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  1. Sure is strange to see what looks a lot like an hk bolt head on an ar bolt carrier. I'm curious to see what the barrel extension the rollers lock into looks like (and if the chamber is fluted.) Also curious to see if they use a locking piece like HK or something different to drive the rollers out and control the unlock timing.
  2. https://ammoseek.com/ammo/38-special/American Eagle
  3. I prefer federal bulk stuff for the federal primers.
  4. Used to have this problem with nobel sport sp2 (which is very fine grained) I used an Arredondo powder bar. Might be worth a shot. Seems they still make them.https://www.arredondoaccessories.com/product/powder-drop-slide/
  5. For my open gun since I load 9mm long, I used a 9 mm throating reamer on my egw gauge so it matched my barrel throat.
  6. Maybe for 3 gun open pistol where you are shooting minor. I think I recall seeing Jerry M. using one.
  7. I think Tripp Research makes a box length 10 round 40 mag. https://dawsonprecision.com/tripp-research-40s-w-10mm-10-round-magazine/ https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/180004-tripp-10-round-40-system-mags/
  8. For a laser range finder yes. That's the way they work. The range finder is timing how long it takes from when the laser pulse goes out till the range finder sees the light reflected, that plus knowing the speed of light in air lets it calculate distance. Generally the more reflective the target is the further away the target can be ranged.
  9. Rifle... You don't really need to start thinking about mid till you get to the 16-14" area (and I have had 16" barrels that worked well with rifle length gas systems as well but they were a little more ammo sensitive for me)
  10. You can't directly. That only works if you are fortunate enough to get a barrel with an extension that is an interference fit in your upper... I know of 2 things you can do in this case. 1 is to insert a shim to take up the space. The other is to use loctite bearing retaining compound (its green but I don't recall the number) I have used the loctite method and it's helped in some cases. This topic has come up before if you do a search you'll find some stuff.
  11. In my case pro no they won't. But if you size them in your sizing die after you rollsize them they should drop in.
  12. I read True Grit years ago after running across it in a used book shop. I hadn't thought of it in a while. I think I may have to see if I can find some of his other stuff and give it a read. Thanks for the reminder.
  13. My favorite is still a 1911 barrel link shaved on the back side to clear the grip.
  14. You might try Ed Vandenberg he'd likely build you anything you'd want. http://www.vandenbergcustom.com/pistols
  15. Probably if you stay with powders that are the right burn rates for that gas system and bullets with a similar profile and weight to what's supposed to be used you can avoid bending an op rod. Might go check over on the cmp forums for some ideas.
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