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  1. I have had both of them. They each have their good and bad points. I think the materials in the safariland are better (particularly the zippers) I like certain points of the safariland design better as well (the pouch in the back is well sized to take my open gun for instance) .. What I like better about the DAA bag is that it holds its shape and structure better (due to stiffer inserts I guess) and is a little easier to work out of during the match to me. They are both quality products but based on a little more than a season on the safariland bag (my previous 2 bags were DAA) I think it w
  2. When I used to run a club I'd ask competitors/setup crew to suggest something .... If we hadn't run it lately and it wasn't stupid hard to set up that's what we'd do. Preference went to people who were part of the setup crew as you might expect.
  3. To get that you'd have to have a long dust cover gun shorten the slide and then fit a comp. You'd probably need a new barrel unless it was a bushing barrel and you threaded it for a cone style comp. Not sure of the attraction (other than a shorter gun with long dust cover monolith look?)
  4. Yes when I still shot limited I switched to a 6" for much that reason. It helped a little. Glasses would help more (or a switch to a dot division like I did.)
  5. This.... Some dot modules just seem to kill batteries quicker than others. I've hit this a couple of times ove the years and swapping the module seemed to solve the issue.
  6. I cracked a lens on a romeo3max of mine due to this on my open gun... Since I have gone to a mount that doesn't fit as tight to the front of the scope body(and has snug locator pins) I have had no further issues.
  7. I think those were either cpi base pads or maybe something sold by Wayne bergquist when he ran glade gun works? Best bet would be to look in the archive issues of front sight around the time you got into uspsa (early 90s?) and look at vendor ads.
  8. Are you looking for some sort of adapter that lets you use a different footprint dot on a slide that's been cut to allow a direct mount of the viper? If so then what you ordered isn't intended for that. What you ordered is the adapter plate for a pistol with a multi optics cut to specifically mount a viper.
  9. So I'm a little curious I guess, in a short action bolt gun why go with the necked down grendel instead of a 6 creed or a dasher or a 243 for more velocity? I can see the 6 grendel or ARC in a small framed gas gun for sure. (I've tried to talk myself into building a bolt gun in 6 grendel or something like it and was curious about your thinking.)
  10. Which action are you going with?
  11. And I'll 3rd that... Awwww.
  12. Hope that doesn't cause consolidation of product lines... I've loaded Ramshot Silhouette for my major pistol loads for a long time. I'd hate to lose access to that (or accurate 2520 for that matter as it's my go to powder for my 6.5 grendel.)
  13. I like Federal as that's what my gun is set up for. Winchester is also good. Between the 2 or those I can get all the brass I want.
  14. I mean in this case you could shorten the thing and extend the battery life... But at this point I suspect they are content to sell them as is to the people who still want them and not incur the additional tooling and engineering costs.
  15. Kinda a shame with all that board space they don't add an led driver (to give pwm) and ATtiny microprocessor or something to control it. But I guess simplicity and low parts count has it merits in durability.
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