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  1. 10.2.1 says: "Course designers may designate certain parts of structures, such as raised platforms, as part of the shooting area, while excluding their support structure or steps, but must mark those areas with legal fault lines." Not sure if simply marking them with fault lines is enough, or if you need to say so in the stage briefing.
  2. Here I am sitting at 7.5-8lb, and unable to get any lower without more experimentation than I'm willing to do with major matches coming up. I guess that's the Ruger tax for you.
  3. I ordered mine over the winter and got it in July.
  4. I like heavy bullets over a light charge of fast powder: 160gr coated bullets and 2.8gr of Clay Dot makes about 130PF in my gun. Shoots well, too, although I haven't done any serious group shooting.
  5. ICORE's pretty dead south of the border, too, unless you're lucky on location. I can drive to the entire Western PA USPSA section, five or six Ohio clubs, two or three section/state matches, and one area match in less time than it would take me to get to the nearest ICORE club. I hope this isn't too political for the forum rules, but given the pace of and limited forethought evident in the last few years of rules changes, I'm perfectly happy to be in a division that HQ doesn't seem to care much about.
  6. I 3D printed one of the adapters, which I've been using since the start of this year with no trouble. Wouldn't solve the length issue, though.
  7. I keep a canister of Hoppes Lead-B-Gone wipes in my shooting bag.
  8. TK's Super GP moons are the best ones I've found so far in regards to fit. SpeedBeez are cut too loose and aren't thick enough, so they wobble. Moon Clip Depot is the right thickness (0.025"), but also cut too loose, so they're not any better than SpeedBeez from a rigidity perspective. Ruger factory moons hold Starline brass rigid and can be loaded without tools, but they're made of 304 or 18-8, or some other non-magnetic stainless. TK moons hold Starline brass rigid, but require a tool to load. The blued steel ones are also too magnetic—I need a really good grip on them to get them off of my rack. I'm hoping their stainless ones don't grab quite as hard, but haven't had the chance to buy a pack yet.
  9. Thanks, appreciate the link—I was looking for '40 compensator' and missed all the threads by leaving out 'open'.
  10. I've had to trash a few SpeedBeez moons in a year of hard practice, mainly from dropping them loaded with dummy rounds on a concrete floor. I also had to throw out a few blued steel moons that saw use during a rainy match.
  11. The 9mm factory crimp die works fine for me, with the adjustment dialed almost all the way out. Puts a nice straight-wall crimp on. The carbide final-sizing ring isn't a concern like some people say (or hasn't been for me), because the sizing ring has to accommodate the largest width of a 9mm case, which is .390". Plenty of room for a .379" .38 case to fit in without getting squeezed.
  12. It's my understanding that you can't trim .38 Special to Short Colt because the web starts too high in the case, and you can't seat bullets. 'Mid Colt' works, though. I actually just ordered a 750 plus casefeeder, so I'm up to the minute on the right accessories. According to Dillon, you need: * The small pistol casefeed plate * F (9mm/.38 Super) powder funnel * .40 S&W purple casefeed adapter * Remaining parts from the .38/.357 caliber conversion kit I plan on using Lee dies for size/seat/crimp.
  13. I'm messing around with a 3D-printed Open Glock frame. I don't expect it to be competitive, so to avoid having to worry about blowing things up with major 9mm, I built it for .40. It'll run with factory ammo, but I'm sure I can work the compensator better with handloads. Much of the factory ammo I've tried is still pretty snappy. (165gr Federal is pretty decent, though.) Bullets I can find in stock are mostly limited to 140gr coated, 155gr plated, and the usual 165/180/etc. that more ordinary loads use. On the one hand, I'm assuming that lighter is better. On the other hand, plated might be better than coated for keeping the compensator clean. Is that true? For powders, I have a ton of options, and plenty of time to wait for things to come into stock. Naively looking at the charge weight in my Lee manual as a proxy for gas production, Accurate #7 and HS-6 seem like the leading candidates. Autocomp, N350, and Silhouette are up there, too. Are there others I should be considering? Is volume a better proxy for gas, or am I on the right path looking at charge weight?
  14. On my recently-arrived Commander, 10'll catch dry fire and all the rest won't. Not sure what the best all-purpose setting is yet.
  15. I know a guy who comes to three or four matches a year and has a TSO (granted, in .40), and some other CZs in 9mm. There are tons of shooters with fancy kit who treat competition as a recreational activity rather than a sport. Heck, I have several thousand dollars in guns I use as range toys that would be good in other competitions I don't take seriously enough to do regularly. My clays shotgun comes out of the safe once or twice a year, and half the time, I'm just hauling a friend up to the range and blasting hand-thrown birds for fun.
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