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  1. You know sometimes I see curious things being said. Blank statement made that Dillon dies suck. 500 rounds failed in a chamber check. 100% of the rounds failed. Really?Then you show a picture of a round that won't go into a gauge with the gauge upside down. You will never be able to successfully gauge a round the wrong way. In full disclosure I use a LEE U-die to size and a Lee FCD to crimp. I think the work better for explainable reasons but I have made 100's of thousands of good 9mm rounds with Dillon dies. You will not have anything about Dillon dies make 100% bad r
  2. My only regret is not having enough primers to shoot it more. I stocked up on everything else. I thought I stocked up on primers but not enough I guess. Love my expensive guns though. Had no regrets about buying a 21 ft Triton either. $40K of great fun. Why does everyone have a comment about what others do. I get a new F150 4x4 every two years. Is that dumb. Not for me and I don't care what anyone thinks about it. This stuff envy needs to stop.
  3. Thank goodness for some common sense comments. Will higher end guns make better shooters? Maybe in some cases. If the gun functions better or more consistently it could. If the shooter is happy enough with gun to practice and focus better it could. Will it always make someone better. Certainly not but it can easily make them happier to own and use a special gun. Isn't that what hobbies are for? I don't mean taking competition lightly. I can't but I can be happy with my tool. Its no one else's freaking business what I shoot and why. I shoot an expensive gun badly. I try
  4. I totally agree with that. The Production gun list should disappear soon. Not certain what manufacturers will think of that but Production was disappearing fast anyway.
  5. I certainly agree with that and have no problem with it However seems unnecessarily complex. Except for the exclusion of single action guns Production becomes Lim10 minor with restricted mag capacity.. Carry Optics becomes Limited Optics or Open with slide mounted optics(take your pick) and Single Stack becomes Limited minor/major with magazine restrictions based on caliber. To me this eliminates Production Div, combines CO with another Open Div subdivision, and either makes SS more appealing as a stand alone or less appealing as just another entry in Limited. Im guess you will s
  6. Only in the US. It used to take 12-18 months to build a prototype, non hardened molding tool in this country. China will deliver prototype parts for a new product in 4-6 weeks. Primer manufacturing is a simple process that does not require a lot of space or capital. It does handle explosive, impact sensitive material but industry successfully delivers many dangerous to manufacture products. It requires engineering skill to make it safe. I worked in such facilities for 36 years. There were incidents normally operator error but no one ever got seriously hurt. But I agree in the US wh
  7. I'm not sure shooting is any more expensive than any other popular hobby. it's hard to comprehend because it depends on how each person chooses to play. If you want to belong to a country club with multiple thousands of dollars in initiation and dues I guarantee golf has the the highest potential for being #1 in cost. If you play a municipal course with decent clubs it is cheap by comparison unless you hit an astronomical number of balls in the water.. Fishing obviously is the same. Fish in the surf or out of a rowboat in creeks and its cheap. Fish whatever kinds of tournaments (b
  8. The world is flooded with absolutely great 2011's from makers with solid histories of supplying reliable and wonderful guns. I own CZ's, several of them. I like them but none approach the qualities of my 2011's. What is the cult-like obsession with this DWX thing? How many lies do you believe? What could the gun possibly be to exceed the current mostly hand made 2011's? Blame the virus or whatever you like but the horrible performance on the release of this promised gun should make you wonder what is wrong with it. It clearly is coming from an inept source. Forget this
  9. I can't recommend CJ Maven enough. He does great work much faster than either of the other two choices. He uses CZ Custom parts and achieves amazing success at a lower cost. So far he has worked on 3 S2's and a SP01 for me. I could not be happier. He is on this forum, FB and has a web page. Located in Conway AR. He won't disappoint you
  10. 3 Nemesis's. Could not be happier with the guns or the Atlas service. Nice people to deal with and take an interest in you after you pay them instead of just prior to paying.
  11. No ambiguity there. You follow the default rule unless a specific condition is called out in the WSB.
  12. In my observation during an overly long life, people who have a problem with everything they touch is related to the user. Im betting the CZ will have problems as well.
  13. Don't combine crimp and seating. You lose independent control of both.
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