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  1. Curious about the basepad on your mag?
  2. Cool i guess that's what I'd have expected.. the 308 ptr I have has been a good gun. Yea hks rifles aren't notorious for wonderful triggers are they? I keep hoping with more clones on the market someone will offer a better after market trigger for them. It's not as if it can't be done, I have a PSG1 trigger pack I picked up that I use in my PTR and my Hk94 which is really good. Shame no one reproduces those.
  3. Cool, let us know what you think of the ptr, I have one of their 308s but haven't had a chance to handle one of their mp5 clones.
  4. The meopta is eotech/aim point bright with a fresh battery.
  5. Yep James was faster than me... If you look carefully it looks like the front sight is mounted on a block attached to the barrel instead of the slide (like an old sti tru sight). That would make the sights almost non-reciprocating which would make them easier to track as well as the gun cycled. Same sort of effect as an old highstandard target pistol I have.
  6. I'd assume it's to get more sight radius and still fit in the box for Ipsc standard division.
  7. Being 6'4" with long arms an 11.5" or so gun is about as short as I can drive aggressively.
  8. Very cool. Corporate memos sure don't look like that any more.
  9. I vote you start with what you have and spend some time learning your hold overs. While it's not optimal with some practice a decent optic and trigger you can make it work. If you want to buy something by all means get a JP15 or a CTR. If you asked me who built a better rifle I'd be at a loss to tell you. Plus if you decide to sell it later you won't take much of a loss on a factory JP gun.
  10. For me I'd say the MP5 is a lot softer/smoother than a normal blowback AR. I never bothered to shoot mine back to back with a really well tuned blowback AR (JP or something like that) or an MPX, so not much help there. If I think about it maybe after a match I'll see what I can borrow.
  11. I ran my hk94 for a while in pcc. I had a B&T style rail adapter that clamps to the top of the receiver with a cmore on it. That plus a psg1 type trigger pack I had in the HK parts box and a choat stock with a 3d printed cheek piece seemed to work pretty well. For a lower scope mount (should work with normal stock height) you might look at: https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/HK-MP5-MP5K-Low-Profile-Mount-RMR-p18234.htm It replaces the rear sight drum. The triggers aren't good unless you happen to have to have a Psg1 pack hanging around in your parts box like I did. You might consider getting one from HK Parts that Bill Springfield has tune. The mag changes do take some practice (particularly since my gun has a button mag release instead of a paddle) and I never got around to designing a magwell for it but they aren't impossible. I have some of the short mags ( I think they are 15 rounds) I need to try one of these day to see if that makes the reload better. All in all if you are comfortable running one there's no reason you can't be competitive with it.
  12. If that turns out to be true, and it's durable and bright, I'll be replacing a couple of delta point pro dots late this year.
  13. Maybe try contacting him and offer to pay for a license to print one based on his design. That's not unheard of in the 3d print world.
  14. There's some other costs to think about there... Insurance, Healthcare, taxes,costs of keeping a shop open, wear and tear on tooling and equipment. Plus the occasionally taking time off for vacation and being sick plus the normal risks of small business ownership.
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