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  1. caspian guy

    10mm Build Hybrid Barrel Question

    Hmmm so 2 things would be at work here to my way of thinking. When you cut a slide for a hybrid rib the metal you remove from the slide is mostly counter balanced by the metal in the rib. Since they both move back together at the start of the recoil cycle I wouldn't except that much slowing of the slide velocity due to that (though things change when the barrel links down and unlocks and now you do have a somewhat lightened slide. ) The other thing at work here is that since you are stripping off some of the gas that would exit the muzzle which reduces the rocket effect that should act to slow the slide some. Now if you put a comp the barrel that increased the weight of the slide barrel system. I would expect that to slow the slide (in addition to the effect of recoil reduction due to redirectiong gas)
  2. caspian guy

    Best range finder for 3 gun?

    +1 to the CRF mentioned above. Compact, works well, the glass in the monocular is great.
  3. caspian guy

    Bull barrel and cone comps

    Sure, it's just metal. If you have a decent lathe it wouldn't be a big deal. However by the time the gunsmith got done the time spent might make it not be cost effective.
  4. caspian guy

    Personal Financial Accounting

    If you had bought an hk drop in auto sear or a registered receiver m16 during the last recession you'd have much more than doubled your money between then and now. As an example.
  5. caspian guy

    C-more Serendipity screws backing out of CZ75

    So... Ultra clean degreased then use new tube of red loctite, let it set according to the instructions before you use it. If you have to get it off... Heat the screw from inside the dust cover with the tip of a soldering iron directly on the screw. Also be careful of solvents when cleaning.
  6. caspian guy

    What if timer doesn't pick up all shots fired?

    Check section 9.10 of the rules. Likely you'd have to appeal to the cro/rm, then if you weren't satisfied you could try to arbitrate (check section 11.1 on arbitration) if you felt your time wasn't correct. The problem you'd have trying to prove it was wrong would be that recordings /video/photos aren't accepted as evidence (11.1.5) probably the committee would decide your shotmaxx fell under that category. You'd likely have to argue the timer was faulty (see 9.10) if the committee tested it and found it was you'd get a reshoot. If not then probably it would score as shot. The other avenue is if the committee (9.10.2) found your time unreasonable you could get a reshoot.
  7. For some brakes (particularly the ones that serve as suppressor adapters) like the surefire they make a device that slips over the brake that looks like a suppressor but is open at the front and has no baffles. It's supposed to allow you to make the brake less obnoxious (if you need to shoot inside or near other shooters) https://www.surefire.com/warden.html
  8. I drew one in sketchup and printed it not pretty but workable (and gave me an excuse to print something which is never bad)
  9. caspian guy

    Shadow2 Open project

    Nice work. I liked seeing how you did the annealing of the barrel. Heck I am just jealous you can get SP2 powder. They haven't imported that into the US in probably 10 years...
  10. caspian guy

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    God that's hilarious
  11. caspian guy

    PPQ Carry Optics build

    Man you weren't kidding about that slide being thick were you? Looking at that side window cut at the front you can see just how much metal is in there.
  12. caspian guy

    Bullet Pullers

    I Iike the hornady, having to change collets is a pain but I like the fact that it uses a close fitting collet to grip the bullet.
  13. caspian guy

    Should Rule be Updated?

    As usual I agree with Gary
  14. caspian guy

    Should Rule be Updated?

    I voted delete entirely and bring back holster tests. However what I would prefer is just to delete the underlined section and bring back the jump off the box part of the holster test (ain't no way am I doing a flip.)
  15. caspian guy

    Binary engineering comp

    I have one on a steel gripped sti framed gun with 2 barrel ports. 9mm major shooting 124 jhp Montana Gold over about 8 gr of Silhouette. Shoots flat and tracks straight not sure what else I could ask it to do. Are there others that are better, maybe? I've had guns that were maybe flatter but not enough to matter. It's like anything else, once you shoot it enough and get used to it, you can work with anything.