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  1. I slightly prefer the roller trigger, but I don't have a ton of time on both.
  2. Went from a C-More Slide Ride 8 MOA to a Holosun 510C with riser. It seems slightly easier to acquire the dot.
  3. CCI run much smoother for me. Small rifle when possible.
  4. Received processed head stamped brass. Almost looks new. Highly recommended.
  5. Incredibly helpful video! The epoxy you used does look easier to put on than JB Weld.
  6. Has anyone seen a CKArms ambi shielded safety on a piston to see how high it goes? PT is a little tall.
  7. Come Shoot with us 2014 Illinois Section Championship

  8. Come Shoot with us 2014 Area 5

  9. Come shoot with us 2013 Area 5!

  10. I haven't tried it. I wonder how easy it is to seat the mags. It looks like the purpose is to shoot with single stack mags in a 2011 grip. Remove the space between the . & the html & the link works.
  11. Anthrax new album Worship Music was a pleasant surprise.
  12. Menards 2x4 bench. Basement dungeon. Just enough room to load a fistfull of brass on top.
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