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  1. By watching and participating in these matches long enough to figure out that match performance has more to do with the person behind the gun, not the weight or action of the trigger pull.
  2. It seems to work for idpa and doesn’t mess up the balance of the sport.
  3. So the double stack Nyx is legal for IDPA? .... I assume for ESP. If so, that would make a sweet gun for IDPA CO.
  4. It's just another recreational activity to burn money on. Some people have the excess funding to buy expensive motorcycles, boats, or do other costly recreational activities like skiing. I've always looked at this sport as just another outlet for that type of spending behavior.
  5. I'm noticing that my brand new Tanfoglio mags have a very strong magazine spring. With a 9 lb recoil spring in my Stock II they noticeably slow down the slide from closing into battery. Do people normally cut a coil or two off of the stock magazine spring to run them with a lighter recoil spring?
  6. Still no go. Weird. The link that Chuck posted works, so I'll just use that for now.
  7. Chrome. I can request for the desktop site to load, but it still won’t.
  8. I’m on an iPhone. I don’t have the 3 little buttons on the top right.
  9. I can’t figure this out for the life of me. With the new Enos website on mobile I can’t figure out how to access my private messages. Just a news feed of latest posts, etc. Can anyone help me out?
  10. Picked up mine today. Balances well and the fit and finish on it is great! Looking forward to shooting it tomorrow hopefully. 9mm major barrel, 38 sc, 9mm sight block, and .40 sight block.
  11. We’re amending our complaint to attempted infliction of emotion distress. see you in court
  12. Range lawyer here. Looks like a classic case of intention infliction of emotional distress. Damages could be excessive.
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