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  1. Acsr

    Spring rate set up for your 38 Super Open

    8lb Wolff variable 17lb main spring extended firing pin, and I run 10.2 of aa7 behind a124 gr rmr hp. Loaded to 1.235. Sti trubor with 3 popple holes.
  2. Acsr

    Delta Point Pro ??

    +1 on the Romeo 3, same mount as rts2, not sure whay magic dust they sprinkle on the Romeo, but no issues here. I kind of would like to hear if anyone has had issues with them, maybe to small of sample size on open guns/pistols to judge, my new gun once complete will have a Romeo as well.
  3. Acsr

    input needed for slide racker mounting options

    I have the racker with the set screw, and have never lost it due to coming loose, nice blaster enjoy open its where the fun is
  4. Maybe I have a long spring short housing either way I will call and find out
  5. Thanks I think that may be my problem as far as the clunk pop issue, I will try and get a factory spring to try out or see if I can order Justy the aftermarket housing as mine is the black oem one
  6. Could someone possibly measure their spring that Returns the press in the up position on the Dillon 1050 I may have a machine with a level 10 spring in it but a factory housing that is causing my machine to be over sprung my current spring is 10.25 in long and I'm not sure if that's Factory or aftermarket thank you
  7. So I figured out what was causing the jump and I need someone to measure their main spring that Returns the press in the up position I believe it may have a heavier-duty spring I had a primer jam and had to take the Press apart and put it back together without the spring and it functions flawlessly and smoothly with no jump or pop noise so could someone measure their Factory or possibly level 10 spring and let me know what it is my current spring is 10.25 inch long so I'm not sure if that's Factory I feel like machine maybe over sprung.
  8. Great advice but I did this when I tour it down cleaned and relubed and greased the machine
  9. Binding on the up stroke, not sure how to tel whay powder funnel it is, the machine is setup for 9mm from dillon, i did read to polish the funnel which i did, but i haven't had really any issues with the interaction of the funnel and the brass, I am slightly flaring with the funnel, but the binding/ jump is not coming from there.
  10. Similar to my post looking for a resolution to this problem.... anyone
  11. Originally I thought it was sizing station, but it happens on all but the crimp station. Weird thing is if I apply positive pressure down on the ram cam pivot point it seems to quiet it up so I'm lost
  12. New to me super 1050, bought off enos i am experiencing a jump like feel and clunking noise/pop when loading, when machine is empty runs smooth as butter. I tore the upper down down cleaned and lubed, reassembled hoping that was the issue but to no avail. Originally I thought it was in the sizing die, but it's not after testing the same die in my Pro 2000, I get no hang up. I have scoured the forum and found like topics and have tried suggested actions but not the remedy. I feel like the lower bearings/ pine assembly have some slack and play, but not sure what that fix would be our if that would cause the noise. I've loaded 38sc and 9mm, any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance
  13. Acsr

    sps vista

    I thunk its well worth the money he is asking, regardless of off season, then the other one on the classifieds seems like a great deal also, just more money, either way it's a huge jump from a open glock, good luck
  14. Acsr

    sps vista

    There was a nicely priced trubor in the classifieds, but it may be gone