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  1. Acsr

    New SIG Optic, Romeo3Max (Michel)

    Thats a Romeo 1, the current 3s are more robust, but i haven't drop tested epithet of my 3s but had one r1 replaced under warranty for cracked glass
  2. Acsr

    New SIG Optic, Romeo3Max (Michel)

    Looks like one of my r3s will be upgraded, looks promising, but the two I currently own have been trouble free
  3. Acsr

    new Romeo 3 "max,pro"

    Anyone have a pic link or info on the new Max Michel pro r3? Google and quick search on this sight turned up nothing. TIA
  4. Acsr

    Open gun cases

    Shower cap. but my EMG open blaster is worth protecting with a shower curtain if needed
  5. Acsr

    Open gun cases

    Shower curtain is what I use, gives all the needed protection and water proofing, for a small fraction of the cost
  6. Acsr

    Most reliable slide ride optic...

    I have 2 Romeo 3, one with 10 to 12k on it and one with 2k, zero issues that would be my go to, only have heard of one issue on a Romeo 3 on the forum
  7. +1 on shooting at the speed of sight, you can get away with shooting off index to a certain distance or target availability, but getting reckless or burning it down is a wreck waiting to happen and a bad habit to pick up, the paintbrush analogy above is where its at
  8. Acsr

    2011 or Tanfoglio ?

    If your in the USA I would go with the 2011 just off the pure support side, personally have no experience with a tangfo but i think the 2011 is a proven and better design.
  9. Acsr

    Sig Romeo3 on an Open gun?

    Sig has a outstanding warranty, just be the downtime while replacement or repairs are done, but deff classy that someone would sell and damaged item
  10. Acsr

    Atlas Chaos Holster

    The safariland 014 race holster is very secure with its locking function if the kydex search fails
  11. Acsr

    Plated bullets for open major pf?

    Depending on quantity the RMR are the Best price on a jacketed h.p. around I've shoot MG E.G. PD, found RMR won wad a touch late to the jacketed game, but not searching for the perfect bullet any longer, RMR is legit and priced right.
  12. Acsr

    Plated bullets for open major pf?

    Not sure why you would want to shoot plated bullets of any kind when jacketed bullets from RMR are not any more expensive, they run sales regularly and get a hold of asponsored shooter and save some more money with a discount code
  13. Acsr

    Remove thumb rest ?

    I began with one, took it off and shot with out it for about 1.5 years, recently(one match) reinstalled it, actually felt my first few dry fire sessions were better due to the thumb forward with no pedal instinct was translating aggressively applying forward grip pressure, so in short ill stick with it on for a bit, not enough live for to say one way or another is better, but honestly it felt pretty good reinstalled
  14. Acsr

    Sig Romeo3 on an Open gun?

    Both sit equally low the doubled sided is more sturdy, but both do the job
  15. Acsr

    Sig Romeo3 on an Open gun?

    I have two Romeo 3 one on my trubor on a brazos Mount one on a new EMG custom gun double-sided mount no failures of any sort on either one both have three holes, as stated longer footprint so no blast shield, get some occasional oil up on the window but very ittle and it wipes right off. EMG gun is in my sig pic with r3 installed never have been lacking for brightness and I like the 3 moa, came from 6moa slide ride. Great purchase in my opinion. The above mentioned dot that is back to sig is the first I've heard of any issues.