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  1. My P-09 weighed in at the same amount, out of the box. I'm fond of my P-09 because I can swap it between Limited and Carry Optics by swapping a slide and the safety/decocker lever.
  2. I found a good deal on a whole 9mm P09 on Black Friday, so I just got a whole second gun to be the donor.
  3. With the lower all sorted out, I decided a 9mm slide for Carry Optics is in order. The same magazines I'm using for .40 feed just fine, and hold 23. The decocker-safety swap is easy enough that I can do it at a safe table and shoot two divisions with the same gun in one day.
  4. The sear spring appears to have done it—no reliability troubles at all last match.
  5. I emailed them, and they recommended using a heavier sear spring. Happily, I bought that spring pack with my last Cajun purchase, so I'll make that modification in the next few days and report back.
  6. That's a thought; I didn't even consider that option. I'll get in touch with CGW's support people and see if they think that might do it.
  7. Well, it's late June, and after a match, I think the 18# spring has solved my problems. I had one case of hammer follow on the last shot of the day, but this is still a fairly young gun, and I want to give it a few hundred more rounds before I change anything else, to see if it's a break-in issue.
  8. That's not really the reason, though, is it? The original major/minor divide was to allow people shooting guns with dramatically different magazine capacities (your Hi-Powers and your 1911s) to shoot in the same competitions, without dramatically advantaging the people with the bigger magazines. The combat effectiveness was arguably a mislead originally, and is definitely a mislead now. The sole design purpose of major/minor scoring in modern USPSA is to reward shooting harder-recoiling ammunition; if you're going to go down to a much-easier-to-shoot 145PF, you should just do away with major/minor altogether. I like the thrust of this idea, but the problem is that it would screw the two remaining Revolver Major shooters even harder.
  9. While I'm hoping to shoot my way at least to a Limited B before I get distracted by another division, it strikes me that buying a second slide to use on this frame for Carry Optics would be fairly inexpensive and convenient with my existing setup. I might have to give that a try down the line.
  10. The CGW 18lb recoil spring appears to have solved my problems, at least through 100 rounds of practice at lunchtime today. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be shooting any matches until late June for a number of reasons, so I won't be able to test it in those conditions until then.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion—I wouldn't have guessed to look into the sear spring. I'm using the CGW 13# hammer spring and the OEM .016" sear spring. My current guess on the cause of my problems is that the lightweight hammer spring means the slide moves to the rear faster than if it were pushing against the stock hammer spring, and the stock recoil spring is driving it forward again before the magazine spring gets the next round up and/or the sear spring resets the sear. Is that reasonable? I'm planning to try lighter recoil springs as a first step—I have the CGW 18# and 15# ones on hand. Hopefully that'll slow down the slide's return to battery enough that the other springs can do their jobs in time. If that doesn't solve the hammer follow, I also have the CGW .018" and .020" sear springs to try (although I don't want to use those if I don't have to; I'm happy with the trigger pull as is and don't want to have to add weight to it). I'm not quite sure what I'll do if I still get feeding problems. I guess I could try the 13-coil CZC springs instead of the 10-coil ones.
  12. I shot my second match with this gun yesterday, and ran into some troubles I didn't encounter in testing. First, I had a few nosedive failures to feed—starting about halfway into the match, though. At the beginning of the day, everything ran fine. On the last few stages I had trouble. Downloading by a round or two seemed to help, but I'd like to stay with 20 if possible. Assuming opening the magazines up and cleaning them doesn't fix it, what are my options here? Lighter recoil spring to give the magazine more time to get the cartridge into place? Second, on the last stage of the day, I had two instances where, after a shot, the hammer followed the slide down to the half-cock position. Messing with the gun, dry firing and moving the slide by hand, I can't reproduce that. What might cause it?
  13. I only have a tape measure handy, so this number is a bit questionable, but my stock firing pin is a hair short of 62mm. My CGW extended firing pin doesn't go past the breech face with the hammer sitting on it. If I push on it with a punch with the FPB engaged, I can feel a bump on the breech face.
  14. My CGW firing pin is in my P-09 right now, but when I get home this evening, if someone else hasn't already, I'll measure the stock pin, and also see if I can replicate what you're seeing.
  15. I'd love a heavier magwell for both weight/recoil and balance reasons, but as far as I know, the only ones available for the P-09 right now (from CZC and Springer) are in aluminum. A frame weight is definitely an option, although I'd have to get a different holster, and I don't think I can clear that with the wife this season. I'll have to borrow a buddy's pistol light and see how it affects things. That's a little concerning, especially the Dawson front sight. On the other hand, I'm a pretty low-volume shooter. Hopefully it won't come up this year.
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