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  1. CZ Custom is very good. Every interaction with them (parts or gunsmith) has been great.
  2. I've never seen the rubber band on the Mr Bullet Feeder die, does that make the bullets feed more consistently?
  3. Two guns in one match really slows things up. I know people think they're quick in getting ready and then helping out, but they're not as quick as if they just had one gun. Putting all the two gun shooters in one squad helps a little, but the match director still has to wait around for the "special kids" to finish up before he/she can tear down and get back home. The best solution I've seen is in Memphis... anyone who wants to shoot a second gun can do so after the main match.
  4. Thanks guys, I've had it on a samsung charger for 7 hrs. Would you mind sending me the fault isolation steps they sent to you?
  5. OK, here's one for anyone. My shot timer went dead (battery charge). I've plugged it in to an outlet. After a while the numbers show, but when I pick it up the screen goes blank. When I plug it into my computer to try and reflash it, the shotmaxx program doesn't see the shotmaxx as connected. Any suggestions?
  6. Eli, I used the new iOS version of ShotMaxx Trainer along with the latest firmware on the ShotMaxx timer today... much, much improved. Easy to connect, easy to use. I still have suggestions if you're looking, but all in all it is much improved, a pleasure to use and I think will help me shoot better. Thanks, Bill
  7. Is anyone else having problems downloading the firmware update? ****** Eli, I was able to get the new firmware from the link you posted, but if I go to shotmaxx.com and try to get the file it doesn't work... this is the link I'm talking about: http://www.shotmaxx.com/support/
  8. +1? Sorry for slow response. Traveling for 3GN Pro match with my son. We took that out cause it could be a security / privacy risk, and because we are adding an competitor oriented app dedicated to doing that (with more security/privacy controls and improved viewing/auto updating options). Also, we needed to tie it to the new results system (coming SOON - i hope...) with better searching/filtering and didn't want it to break. I would have preferred to release the new app and new results viewing concurrent to removing the feature but decided to take it out a bit earlier. Ken N. Thanks, I look forward to the update. I was a big proponent of Practiscore at our club and it has changed the way we do business. Please keep making improvements.
  9. why was "Get posted match" removed from the Android version? Is there a different way to do it? Thanks
  10. Hi, You can send individual shots to the application but holding down the light and the rev button until the feedback beep sounds. This will transmit all the shots you have fired to the app and you can export directly from that screen. Note that you can make text comments on each shot fired. At the moment you can only create drills within the application. Thanks, Eli. Eli, All of the above is great information. By doing as you suggested (light button + review) all the shots come in, and the ability to sort works well. This is really a good combination of timer and software...thanks!
  11. I downloaded it an played with it a bit. Not bad. Of course, now I come up with a bunch of "good ideas." Is there a plan to make it so that each shot will be downloaded as opposed to just the total time? Also, is there the possibility that a person could create a drill or some other event on their computer and download it to the app? Thanks,
  12. Eli, Any idea when applications that will allow transfer of data from the SHOTMAXX to a phone/tablet will be available? I'd be happy to be a tester for any programs that come along. I used it this weekend and really like it, once the ability to save info comes along it will be a really valuable training tool. Bill
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