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  1. Stafford

    Ben Stoeger

    Who are the other two guys, Matt? and I think the other guy is or used to be a Glock Team guy?
  2. I'm referring to the content of the video. I can't say myself. I'll defer to your judgement.
  3. I watched this last night and now see why Trijicon is king for self-defense and all-around purposes. However, if you're only running a dot for competition, some of the others will be just fine. However, this video was a good review for several with their pros and cons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xht17ddnaA
  4. OK, I’ll bite. What is considered junk? Burris, Vortex, Holoson, Leupoid, Shield, etc....
  5. I signed up for Limited Minor for my local match this week. When I went back and looked at squadding, there were 4 Production shooters instead of the usual one or two. So, since there were more shooters this week, I decided to switch and shoot Production instead.
  6. I signed up for Limited Minor for my local indoor match this week. I was the first to sign up and went and looked at squadding this morning. There were four signed up for Production and 10 for Limited, including me. Based on the shooters, maybe 7 will shoot Limited Major and 2 will shoot Minor. Since there was competition in Production this week, I switched back to Production. Had there only been one other shooter in Production, like our last match, I would have stayed in Limited Minor. I don't know if switching back and forth is a good plan, but it keeps it interesting. Also, a Production M is in my squad and I will get to see how he runs the stages. Plus, I watched Shooting USA's coverage of the Production Nationals this weekend which showed me how easy it really is.
  7. I guess I see myself trying CO at some point. Or at least trying a dot first to see how I like it. I've shot a dot three times, and two out of the three were very frustrating. First time was a P320 range rental that shot low. I put the dot on the X or the head and was consistently 6 inches low, though it was centered. Pretty much wrote them off after that. But, I'm guessing the dot wasn't co-witnessed with the sights? Second time was a few weeks back. Range had an STI demo day and I tried a Staccato C with a dot. No real rhyme or reason to where the rounds went. Some left, right, low, etc... Also shot a C with iron sights and it was on target. Then, I tried a Staccato XL competition with a dot and it was dead on. Shooting in or around the same hole every time at 7 yards. I never even looked to see what optic was on any of the three that I've tried nor do I know the size of the dot. But as I recall, they were all small, so I'm guessing 3 MOA? I've currently got 3 options as far as a CO pistol, a Glock 17, a CZ SP-01 and a Shadow 2. If I had to guess, I'd go with the Glock, mainly because I don't want to mess with the CZ's. They shoot great as is, I doubt I'd want to get one of them milled, and I've read here that steel framed guns are hard on optics. As for the Glock, I can get a dovetail mount for around $50, try out an optic, run 21rd Pmags, and then decide what to do.
  8. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/MBX-140mm-Complete-Magazine-for-Glock-Pistols-P5772.aspx Here’s the description from the Google search: MBX 140mm Complete Magazine for Glock Pistols - Shooters Connection Mar 10, 2020 · Glock Magazine 9mm Model 17/34, 33rd. GLK17133. More Info. $37.99. In Stock. Glock Magazine 40 S&W Model 22/35 · Glock · Glock Magazine 40 S&W Model 22/35. Glock-22-Mag. + Add to Cart.
  9. Does the type of pistol matter as much in CO as other divisions? For example would a large, steel framed pistol present the same advantages in CO as is does in Production? I assume it would, but in my limited time of competing, I mainly see plastic, striker fired pistols in CO division. To be honest, I haven't really paid attention until recently, but I can only recall one person running a steel frame in CO in my squads. And I may be way off and just haven't noticed. But, off of my memory, it seems like Glocks and Sigs are the most popular in CO One of the better shooters at my local club has been running a Shadow 1 in Production. He also owns a Shadow 2, but prefers the 1. He just got into CO recently and is running a Glock 19. It seems to me he could have converted the Shadow 1 or 2 for CO instead of a much smaller, lighter pistol. So, I guess the question is does the optic negate any advantage of one pistol type (heavy) over the other (light)?
  10. Can you explain, "Optics for slide ride are awful". I assume that your optics were destroyed as a result of being installed on your slide? Have others had similar problems?
  11. Can you explain, "Optics for slide ride are awful". I assume that your optics were destroyed as a result of being installed on your slide? Have others had similar problems?
  12. I was trying to look at some older matches in practiscore and my most recent matches were showing in descending order. I clicked to the right to show all. Then I received a few matches with arrows. I clicked back and now there is a mixture of new and older matches. How do I return to the way I previously saw it on my dashboard. And how do I find old matches.
  13. Stafford

    Steel Cased Ammo?

    Why now all of the muzzle flash? And what are the sparks flying out and floating to the ground? Strange. Also, I found it to be very accurate.
  14. Limited. Have 2 ETS 140mm mags but they aren’t 100% reliable. Also have a 140mm 9mm magpul mag that runs great. Looking for something similar in .40
  15. I see MBX/STI .40 Complete Magazines for Glock at various online retailers. How many rounds do you get in these? Do they work? Do they require tuning. Pricey - around $120. Trying to find high cap competition mags for a Glock 22.
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