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  1. caspian guy

    Not Bad

    Nice shooting what rifle?
  2. I can't give you an answer to that, instead let me offer you a way to think about it. The way I think about that is what's your time worth? A 1050 is 2x or more the loading speed of a 550. When you find the need to reduce your time spent loading for a month by that much (other stuff in your life needs the time) and you are willing to pay that to get the loading time back... then you have your answer. I still load all my pistol ammo on a 650 (I also have a 1050 that I use for processing. 233 brass) but that's what works for me.
  3. caspian guy

    Confirm my case trimmer info

    Yep I like the Giraud for how well it works but more than 20 mins of trimming leaves me with sore hands. If I need more than that, it gets done on the 1050 with the press mounted Dillon trimmer.
  4. http://www.brazoscustom.com/magart/ejection perfection.htm
  5. caspian guy

    PCC with MP5 reloads Q

    Interesting I you have a link or picture I'd love to see it.
  6. caspian guy

    PCC with MP5 reloads Q

    I need to put a tac latch in mine (given what real original HK 94s cost in this country I just couldn't bring myself to modify it for the paddle release.) It took me a fair ammount of practice to get a decent reload with it. The curved mag and insertion angle coupled with tight mag well make it a bit of a chalange. I even played around some with the old original style straight stick mags (but they haven't ever been that reliable in my guns. ) I really need to see about designing and 3d printing a mag well for it, just haven't gotten around to it.
  7. caspian guy

    PCC with MP5 reloads Q

    I down load mp5 mags 4 rounds or so for mandatory reloads. I never had an issue loading to a closed bolt with my hk94 ( semi auto mp5 with push button mag release as opposed to a paddle release) Just takes some practice as the reload isn't that natural.
  8. caspian guy

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas y'all.
  9. caspian guy

    Finding the dot...

    If you put the top of the dot module in the bottom of the lens the dot should appear.
  10. caspian guy

    How to set up my belt for open

    What you have looks fine. To a large extent most anything works fine with enough practice. You might try canting your holster so that the back strap of the grip of your pistol is more parallel to the ground (I find that helps me get a more consistent grip on the gun.) if you use a scoop draw something else might be better. My holster is positioned so that from a normal starting position of hands naturally at sides bringing my hand straight up and back down gets me a good grip on the gun. With my posture that puts the gun about where Matt1 above describes. My mag pouches are set so that the first one is located so that when I drop my hand straight down from my firing grip the mag is where my hand intersects my belt and angled like you have yours so that when I grab it my index finger is parallel to the spine of the mag. The rest are set at similar angles. Except the last one farthest to the back which is more vertical as Sarge describes. For reference I am a middle of the pack M so nothing special.
  11. caspian guy

    Least expensive 223 powder

    Might check http://www.gibrass.com/gunpowder.html
  12. caspian guy

    Cold temp power factor

    Assuming a warm day, what I do with any new load/powder I am dealing with is put 10 or more in a zip lock bag in a cooler with ice. Put 10 of them in the sun on a warm day or some other way of warming them up so they are warm to the touch. Shoot them over your chrono along with 10 @ ambient temp. That will give you some idea of what you are dealing with. Like zzt says if it makes pf under the circumstances you shoot in that's what matters
  13. caspian guy

    10mm Build Hybrid Barrel Question

    Hmmm so 2 things would be at work here to my way of thinking. When you cut a slide for a hybrid rib the metal you remove from the slide is mostly counter balanced by the metal in the rib. Since they both move back together at the start of the recoil cycle I wouldn't except that much slowing of the slide velocity due to that (though things change when the barrel links down and unlocks and now you do have a somewhat lightened slide. ) The other thing at work here is that since you are stripping off some of the gas that would exit the muzzle which reduces the rocket effect that should act to slow the slide some. Now if you put a comp on the barrel that increases the weight of the slide/barrel system. I would expect that to slow the slide (in addition to the effect of recoil reduction due to redirecting the gas)
  14. caspian guy

    Best range finder for 3 gun?

    +1 to the CRF mentioned above. Compact, works well, the glass in the monocular is great.