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  1. Why not get the C100 milled for an optic?
  2. I liked the Boombah's and would have gotten another pair. For trail running, the heel was a bit hard. I think they're a good option for shooting in wet/muddy conditions and I'm hanging on to my one pair for those times.
  3. I never heard back from the email I sent to Boombah. So, I ordered a pair of the Salomon Speedcross shoes. I'll try them out this weekend.
  4. A guy I was squadding with ate at all 6 stage points. Two cheeseburgers, a sandwich, trail mix, and lots of jerky, all with hands on the food. Said he was in his max cycle of his lifting phase and had to keep his calories up. After reading his thread, I started thinking about how much lead he may have injested.
  5. I was showing 12 until I viewed all. I had another 13 that were not checked. Once I added the check mark, I went to 25 total. I think I had updated at one time to show only recent matches and it unchecked some older matches. I just now added them back in.
  6. Never shot a major, so I don't know the ruling on this scenario. Say a match is being run over three days. Can you show up the day before you are to shoot and walk the stages and watch how others shoot the match. Seems like an advantage over those who shoot on day 1. Perhaps this is common and everyone does it. Or perhaps there is a ruling against doing this?
  7. I squadded with a a guy a few weeks ago in a local match that was shooting Limited Minor. He blazed through everything and won Limited. From what I heard, he's a Production M who was working on speed.
  8. Good advice on all fronts.
  9. Yep, so to change the subject a bit.... For DA/SA shooters, do you plan your first array around the DA shot? Meaning, you take the easiest shot first regardless of how it might affect your time? I always do this and plan what I'm doing around the first shot. I want to shoot at an open target if possible, or a closer target with the DA first pull. However, this is not always the fastest stage plan. For example, this weekend, I had a stage where most shooters went hard to the right for the first array, then went hard to their left for the second before entering the rest of the stage. There were 3 targets available on the right. The fastest route was to go to the inside cover and take the longest shot which had a no shoot, back out to the middle target which was a tuxedo, and back away and shoot at an open target and turn and run back to the left. As a DA first shot shooter, I did the opposite, taking the open target first, followed by the middle and then the longer shot hidden by cover. This took more time but I made sure that I shot the open target first with my DA first shot. So my movement was more static than those who shot the longer inside shot first. To me, that's the price of shooting a DA/SA pistol, but maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps, I need to improve my DA shooting, or I shouldn't give a crap if I make the first shot or not, and just worry about speed.
  10. For those with a DA/SA pistol, do you dry fire by pulling the DA every time? That's typically what I do but I don't know if that is the optimum thing to do or not. I saw one video that mentioned pulling the hammer back to SA and doing dry fire by lightly touching the trigger, just not enough to engage the hammer.
  11. Just back from the range and I took the old SP01 out for some fun. It's a great shooter. Probably just need to mount an optic on it and call it a day. I'm also experiencing the phenomenon of becoming a better iron shooter after moving to a dot. The more I shoot my Shadow 2 with a dot in dry fire, live fire at the range, and in competition, the better I shoot my other pistols, all irons, at the range. Makes me want to take the SP01 and try Production again just to see if I've improved.
  12. You're probably right. Might as well just bypass the Canik and jump straight to a Legion!
  13. I have a Gen 5 Glock 17 without front serrations. Will grip tape work for manipulating the slide from the front? Or will it heat up and slide off? Most of the videos I've seen using grip tape on the slide show it placed on top of the slide. Anyone use grip tape as a makeshift form of front serrations?
  14. The best value would be to take the EGW dovetail optics plate that I ran on my Shadow 2 prior to milling, and add it to my SP01. Then all I need is an optic and I'm good to go with a back up. But, it doesn't provide the option of trying something different than the DA/SA platform in CO. From a value standpoint, I could just add a dovetail plate and optic to my G17.
  15. Currently running a milled Shadow 2 with a Holosun 407CO in Carry Optics, but I don't have a back-up gun for CO. My current options with firearms I own are a Gen 5 Glock 17 and a CZ SP01. Both the CZ and Glock would need to be milled and a red dot added. For the cost of machining and the dot, it's not going to cost much more to pick up a TP9SFX with a Vortex. Also find myself questioning if a DA first pull is for me. I find myself taking the easiest shot in an array first rather than what would be a faster strategy with a more difficult first shot.
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