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  1. That's my point Sarge. I am neither a beginner or an unskilled rules person. The rules quoted above apply to only unloaded guns (5.2.1) or holster design (5.2.7) or to lower extremities during drawing and reholstering (10.5.5). I totally agree that fingers under the muzzle happens often between Make Ready and the Start Signal. It is not called and should not be called but darn it it is not specifically acceptable under the rules. If it should get called and I am on the arb committee I find no use of the suggested rules. They do not apply.
  2. Let me try again: I'm not making a point. I am asking a question. Neither of the above answers apply to the situation. So.... After "Make Ready", handgun is loaded and holstered. The competitor while waiting for the "start signal" in a hands below waist style start, partially closes his hand (fingers pointed at leg). This puts his fingers under the muzzle of the holstered and loaded gun. Sarge's answer applies to lower extremities (not hands/fingers) or to unloaded guns in 5.2.1 and 5.2.7. This gun is loaded and we are talking about fingers not legs. Brets answer relates to 5.2 which talks about unloaded guns. I don't think any rule I can find applies to all of the following....hands/fingers...loaded guns in holsters...fingers under the muzzle of that gun I don't want this to be a DQ but if someone does it and gets DQed and I'm on the arbitration committee, what do I say to find in the competitors favor? It is a loaded gun properly holstered with the trigger covered but fingers are not lower extremities.
  3. Question: Competitor loads and reholsters firearm correctly at the Make Ready command.Then while awaiting the Start Signal the competitor holds his strong hand in a manner that places his fingers under the muzzle. Is that sweeping in a DQ manner? The holster rule for a loaded firearm only excepts the lower extremities during holstering or drawing. I don't think the fingers are lower extremities So if you place you hand with curled fingers under the muzzle is that technically a DQ? Seems to me it is. Wish it were not.
  4. I realize that in USPSA word smithing to interpret rules to your liking is commonplace entertainment. The 180 rule is a safety rule. No where is it interpreted that breaking the 180 is just a procedural if the break is not large enough to commit a violation of the rule since a berm was in place at the 180 angle. Somehow in this thread the word "must" is ignored when discussing building stages that allow 180 breakage without "breaking what someone thinks is a "safe angle of fire". I understand what people are saying. The shooter has a responsibility but the rule is clear. If you don't like it fine. Get the Board to reconsider how the rule is written. For now it says you must in stage design protect against breaking the 180 when you can see a target. Quit inventing arguments to deny the rule's meaning. Either comply or get the rule changed.
  5. "chickrifle minor" Every now and then the internet actually produces something of value. I love this. How entertaining!! Now if someone could create a similarly useful expression explaining how Steel Challenge has a Division per shooter. 13 Divisions including woosey divisions of various descriptions for rim fire pistols and rifles. Holy Cow! And oh yeah, if you're going to design USPSA stages try reading the rule book. I refer you to and Appendix B3. The large Steel Challenge plate is not a legal target in USPSA matches.
  6. I have not found mag tuning to be an issue with Atlas 2011's. I worried about that because the mags are expensive and the endless internet chatter about tuning is scary. Atlas sells mags that are tuned to your gun. The price is the same as buying the same mag elsewhere with out tuning. You can find numerous posts on this forum and others from users who have been using the same mags literally for years without any issues whatsoever. I can't claim years of use but I can say that I have never an issue with a mag that worked when received. I think the mag tuning issue is a lot of BS. I have owned and used extensively more than 10 CZ 75 Shadows and Shadow 2's. Every one was a good gun. I like them and still use them some. I often wondered if the 1911/2011 hype was real or just some figment of certain people's imagination. I got the bug to try 2011's for myself. I bought 3 Atlas Nemesis's in a short time, one in 9mm and 2 in 40. I sold the 9 because I found no use for it although I understand that in 3 Gun it may be the best choice. I have nothing against my CZ's but I would never go back to using them as my primary platform. I found the 2011 hype to be real. The guns are a mechanical pleasure to shoot and their weight aids in minimizing flip. The triggers are something you can't get in any pivoting trigger no matter how good. Everyone should do what they wish and what their budget allows. But unless you don't want to get locked into 1911/2011 platforms don't shoot one. The darn things are addictive.
  7. I have no experience with a Limcat. I can tell you that the Atlas Nemesis is an outstanding gun and Atlas provides excellent customer experience and service.
  8. I agree with the above. Take the RIA off that list. As an owner of Atlas's I can suggest you go with Titan or Nemesis but the CZ TS orange is a good choice also. I have not run the TS but my Shadow 2's are great guns. Atlas has been great to me both in initial gun performance and in customer service when needed. I hear good stuff about other custom makers also but be careful. Some big names are not so hot. For me its Atlas because they treat me like I want to be treated. Lets hope they stay that way.
  9. Thanks for saving me the typing. Stages without risk reward options are boring. They are called IDPA.
  10. Thats a fact. My 1050 has a lot more priming issues than my 650.
  11. I would argue that this thread illustrates two things: 1. The internet is a giant leap backwards for mankind. 2. If you can't understand the rules regarding start conditions for each division (as well as the generic safe start positions for USPSA overall), then your reading comprehension is not good.There is nothing hard to understand on this subject.If you really don't understand Appendix D4 Special Condition #1, get some help. Corollary to 2. If you just want to argue, go to a political or religious web page where that is the intended purpose.
  12. Considering these are cheap as hell I wouldn't waste time with bargain brands.
  13. It's not a big deal. Go to the hardware and buy them (1/4" e clip). These things take shell of a beating with the spring loaded decapping pin. They only have the three small "fingers" supporting them. Work well, cheap and available. Worry about something else.
  14. Get yourself a GX VICE holster and eliminate all concerns and rule opinions.. Putting bungee around your holster is like wearing pink panties.
  15. Same problem as you. I can't find a way to order the plastic piece. I did find the part number finally. One more thing to add to the answers here. Mine worked great with virtually no upside down primers but suddenly that changed. Luckily I happened to see that the plastic piece was warped. The entrance edge was sitting above the rim slightly. It failed to reject many upside down primers from entering. I took it off and clamped to a flat surface and heated (carefully) with a heat gun. It will melt be careful. It flattened and works again but I want a new one. Looks f**K*** impossible to order. I guess you have to call and get on wait. I could not return to chicken pecking primers but Dillon doesn't seem to support this over priced piece of garbage very well. Anybody successfully found a way to order parts?
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