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  1. Acsr

    Round nose vs HP

    My gun didn't really care for the pd, started with Montana gold, great EXPENSIVE bullet, then moved to the everglades v2, but currently really enjoying the RMR 124 gr hp, accurate and maybe even a little softer shooting, not sure if they are a bit softer lead that fills the lans more or what, and can't beat the cost. Check them out, they Just launched a new updated website as well
  2. Acsr

    Budget or Fancy?

    I would do the grip and finish if thirds is "the gun", but I'm a fan of the steel grip, my open build is just getting finished (look up emg custom on Instagram) just needs shot and off for ion bond, I have a trubor with a evo, not finished grip coating, but my custom will be done buy once cry once mentality. It's your money and gun do it the way you want
  3. Acsr

    Compensator Identity

    Pretty effective comp many builders use this design or a slight variant
  4. Acsr

    90 degree mount for mini reddot R3 or RTS2 ?

    Also keep in mind battery change in r3 would require sight removal if mounted on a90*, not certain on battery location on the rts2
  5. Acsr

    Double sided mount for Romeo 3?

    Double tap mount for sure will fit the r3, awesome dot for sure
  6. Acsr

    9 major or 38 super comp for open?

    Started with 38 and new custom gun is a 38, there are a few local 9mm major guys, and they all say if it wasn't for the brass issue/cost they would shoot 38 either way its the funnest division out there, be happy with what you bought and shoot the heck out of it
  7. Acsr

    Backup guns

    Current trubor with evo and Romeo 3 flat infinity trigger, custom being made now emg customs Eddie gun, will have evo Romeo 3 and a flat infinity trigger, both t2 comps not identical but pretty similar.
  8. Acsr

    dot size

    +1 on the Romeo 3 3moa dot never been not bright enough, went from a 6moa slide ride, i will never go back to the bigger slide ride dot or body size
  9. 300 rounds isn't going to start shoeing the leading effects, it's deff best practice to run a fully jacketed bullet, but you gotta shoot what's available. Also Atlanta arms ammo is available, any major ammo bought pre loaded isn't cheap though
  10. Acsr

    Opinions on a new red dot

    I have about 1.5 years and 8 to 10k on my r3 no other comparable, I went from slide rode to r3 and won't be changing back I'm yet to hear of a single issue with the r3
  11. Acsr

    Opinions on a new red dot

    Two Romeo 3 here not a single issue
  12. Acsr

    Recoil springs

    Wolff 8lb variable 38 sc trubor
  13. Acsr

    Spring rate set up for your 38 Super Open

    8lb Wolff variable 17lb main spring extended firing pin, and I run 10.2 of aa7 behind a124 gr rmr hp. Loaded to 1.235. Sti trubor with 3 popple holes.
  14. Acsr

    Delta Point Pro ??

    +1 on the Romeo 3, same mount as rts2, not sure whay magic dust they sprinkle on the Romeo, but no issues here. I kind of would like to hear if anyone has had issues with them, maybe to small of sample size on open guns/pistols to judge, my new gun once complete will have a Romeo as well.
  15. Acsr

    input needed for slide racker mounting options

    I have the racker with the set screw, and have never lost it due to coming loose, nice blaster enjoy open its where the fun is