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  1. Aa7 (best choice imho) cfe pistol, autocomp, hs6
  2. Eddie it's hands down the finest in the business, but i bet wait times are crazy, but he is worth the wait
  3. It's a no go on multiple levels unsafe too fast too high of pressure, 9 major is already a high pressure round with slow powder def not a go with titegroup. The fastest slow powders are cfe pistol or autcomp. Even those have varying people's opinion on 9 major and the guns getting beat
  4. Im pretty sure sti will still warranty their product
  5. A bowling ball is a bad prop, but traversing a stage with a challenge is always welcoming to me. Safety while shooting is always the highest importance, but I'll be upfront I do think that there is a difference in 180 traps and shooter accountability, which I know im in the minority. Really appreciate the clarification of the rules as well as the comments on the subject.
  6. Hard to call a stage design dumb because it presents a challenge I'm in the belief that the line is not blurred between unsafe and challenging that would be on the shooter to decide the safest and fastest way to shoot a stage.
  7. Occasionally I like to build stages that require weak hand strong hand shooting, instead of the stand and shoot style, so using a prop to activate a stomp pad that is at the front of the stage with said prop. I'm not talking about a circus stage just a little variety nothing crazy heavy or "pistol centered stage" fair equity across all divisions.
  8. So if it has a handle that a pcc can loop a hand through while gripping the fore end it would be okay? Bowling ball it's easy to grip with finger holes rather than cradling a basketball or the like
  9. I'm not A PCC shooter but I was curious as a stage designer how can A PCC shoot a stage where something like a bowling ball or suitcase needs to be carried to use as a activator what's the legality on that
  10. Thanks, wasn't aware as I don't shoot idpa. BTW I'm not a sti hater my trubor still shooting strong but is now a back up gun. If I could pick up a 9 major dvc for a good price id pick it up, (I'm a 38sc shooter)
  11. Wasn't aware sti made a co legal gun. Are you referring to a slide mounted sa gun that would be only allowed in open division?
  12. Acsr

    Best shadow2 or optic

    Romeo 3 xl gets mt vote
  13. .355 bullets are what the majority otf shooters use
  14. When using auto comp in 38 super I loaded 7.6 grains to 1.235 oal about 168 to 170 of, I user aa7 10.4 all this with a124 gr rmr h.p.
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