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  1. I seem to screw up when practicing reloads in dry fire. Usually hitting the mag on one side or the other. But, in matches, I seem to do ok. Not great, but better than in dry fire. I’ve previously practiced reloads with empty mags. Today, I loaded up a couple of mags to about 3/4 and topped them off with snap caps. The added weight really made the difference. I was able to guide the mag in place nearly every time without issue. I think the weight will allow me be more consistent in practice and improve speed.
  2. Ha! I was at a match last weekend and a guy in my squad was shooting with a 6 shot revolver. It seemed to be no fun at all, but he was a big talker and seemed to enjoy telling match stories more than shooting. He had a blast. Clay shooting and a shotgun purchase are on hold for now. I had some available cash to spend and instead of a shotgun for clays, I’m spending it in this order: 1. Red dot for my carry pistol 2. Steve Anderson’s first book on dry firing 3. Pocket Pro II shot timer 4. Lyman Digital trigger gauge 5. Op
  3. I added I added the CGW 11.5lb hammer spring, the extended firing pin with softer spring, and an 11lb recoil spring to my S2 last week. It has ignited all the factory ammo I’ve tried so far. My Shadow 2’s trigger internals have not been polished and the only changes have been the addition of a 13lb spring and now the 11.5lb spring. I figure as much as I fire and dry fire, the trigger components will smooth out on their own, maybe/maybe not in comparison to polishing???? I compared my S2 trigger to my SPO1 trigger which has been worked on my CJ Maven. The SP01 trigger is est
  4. Typically take 250 rounds to a match and most list 150-175 rounds per match. So, I always have extra rounds. In the last couple of months, the local matches are now running 125-135 rounds per match. So, I only took 200 rounds with me to my last match. And of course, this match had a round count of around 160. So, I was still good, or so I thought. I ended up having two reshoots. The first was no big deal as I would have had enough ammo to finish. But the second one was going to leave me short. But my carry pistol, a little SA Hellcat and extra mag were in my vehicle. With 11+1 in t
  5. Don’t know if anyone noticed or not. I’m assuming no hit on target either time, but I didn’t look. I can only assume they hit the ground.
  6. That’s kind of what I thought as well. But, I’m still fairly new to shooting as a whole and the type of malfunctions that can occur. I have had 2 squibs where the bullet was stuck in the chamber previously. Never had one that exited the barrel.
  7. As I’ve mentioned in other threads this week, I just switched out my Shadow 2’s hammer spring for an 11.5lb from CGW along with the extended firing pin. I tried it out with different factory ammo earlier this week including 100 rounds of CCI Blazer Brass. All fired with no issues. Today I shot a match and took 124gr Blazer to shoot. Twice I had “squib like” occurrences, both deep into stages. Both times, I pulled the trigger, heard the tell tale pssst sound, followed by the RO telling me to stop. Both times there were no rounds lodged in the chamber. The guys in my squad believed i
  8. Stafford

    Lok grip texture

    The thin bogies arrived after I went to the range this week. But they feel very good dry firing. Probably should have done this already but I really like the thin feel of the originals. I will try them out in live fire at a match tomorrow with highs in the mid 30’s They should be a welcome addition over the aluminum grips which feel very chilly in cold weather.
  9. Are you running the extended firing pin?
  10. Just replaced my 13lb Cajun Gun Works hammer spring on my Shadow 2 with the 11.5lb CGW spring. I also dropped from a 13lb recoil spring to an 11lb recoil spring. I added the extended firing pin and softer firing pin spring. Went to the range this morning and ran factory ammo: CCI Blazer Brass, Aguila, and a few Winchesters without a failure.
  11. Back from the range. No issues through 125 rounds. Ran 50 rounds of Blazer 115, 50 rounds of Blazer 124, 20 rounds of Aguila 124, and 5 rounds of Winchester White Box 115. Live fire felt the same as dry fire. The double action felt a bit lighter, but if there was any difference in the single action, it wasn’t much. Or not enough for me to really notice.
  12. Going to the range this morning. I have been running a 13lb hammer spring, 13lb recoil spring, and factory firing pin/spring in my Shadow 2. It has ran without issue in this configuration with all factory ammo that I’ve tried. Last night I installed the 11.5lb hammer spring, an 11lb recoil spring, and the extended firing pin and softer spring. Will be running CCI Blazer Brass 115 and 124 grain this morning. If it doesn’t set those off, I’ll try some different factory ammo. After installation, the DA felt lighter. As for the SA? Maybe... a little lighter. I don’t have a
  13. OK, the slide gets stuck half-way and the next round is nosed up. Looks like a double feed, but there is not a round chambered. Just the next round angled up, locking the slide.
  14. Ordered two complete kits, TTI basepads, mags and Grams Spring and Follower to get to 23+1 for my Shadow 2. One works but the other malfunctions - failure to feed. Locks up the pistol requiring that I drop the mag to clear. Is there something I need to do to get this mag working? Sand an edge somewhere or something? I have no experience troubleshooting or tuning mags.
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