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  1. Still no go. Weird. The link that Chuck posted works, so I'll just use that for now.
  2. Chrome. I can request for the desktop site to load, but it still won’t.
  3. I’m on an iPhone. I don’t have the 3 little buttons on the top right.
  4. I can’t figure this out for the life of me. With the new Enos website on mobile I can’t figure out how to access my private messages. Just a news feed of latest posts, etc. Can anyone help me out?
  5. Picked up mine today. Balances well and the fit and finish on it is great! Looking forward to shooting it tomorrow hopefully. 9mm major barrel, 38 sc, 9mm sight block, and .40 sight block.
  6. We’re amending our complaint to attempted infliction of emotion distress. see you in court
  7. Range lawyer here. Looks like a classic case of intention infliction of emotional distress. Damages could be excessive.
  8. Looks great. Mine wasn’t cool enough to hit insta I guess.
  9. I ordered Dec. 23. So you're getting close. According to tracking, mine should be delivered on Thursday. Tempted to shoot it at the match this Sunday ....
  10. I got my tracking info today too. Almost peed my pants.
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