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  1. I don't know why they omitted the rear cocking serrations totally on a gun that can go back and forth between production and CO. It seems they would have put something on the back for racking off the rear of the slide when not using an optic.
  2. Exact same things I was missing. 9mm
  3. Mine broke today while loading. Of course it broke below flush with nothing to get ahold of. I don't know why they would use a cheap ass pot metal screw stud, then loctite it in. Now I have to deal with this after waiting months for the press, a week on the parts they forgot to install and however long this takes.
  4. I got the new die today. It was tight, but nothing like the first one. It's all set up and running now.
  5. Tried that...still wouldn't go in my single stage press and I've had it forever with no problem with a die ever. Now it looks chewed up around the top.
  6. I tried to install the bullet feeder on my new 1100 also and the die wouldn't screw in more than a turn or two before it got to the point where I couldn't get it to screw in any further. I took it out and screwed in a different die. It screwed in fine all the way down. I tried the DAA die in my old single stage press...same thing. It wouldn't screw in. I don't know if they had a run of dies with threads out of spec or what. I emailed DAA to try to get another die. I feel like this press doesn't want me to load ammo on it. I get it, it's missi
  7. I've never messed with a 1050. My bench has a counter top on it with cabinets under it, which limits how close to the edge I can have it. I'd have to be out far enough that the face of the cabinets are in the way to poke a bolt up through.
  8. Ordered March 8, delivered April 7 direct from Dillon. 9mm.
  9. I got mine today and was very happy until... I had 5 locator buttons and tabs instead of 6. No big deal, I could Rob one from my 550. And it is missing the 3/8" eye bolt that the powder return arm runs through. This means that the powder drop will not work. So I have a 60lb paper weight on my bench. After an hour and ten minute wait on hold with Dillon they are sending me the parts. The customer service was great, but this is pretty ridiculous to pay 2 grand for something and have it show up inoperable. I also found that I need a s
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