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  1. What ? How is the stage designer responsible for what the shooter does especially in this case of opening a door....a car door at that. Do i think the IDPA goofy stages are a good idea...No...but that doesn't mean the shooter is not solely responsible for acting safely according to the rules.. I'm sorry for this person. I wish it had not happened, but don't blame the stage designer.
  2. You know I tend to go back to Plane Geometry teaching when these things come. PG is seldom taught as a high school course these days because the actual math of it is covered elsewhere and is pretty trivial to those going on in college curricula that use higher math. That said PG is the best logic course I ever took. There are basic definitions that are used to prove theorems. Once proven the those theorems can be used the same as definitions to prove more theorems. You are required to list each step in logically proving a new theorem. So rules are definitions of the sp
  3. Absolutely ! What surprises you about it
  4. I don't think anybody minds you filling mags. Even if you miss a lot you couldn't have fired more than 40 shots. That doesn't take long. Taking a piss doesn't occur after each stage I hope for your sake. Your snack is a problem for me. Sounds like you want to have a sit down lunch. So you posted 3 shooters. Thanks. What about the other 6-9 or more. This sport depends on every one qualified to RO, handle the tablet, or paste and reset. Leaving those jobs to the rest of us while you snack is unacceptable to me.
  5. Rowdy the walls seem to be specified as 8 ft on the diagrams.There is a dimension on 20-03 that I don't completely understand. That's the "2 ft off wall" dimension relating to the poppers. Not sure what that dimension relates to since there are no end lines on it just an arrow. I like my stage tinker toy set and I like the way they are using them in these diagrams. There is a problem with the "toys" because they are not scaled to each other. The intention of the designers is pretty clear though. As to clubs setting them up differently that is a problem at some clubs who seem not to
  6. Using Rowdy's technique, I get 4750 Blue Bullets a month on subscription. (2 cases of 200 gr .40's) I use them up every month. I have 17000 primers for a 3-4 supply I have been able to locate 10K primers on two occasions. Hope I can keep doing that until I have 100K. This sucks!!
  7. Ive loaded thousands, no 10's of thousands, of federal primers on a 650 and 1050 in both 9mm and .40 cal. never had a single issue that could be related to the primers. They load just like CCI and Winchester. All basically with no unusual problems.
  8. simple the rules allow. No issue here
  9. Im not doing it all but I watch everybody else waste time turning their sights on or adjusting brightness
  10. Life after .40. If the poster is correct (who knows) after 10 years who cares. My guns won't last 10 years if only because new things come out that I want. Likely at almost 50k rounds per year Ill but 3 or more guns during 10 years. So I'll roll with the flow each new purchase. If you want to worry about something going away I suggest you concern yourself with iron sights or even pistols. The world is trending towards dots at an alarming rate and towards PCC at an even more alarming rate. People who can't shoot for s#!t can shoot all A's with a PCC. As a result stage edging creeps
  11. "If I PAY a fee and you don't use that money to PAY someone to setup and/or teardown, it's not my responsibility/ obligation to do it for FREE." I'm sure this is some kind of ridiculous statement designed to cause a stir. However if you really feel this way I suggest you just leave when the match is over. You might also consider refusing to paste targets. It's a lot of walking and no one is paying. You'll make a lot of friends and have fun. Incidentally, it takes a squad about 5 minutes to tear down a stage on average. It takes a lot of toting and about 30 minutes by a
  12. This. There is nothing like a custom gun to give you your best chances and just make you do better because you love the gun.
  13. Yes! Shoot better, focus better (so as not to embarrass myself), and learn something every time.
  14. If I understand this it could easily be fixed with a shooting box and use of the Level 1 exception allowing on short and medium courses the stage builder to specify the shooting location for certain targets. Surely a shooting box is not beyond any clubs capability. That said I personally object to the Level 1 exceptions, all of them. Shooters normally start out at local matches. When exceptions are used they don't realize that they are exceptions. Many of those shooters will eventually move on to higher level matches and believe some of the exceptions are universal rules. I would l
  15. Don't understand. There is no difference between the case feeders. If you don't want to use the variable speed option just set it and leave it. Not a biggie.
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