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  1. I think the PRP trigger in the XDm is the best do it yourself trigger in a striker fired gun. I have 4 XDm's with a self installed PRP trigger. I had a Sig P320 and a P320 X5, both with GGI trigger. And while the GGI trigger definitely improved the Sig stock trigger, it didn't match up to the PRP trigger on the XDm. I know have a Sig P320 X5 Legion, with a stock trigger. And it's a nice improvement but it still doesn't measure up to the PRP on the XDm.
  2. Does anyone know if Sig is planning on releasing a Max X5 model? I'm definitely interested in the Legion X5, but if Sig is going to be coming out with a Max X5 in the next year or so I may just wait as I'm in no hurry. I thought I read that somewhere but now I can't find it? It would be nice to have a Legion X5 with a multiple red dot plate system.
  3. I've noticed the significant rise of CO competitors in my area (Central IL) over the last year and the drop of PCC. Last year PCC seemed to be really popular, but now I've noticed at the local matches I've shot this summer, PCC has really fallen off. PCC has had 1 competitor on the low end to 6 on the high end, with an average turnout of 74 total shooters in the four local matches from this summer I reviewed. I realize this is not anything close to being scientific. Just a general observation. Limited has definitely been the most popular (which was expected), followed closely by CO, with PRD and OPEN trading back and forth for third and 4th place. SS and PCC are a distant 5th and 6th, with REV barely registering (which was expected). At first it seemed as if competitors were really embracing PCC and sort of cool to CO, but that has really shifted, with CO taking off and PCC falling off. SS has had a low turnout for a few years and REV has just the occasional competitor at our local matches. At least this is what I notice in my area. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing the rise of CO and the fall of PCC in their area local matches?
  4. I used to have a CZ Phantom. Used to being the key words. Didn't think it would be too bad to completely disassemble and reassemble to put in a lighter spring package. I've got an SP01 Tactical, a couple Accu Shadows, a couple Shadow 2's. Shouldn't be any more difficult than the SP01 Tactical, right? Holy crap, I was never more frustrated trying to reassemble a gun than I was with that damn Phantom! It doesn't help that I have big hands and I was constantly fumbling up the small springs on the sear cage. And like the OP said, I kept locking up the hammer on reassembly before I figured out what I was doing wrong.
  5. I have a Desert Eagle .44 mag marked XIX. So it's one of the newer models. I don't have a lot of rounds through it, but i've never had an issue with reliability.
  6. I've got a couple of CZ Shadow 2 slides I use in CO. They make weight, but barely. At the IL SECT match my Shadow 2 weighed 44.9 oz with a plastic guide rod. It's been milled specifically for the Vortex Viper. I would like to just have a window milled on top of both slides. Nothing more. I want to keep as much weight as possible, but want a little bit of wiggle room should I change things up on it. Guide rod, red dot, etc. Does anyone know of a company that will do that basic milling, just a simple window on top of the slide? Most of the popular slide milling companies I've contacted will only do their full slide lightening package, which I don't want. Just a window on top of the slide. I don't want all the other weight removed. Thanks.
  7. JGus

    S2 with SRO

    Who did your slide lightening?
  8. I wonder what Sig can do with the eventual release of the Max Michel P320 X5 to improve the model even more?
  9. I've had two Shadow 2 slides milled for CO. Other than milling for the red dot, no other material was removed from the slide. I had both slides milled for a Vortex Viper, so not using a plate system. But, with a Vortex Viper, a Henning or Springer 140mm basepad, and Lok Palm Swells "lightened" grips (they hollow out the grips), i make CO weight. And that is with the steel guide rod.
  10. It was a really fun match. Hadn't shot SS in a few years. Felt good to break out the Canyon Creek .40. Brian and his crew put on a great match.
  11. They don't have to. They can shoot limited minor. I get your point, but if they don't want to shoot .40 major in Limited, they do have a choice. Yes, it may put them at a disadvantage for scoring, but it's still a choice. It's just my opinion, which is worth as much as it costs, but instead of people trying to change a division to fit their personal wants, just find a division that is best suited for them, even if it means shooting Limited minor, or only 10 rounds to a mag, etc, etc.
  12. For all the people that are pushing for Production to be more like Limited (gas pedals, maj/min scoring, increased mag capacity, etc) instead of pushing for changes in Production, why not just shoot Limited and leave Production as is?
  13. I found some at SWFA Outdoors, but thanks for the heads up.
  14. Dang. I was afraid of that. Can't find any place that has the 20 round 9mm TS mags in stock.
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