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  1. That's also the thing I like about the brass mat vs. the moving blankets you mentioned. Rocks and debris fall through, non-absorbent, lighter, and the corners have places for weights if you're having trouble with wind.
  2. CED makes a big mesh brass mat/tarp. It's $40 and I can't justify the extra $110 on the brass chute when I'm not sure it would be that much easier or better. Plus, the mat takes up much less room when not being used. https://www.cedhk.com/ced-brass-mat
  3. Finally got around to buying one. Is it necessary to deprime before tumbling? Or is it ok to wet tumble, dry thoroughly in a dehydrator, then deprime and load in the same session?
  4. Is the FART still the way to go? I see Lyman, Hornady, RCBS, etc are now making rotary tumblers. Just wondering if the others are as good if I can pick one up on sale if the FART doesn't go on sale before then.
  5. I'm curious if Mark 7 will make an auto drive for the 1100 or if they are going to focus on this own stuff from here on out.
  6. I've had no problems with it shooting ~133pf. I think 17lb is stock.
  7. Every now and then I get hung up on it. Not a big deal, I'd just like it better without it.
  8. I'm talking about the cut out on the front of the magwell, like the OP was talking about...not the slide. My Gen5 MOS has the front of the magwell cut out, but just looked and the new Gen5 MOS has none.
  9. When did they stop doing the cut-out on the Gen5? Thats the one thing I didn't really care for.
  10. I shot my Gen5 34 all last year bone stock, except for a Jager guide rod and 15lb ISMI recoil spring. This off season, I started messing around and put a polished (-) connector that I had in it. It helped make it a hair smoother. Then I put a reduced power plunger spring and 5lb striker spring in it. I really like the way it feels now, but I'm questioning whether or not I should just go back to stock. I want 100% reliability. I use CCI primers and have had no light strikes in stock configuration. I know a lot of people run 4.5lb striker springs with good luck, so I think it should be fine. If it weren't so cold, I'd just go run a bunch through it and see what happens. What do you guys think?
  11. https://io9.gizmodo.com/netflixs-the-punisher-and-jessica-jones-are-officially-1831686821/amp Son of a bitch. I figured it was going to happen.
  12. I have access to a paint mixer, like the one pictured below, except vertical instead of horizontal. You clamp in a 5gal bucket, then it shakes it back and forth and eventually rotates the bucket completely in a circle. I was thinking I could fill a 5 gallon bucket about half full of brass, 2/3 - 3/4 full of water, add a touch of Lemi-shine and let it go to town for a few hours. Do you guys think this would work for wet tumbling? Kinda like this, but the whole bucket eventually makes it's way in a circle: Morse-Single-Can-Tumbler-1-305-1__78466.1522083562.webp
  13. Do the dehydrators get the moisture out of the primer areas if you do not decap before you wet tumble? I'm curious about getting into wet cleaning.
  14. Yeah, season 2 just came out last Friday. I'm sure it will be on Netflix for a while. The problem is that Disney has not allowed Netflix to continue to make future seasons of many of their Marvel series. So, a third season looks unlikely on Netflix. The reasoning seems to be that Disney is starting their own streaming video service. They could continue on the Disney platform, but I have a feeling it will be pussified if they do.
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