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  1. Looking forward to the eventual release of a CZ Shadow Eric G model.
  2. JGus

    CZ Shadow 2

    I've got two Shadow 2's. Made a few changes. To both I added a CZC competition hammer, lighter hammer and recoil springs, and CGW bushing. Oh, and I added Lok Grips Palm Swell grips to both. To the magazines I added Springer Precision basepads.
  3. lfine

    Ever find out if the grip safety can still work?

  4. Not really a recommendation, as I have no experience with the other barrels, but a testimony. I've built several AR's using the Ballistic Advantage 18" stainless steel fluted (rifle length gas system) barrel. At 100 yards with cheap 55 gr FMJ ammo (Federal American Eagle), using a secured rifle sled I'm consistently at moa at 100 yards and often times sub moa. With Hornady Black 62 gr FMJ they are consistently sub moa at 100 yards, again from a secured rifle sled. It's a very impressive barrel.
  5. When i reload i shoot 147 gr out of my Shadow 2. I have used both SNS and Xtreme. Both work great. However, for at least the last year, i've been finding a lot of cheap 9mm 115 gr factory ammo deals for 16-17 cents per round. WWB, Winchester Service Grade, Federal Target, Remington, Blazer Brass, etc. These deals pop up once in awhile and i jump all over them. So i've been shooting various factory. I really haven't noticed a difference in groupings. And because it's 9mm out of a heavy gun, the recoil of one brand vs another isn't an issue. Just find what's cheap and shoot it.
  6. Congrats! I own a few Canyon Creek 1911's and they are my favorite pistols. My hope is they stay in the family for a few generations.
  7. Is JJ still sponsored by EAA/Tanfoglio? I read he shot an Atlas 2011 for the Limited win. JJ put on a legendary performance at Nationals. Stoeger had a hell of a showing for his first ever Limited Nats with a 3rd place showing after winning Production Nats. I assume Ben was shooting an EAA/Tanfo?
  8. I bought a Fusion Pro Series .45 several years ago. It's been a great gun. No complaints. In addition, I also had them build me a 6" upper for a lower I already had, which also works great.
  9. What a great match! First time attending and I couldn't have been more impressed. Fantastic range and challenging yet fun stages that gave you several options. Already looking forward to the 2019 match.
  10. Wilson Combat .45 mags run without fail in my Canyon Creek 40 1911's.
  11. Outstanding match! Well done.....again. Great stages, great volunteers, great prizes. Already looking forward to next year. And great raffle drawing prizes with a Canyon Creek Custom .45 1911 and a Carne Custom 9mm 1911. Even the non Single Stack shooters were drooling over these custom 1911's.
  12. Anyone know the expected life of an XDm 5.25" 9mm match barrel before loss of accuracy becomes noticeable? I would guess 50,000 rounds or more of 9mm?
  13. I love my Sigs and own several. Three P226 USPSA models, two X-Five Allrounds, two X-Five Competition, one X-Five Level 1, and several others. So naturally I thought I'd try the P320 X5 for Carry Optics. I had been using a couple XDm 5.25's with PRP triggers, Canyon Creek heavy tungsten guide rods, Springer mounts, and at first Burris FF3, but eventually moved to Vortex Viper red dots. I bought the P320 X5 with GGI PELT trigger. It was very nice. Shot very well. But try as i might, I just couldn't feel more comfortable with it than with my XDm's. I even got a couple CZ Shadows worked up for CO with milled slides. Since I have been shooting the Accu Shadow in Production, and now the Shadow 2, I thought I'd perform best with the Shadow geared up for CO. Nope. After a few months of running the plate rack, various drills, and getting rounds down range, I found I performed best with the XDm. Of course, others will perform best with the P320 X5 or the Shadow in CO, but I found for me the best CO set up was with the XDm.
  14. Rich, will do. Thanks, i'll email you.
  15. Where can i find just the spring plug for a 1911 guide rod on an XDm 5.25? I have a 1911 tungsten guide rod for an XDm, but i just need the plug. Can't seem to find anyone that sells just the plug. Checked with PRP, PistolGear, Springer Precision.
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