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  1. Stafford

    S2 - spring life?

    O.K. Thanks for those replies. I’m estimating that I’ve put around 5,000 rounds on the S2 with the CGW 13# springs.
  2. Stafford

    S2 - spring life?

    How many rounds before changing out the hammer spring and recoil spring on a Shadow 2? Switched out the factory hammer spring and recoil spring for 13# springs from CGW.
  3. Stafford

    Lok grip texture

    Thin Bogies sound perfect for me!
  4. So, how good are the triggers on these? Good to go out of the box? Or do most competitors polish them, and fiddle with the springs or just drop in a different trigger?
  5. Stafford

    Lok grip texture

    Anyone run the thin Bogies? I actually like the thin grip on my Shadow 2 so I wouldn't go for the palm swell. How close in size are the thin bogies to the factory aluminum grips?
  6. I know there’s value, but it’s just not something I’m interested in doing. At least for now.
  7. Which ones work? If I’m buying 147 for competition, I’m probably looking for Federal Syntech. If it ever comes back in stock. I have some 124 grain Syntech and ran one box without issue.
  8. Which 147’s run in the S2’s that you’ve shot? The only issue I ever had with mine was Freedom Munitions 124 grain. Ammo ran fine at the range to slide lock. But in matches, it didn’t want to extract at show clear. Locked up the pistol for a bit before finally extracting. Happened 2-3 times at a match this summer. Did the plunk test and found that it wouldn’t drop free.
  9. Guy in my squad had multiple failures with his Shadow 2 in his first stage. After that first stage, it ran without issue. I asked what happened and he said the problem was ammo. He was running 147 and switched to 125 and it ran perfectly. He said he had heard that S2’s didn’t do well with heavier weight ammo. He also said he had just gotten the S2 and it was his first time shooting it in a match, so I’m guessing he hadn’t done any changes. I’ve never ran anything but 124 and 115 grain in my S2. But I was planning to pick up some 147 competition loads when ammo becomes
  10. How about a new shooter who also starts competition? Sends the gun off for trigger work and gets the full super light trigger weight package. Has no idea about the internal workings of the gun, the terminology, or any understanding of how the various parts work with each other. Only knows that now the trigger is lighter and easier to shoot. Is that person negligent?
  11. There are a fair number of people using the Shadow 2 for Production or CO. I've only shot local matches, but it's fairly common to see this model. I'm running a 13# hammer spring with the original firing pin. But you have no way of knowing if a competitor has the extended pin unless you ask them. I'm more worried about the turn and draw stages where there is a chance of sweeping everyone up range.
  12. Same here, where is the other thread?
  13. Just to be clear, he wasn’t asking me. He would go to whoever was running the tablet and ask for my score? I agree it’s all fun, but I didn’t know the guy. It seemed strange, but it was probably motivating him to try and beat me. I was watching the A CO shooter in our squad, and trying to pick up tips from what he was doing.
  14. Shot a local indoor match and after the first stage a guy walked up and said I guess it’s me and you... We were both in CO and I guess he had evaluated the top shooters and determined that we were fighting it out for who would finish at the bottom of CO. Of course, that leaves out other squads. I’m a C level in Production that recently switched to Carry Optics. Since I hadn’t seen him before, I assume he’s new to USPSA. It’s common for some of the guys who’ve been squadding together to have friendly banter and competition among themselves. But this was a bit weird. After each stag
  15. LOL. Most likely to justify buying a different firearm or accessory in order to try a different division.
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