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  1. For a while the rules for limited didn't easily allow it (specific external modifications like weights and thumb rests if I recall... you'd have to find an old copy of the rule book but they used to require i think 500 guns to be built in that configuration available to the public before something was limited legal. That slowed innovation down some also the pf dropped from 175 to 165 that changed thinking as well. But I can recall one specific gun sps made I think called the pelican that sorta looked like an edge with a weight/chin at the front of the dust cover that maybe came ou
  2. What kind of mags and how long has it been since you last changed the springs? If the feed lips are in spec changing the spring is the first thing I would try.
  3. Or someone starts selling a "battery adapter" made out of steel or brass thats about the size of a pair of cr123a batteries and leaves space for/holds a stack of cr2032 coin cells to get the right voltage so it remains a "functional" light. It just happens to add several oz of weight.
  4. Try putting less downward pressure on it. I saw something similar when I was running one on a open gun. I'd normally say go run some bill drills while varying the pressure you put on it and see what you get (allowing for ammo availability.)
  5. Yea but any time it starts with 50 it's still a questionable decision
  6. Yep ink up the top of the guide rod head with a sharpie marker and try cycling it and see if you can see something rubbing. Also make sure the head of the guiderod is a good fit in the frame.
  7. If you like it, buy one shoot it and enjoy it. But it's not a competitive open gun for uspsa use by any definition. So if that's your interest that money can be used a lot better in other directions. Your best bet would be to find some open shooters at a local match and talk to them and ask to try their guns.
  8. Ding ding ding... Some 9mm guns will run whatever... Most won't. I've shot 9mm major since they made it practical and( shot 38sc and super before that.) If you run single headstamp once fired 9mm (the advice I got from my gunsmith when I started this) that your gun is tuned for... I doubt you'd notice much difference in reliability.
  9. I had/have one of the first batch of the 170mm mbx mags for the Caspian frame. It seemed like a nice product and fit my second gen frame fine. However I was never able to get it to work in my gun... The same gun ran weldups made for me by Jim Anglin and Fred Craig with no problems. I suspect it could be tuned to work I just didn't bother at the time since I didn't need to. I have a gun built on a first gen frame (round trigger guard) if I can find the mag and remember I can at least try test fit for you if that's helpful? I use MBX mags in my STIs and they have generally been f
  10. Yep people have been building guns with island barrels/hybrid ribs for years.. As long as the parts are of good quality and its fit right there's no problem. (one of my old open guns had a 4 port hybrid in it and that slide lasted for well over 100k rounds of major ammo)
  11. Deleted as the response above is better than what I wrote
  12. Yea and a better trigger too than an MP-5 (with few exceptions H&K rifle triggers stink)
  13. I wonder if it's similar(related to?) to the gun Angstadt Arms was teasing last year. (https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/01/07/angstadt-unveils-mdp-9/) As an H&Kite I'll be curious to see the actual bolt and how the rollers/locking piece works in the JP gun.
  14. There are 3 springs that matter... One is what tensions the ball bearing detent that stops the disk in a particular spot. The one that pushes back out the arm that indexes the primer disk... The other is the wave spring/washer that is on the shaft that the primer disk rotates on. If cleaning the whole thing doesn't fix it changing, one or all of those springs usually does it for me. I have sometimes also had the indexing arm get bent which needs a swap or straightening in a vise . This is a good reason to have a dillon parts kit handy, so you have parts to swap, then when you find the cul
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