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  1. I sent mine to Bobby at FGW. He did a great job and had a quick turnaround.
  2. abigger04

    How to set up my belt for open

    I think I’m on the right track! I angled my pouches inward somewhat and that has helped quite a bit with my magazine in the first position. That is where I have been having the most trouble. Also I observed what Sarge and Powder stated above. So, without breaking my weak hand wrist from a straight position, I moved my hand down to the first, second, and third magazine position and angled my magazine pouches to make a complimentary angle. With just a little bit of dry fire practice I can see that this is a more efficient way to align my magazines. I’ll probably make some finer adjustments later but this is starting to make sense. Thanks again to all for the advice
  3. abigger04

    Accurate #7 9 Major Recipe

    I don’t have a picture but the photo above that ET posted correctly depicts 10 grains or so. For what it’s worth, I switched to a 124 grain projectile with 9.4 gr of #7
  4. abigger04

    How to set up my belt for open

    That is exactly what my problem has been. I’m having to turn my wrist and it’s awkward to draw a magazine. So I need to angle my magazines inward. I’ll try that tonight.
  5. Next year will be my third season in uspsa and my second season shooting open. One thing that I haven’t been able to nail down though is whether my belt is set up correctly for open division. What is the most efficient location for my magazine carriers and at which angle should my magazines be presented? Also, is there an advantage to a certain angle which the holster should be oriented? Photo attached for reference.
  6. abigger04

    Polymer Grip

    Which video did you watch?
  7. abigger04

    STI 2011 Gen 1 or Gen 2 mags???

    I did not have good luck with my gen 2 STi mags. Kept having my rounds nose dive at full magazine capacity. Sticking with MBX.
  8. abigger04

    Cost to rebarrel 2011 from 38 super to 9 major

    I finally have an update for those interested. I finally received my Trubor back from the barrel/caliber change at STi. It works great! I had it reblued as well. It feels like a brand new gun.
  9. Thanks all. I’ll give this a shot over the Labor Day weekend!
  10. ?I'm thinking I'll keep it a flat edge and just shorten it. Trying to keep it as simple as possible.
  11. Thanks! I have a dremel and so that should be no problem. Could I use regular sandpaper to remove the trigger material? And should I use a particular grain to smooth out the face of the trigger.
  12. I'm getting ready to tackle this job tomorrow. Would anyone have any tips they could share on fitting this trigger? Mainly I need some advice on how to cut and shape the trigger itself. What tools should I be using if I just would like to shorten the trigger?
  13. abigger04

    How do I fix this case bulge on a 9mm?

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. Reloading has not been so intuitive but with the help of the forum and YouTube I think I’ve got it right.
  14. abigger04

    Atlas Chaos Open Gun [Video Review]

    Which video?
  15. abigger04

    9 major

    These are really close to what I'm running. AA7 10.3 Grain, 115 MG JHP - 170 pf AA7 9.3 Grain, 124 Hornady XTP JHP - 168 pf Lone Star Innovations 2011, kkm barrel, v4 holes