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  1. The M-Lok handguard is 2.0 oz lighter than the MKIII Rapid Configuration handguard, so there is a benefit in weight, but not dramatic. Another advantage is that attachments will be cheaper. The thermal dissipator won't fit under the M-Lok, but that should be a moot point.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'll scratch off the thermal dissipator and the roller trigger. Now I have a question about the hand guard. I was planning to get the standard rapid configuration handguard, but it appears JP recently made an M-Lok handguard available. What is the consensus on the rapid configuration handguard? I originally began considering the CZ Scorpion and then decided to move on to the GMR15 once I realized I would likely make quite a few changes to the Scorpion. I am looking for something that is reliable and shoots well out of the box and the GMR15 seems to fit
  3. I am considering my first PCC and have mostly settled on the GMR15 after conducting research. I have played around with the configurator and am hoping those experienced with the platform have some feedback regarding some of the options I am unsure about. Thermal dissipator: Based on my searches, there seems to be a roughly 60/40 no/yes split on this option. Obviously, the main downside is the additional 5 oz of weight added around the barrel to a gun that is already front heavy. Under what conditions would the increased cooling become noticeable? I am located in TX, so I would
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