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  1. Acsr

    Best shadow2 or optic

    Romeo 3 xl gets mt vote
  2. .355 bullets are what the majority otf shooters use
  3. When using auto comp in 38 super I loaded 7.6 grains to 1.235 oal about 168 to 170 of, I user aa7 10.4 all this with a124 gr rmr h.p.
  4. As stated above there are better powders that are slower than auto comp & cfe pistol slower is better more gas
  5. If it's a rts2 pattern the sig Romero 3 xl max will all mount but extend further in the front so a blast shield will not work
  6. I shoot open, have a x5 that's deep for co occasionally play there, but personally I would go for the shadow 2 if that is a option
  7. I wouldn't go shorter I've loaded to 1.240 1.235 and now 1.225
  8. Let's be real Eddie's guns are in a league of their own there really is no comparison to make here
  9. As stated earlier are any of your above mentioned choices closer to you for repairs, questions, support, etc..I think of the 3 I've seen more limcat guns in my area (not local but regional) where limcat is a NV made fun and sells is on the east coast, Bul are imported to my knowledge. If your looking at just those 3 than choose one that appeals to you whether cosmetics, caliber, grip, the list goes on. But since everyone else chimes in I shoot a EMG custom (Eddie Garcia) you'll have a wait if you order one, but they are the best gun hands down no detail left out on Eddie's builds!
  10. Im at 10.4 gr of aa7 oal of 1.225 124gr rmr for a 170 pf. Aa7 is a great powder very gassy, meters well and is consistent dirtier than 3n38 but never had it cause me a malfunction
  11. Risky business in my opinion, but load, fitting and spring weights may contribute to it going either direction. Good luck
  12. Personally I would avoid the cfe/ autocomp powders in open, yes they will work but there are much better powders that aren't as fast and volatile
  13. As stated above accurate#7 (aa7) same burn rate as 3n38, just dirtier, I use it and love it never had a issue but I clean my gun regularly.
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