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  1. Risky business in my opinion, but load, fitting and spring weights may contribute to it going either direction. Good luck
  2. Personally I would avoid the cfe/ autocomp powders in open, yes they will work but there are much better powders that aren't as fast and volatile
  3. As stated above accurate#7 (aa7) same burn rate as 3n38, just dirtier, I use it and love it never had a issue but I clean my gun regularly.
  4. How much dollars are these honcho guns?
  5. Acsr

    9 major or 38 SC

    Rmr bullets are the best bullet. I've tried all of them, the mg are the prettiest, but rmr are priced right accurate and consistent in weight
  6. Romeo 3 original, now the xl, loving its glass size clarity and brightness my 2 originals were great zero issues ever.
  7. Very wise choice going with Eddie for your gun, there isn't a better tighter nicer gun out there. I started with a trubor 38sc and had Eddie build me a gun which I have now had for a year still as tight as day 1, slide to frame fit is perfect and racking the slide feels like it it's on ball bearings. I recently upgraded my optics from a original trouble free romeo 3 to the romeo 3 xl I stayed with the 3 moa as I like the precision of a smaller dot. Enjoy the open game sounds like toy know the pros and cons of caliber get reloading
  8. Skip it and buy a Everglades mrh holster it's better and smoother
  9. Have tried safariland 014 limcat cr speed, bay a fan of the daa, my core goes for the Everglades mrh great retention super smooth. Worth the skii5ng price
  10. I have a socket attached to my battery drill and a empty 9mm plastic case that you get when buying a box of bullets I fill it and spin the loaded bullet with the drill and hold a marker in my other hand and it spins the case and puts a ring around the case
  11. When I first started I loaded 1.235 after my custom gun showed up and talking to my Smith he suggests 1.225 I use gen 2 sti mags RMR mpr bullets
  12. Started with a slide ride, now both my match and backup gun are wearing Romeo 3 love them way bettet than the cmore! I may"upgrade"to the Romeo 3 max when it is available, on my match gun. Never had a brightness issue with either of mine
  13. Most of the top shooters shot 38 sc Shannon Smith shoots 9mm and i think kc, but most others i believe shoot 38 sc
  14. Thats a Romeo 1, the current 3s are more robust, but i haven't drop tested epithet of my 3s but had one r1 replaced under warranty for cracked glass
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