sig 1911 Tacops, P320, P226 and P229 again all with stock barrels. Specifically the Glock and HK have the polygonal rifling and this is where my confusion comes in. I have found on the websites for ACME Bullets, Blue Bullets and Precision Bullets that they are safe for use in Glocks and then I find a lot of posts saying they lead barrels and are unsafe in Glocks. So I apologize if this is a dumb question or has been asked before, I did try searching before posting but did't find a clear answer. So with that said please provide me some guidance here. Thank-you very much.
  2. The other day I picked up this "TTI Oversized Stainless Steel Guide Rod for Glock 9mm/.40 cal", and after installing it and cycle the slide a few times the rod seems to bias towards the top. If you pull the slide off and reseat the guide rod, it'll be centered, but them bias the top again after a few cycles of the slide. It does not seem to be touching the slide at all or causing any issues during live fire. Is this normal, or something I should be concerned about?
  3. I'm posting this just in case anyone else has looked at their dwindling supply of Clays, their large supply of Trail Boss, and wondered "Can I make 40 minor with Trail Boss?" I know someone who tried TB in 40 and reported no negative effects, but did not have chrono data. So, I did some weighing and measuring to determine that 3.2-3.3gn of TB is the max no compression load for my brass/bullet/OAL. I loaded one batch slightly under the no compression limit, one batch slightly over, and tested it for speed and function in a Production legal Glock 35. Please keep in mind that this data is for informational purposes only and should not be used by anyone for anything. Seriously. Do not use this. (Glock 35, 180gn Xtreme RNFP, 1.135 OAL, 58 deg, 10 shots over chronograph at 20') 3.0gn TB - 602 fps (SD 18, ES 52, PF 108) 11lb recoil spring will not reliably cycle. 3.5gn TB - 661 fps (SD 23, ES 52, PF 119) 11lb recoil spring works, 13lb not reliable. The ES and SD were large, neither made minor, and I'm not willing to go higher. For comparison, my usual load is 3.0gn of Clays with a 180 and it tested at 737 fps (133PF) with a SD of 9 and ES of 29. I'm going to keep the TB for CAS and look for a new minor load when I run out of Clays. -5hakey
  4. Thinking about trying the TTI Ultimate Spring Pack for Glock with the OEM minus connector in my 34.5. If anyone has any experience with this setup, I'd appreciate hearing any experiences.
  5. I had to replace the channel liner in my gen 5 34 and now the channel liner fits loose. It comes out when you pull the striker out. It also moves when the striker moves which causes the trigger to be a little heavier and causes the slide to move slightly when the trigger is pulled. I’ve tried replacing the liner a couple times now but it is still loose fitting. Does anyone know a way to secure the channel liner? Thanks for any input
  6. Finally received the SJC mount for my Glock 34 and C more red dot. Will try to explain the process with photos. This is what I started with. This is the hardware that came with the mount. Notice the flanges. Once you drill the holes these go from inside the receiver to the outside. I drilled a pilot hole once I determined the location. The used the recommended 19/64 point bit to enlarge the hole. Did this from both sides. Not one continued hole.
  7. Looking for a load that would be decent in both. I’m assuming similar barrel lengths I’d be able to run the same ammo without much variation? Anyone with input is appreciated. I usually run n320 and titegroup.
  8. Iv read and read on here, everyone has different situations. at this point someone just tell me what to do. S&W M&P Pro 9 CORE model. inconsistent light primer strikes. Apex 3.5lb trigger, 11lb recoil spring, glock 6lb striker spring iv used S&B, magtech, fed, win, usc and pmc. all 115gr all light primer strikes. just got some Jesse james going to give it a shot. Anyone have any pointers?
  9. If I wanted a slightly longer barrel in a G19, could I get a G17 barrel and cut it? May be obvious, but I'm a 1911 guy.
  10. Hello, My my name is Alex and am looking forward to starting USPSA in Carry Optics. I am happily married and a father of 2 (2.5 yrs & 1mth). I reside in San Diego, Ca and am planning to Dallas, TX by the end of the year. I plan on running my Glock 19 with an RMR. I come from a “tactical” shooting background and just want to stay active and become a better more consistent shooter. Pictures below i plan on running, minus a few things[emoji1687]Here we go!
  11. I did a search through the forum and was unable to find anything. Does anyone own both of these or has anyone switched from one to the other. There's obviously a ton of literature out there on the 34 but I'm interested in knowing how these two compare to each other for out of the box production shooting value.
  12. Hey guys, When loading my Glock it occurs that my Glock's firing pin looks slightly through the firing pin hole. Often the firing pin even blocks the first bullet from being loaded. Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 It seems that the firing pin safety does not work as desired… Has anyone had the same issue? Is this a common problem? Any idea how to get rid of this nasty problem?
  13. Hey Folks, not sure if this should be here or the glock section. Long story short, I had a out of battery discharge on my Glock 34 gen 3 last week. Gun mostly survived, except the trigger and mag release broke, and my extractor shot out and was lost. I had a local shop check it out, and everything looks straight. I figured i would replace the barrel as it takes the brunt of the force (it looks fine) just to be on the safe side. I ordered a Double diamond barrel from the glock store and it arrived today. I grabbed a few of my reloads and tried to plunk test them, and they all failed. I have 2 loads and they both failed. 1: 125g RN Blue bullets 3.5 TG with OAL of 1.125 2: 127g RN Blue Bullets 3.1 TG with OAL of 1.135 using my Hornady LNL AP i do get some variance, but non of the rounds were over 1.142 and I have a few thousand of each so i would prefer to not have to break them all down. Neither of these fit. I grabbed the press and worked out the Max oal to be 1.120. That seams pretty short as the max allowable, and given human and mechanical variations, i assume i would have to load to a max of 1.175 or so I chatted with GS but they were unsure of the max OAL for that barrel and offerered to send me a replacement to see if that's any better. Has anyone else had this issue? Is this and issue? I am hoping the replacement barrel accepts my reloads. If it doesn't do you have any suggestions, can i load that short? How much would i have to adjust my load. Thank you for the help
  14. I normally shoot limited. But, i put together an open glock to "mess with". In other words, I wanted to get a taste of open style fun without diving straight into it. What I found out... - dot tracking is an art - dremels are your best friend - clearing malfunctions have been second nature... I loved how it ended up looking. However, functionality was not all there. That is why I am considering "investing" on a dedicated open style pistol. On the bright side, it gave me a red dot platform to dryfire on in order to get this darn sight tracking thingermajig down. For 8 months, i think its done some good and helped me prepped for a real real gun! Lol Any advice on what to avoid, what to expect, and what to work on? Heres a vid of my final complete gucci glock
  15. So I figured I should start this as a replacement to my scattered notes on shooting, this way they are in one place. Maybe others can help or my experience can help someone else out. I will try my best to organize posts for my own and other's sake. It may very well turn into an actual diary since shooting sports have quickly become a true passion of mine.
  16. I had a Zev trigger in my G35 for two years and it stopped working. The trigger was hitting the frame and it would not fire, I tried to change the over travel and broke the wrenches, Zev sent me a new trigger and that did not fix the problem. Original trigger works fine.
  17. I am debating what brand or if I even want to upgrade the trigger bar in my G35 Gen 4. I currently have a lightened lonewolf striker, TTI disconnect/spring kit, which I am much happier with then the ZE springs, they seem the crispest. I am curious what peoples opinions are on a ZEV trigger vs Apex or if I should just stick with the stock bar and use the money for ammo.
  18. Glock part #8794 is an extended magazine catch for small frame Gen4 and Gen5 Glock pistols, e.g. G34 Gen4. As far as I can tell, it is NOT stock on any standard factory configuration. Therefore, it would not appear be legal in SSP according to rule "Magazine releases, slide stops, safety levers, de-cocking levers, hammers, and triggers, that are stock on one SSP legal firearm may be used on another SSP legal firearm from the same manufacturer provided they are drop in replacements. Parts in this list must come factory installed on standard production firearms. Special parts that are available installed only from a factory custom shop are not eligible in SSP.” The extended mag catch for Gen3 Glocks (#1981) is legal for all Glocks in SSP because it is stock on Gen3 G34 and G35. However, the stock part on Gen4 G34/35 is #7534, i.e. the standard mag catch for all Gen4 Glocks. It is not clear that #8794 is stock on any standard factory model.Does anyone have any hard info regarding the legality of this part in SSP?
  19. I have been shooting competition for 2 years. i am IDPA SSP expert and production B in USPSA. It's crazy that I just heard about Brian Enos through a shooting buddy but it sounds like his Zen approach is totally my philosophy. So I am joining this forum to find like minded shooters! Please reach out and I would love to talk Zen shooting:)
  20. I joined here last year and am not a person who posts much. After multiple months of reviews/reading I can say thank you for the improvement to my shooting. Background - Former LAPD firearms instructor,99-09, shot 3-gun and Glock matches from 2003-2009 (PIRU CA)before I retired. I was adequate/middling for lack of a better word. I have started (2017) to put the time in Glock matches (no more three gun due to surgeries that forced me to retire from LE and am thinking about USPSA again). Fear of injury is stopping me more than anything, but I need to get out and try. Then reason that I want to thank all of you for what I have read and I hoped to retain (LOL, I;m slow) and to get better. In the last 5 months I have won guns in the Glock guardian category in the west. I am excited. Now I get to move up to a master shooter in the Glocks and am looking at USPSA (close) to me. This is because I have been doing the drill as recommended by Brian and other daily. I shoot the Littlefield AZ match last past weekend. though I did ok. Well to my surprise the guys who would normally stomp a mudhole in me by 20-25 second did not show. It looks like I won the Matchmister. wahoo!! I am going to use what I have learned here to better myself and get out to more USPSA shoots. thanks to all on this forum, I appreciate it!!! Dan Schmidt
  21. I have recently completed my 2011 build and am getting into the groove as to the differing grip angle, getting used to flicking the safety on and off, and dealing with having a literal hammer versus striker fired. Has anyone found any skills they overlooked when also transitioning that I could incorporate in to my dry-fire and live fire regime?
  22. Uses Glock mags with any AR15 lower: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/01/25/shot-2018-atis-new-ar-15-9mm-conversion-kit-mp-40-folding-stock-kit/
  23. When I started swapping around Glock parts, and trying to de-Glock the Glock trigger, I had a hard time finding any type of comparisons on connectors. Now that I've had a good amount of exposure to most of the popular connectors, I thought I'd write up a little synopsis for anyone else facing the same dilemma of which items to purchase! It is also worth noting that the testing was completed in a gen 3 Glock 35. I tested the same connectors in a gen 4 G35, with very similar results except where noted. Glock Stock Connector - As you can guess, this connector was extremely crisp, but also extremely heavy. I polished the connector to a mirror shine, and it felt the same. I took another stock connector, stoned it to smooth and flatten all surfaces, polished, and still felt about the same. Glock Dot Connector - This connector reduced the trigger pull almost the same amount as the Ghost connectors, but provided a ridiculously crisp and predictable break. I was okay with the slightly heavier pull weight because the break felt so clean. Ghost - The Ghost connector was the first connector I tried. I really liked the Ghost Rocket, because of the DIY fitting of the overtravel stop. This made for a much shorter trigger reset, as well as a significant reduction in pull weight. After installing an overtravel stop into the housing, the rocket was no longer required, and I tried the Ghost 3.5. This connector felt about the same, without the overtravel stop on the connector. The Ghost line of connectors was a good balance between weight and feel. The break was okay and the pull weight was a bit less. Taran Tactical Innovations - Taran's connector provided one of the lightest breaks out of any of the connectors. However, I didn't like the overall feel of the trigger. I didn't like the fact that I couldn't tell when the trigger was going to break. I know some people prefer the "surprise trigger break" feel, and I understand how and why it works, but for me, I didn't care for the feeling. It felt a little more like what I would describe as a rolling break. The one thing I did like is that pull weight was smooth throughout the trigger pull. This may have been the reason behind the rolling feeling, and I may prefer something that provides a little more feedback prior to breaking. I think this could be the ticket for many people, I just preferred the slight increase in pressure before the break. **The break for this connector felt much better in a gen 4 than it did in a gen 3** Zev Tech - The ZevTech V4 Race Connector worked very well for me. I had heard some negative reviews, and feedback that was less than flattering, so I was hesitant to purchase another connector. However, after installing the V4, I couldn't have been happier! The pull weight was significantly dropped, similar to that of the TTI connector, but the trigger still had a slight spike in weight/feel prior to breaking the shot. Again, this is a personal preference, but I really liked the overall feel of this trigger. Springs - Along with my quest to find the "perfect" Glock trigger setup, I also tried many of the spring kits offered. In reality, they're all pretty much the same thing. With all of the kits, the safety plunger spring was great, trigger return spring worked well in most cases, and firing pin spring worked for a little while. As soon as the lighter spring started to become worn, setting off hard cupped primers like Tula's became an issue. With CCI primers, which are also supposed to be pretty hard, I didn't have any issues. This may be a primer issue more so than a spring issue, but I haven't done enough testing to conclude. Please also share your experiences below, so others may benefit from it!
  24. DowTom

    Epoxy + grit

    New guy here. Question, I know stippling bumps you out of ssp. But does adding the epoxy and grit from hobby lobby do the same? Or is it considered like grip tape
  25. Happy New Year Everyone!! Couple of things for the rest of January: 15% OFF ON ORDERS OVER $100 FOR BRIAN ENOS FORUM MEMBERS! (CANNOT BE APPLIED TO BARRELS OR MAGWELL ORDERS). Use Coupon Code BRIAN18 Compensator overstock sale, PRICES SLASHED to $54.95!! And, we have Gen. 5 guide rods for G17 and G19 IN STOCK!!
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