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  1. Top minor shooters by nationals placement, 2015-2020, from the matches I could find quickly on Practiscore and the USPSA page: 2020: 10th 2019: 7th 2018: 6th (but positions 2-5 in the overall scoring were Production shooters) 2017: 13th 2016: 20th 2015: 23rd
  2. I actually had a look on Gunbroker and couldn't find any. A bit of Googling, however turned up this one at LSB Auctions: https://lsbauctions.com/901/smith-wesson-sw-model-627-3-v-comp-performance-center-357-magnum-revolver/ It went for $2,150. Lovely piece!
  3. Weight and pull length are, if you think about it, inversely related—a shorter pull means less mechanical advantage. I don't know whether I'd prefer a shorter, heavier pull or a longer, lighter one. I short stroke my Super GP in dry fire maybe 1-2% of the time, though less than that in matches. On the other hand, I haven't done the really aggressive polishing I'd need to do to get it down below the ~7lb it's at now (with a 9lb Wolff hammer spring). Bob Nichols, in The Secrets of Double Action Shooting (a historical curiosity more than a modern-day guide; he's writing to an audience
  4. I only just started reloading this year (for my 9mm guns, my mantra was always, "It should run on factory ammo"), so my idea of 'enough primers' was a little warped. It didn't help that I inherited a bunch of CCI primers, which my revolver does not much care for. I've got about 800 Federal primers left, and probably 1200 or so CCI guys, which I could shoot in a pinch if I put a heavier hammer spring in. Hopefully, I can score 5000 or so off of an Ammoseek alert, which should keep me in shooting through next year.
  5. Production is pretty much stone dead at the hands of CO here in western PA—barely more populated than Single Stack at the matches I attend, and a quick glance through Practiscore shows that it isn't much better at the Pittsburgh-area matches I don't usually make it to.
  6. I'm using 158gr Berry's plated right now. Can't speak to any of the powders you have, but my last chronoed recipe is 3.5gr of Bullseye and an OAL of 1.15", which makes about 130PF with Winchester small pistol primers out of my 5.5" Super GP100. Note that a 1.15" OAL can yield slightly bulging cases. They chamber for me, but I've since backed out to 1.18" OAL to eliminate the problem.
  7. I have two of the jersey-style shirts at present: one I paid for, from Ruger, because I'm shooting their revolver and the phoenix logo is gorgeous, and one staff shirt from a major match. I like wearing the first one because it looks awesome. I like wearing the second one because I enjoyed both the experience and the giving back to the sport. Of course, it's September now, and the weather in Western PA no longer requires sweat-wicking, so it's back to ordinary shirts for the rest of the year.
  8. I was okay at 1.15", with clean-dropping moon clips, but there were slight bulges. I backed them out to 1.18", and those are perfectly smooth for me. Definitely something to watch out for as I try different bullet brands, though.
  9. I have zero concern about that with my .357 Super GP—the thing's built like a tank.
  10. For me? Hipsterism, for one. I don't want to be shooting the same thing everyone else is. I find it boring. For another, reliability—for every revolver shooter I've met who loves their 929, I've heard from another one who found it persnickety and ultimately deeply frustrating. Parts availability is still a bit of a bummer, but with the Hogue extended cylinder release coming, there won't be anything I think is desperately needed. (If Hogue is slow in getting it done, I may 3D-print a prototype and have Shapeways make me one...) Springs aren't hard to find, either.
  11. Thanks for the tips! The magnum primer thought certainly seems plausible. At present, I only have factory crimp dies, in 9mm and .38 Special. Do you have any recommendations for an ordinary taper crimp die?
  12. Beating semi-auto shooters is a great feeling. I'm not yet to the stage where I'm beating very many more of them than the really-super Super Seniors and children, but I'm getting there! I had a few questions on .38 Short Colt reloading over in the reloading forum, and figured I'd link them here for added visibility.
  13. I'm setting up to reload .38 Short Colt for next year's revolver season, and had some unexpected data from this first chrono trip. I loaded 158gr Berry's plated bullets with a moderate crimp from the Lee 9mm factory crimp die, on top of charges from 2.2gr to 3.6gr of Bullseye, increasing in 0.2gr steps, some with Federal magnum small pistol primers, and some with Winchester small pistol primers, for an OAL of 1.15". The eyebrow-raising findings were as follows: 1. Measured velocity was almost exactly the same as with my .38 Special loads, despite the dramatically smalle
  14. This is a good thing to keep in mind. My Carry Optics gun is a CZ P-09 with a dovetail sight plate. I also have a .40 slide for it, which I swap in to shoot Limited now and then, and my presentation is always off for a stage or two before I get used to the switch.
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