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  1. A little off-topic, but related to my slow shooting for accuracy: is IDPA counter intuitive to USPSA?
  2. I’ve shot it one time for about 50 rounds. It was pretty accurate but the blowback from the cylinder burned my hands a little. I would shoot it six rounds and let it sit a bit before shooting again. Didn’t want it to get too hot.
  3. Well, it’s a Rohm that’s probably 50 years old and worth +/- $75.
  4. Don’t know if this is a good thing or not. But last night, I pulled out an old Rohm 22LR revolver and practiced dry firing in double action until my index finger was starting to get tired. This morning at the range, my first pull on my Glock 17 surprised me. I was on target but the break felt like a single action compared to the Rohm in DA.
  5. You are correct, the basics of shooting is what I need to improve on more than anything. In some ways, I think I should stop competing in USPSA for a while, but it’s fun. Prior to my first USPSA match, I was focused on GSSF Indoor, putting 10 shots downrange in 15 seconds per stage. I took some instruction from someone who had me focusing on trigger control, grip, and slow fire. In fact, I was so focused on working slow that I wasn’t getting my 10 shots down range in 15 seconds in one of my GSSF matches. His method was learn to shoot slowly and master the trigger first and speed will come later.
  6. I agree, but “top quality gear” - whatever that is, is just part of this hypothetical discussion. I assume a Shadow 2 is a top quality pistol for Production and a TSO or custom 2011 is top quality for Limited Major. Since I don’t have any of those, or any plans to purchase anytime soon, “top quality” whatever (guns, mags, baseplates, magwells, frame weights, guide rods, springs, belts, triggers, grips, and holsters) is just to say All Things Being Equal for the given shooter.
  7. Thinking of buying a belt, fiber optic sights for the M&P 3.6, another couple of mag pouches and running production. Why not? I like the gun and I’ll have a place to go from...
  8. The likelihood that I ever shoot beyond a local match is negligible....
  9. Oh, and to further complicate matters, I really like the 2.0 3.6” M&P better. I like the way it feels and I think I shoot M&P’s better than Glocks. Even with the the trigger that everyone hates. Even though the Glock22 is readily available to build into a decent Limited Major pistol.
  10. Yeah, that’s what I’m asking. At my last match, a classifier match, there were three M’s, an A, five B’s, seven C’s, couple of D’s, and a bunch of U’s including me. I don’t really count the PCC’s in my mind, plus they malfunction a lot it seems - so whatever... The top M was so fast it was mind boggling - young - athletic - natural.... Shot Limited Major at my first match with a G22 and did ok but very, very slow. Shot a G17 at my second match and went fast but inaccurate. Shot a M&P 2.0 3.6” at my third match and was extremely accurate but slow again, and shot the m&p again at the classifier match and went faster, but less accurate. Thinking I should add a magwell and fiber optic sights to my G22 and shoot Major, or put sights on my M&P and shoot Production. Just can’t decide. But I’m only 4 matches in so... after 25 matches I can decide - right? But I still like to discuss now!
  11. Didn’t define it on purpose. Why, because those are difficult terms to describe in the format of USPSA. I’m still trying to get a decent handle on how it’s scored. I can only describe it from my viewpoint in shooting 4 local USPSA matches and I really don’t know how good my other competitors are or how much of an advantage their pistols are over what I’m shooting. Easiest = which division most new shooters (less than two years shooting experience) who are also new to competition will do well in. This is also vague in terms of age/natural ability/mobility/eyesight/other physical issues. Doing well/improving = moving from the bottom third of overall/division to middle of the pack overall and in division. Again, this is dependent on the other competitors and who shows up to compete. Average = practice dry firing one to two days per week, shoots at the range weekly for practice, and competes once or twice per month. For all I know, my other competitors only shoot at the matches I see them at and never practice or dry fire and do drills. Or, they dry fire over an hour every night, practice reloading drills on a timer daily, shoot three times a week for practice, and compete at other matches in addition to when I see them, and have 5-25+ years of experience. P.S. I realize I’m overthinking this (just go shoot) but, I don’t have family members or co-workers who shoot, much less compete. So, I like asking questions and discussing online.
  12. Which division is the easiest to do well/improve in for the typical average competitor. Assume the shooter has a top quality pistol and accessories for either division.
  13. I noticed this thread but didn’t pay it any attention until after last night’s match. Open gun in an indoor range. This was my 4th match and the first time I’ve experienced an open pistol running major before. It’s loud. Several people running plugs were covering their ears. Even some people wearing muffs were too.
  14. I assume that your classification is based on your percentage within the division you shoot in??? When I look at my practicsore numbers for my division, I see # - which is where I placed within the division and %, which is my percentage within the division as the first two columns. I'm assuming my % is what my classification will be based on. Is this correct?
  15. The Magpul 21 round mag I recently purchased ran great in my 17 Glock. Ran at the range and in a match and no issues. The ETS 19 round mags had jams in my 22 Glock at the range. Will not run either of the ETS 19 rounders in a match.
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