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  1. Acsr

    Venom Customs!?

    Beautiful gun, is that the binary comp? Why the Romeo 1 over Romeo 3? Just curious why you like the r1 over the 3?
  2. Acsr

    Venom Customs!?

    RMR is the way to go currently having a sale on their bullets as well, best price out there, and a great bullet
  3. Acsr

    STI Firing Pin

    Use the one that came with the wolf recoil spring
  4. Acsr

    Venom Customs!?

    I didn't shot open nationals, I'm classified as master in open, I'm certainly glad he has a rahrah section cheering him on, so he finished 10th, no love for the guys who finished ahead of him who shot 38, funny thing is there is advantages to shooting super and the only down side is the cost of brass, which could be costly if all you did is lost brass matches, but like I stated early accept what you shoot both can work but the only downside to 38 is brass cost if that's a deal breaker shoot 9 simple as that.
  5. Acsr

    Venom Customs!?

    Your Just making my point even more, I simply stated that the only advantage to 9 is brass cost or lack there of, you can tell yourself all you want that 9mm is just as good as 38 but there really is no need to justify why you run what you run and others choose a different caliber, I accept the cost of brass in exchange for a softer flatter more reliable round. If 9 was superior I'm certain that all the "pro"shooters would be shooting it, and in reality the majority of them run a better round for shooting a race gun, cause the cost for them is zero or close to nothing so they choose the better more reliable better tracking softer caliber. So go ahead and make a list of 9 major shooters and check that list with the 38 guys and see how it stacks up. Be happy with what you shoot and accept its short comings regardless of what they may be.
  6. Acsr

    Venom Customs!?

    The only thing a 9 major gun has over a 38sc is the brass aspect, the 38sc round is better at EVERYTHING else, and anyone that wants to convince themselves different of this fact is just lying to themselves. A 38sc has more options to create a load, is softer shooting flatter shooting and more reliable as a whole. So bring on all the"not my gun" stuff but it's just noise. If you have committed to 38 you have the reality that you either pick up every piece of brass you can or the cost of not picking is outrageous. When I shot 9mm minor I still picked up brass, mine and anyone else that didn't, it's just free money on the ground so picking up 38sc isn't a new thing for me.
  7. Acsr

    What's the latest AA7 load?

    170-172 and three holes, 124 gr rmr jacketed hp.
  8. Acsr

    What's the latest AA7 load?

    The only downside is its dirtier then 3n38, but i clean my guns after every match/ practice so in a nutshell i would say no, shoots nice is soft, gassy and meters well when loading readily available and is priced fair, checks all the boxes for me.
  9. Acsr

    What's the latest AA7 load?

    Started with auto comp/cfe, tried #7 shortly after going to open and could tell a drastic difference in the gun, softer more gassy flatter shooting. 3n38 vs aa7, my thoughts after shooting 4lbs of 3n38, is it's allot cleaner, and fills the case more, in comparison I loaf 10.3 gr if #7 and 9.3 of 3n38, gun feels the same shooting these two powders, but due to price and availability #7 is the way to go.
  10. Acsr

    C-more VS RTS2 OR SIMILAR?

    I've got two one has about 8k through it and the other less then a thousand but I was impressed with the reliability brightness and compact package purchased a second for the new custom primary gun, no reason to go a different way if it's not broken don't fix it
  11. Acsr

    Newest holsters for open.

    Best bet is settle on a holster and practice getting fast with it. Pros and cons to each. Everyone's holster is the best, but in reality each one excels for the time put into it. If your sponsored by a company then your obligation is to say it's the best. Just like guns, the gun doesn't win the match or division it's the shooter behind the gun, some gun makers are quick to point out that their guns did well at a match when in reality the shooter performed well shooting the gun, it's no different then a certain brand of holster, get it practice with it and go shoot.
  12. Acsr

    DVC 38SC tumbling

    Shooting plated bullets in open is flirting with issues, the majority of open shooters shoot jacketed bullets with zero issues, you can buy rmr jhp rounds for not much more and not have to worry, plus they are made in idaho also.
  13. Acsr

    1:00 Tracking

    124, not a fan of 115, and I get the sane dot pattern with all powders I've used, cfe, a.c., #7 and 3n38
  14. Acsr

    1:00 Tracking

    I agree, but I guess I would like a grip that produces a straight up and down path, does most people's guns go up and down or do they stay a bit
  15. Acsr

    1:00 Tracking

    Hey I've shoot open for 3 years, i track the dot fine, but always get a 1 o clock dot travel instead of directly 12 o clock, I'm sure it's in my grip which I would like to adjust but looking for some quick bits of advice to get me a bit of a head start as I sort it out. Thanks for the input