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  1. VV3N38 or VVN105 are superb for 38SC loads.
  2. I wipe it down but there is no need to strip and clean a gun after every session...
  3. About 6500 down the barrel now... Did my first complete break down and clean before the Monster Match here 2 weekends ago. 0 issues so far!
  4. I was in the same situation as you, never held or shot an Atlas gun. All i had to go one was pictures on line and a few conversations with Robert King of Red Hill Tactical. I was not disappointed and I'm still very happy with the gun.
  5. Soft and flat but VERY loud???
  6. I’m shooting 38SC so cant be of much help there but you should talk to Adam. He gave me a recipe to try for my gun and so far it’s working very well! VV N105 10.5gr with a 124 Gr Montana Gold RN.
  7. I’ve had no cycling issues with the gun and I’ve probably put 3000 rounds down range. I did have an issue with screws for the DPP backing out and stripping the thread in the mount. Adam took care of that immediately. I also lost my slide racket at a match. That was my fault. Gun is still smooth and flat. My wife prefers shooting it to her Sig P938 ???
  8. Very nice! Great choice in a builder. I'm loving mine. I hear you about the gun being better than you... I feel the same way.
  9. I haven't done a tear down yet. I will this week, Adam said after about 2000 rounds as the coating was a little thick. Only thing I did was oil key points before day 2 started and run a bore snake down the barrel twice.
  10. Gun ran very well, in fact it got so hot at one point it burnt a hole in my shorts! Class with Ben was very good! Well structured and lots of feedback. Kita, Ben's wife helps him out and they make a great team in coming up with drills and then applying it in an actual stage. We did at least 5 of those over the course of 2 days. 2000 rounds later and my body has been hurting all day. Most in the class had blisters on their feet and hands I didn't get any from my Atlas gun or my special no blister sock
  11. Geppart trigger. Delta Pro Point. 1.5lb trigger. Titanium comp. DLC for all parts except trigger and mag well. Tuned MBX mags. GoGun *thumb rest [generic]*.
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