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  1. I slightly prefer the roller trigger, but I don't have a ton of time on both.
  2. Went from a C-More Slide Ride 8 MOA to a Holosun 510C with riser. It seems slightly easier to acquire the dot.
  3. CCI run much smoother for me. Small rifle when possible.
  4. Received processed head stamped brass. Almost looks new. Highly recommended.
  5. Incredibly helpful video! The epoxy you used does look easier to put on than JB Weld.
  6. Has anyone seen a CKArms ambi shielded safety on a piston to see how high it goes? PT is a little tall.
  7. Come Shoot with us 2014 Illinois Section Championship

  8. Come Shoot with us 2014 Area 5

  9. Come shoot with us 2013 Area 5!

  10. I haven't tried it. I wonder how easy it is to seat the mags. It looks like the purpose is to shoot with single stack mags in a 2011 grip. Remove the space between the . & the html & the link works.
  11. Anthrax new album Worship Music was a pleasant surprise.
  12. Menards 2x4 bench. Basement dungeon. Just enough room to load a fistfull of brass on top.
  13. I was informed by a fairly reliable source that this doesn't speed anything up with the 550b.
  14. CO Steve mentioned that to make a 20 second swap of primer assemblies on the 550b you need to purchase the assembly from Dillon. Is part number 14282 Primer Slide Assembly, Small the only item that you would need to order or would I need additional items like 14015 Primer track bearing, etc? Thanks
  15. No, the follower is different. He has been working on a new design for a Para follower but AFAIK, there is nothing available yet. On a different note, it has been my experience that S_I tubes will work in a Para frame without modifying anything. The S_I tubes sit a bit lower so a weak spring will show up sooner but if your feed ramp geometry is OK, they feed fine. Later, Chuck I have no problems running stock unaltered STI magazines along with the unaltered magazine release in my Para. What caliber Para did the STI magazines fit into? This is the 1911 page so I am guessing 40? SV
  16. There is a lot of good metal posted as well. I love thrash although I can mouth the words to most late 80's early 90's radio hits. Slayer! I am currently going through Opeth's albums. If you haven't heard them you might check them out. Watershed & Ghost Reveries are really good albums.
  17. A lot of Sci Fi here. A lot of my favorites are posted next to some I am not familiar with. I will have to pick some of those unfamiliar books. My favorites: Neuromancer William Gibson Snow Crash Neal Stephenson The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer Neal Stephenson Spares Michael Marshall Smith Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future Mike Resnick Only Forward Michael Marshall Smith Doomsday Book Connie Willis Across Realtime Vernor Vinge Zodiac Neal Stephenson Beggars in Spain Nancy Kress Ender’s Game Orson Scott Card Job : A Comedy of Justice Robert Heinlein Distract
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