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  1. Do you happen to know when that new extractor they have been showing might become avaliable?
  2. High cap Caspian frames use a proprietary magazine that resembles a large frame tanfoglio magazine. I know at one point Caspian had some high cap 45 mags available that I think were converted from tanfo mags. Mags in any caliber other than 9mm/38 super have always been a issue with Caspian. I know MBX tried making a small run of Caspian mags but I think those were 9mm. I took a quick look and they seem to have a small number of converted mags in stock. https://www.caspianarms.com/productdisplay/170mm-45acp-double-stack-magazine-tube Or call them, they are generally good to deal with and happy to answer questions.
  3. I'll be curious to get my hands on one of those extractors and give it a try. I have used aftecs in my open guns for years but haven't been as pleased with the last couple I have got.
  4. I figure banner ads and 25 bucks a year premium membership to not have to see them.
  5. I'd be willing to pay something either not to see ads (if we go to banners) I kinda like that approach as it makes it free for new users or casual users, or monthly/yearly basis if that's what was decided.
  6. Or do what I did.. I sharpied the rts2 mount, put the sig scope on the mount and lightly screwed it down, and scribed the mount around the base of the optic... I then took the optic off and trimmed the mount up to the line (always cut on the cheaper part.)
  7. Unfortunately that powder isn't available in the US.
  8. I guess it depends on what kind of Skoda?
  9. Sure is strange to see what looks a lot like an hk bolt head on an ar bolt carrier. I'm curious to see what the barrel extension the rollers lock into looks like (and if the chamber is fluted.) Also curious to see if they use a locking piece like HK or something different to drive the rollers out and control the unlock timing.
  10. https://ammoseek.com/ammo/38-special/American Eagle
  11. I prefer federal bulk stuff for the federal primers.
  12. Used to have this problem with nobel sport sp2 (which is very fine grained) I used an Arredondo powder bar. Might be worth a shot. Seems they still make them.https://www.arredondoaccessories.com/product/powder-drop-slide/
  13. For my open gun since I load 9mm long, I used a 9 mm throating reamer on my egw gauge so it matched my barrel throat.
  14. Maybe for 3 gun open pistol where you are shooting minor. I think I recall seeing Jerry M. using one.
  15. I think Tripp Research makes a box length 10 round 40 mag. https://dawsonprecision.com/tripp-research-40s-w-10mm-10-round-magazine/ https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/180004-tripp-10-round-40-system-mags/
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