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  1. The U of Kentucky has a pretty successful rifle team..I am unaware of a pistol team. Eastern Kentucky U had a IDPA type pistol team shooting something competitive with nearby universities. Not sure the current status. I know they offered no full scholarships but some partials. They never were very good. Don't think NCAA is likely to offer action pistol unless Olympics accept the sport which is not likely.
  2. My guess is all these guns and builders are perfectly good. You're unlikely to go wrong with any of them. You expect to be treated fairly and nicely when you purchase an expensive gun. Remember to treat them the same and all will go well. For me, I have an Atlas Nemesis 40 and another one soon to be delivered. I am happy as a lark with the gun and the customer experience. Atlas is an outstanding company for both the product and the customer service. I can certainly recommend them. I have no experience with the others but I have always heard good things. Pick the product you like best and the price you can tolerate and buy a gun. You likely won't be disappointed. For me its Atlas. They have been great!
  3. Have you found a part number for the blue tip? Damn if I can
  4. Well.....I played a lot of golf with guys who didn't know the rules either. Some of them wanted make up shots too. It's just totally frustrating that someone sees a relationship between a perf and the edge of hard cover.They are two different things and the perf being discussed no longer exists for very good reasons.
  5. Good Lord this is scary. We have people scoring targets who don't understand hard cover and the edge of same?
  6. Then you would be freaking wrong!! Cant make up rules
  7. I have that problem too. Not as frequently as you.. I can do 10-20000 but it eventually backs out.. Ill put some lactate on it. I had thought of buying a short set screw and putting it on top of the rod.
  8. No doubt a clarification is needed in the rules. However it seems totally correct to me to do as Troy said. The stage procedure clearly says fire one shot at each target in each string. I would have given a FTSA.
  9. When I first started loading 40 I had this problem. About drove me crazy. Put the loaded round into the gauge upside down. If it drops freely to where the bullet end of the case is even with the gauge surface, you have a crimp issue. Tighten your crimp slightly and it should go away. I never have the problem now and rounds drop freely into the 40XL gauge. One other thing I changed (not sure how important it was to the fix), I went from a 0.401 coated bullet to a 0.400 coated Blue Bullet. Believe it or not it might be important because the 40XL gauge freely accepts a max diameter of 0.423 and rejects 0.424. Many of the 0.401 coated bullets will be damaged by cranking down to 0.423. The BB coating on a 0.400 bullet is thin and resistant to damage.I think that helped me also. I went from a frustrating situation with 40 where I thought I would never be able to load it successfully to a miracle result where the problem disappeared. Interestingly since I use a Lee undersize resizing die, I took out the Lee Factory Crimp Die in the crimp station and went back to a Dillon crimp die. That allows me to operate only on the crimp area of the cartridge at the crimp station. The case diameter at the bullet end is now 0.422-0.423. The rounds gauge just like a factory round.
  10. It appears he has a fail safe rod on the hopper. In that case no springs required. If I'm wrong you need to get a newer style hopper with a fail safe rod. That change wasn't an idle mod.
  11. I agree with Grumpyone on the orientation of the failsafe rod. Not sure about Dillon pictures.. 700x has a long history of poor metering because it doesn't flow well. Any of the ball powders are better and Sport Pistol (not a ball powder) is proving to meter well also in both my 650 and 1050. I'm running both machines with Mark 7's pretty fast and see no inconsistency of powder drops with any ball powder or SP.
  12. I have 16 lb of Titegroup to use up in 9mm so I have not tried for Sport P for 9. I have gone to it exclusively for 40. It is a double base powder like TG but as advertised it produces far less smoke than TG and doesn't get the gun so hot. Meters well and costs half as much as N320. Believe me I would use N320 if I thought it better. Considering the money I spend shooting a little more for powder would never be the deciding factor. I just like it better than TG or N320. Im so tired of shooting into the morning sun with TG and making so much smoke that I can't see the targets. I like Sport P and will eventually switch completely to it. My local reloading supplier has been able to get it consistently at regular prices. Ive been through 12 lb and have 12 on the shelf now. Good stuff
  13. Ok I'm going to suggest something different. Assumptions: Virginia count WSB says fire two and only two shots at each target Situation as described occurs. That is, misfire on last shot. Shooter quits. (fails to do whatever is required to fire that last shot) Shooter was required to fire two shots at x targets for total of 2x, and only 2x, shots. A shot is defined as a bullet passing completely through the barrel. Therefore a squib or misfire is not a shot. So shooter gets a mike plus a procedural for firing less than the required number of shots. A total of -20 points.
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