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  1. Incredibly helpful video! The epoxy you used does look easier to put on than JB Weld.
  2. Has anyone seen a CKArms ambi shielded safety on a piston to see how high it goes? PT is a little tall.
  3. I binge watched it as well. The lead actress is talented.
  4. Great attention to detail on his guns.
  5. I informed them last year that it was getting bad. I got a more knowledgeable response. I probably used a different email address. I don't think there is much they can do. They aren't blacklisted, they just aren't white listed. Too much spam has everyone cranking down on the filters. It's almost pointless to use the system. It was nice while it worked.
  6. in newer versions it's very easy. it used to be a pain, but now PS exports the same scores webfile that EZwin made. Export the classifier activity report and the scores webfile from PS, email to self. go to a PC, and upload the files to uspsa. just takes a minute. -rvb Thanks for replying. There it is. That is great!
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