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  1. I may be wrong about this, but with a dot, it seems that dry fire is more valuable than with iron sights. In that finding the dot is the most important thing. With iron sights, I needed live fire to validate that I was actually on target. But that may be because I'm somewhat inexperienced compared to someone who's been shooting and dry firing for many years.
  2. Why do you prefer the higher dot. Everything I’ve read says get it as low as possible.
  3. I've shot it twice with the dovetail plate on the S2. Working very well so far.
  4. Holosun 407CO V2 on an EGW dovetail mount. I’ve shot it only two times now and I really like it. Of course, I might like other models too, but don’t have much experience shooting dots. Will try it out tonight at my local indoor USPSA match in Carry Optics.
  5. I was a poor shooter using my stock Glocks and M&P on steel. Wasn't a lot of fun. Then, I got a Shadow 2 and steel became much more fun to shoot. But, I was never as good as the Youtube shooters. Then I added a dot this weekend and shot it on paper and was impressed. Just got back from shooting the Shadow 2 with the dot and it was much easier than ever before and this was just my second time using the dot. Much better on the plate rack and a whole lot better on the smaller plate tree. I did try to crank the speed up on my last three mags and lost accuracy with the dot all over the place. B
  6. Zeroed Sunday at 15 yards with 115 grain Federal. Going to shoot today and try out different ammo - 115 grain Winchester Service Grade and Federal Syntech 124 grain.
  7. This is what I went with. Holosun 407CO V2 with an EGW mounting plate on my Shadow 2. Had it installed by a gunsmith this morning. If I like it, and decide to stick with a dot, I’ll have the S2 milled.
  8. At what distance should a dot be zeroed at for USPSA Carry Optics division? I've heard 25 or 20 yards commonly used. However, it seems that most shots taken are in the 10-15 yard range, though some are less. If zeroed at 20 yards, what does it do to accuracy at 10 yards?
  9. I have definitely enjoyed shooting the S2 in Production. I've only spent a little time shooting the G22 but I like it as well. I am shooting factory ammo so I will be slowing down on competing for a while as I don't want to deplete what I have left. So, it gives me time to try something different. Right now, I can purchase a dot cheaper than a case of ammo.
  10. My choices are a CZ Shadow 2 or a Glock 17 Gen 5 (non MOS). I kind of feel like I should get a dovetail mounting plate and try a dot on the G17. Then practice, try it out in competition and then decide what to do. If it''s a great improvement to my accuracy and enjoyment, then I might consider having a slide milled. And if I want to have the Shadow 2 or Glock cut on, then I could at that point.
  11. Hadn’t considered that, but that’s because I don’t have one of those.
  12. Which one for Carry Optics competition and why? Either a heavy, steel frame, hammer fired pistol or a lightweight, polymer, striker fired pistol.
  13. With just my contacts, I can see the target just fine, 3 yards or 25 yards and in between. But the front sight is blurry. I have to wear 2.0 readers on top of my contacts for reading and computer work. And while the 2.0’s would help me pick up the front sight perfectly, it blurs everything downrange and would distort my balance while running. The 1.0’s are a compromise which allow me to pick up the front sight clearly while also being able to see the targets. I can tell if I’ve made hits up to about 10 yards with my 1.0 readers on. Beyond that, I have no idea if I hit the target or where I hit
  14. I currently use a 1.0 reader while shooting to prevent my front sights from being blurry. I’m sure some others out there do the same. When moving to a red dot, were you able to ditch the reading glasses? I’ve only shot a dot a handful of times and didn’t test with and without when I did.
  15. So, will the market be flooded with used TS/TSO's next year?
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