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  1. My local store has a 75 Shadow, however, it is from the Custom Shop which raises the price considerably. Priced at $1,309. Don’t know if that is a good price or not for the work done by CZ Customs.
  2. Would like to get your impression on trigger weight in DA and SA, accuracy and feel. More specifically, how do they compare on quick double taps similar to what you would do in competition.
  3. I do have smaller hands...... and I don’t shoot IDPA as much as USPSA, so.... maybe SP01 Shadow??? Local range/gun shop has two Shadow 2’s. A black and blue and an Urban Grey (don’t really care for the color or the finish wear). Both priced at $1,199. The trigger is much better on the Urban Grey than the Black and Blue, both in DA and SA. Can find them both cheaper online, but I’ve dry fired the two locally. I’m willing to pay more for the Urban Grey that has a good trigger even though I don’t like the color and finish wear. But, if the SP01 Shadow is better for smaller hands........
  4. Thanks, that helps. By the way, trying to figure out your screen name. Best wild guess, you’re now a RN who used to play LB. Though, I could be way off.
  5. Been leaning toward a Shadow 2, mainly because I’ve shot one. But, I see better deals on the SP01 Shadow. Is there really much difference between these 2? Can save maybe $200 on the SP01 Shadow and I can use it in IDPA, haven’t shot one though. I loved shooting the Shadow 2. Very accurate even while shooting double taps.
  6. After renting some CZ's recently, I've kind of lost interest in my lightweight, striker fired defensive pistols. I assume this happens to others?
  7. I didn’t test it, but is decocked double action lighter than a full double action? Or does it just reduce take-up a bit?
  8. Easy enough. I am not looking to be a top level competitor or even tops at my local club match. Middle to above average at my local club match would be a solid goal. I’m a D class shooter in Limited shooting Minor, so the next step is to make it to C. However, I will probably try Production at the next classifier. I would like (not need) a nice competition pistol just because. I’ve shot a couple of nice models and was more accurate than with my plastic defensive pistols. Competing gives me an excuse to buy a nicer pistol(s).
  9. Sidebar: seems like after every stage, you need to completely unload your mags before reloading. That way you don't have to remember if you shot 8 before dropping or 6, etc... This ensures you have 10 in every mag and 11 in your starter mag. Whereas in Limited, you just load it back until it's full.
  10. Stafford

    Shadow 2 MOS

    What's the anticipated price point? I assume it will come in higher than the current Shadow 2?
  11. The DA on the CZ75 C was better than the DA on the Shadow 2. The SA on the Shadow 2 was better than the SA on the 75C. The Shadow 2 had a very heavy DA and a very light SA. No doubt about it from either end. It may not be supposed to work that way, but that’s how it felt. Both were stock pistols.
  12. Stafford

    Shadow 2 MOS

    One of the RO’s at my local range/gun shop told me that there would be a MOS Shadow 2 coming soon from CZ Custom. This shop stocks CZ Custom pistols. From what I’ve read, there was talks of this in 2018, but it never happened.
  13. I’m classified in Limited. But if I decide to shoot Production, I’ll enter as U unclassified, for that division - correct?
  14. So, you can’t have 11 in your first mag - correct? But you can load and chamber, drop the mag, and insert another 10 round mag for 10+1.
  15. Are all mags loaded with 10 rounds? Can you load 11 in your first mag to start with 10+1 like IDPA? Or, can you load and chamber, then drop the mag, and add in a new 10 round mag to go 10+1 on your first shots.
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