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  1. LeviSS

    Punisher on Netflix

    I wasn't really interested in Jessica Jones, but Netflix seems to be in a slump lately with shows I want to watch, so I decided to give it a try. I'm almost done with the first season now, and I really like it. It's another one that takes a few episodes to really get rolling.
  2. LeviSS

    Maria Gushchina limited edition

    If they got rid of the tramp stamp and had different colored controls, it would be a pretty attractive gun.
  3. LeviSS

    Guide rod for Gen 5 34.

    It's on the list as of today.
  4. LeviSS

    Guide rod for Gen 5 34.

    I didn't even think about it not being approved for Production yet. I can't believe they haven't sold enough 34's yet, but they 17 is gtg. I guess I'll have to shoot the Gen4 17 again this weekend.
  5. LeviSS

    Guide rod for Gen 5 34.

    I got the Gen 5 Jager rod for the G17 and it fits perfectly.
  6. LeviSS

    Glock 17 which generation 2 buy?

    So far I think the Gen 5 has some really good upgrades over the previous generations. The trigger on my Gen 5 is better out of the box than my Gen 4 with a 4.5lb striker spring and reduced power plunger spring. Both have minus connectors. I like the beveled magwell, too.
  7. LeviSS

    Guide rod for Gen 5 34.

    Thanks for the offer. I contacted Shooters Connection and they are getting me taken care of.
  8. LeviSS

    What's in your ear-buds?

    You're making a good argument.
  9. LeviSS

    What's in your ear-buds?

    Just listen to it backwards and it all works out. I'm surprised no one mentioned Slayer with all the metal.
  10. LeviSS

    Guide rod for Gen 5 34.

    Ok. I have a problem. I ordered a Jager Gen 5 guide rod from Shooters Connection. When I got the package, it had a Gen 4 guide rod in it. The invoice clearly said Gen 5 guide rod. It doesn't fit. So, I guess they sent me the wrong one?
  11. LeviSS

    Guide rod for Gen 5 34.

    Thanks. I emailed them yesterday, but haven't heard anything back. I guess I'll call if I don't hear something from them.
  12. LeviSS

    Guide rod for Gen 5 34.

    I was looking at Jagers website and they only list guide rods for the Gen 5 17 and 19. Will the 17 guide rod work for the 34? Is there any difference between Gen 4 and Gen 5 guide rods?
  13. LeviSS

    Glock 34 + Titegroup + what bullet?

    I'm kinda having the same issue. I'm borrowing my dad's G17 while I wait for my 34 and my old CZ loads, 147gr Blue Bullet fp, Titegroup, set at 1.115 doesn't shoot worth a damn through the 17. It's not worth playing with because my 34 should arrive soon, but it does worry me that I'm gonna have to do a lot of load development.
  14. I've got a Gen5 34 on the way and I'm wanting to get a few bullets lined up to test. I'd probably prefer coated 147s, but am willing to try others...plated, fmj, 124gr, etc. What bullets do you guys find to be accurate through a Glock with Titegroup?
  15. LeviSS


    Yeah. My strong hand thumb tip falls perfectly on the Glock...the normal slide stop, not the extended. The extended one had me locking the slide back every other shot.