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  1. My Canyon Creek Single Stacks by Rich Dettelhouser. I rarely ever shoot SS, but i'll never sell these. Two are.45acp, three are .40s&w, one is 9mm.
  2. I started out with the XDm 5.25 with a Vortex Viper when CO first started and had a lighter weight restriction. The XDm was great and exceeded what my abilities could deliver. But because i was shooting a Shadow 2 in Prd, when the weight for CO increased i also went to the Shadow 2 in CO, also with a Vortex Viper. I love everything about the Shadow 2 and thought it was my forever CO gun. I had a Sig X5 and was pretty underwhelmed with it. When the X5 Legion came out i didn't think too much of it.....until i shot my buddies with a GGI curved trigger kit installed and a DPP. For some reason be
  3. I've had Primary Machine mill two Shadow 2 slides, an SP01 Shadow slide, and an SP01 Tactical slide for optics. Fantastic work every time.
  4. I think I must be going through the same type of issue. I did, however, just order a Browning Citori CXT with the plan of getting more involved with trap shooting. I had a great time with it.
  5. The Citori is shooting 70/30? Maybe that was the issue, that I was shooting under the clay with my misses with Benelli? My Super Vinci patterns out at 50/50. I also have the C shim in my Benelli.
  6. I have a modified choke on my Benelli. Not sure what my buddy had on his Citori barrels (maybe modified and full)? And it could be the Citori just fit me really well, but I always shoot extremely well with the Benelli Super Vinci when pheasant hunting.
  7. I've pheasant hunted for years, but have never really shot trap. About a week ago i shot trap with some buddies. Brought my trusted Benelli Super Vinci that i use to pheasant hunt. In pheasant hunting in the Dakota's, i shoot very well. But when trying to shoot clays, i missed enough that it was embarrassing. About a 70%-75% sucess rate. My buddy let me use his Browning Citori CXT, and it was like night and day. I was crushing almost all the clays, about 90% success rate. I felt like i almost couldn't miss. I'm no expert in shotgun knowledge, so can someone who is explain why ther
  8. Definitely it may be frustrating in the beginning as you "lose" the dot. But it gets much better over time. Definitely don't try to jump back and forth shooting both Production and Carry Optics. If you are going CO go all in. I tried doing both for awhile and it just makes it difficult finding the dot in CO because i index the gun differently in CO vs Production.
  9. I just saw one this week at Scheels for $899 and one at Farm & Home for $899.
  10. Thanks Rich, I'd appreciate it. I've got a few of your all tungsten guide rods, but could use one more.
  11. I've looked online and can't seem to find anyone that still makes a tungsten guide rod for the XDm. Anyone have any leads? Thanks.
  12. I use a Tubbs flat wire spring in all my AR's. I think it's an incredibly inexpensive way to greatly improve full cycling reliability and reducing recoil.
  13. Why would Max use a standard X5 upper vs an X5 Legion upper on his X5 Legion lower? What is the difference between the two uppers? I have X5 Legions set up for CO and for Production. But I never knew there was a difference in uppers from the standard X5 to the X5 Legion?
  14. I noticed a few on the shelves at our local Scheels and at Big R this weekend. $899 at Scheels and $999 at Big R.
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