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  1. I would argue that this thread illustrates two things: 1. The internet is a giant leap backwards for mankind. 2. If you can't understand the rules regarding start conditions for each division (as well as the generic safe start positions for USPSA overall), then your reading comprehension is not good.There is nothing hard to understand on this subject.If you really don't understand Appendix D4 Special Condition #1, get some help. Corollary to 2. If you just want to argue, go to a political or religious web page where that is the intended purpose.
  2. Considering these are cheap as hell I wouldn't waste time with bargain brands.
  3. It's not a big deal. Go to the hardware and buy them (1/4" e clip). These things take shell of a beating with the spring loaded decapping pin. They only have the three small "fingers" supporting them. Work well, cheap and available. Worry about something else.
  4. Get yourself a GX VICE holster and eliminate all concerns and rule opinions.. Putting bungee around your holster is like wearing pink panties.
  5. Same problem as you. I can't find a way to order the plastic piece. I did find the part number finally. One more thing to add to the answers here. Mine worked great with virtually no upside down primers but suddenly that changed. Luckily I happened to see that the plastic piece was warped. The entrance edge was sitting above the rim slightly. It failed to reject many upside down primers from entering. I took it off and clamped to a flat surface and heated (carefully) with a heat gun. It will melt be careful. It flattened and works again but I want a new one. Looks f**K*** impossible to order. I guess you have to call and get on wait. I could not return to chicken pecking primers but Dillon doesn't seem to support this over priced piece of garbage very well. Anybody successfully found a way to order parts?
  6. Thank you for clearing this up. The round is hitting the ejector not the extractor. This is not an accidental discharge by rule and not a DQ. Thought my head was going explode over this thread. Thanks for fixing it before I made an ass out of myself. Putting your hand over the ejection port is a bad idea with any gun. Doing it on a 1911 style gun is worse than bad. As an RO I have no problem if people want to flip and catch but be prepared to show me clear because that is my job and we'll do it over and over until I see clear chamber. I don't want to embarrass anybody but if you stick it in the holster before I see clear you will be taking it out and doing my way.
  7. Ok my Everglades MRH arrived. Holy cow!! This thing is the ticket for a PT EVO grip. Draw is like there is no holster Just like pulling the gun through the air. This is the only experience I have but someone else said it works great with CK steel grip. Caution...it is not for CZ’s. Everglades says that and they are not kidding. I put my Shadow 2 in it and I promise it’s a free ticket to Dairy Queen and even if that doesn’t happen it’s a disaster. Very nice holster that works great with a 2011 PT EVO grip
  8. Agree with this. I have two Atlas guns and couldn't be happier. I just hope as they transition to stock models for Titan, Nemesis, and I think others that the quality remains. We'll see.
  9. I completely agree with you. However I have relieved the plastic insert in the area where the grip screw contacts it. Relieving it seems ok because it's only necessary along the top edge of the insert. The lower portion doesn't contact the screw so it can remain to prevent lateral sloppiness of the gun-holster combination. While I'm convinced you are correct, I can't relieve the holster any further and see no reason to do so---except the problem remains even with no contact between the holster and grip screw head. I'm really surprised that DAA hasn't commented on this issue because 2011's constitute a large percentage of the race holster use and steel grips are the current rage (for good reason). My Everglades MRH arrives today so I'll let everyone know how that works. I could have had it earlier because Shooters Connection has one in stock that I could have driven up to get, but stupid me never looked.
  10. I have tried everything I can think of to prevent 25-50% of my draws with a 2011and PT EVO grip from sticking in an Alpha X. I've spent hours with the gun and insert just putting on and off and I can't reproduce the sticking except when drawing from the holster. I even bought a new insert to see if the first one was defective. No change. The problem seems to be associated with the angle of extraction but minor differences give dramatic sticking results. When it works its great. When it doesn't its a major distraction. Lot of money tied up in this. I just ordered an Everglades MRH. I hope you guys who like them are right. AAARGHH!
  11. That is truly wrong. Nearly everybody has a smart phone and reading it isn’t an issue for anyone I know. The rules are searchable so finding something is faster than hard copy. It’s 2019 dude
  12. What the hell are you saying? Anybody can download the rulebook to their phone or iPad. You have no need for an internet connection at the range to have a rulebook. And just for the record, the classifier diagrams as well.
  13. This is for 40 cal. I had gauging problems until I got here and now no problems. Lee/EGW U die for sizing /decapping Dillon dies for loading (MBF funnel) and seating Lee FCD for crimp RL 1050 automated with Mark 7 running 1500 and 1800 per hour
  14. Somebody probably already said this: 4.2 grains of Sport Pistol, 200 grain 40 cal Blue Bullet RNFP, Atlas Nemesis, chrono at Buckeye Blast 171. My chrono data agrees with match data. AOL 1.185 Sport Pistol meters well and seems temperature insensitive. My chrono data is essentially the same at 27 degrees and 80 degrees. Is it clean? Certainly cleaner than Titegroup with which I have a lot of 9mm experience. N320 not sure about.
  15. You finally got there!! Congratulations. 200 gn Blue Bullet 1.185-1.190 AOL Atlas Nemesis CCI primers Sport Pistol 4.1 gn Marginal for 165 USPSA Min PF but only one of 20 rounds below 165. Avg almost 167 4.2 gn about 171 PF where I want to be. None below 165 or even close 4.3 gn mid 170's I would like to stay close to 4.2 gn but always above 4.2 since the 4.3 is not an issue for me
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