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  1. I mean in this case you could shorten the thing and extend the battery life... But at this point I suspect they are content to sell them as is to the people who still want them and not incur the additional tooling and engineering costs.
  2. Kinda a shame with all that board space they don't add an led driver (to give pwm) and ATtiny microprocessor or something to control it. But I guess simplicity and low parts count has it merits in durability.
  3. That's not the way I read that.. They take 8... Pull 1 to weigh. Then they shoot 3. Then if you don't make it they shoot another and take the 3 highest... If that doesn't make it they do it again and recompute. If that doesn't make it you have a choice on the 7th.. You can have them pull the bullet and weigh it... Or shoot it. The result is your attempt to make pf is actually based on the average of the highest 3 velocities out of 6 or 7 rounds depending on what you elect to do with the last round. Look at the part at the end where it talks about this will continue...
  4. I've had that problem with them before. My fix was polishing the firing pin a bit to get it slicker(and lose a few thou off the diameter.)
  5. But what if they take the highest 3 velocities of 7 rounds (per item 37 and 38 of appendix C2) to do the calculation?
  6. Why did you want to ream it? If you want more clearance why not just chuck the firing pin in your drill and wet some fine grit sand paper with a little oil and polish it down a little.
  7. Waiting anxiously on mine. I've used their over the ear muffs for ever. Be nice to have some decent in ear.
  8. Trace if you don't mind me asking, what load do you use?
  9. So I gotta ask why the popples? Is it not flat enough at the new PF? Mine with 124s and 180 pf (and something like 16.5 or 17 gr of N110) was essentially perfectly flat to the point of the dot actually dipping slightly (but more just vibrating a little)
  10. I suspect with a bullet that long and a case neck that short you'll lose some case capacity... I used to use n110 and 124gr bullets in mine back in the day at 180 or so powerfactor.. With the pf for major now at 165 I suspect either h110 n110 or even something like shooters world heavy pistol would do what you want with more or less smoke. I suppose if you poppel it you can lose some pf and keep your charge weight up somewhat... Mine was bad with just a comp the concussion was so bad the ROs would argue over who had to run me. With poppels it would be much
  11. I shot it as a provisional division when they first offered it. For me (normally an open shooter) I was looking for production with a dot I was using an m&p core with a first gen deltapoint. I liked the whole idea of production with dot. I don't love the changes to turn it into open lite and so went back to shooting open when those changes were allowed. I understand the reasoning for the changes (and don't fully disagree with it and the way it has driven development in that space.) From the perspective of growing the division and brining in folks who were l
  12. Yep I'd shoot it till I hear back from them... I have an open gun with a hybrid barrel that has a slot cut all the way down that part of the slide for the barrel rib. The crack starts at one hole and stops at another... Unless other cracks form (particularly headed back toward the lugs). It wouldn't worry me that much.
  13. If you have a barrel that likes them the 55gr Hornadys from the handy 6000 pack in good hand loads with h335 should go closer to 1" But some barrels just don't like them... I have a JP that shoots small groups with almost anything. I also have a larue barrel that shoots tiny groups with heavy bullets but won't do better than 2.5" with the 55s. I've also had good luck with the Hornady 55 gr flat based soft points.
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