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  1. Had to purchase some frangible at the range counter to shoot in a steel match at my local range: Freedom Munitions Hevi Duty 9mm 100 grain. Apparently dirty ammo as it jammed up my just cleaned pistol during my first round. I was able to clear and finish the stage. Ran it a second time with no luck. Half way through, it would not feed. Cleared several times but couldn't get it to feed. RO said it was dirty ammo and had gummed up my pistol. Said he had seen it before.
  2. Instant improvement in accuracy over my Glock 17 and M&P9. Just slow fire on paper but it hit where I pointed it 5 yards out to 15 yards. Even tried some double taps and stayed on target. My son was shooting with me and he had the same results - instant improvement. I guess if I had to review it, I would say it’s really good and I want one.
  3. Shooting Limited Minor (G17) with my regular belt and kydex belt holster. So far, I've invested nothing toward USPSA as far as gear. Using a double mag pouch that I bought for an IDPA match. Will probably shoot another IDPA match and kind of get an idea if I'm going to focus more on one than the other. I did buy a 21 round p mag that comes in handy for Limited. So, I guess that's my one gear purchase for USPSA.
  4. No, I've not shot many matches (5 maybe?). More focused on what to do for the stage, keeping my finger off the trigger, not sweeping the barrel, etc....
  5. Noticed for the first time last night that some guys were running magnets on their belts. We had a stage where all the mags had to be on barrels. During the walk through, guys were practicing putting one on their belt magnet and pretending to insert one in their hand. Pretty cool for the game and speed, but not realistic. Interesting.
  6. I know the TSO in .40 is more of a Limited design, but do competitors specifically buy and shoot a Shadow 2 for Limited Minor? I noticed some guys at my local match who were shooting Shadow 2’s and I thought they were shooting Production but when I saw scores posted, they were listed as Limited Minor. Also saw a guy shooting a TSO and I guessed he was shooting Major, but he was also listed as Minor. The majority of Limited shooters were shooting Minor. So, I assume that some people now buy a Shadow 2 or similar Production competition pistol but use it for Limited.
  7. Looking for a factory ammo would work well for USPSA Limited Minor. I’ve shot S&B, Magtech and Fiocchi recently and didn’t see much difference. All were good. Pretty sure I’ve shot some WWB as well. I don’t think I’ve ran anything but 115 grain in this pistol. My guess is that most any factory ammo will work just fine. But, if a heavier grain would be more accurate or softer recoiling, I’d try to out.
  8. Good to know. The holster I have currently is for a Gen 5 17/22 and it works for my Gen 4 22.
  9. When ordering, I see there’s usually a difference. I have a kydex owb belt holster for my Gen 5 17 that works for my Gen 4 22. I’m guessing there isn’t that much difference between the two. I’m about to purchase a competition belt and holster rig and I’d like to have a holster that will work with both. Can anyone let me know if you have a competition holster that works for both the Gen 5 and Gen 4 full size Glocks.
  10. I agree a belt can be had for $40, but then a doh holster and attachments, etc.... In any event, I can see spending the money on equipment, pistols and ammo. But I just don’t have the drive to dry fire more than 5 minutes once a week, and shoot at paper targets for 100 rounds at the range more than once per week to prepare. Repeatedly practicing draws, mag loads, moving and thinking about possible stages... I just don’t have the desire to do it at home to prepare. I know that if I really, really wanted it, I would do all of those things regularly and try to find extra time to practice them some more.
  11. Started shooting USPSA 2 months ago and competed in four local club matches. LIked it much better than the 2 IDPA matches and the 2 GSSF Indoor matches I had done previously. I immediately started thinking about pistols, ammo, baseplates, belts, etc... Then started thinking about which class to stick with, Limited or go to Production. And I’ve now realized that I need to just wait. I am going to shoot competition maybe once per month for fun. I’ll stick with Limited Minor and not purchase a belt, or another pistol anytime soon. Why? Because the investment in dollars will overreach the amount of time I’m willing to invest in competition preparation. I like shooting USPSA, but I’m not willing to invest in the amount of dry fire or range practice needed to improve a lot. I would like to improve some, but as of right now, I’m ok with being a D class shooter who will eventually get to C class. I just can’t see investing in another pistol, or a belt/rig, and the ammo if I know I’m not going to dry fire more and shoot more.
  12. Considering some tru glo paint or brite marker for my M&P. I’ve blacked out the rear sights and was thinking about new sights with a fiber optic front. However, the sights on the M&P’s are steel and I thought why not try something like paint or a marker. Anyone used this type of application on a front sight?
  13. Was watching a YouTube video and the shooter was going over their Glock 34 Production gun. Dawson sights and a Glockworks trigger at 3.5lbs. I thought only DA/SA triggers could be under 5lbs after the first pull.
  14. What is the purpose of the BOSS holster hanger? And what makes that set up a production rig?
  15. This looks pretty good: https://benstoegerproshop.com/uspsa-essentials-holster-belt-mag-pouch-rig/
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