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  1. I sent my cylinder off to Dave Olhasso for chamfering, and was thinking about having him put an extended cylinder release on at the same time, but didn't want to spend the extra money to ship a gun for just that. Instead, I decided I'd draw one up myself, and 3D print some test articles. A few days of testing later, and here's the final prototype. It cants a little bit inward, which I'd like to say was intentional to keep it out of the way, but is actually just an artifact of how I drew the part. To my surprise, the PLA I printed it
  2. I remember hearing somewhere that the match director this year decided not to reprise the role, and that might be a contributing factor. I don't remember where I heard it, though. I'll see if I can dig it up. e: It's toward the bottom of the 2020 season roundup from East Huntingdon Practical Shooters. http://www.ehpsa.com/2020-season-wrap-up/
  3. There've been 9mm Rhinos for a while, but I agree. I'm still waiting for an 8-round Rhino, because as much as I like my Ruger, the Chiappas have enough cool factor to make me think about switching.
  4. Oh, I agree—I actually taper crimp my .38 Short Colt with a 9mm die. They load more smoothly than a roll crimp soft enough not to cut the coating.
  5. I'm not sure about the Lee seat/crimp die, but the Lee .38 factory crimp die is indeed a roll crimp.
  6. Cheers, a merry Christmas, and a happy New Year to you all! This first year of my revolver journey went a whole lot more smoothly than it might have, thanks to the friendliness and helpfulness of this particular forum.
  7. I'd say two for stacking (one each for T1 and T2), and three for mandatory reload failures (the second shots on T3, T4, and T5). The stage briefing says engage T1-T5, then make a mandatory reload, then engage T1-T5. 10.2.4 says you get a penalty for each shot fired after the point where the reload is required. The point where the reload is required is after each target has been engaged with one round, which hasn't happened until T5 and T4 have been engaged for the first time, and the shooter only reloaded once, prior to the condition for the mandatory reload being fulfilled, so all
  8. I hadn't considered that—I'll have to keep a close eye on it, or maybe design something that doesn't engage the tip of the barrel directly. I had an adjustable hanger with my kydex holster, and still didn't like it as much as this. I guess the other thing to try would be cutting down the front of the kydex holster even more.
  9. Realistically, probably not for me either (I switched from pretty much that model of holster). At most a tenth or two on a draw isn't going to make up for my still-below-par accuracy. Thanks! The Ruger got a little less pretty since I took the picture—I swapped Altamont grips on in place of the Hogue hardwood, and I think I like the former better. The Hogue grips want to push my hands further down the gun than I want to be, based on their contours.
  10. It's part of the holster—you can see my moon clip rack behind it, which may help with orienting the photo in your head. The DAA holsters use a clamp around the trigger guard to retain the gun, and for guns with rounded trigger guards, the gun can rotate slightly in the holster. The clamp, with a rounded profile, engages the trigger guard, itself rounded, and the trigger guard can slide in the clamp so that the muzzle moves slightly up and down. The muzzle rest has a little plastic tip which engages the tip of the barrel, so that the gun doesn't move that way when holstered.
  11. I suppose I don't understand the question (or maybe I misunderstood the original one)—what's the 'this' in 'what the heck do you use this for' referring to, and what prompts 'then what'?
  12. It lifts the muzzle support rod up so that it can reach the barrel of a revolver:
  13. Check in the glossary under 'Draw'; it's fair to assume that the opposite of that is the definition of holstered. There's no strict definition of 'placed'. I think the common-sense definition would be when you've removed your hand, but I could see it going the other way for the sake of consistency with 'draw'. Anyway, I'm not sure I see the point of parsing the rule so finely. Safe your gun before you go to holster it or place it, not at the last possible second, and you're guaranteed to be fine.
  14. I bought a used DAA Alpha X off of a friend, and decided pretty shortly after getting it that I wanted the muzzle support. Every US store I've checked has been out of the revolver adapters for it, though, so I ended up 3D printing one instead. On the off chance it's useful to anyone else, the files are here. It took a little bit of filing to get the captive nut to slide into place, but it works like a charm and doesn't have any detectable flex.
  15. Twinkie's got it. At least around here, Production used to be where you went if you wanted consistent locap heat. Now there's nowhere to go. (Which isn't to say there are no good locap shooters around, just that there are few enough that there's not one at every match anymore.)
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