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  1. They feel great to wear all day and the lugs are very resilient. I like the flat footbed too because I have low arches.
  2. Altra MT King are my new favorite shoes for uspsa.
  3. As with this video and others posted to social media, I notice the muzzle of the Q5 SF dipping when the slide returns to battery. Others have commented it may be a grip issue of the shooter or that the gun may be slightly over sprung from factory. That’s all I have observed at this point, but it does look like a nice shooting pistol.
  4. How do I tell if I own the new style PT evo block?
  5. It is a simple fix. The thigh pad keeps the holster aligned with your body. Like JJB said, a heavy all steel open gun can cause the holster to angle outward without the thigh pad attachment, which can cause a hiccup with your draw. I've tested the holster with the thigh pad attachment in dry fire several times and I don't have this issue any longer. It is a good holster and its real easy to adjust. The thigh pad is indispensable though.
  6. Gotcha. I wasn’t sure if the slide cuts would disqualify the gun from being production legal.
  7. Even without the magwell, it’s not legal for production, correct?
  8. I checked the angle of the holster and positioned more in line with my draw stroke -- this helped. However, when I installed the thigh pad attachment to the holster that seemed to resolve all of my issues. For such a cheap plastic component, I'm not sure why they wouldn't just include that with the purchase of the holster itself.
  9. The right side being the side where the frame holding component moves up and down?
  10. Just switched from a DAA Racemaster holster to an Alpha X holster. My RM has worked just fine, but I wanted to try out the new Alpha X. Anyway, I'm using the same gun with the same block assembly on the Alpha X. While dry-firing earlier, however, my gun will occasionally hang up inside the holster on the draw (1 in 4 or so). I switched everything back to my RM and encountered no problems. I've inspected the Alpha X inside and out and I don't see anything unusual. I'm perplexed... is there a fix for this? What is the issue here?
  11. Ben doesn’t seem to be as sarcastic in his video reviews. Overall the content has been very constructive and positive. In video reviews Ben and Kim often find a way to direct the individual shooter to the drills demonstrated on PSTG in order to help the student focus on their improvement. It seems logical to me. Great program.
  12. I sent mine to Bobby at FGW. He did a great job and had a quick turnaround.
  13. I think I’m on the right track! I angled my pouches inward somewhat and that has helped quite a bit with my magazine in the first position. That is where I have been having the most trouble. Also I observed what Sarge and Powder stated above. So, without breaking my weak hand wrist from a straight position, I moved my hand down to the first, second, and third magazine position and angled my magazine pouches to make a complimentary angle. With just a little bit of dry fire practice I can see that this is a more efficient way to align my magazines. I’ll probably make some finer adjustments later but this is starting to make sense. Thanks again to all for the advice
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