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  1. Based on my experience with two guns.......yes. Its cheap insurance
  2. Congratulations on joining the shooters whine society. Nobody says you have to step on the fault line. You have opportunity to walk and plan stages. If you violate a rule its your fault and no one elses.
  3. Maybe I'm stupid but I don't understand. The question is not stupid or illegitimate I just don't understand what generates it. Since Limited is limited to a 141.25mm mag and open typically uses a 171.25mm mag why is there a question relating to mags somewhere in between. The questioner is certainly allowed to do anything he wants I just don't know why he wants a mag obviously too long for Limited and obviously not competitive for Open. Not arguing just wondering.
  4. How in hell can this well known rule generate so much discussion? No matter what, if you touch the ground beyond the fault line its a procedural or a per shot procedual if gaining an advantage by doing so. Could this situation have been better built...apparently so. That does not allow the shooter to violate the rule. Y'all seem to think the shooter can always blame someone else for their problems. Tain't so McGee. The freaking shooter, and only the shooter, is responsible for obeying the rules or paying the price. He had ample opportunity to observe this potential problem and adjust to it.
  5. Like virtually everyone said, unless you intend to shoot 9 minor you have to reload. That decision locks you into PCC, Production,, CO. If that suits you go with it. If you intend to shoot Limited major or Open you are not going to be competitive shooting minor. You will hate that decision. Realize that in Limited you cannot shoot 9mm major, only 40 major minimum. Open is another world I would forget unless you are already an accomplished shooter. Sticking to the Production/CO divisions in 9 mm minor is a good idea until you realize all the options and tradeoffs. Shooting 40 major requires capital expense for press, bullet feeder, etc. So while ammo reloaded saves money you spend a lot upfront that you never recover unless you shoot a lot. Prod/CO limits you to DA or DA/SA guns. You can get good ones in the $1000 -2000 range.. You cannot shoot SA only guns like 2011's. Some people (me) like those 1911 style SA guns even though they usually cost more than $2000 for a really good one. There are lots of considerations. If you're just starting get a decent Production/CO gun and shoot 9mm factory or commercial reloaded ammo until you decide what your long range intentions are. Shooting is expensive as hell in terms of money and time. Its not good to drop a bundle of both capital and expense money until you understand what you're getting into
  6. I found a well used RL1050 and spend some time and money replacing some worn parts. The thing is great and if I were you I'd wait on 1100. The retro changes go back towards the RL1050 especially the larger main bearing. You will always find deals on Super 1050 if you decide to go that way because a lot of users will upgrade to 1100 over time. I would not trade my RL for a brand new Super 1050..
  7. You believe that? We quit now but we'll see ya in a year or so? LOL
  8. Is this worth talking about? Fk no. If you're worried about 6 rounds of ammo you are in for financial shock trying to shoot.
  9. 1.185 AOL, Sport Pistol, 40 major, 200 gr Blue Bullet RNFP, 4.1 gr powder, Atlas Nemesis. Chrono at Buckeye Blast 171.4 exactly like my measurement of 171-172
  10. I have 2 Nemesis. Im happy with them. When they work they are great. Atlas has been very responsive to any problems and I like the people a lot. They are very easy to deal with. That said if these guns got frequent flier miles I could fly free forever. As someone said earlier, my front sight flew off. And some other things happened that I won't mention because I really do like Atlas and the people. Even so I would buy another Nemesis in a second because the Atlas folks are responsive and seem to really want their guns to function properly. That friendly and fast customer service means a lot.
  11. 4.1 grains Sport Pistol with 200 grain RNFP Blue Bullets from a 40 cal Atlas Nemesis: My data showed 171-172 on 30 rounds. Chrono at Buckeye Blast averaged 171.4. Pleased with that
  12. I agree to an extent but I think shooters above A have little choice but go hero/zero and I see it all the time. Nevertheless using only successful attempts to get the HHF is wrong as hell. I totally agree with your statistical pot setting approach. I think the other overlooked fact is that equipment (mainly guns) is also getting better.
  13. I originally loaded 9MM. Lots of it up to 9000 per month. No problems. When I started 40, I had all kinds of problems with case gauge and chamber fit. The Hondo gauge was a reliable predictor of what the gun would accept. Honestly I thought I would never be able to reload 40. I switched a Lee U for resizing and a Lee factory crimp die. The problem got better but still too much fallout. I was using a well known coated bullet at 0.401 diameter. Decided to switch to 0.400 Blue bullets. Problem with gauging essentially disappeared. I will have an occasional failure that turns out to be a split casing or something unknown that is fixed by running the finished bullet through a Redding push through die. I started buying processed brass that has been cleaned, decapped, and roll sized. The problem is essentially gone. The brass costs a little more but not that much. I have gone from thinking I just couldn't load 40 to essentially no issue whatsoever. I just brought a roll sizer to see if I could return to cheaper brass. Don't know yet. I could never justify the roll sizer on cost versus what Im paying for my current brass but since most brass suppliers are small businesses that come and go, I was afraid they might go under. I prefer to be self sufficient.
  14. So maybe the Glock 34 should be the only gun eligible in USPSA. Lets see how that works out in match participation. Not sure why anybody should be deciding what gun I choose to shoot. If you can't afford one that's not my problem Should have paid more attention in school.
  15. I think this proves my theory about the delusion of the HHF setting the target for classifier performance. At a serious match the top shooters do not want to zero a stage so they shoot this classifier at a pace they can be sure will help their overall score. The same guy at a local match will go hero/zero on the classifier and hope to get lucky. Sometimes he does and it raises the bar for everybody. There is no inclusion of the two or three times that he shoots the classifier like crap. There have been many suggestions that classifier requirements be set by the statistics of all attempts distributed over ranges predetermined by USPSA as the distribution of shooters wanted in each classification.. The use of hero/zero classifier scores will never be valid statistically valid. It forces everybody to be hero/zero and results in both shooters who can't ever shoot their classification in a match and shooters who are under classified either by choice or because they suck at stationary classifiers.
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