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  1. I'm not sure about leading the barrel, but it seems like TG and coated bullets makes for a lot of smoke. Like an old coal powered train going down the tracks.
  2. Ship it if you can. UPS does a good job. You'll be able to track it and know its there. Showing up at the airport and hoping the airline and TSA don't mess with you is more stress than you need, and if they do, now you're in trouble.
  3. I use 1.0 readers too, work great. HD gold put my prescription in my glasses and it makes a big difference.
  4. It was a very good match. The ROs were competent and friendly. I liked the format, and the combination of large, medium, and short stages within a zone was fun. The weather was for the most part, fantastic. I liked that the clubhouse was right there for the banquet. My experience from other nationals is that the banquet/award ceremony is often quite a drive from the range, which I think deters some shooters from attending. If not for the rain, the venue would have been perfect. I don't know why the food ran out and that was frustrating, but overall it was an excellent event.
  5. I've had very good support from Dillon even through the covid bs. Their product was shipped a little slower than before covid, but they kept me posted and didn't gouge me on prices. Maybe it was a mistake (they happen) or maybe there's more to the original story.
  6. The wait is long, but it's a very good timer.
  7. Rowdy, if someone gives you a pallet of ammo I'll take it off your hands.
  8. Haven't had that problem. I think Guy Neill's suggestion is pretty good. I agree with you, temperature in the 40's doesn't seem cold enough to cause that problem. Good luck.
  9. ??? huh? It's in English at the top. "Curious which grips makers and models dominate the shadow 2 crowd....." I'd say that's what he's trying to figure out.
  10. You know, you can set the timer to push times to log as well... that's pretty slick, you just keep shooting and log tracks the times.
  11. Sophie, don't worry about the folks in this forum too much. You asked a valid question. Follow them for a while and you'll see it's not just you. My advice is twofold. First, search youtube, there are a lot of folks who've made intro to IDPA/USPSA videos and you'll get a quick download of most of your questions. Second, at the next match, find someone who looks like they know what they're doing, introduce yourself, and tell them you're new. I've yet to see a shooter at a match who isn't willing to help out. (If they tell you that you should have read the rulebook before you got there, find someone else.)
  12. Those of you who want to sell your Shadows for fear of safety issues, please PM me.
  13. Wait for evidence instead of just making proclamations as to what is safe or not? Wow, what a concept! I have to apologize for being sarcastic. 23 years in the military and countless "committees" attempting to make things safer has left a bad taste in my mouth. I had a commander once who used to start our mission briefs, "Safety is paramount," he wasn't very effective. The next guy came in and said, "If safety is paramount, we shouldn't be flying these things." He was right. I'm not saying there shouldn't be a rule change, but I'm saying that pronouncements of rule and gun changes, in a sport with a very good safety record, before the facts are known is premature. Life is risky, no thank you on the bubble wrap.
  14. We don't officially even know what happened yet. Life is unsafe. Let's take a breath before we start making declarations and stating as facts things that may or may not be true.
  15. We're running around with loaded guns. Chances of an AD from someone falling are a possibility, breaking the 180, ricochets, and other bad events are a possibility, and yet you never hear of this stuff because all in all it's very safe. This might not be the sport for you. GSSF is something you might want to look into. Not kidding, all guns are Glocks with the safe action trigger.
  16. Terrible accident, but why don't we figure out what really happened first before we decide to make rule changes? We have initial reports, but we don't have the final report. As I read through some of the responses I feel this sport might just be too risky for some here. That's not judgment, just a choice each of us must make for ourselves.
  17. I'm not really clear about "there's a display on every stage/squad." Do you mean the scorekeeper's pad or a persons individual phone? If it's the scorekeepers pad how do you set it up to be timer and run practiscore? At our club we try to run it as a turnkey operation in that the squad takes the bucket with the scoring pad and timer and off they go. Nobody has to use their own stuff. I don't work for AMG but am a big fan. We have bought some for our range and they are really slick. Connect the bluetooth up to the pads running PractiScore and at the end of the string the scorekeeper just has to click on the stopwatch icon and the time is imported. It makes things run smoother during a match (is it life changing, no, but smoother is better). We run Steel Challenge matches and when you're behind a rimfire rife getting "hearing" all the shots is sometime difficult. It works on CED but my experience is you need to be really close for some rifles. With the AMG you can put the sensitivity toward high and it will pick up the shots. I also like the fact that you can replace the batteries. Some people don't like that method, and quite honestly I really never had a problem with keeping the CED recharged, but being able to change out batteries works for me.
  18. Tooth, will ROs be required to use their own phones? Does the bluetooth feed into the pad?
  19. Got mine last week. It works really well, I like it.
  20. Peltor EEP-100 with Skull Screw Tips are very good as are the MSA Pro-X's.
  21. Ordered mine May 31. I also wrote them two days ago and have not heard back.
  22. Davsco has the right idea. Practiscore and other advertisements should tell new shooters to leave their stuff in the car until after they check in. When you get a new shooter ask an experienced shooter to accompany them while getting ready. My experience is that usually they're at the match at the invitation of a friend who could serve the role. Most clubs around here have a new shooter's meeting. After that we tell the ROs/SOs if there are new shooters on the squad and they are monitored appropriately. I guess HQ could publish a YouTube video, but it only counts if shooter has seen it. This is an issue that will need to be handled locally.
  23. This guy does great work. IDPA legal holsters. https://rlncustomgear.com/
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