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  1. I just ordered the 13# hammer and recoil springs from CGW. Will try them out in my S2 and SP-01.
  2. Planning to run a 13# hammer spring in a couple of CZ’s. What factory ammo tends to have softer primers other than just Federal? I have a fair amount of S&B 115 and 124 ammo, but I don’t think S&B is known for soft primers. How about Fiocchi or Magtech? I have a small stash of those available too. But, if I need to purchase something else, Federal, etc... I will.
  3. I hope so. I was certainly thinking about my first shot being DA as I did stage planning.
  4. Used my new Shadow 2 last night for the first time in a local indoor match. I've been to the range several times with it along with dry firing. Always starting by manually decocking the hammer. And practicing in DA over and over again, just to get ready for my first shot running Production class. Last night, I remember planning my stage runs and trying to plan out the easiest starting shot in Double Action. I can clearly remember thinking about my first shot several times. It dawned on me this morning that I don't remember manually decocking the hammer after inserting the magazine and racking the slide at the make ready command. I can only assume that I have practiced it so much recently, that I just did it on auto pilot and then holstered with the hammer down. The only other option would be that I placed it in my holster with the hammer back, but without the safety engaged. Certainly, one of the RO's would have said something if I had attempted to do that? But, I honestly can't remember decocking.
  5. Stafford

    CZ trigger break-in?

    Anyone running a 13lb hammer spring without the extended firing pin? Will it fire factory ammo with just the 13lb spring change?
  6. Stafford

    Squeaky Trigger

    OK, I know where the hammer spring is, but I don’t know where the hammer strut is???
  7. Stafford

    Squeaky Trigger

    New SP-01 while dry firing, I heard a squeak. I put it in half cock, and then worked the trigger back and forth without letting the hammer drop. I could definitely pick up the squeak. I’m not positive where the noise is coming from, whether internal in the trigger mechanism or from the movement of the hammer. But, I think it is from the hammer - maybe. Will this wear in and eventually quieten down, or do I need to put some oil somewhere?
  8. Stafford

    CZ trigger break-in?

    Do CZ stock striggers break-in? If so, how many rounds before seeing an improvement? New SP-01 has about 75 rounds through it and maybe another 150 dry fires (with snap cap).
  9. Both times, the round nosed up.
  10. Stafford

    Shadow 2 vs. SP-01

    Is that compared to tuned Shadow 2’s? At this point, I’m pretty happy with my S2 even though I know it could be better. I’d be happy if my SP-01 could be tuned to the point of my stock Shadow 2.
  11. Stafford

    Shadow 2 vs. SP-01

    The SP-01 wasn’t bad. It’s just that the S2 is much better. I found myself wanting to shoot the S2 more.
  12. Stafford

    Shadow 2 vs. SP-01

    Yeah, I knew there would be a difference, but I didn’t realize that big of a difference. The last time I rented a Shadow 2, I also rented a P-01. And I shot the P-01 very well - on paper targets. So, I guessed that the heavier, longer SP-01 would be that good as well. I’ll try it out on paper at my regular range a time or two before trying steel again.
  13. Stafford

    Shadow 2 vs. SP-01

    I've had very little experience with CZ's other than rentals. I had previously tired a 75B over a year ago and more recently, rented a Shadow 2 - twice and a P-01. As a result, I've purchased a Shadow 2 and now a regular safety model SP-01. I've had the S2 to the range twice and it has been very accurate, and smooth. Very nice. For the past couple of days I've dry fired both the S2 and SP-01 (snap caps) and could tell a difference in the trigger weights. Still the SP-01 didn't seem bad at all, just not as great as the S2. Today, I tried them out together on a local steel range. Wow! BIG Difference. The S2 is a dream to shoot compared to the SP-01. Trigger, sights, everything. I really didn't think the difference would be so extreme, but it is. I'll keep shooting and dry firing the SP-01 and see how it breaks in. But it looks like sights and trigger work may be in it's future. I really think I may just keep the S2 stock.
  14. New Shadow 2 has been flawless with the 3 stock 17rd mags and 2 Mecgar 17rd mags that I purchased separately. Today, I took out my new SP-01 which came with two 18 round mags. I mixed and matched magazines between pistols and one of the 18 rounders had 2 failure to feeds with the Shadow 2. None of the mags caused any problems with the SP-01. I tried to duplicate the issue with the same mag in the S2, but it didn't happen again. Both of the 18 round mags did fine with the SP-01 as did the 17 rounders. Are there any issues with the 18 round mags?
  15. Stafford

    ESP question

    Normally starting hammer cocked with the safety on. However, what about unloaded starts on a table or barrel? I'm guessing you just put the mag in, rack the slide and engage the targets. I'm guessing that no safety is going to be involved in those scenarios. Correct?
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