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  1. I noticed a few on the shelves at our local Scheels and at Big R this weekend. $899 at Scheels and $999 at Big R.
  2. I do try to get my friends to shoot SS. I loaned out three of my 1911's to people that had never shot SS in USPSA and didn't own a SS so they could shoot the PASA Park Single Stack match this year. No, they won't go out and buy a 1911 and go all in on SS, but it would be great to see them keep shooting this match to see it continue to grow every year and keep it alive. I was mostly sharing an observation about the massive decline in SS participants the last few years. And I hate to see SS fade away as I enjoy shooting a 1911 in a match or two per year. I've never considered it for my main di
  3. Just an observation, but I noticed at the Area 1 match there were a total of 13 SS competitors. I've noticed this year most level 2 and 3 matches have very few SS competitors. I rarely shoot SS, usually once a year at the PASA Park Single Stack Match, and it's a great time. I love 1911's. I have several. But I've always preferred Production and now CO. I hate to see SS fading away like it is, but I'm not sure what can be done to increase the number of participants?
  4. Maybe his most impressive win because of his age and bad knees. TGO is a living legend.
  5. PASA Park in Berry, IL is holding their annual PASA Park Single Stack Match September 19th. It's a one day level 1 match that they started having every year as just a fun 8 stage match for anyone that wants to shoot SS. For a lot of shooters (including me), this is the one time a year they dust off their single stack rig and have fun shooting SS. USPSA SS rules apply, but it's just a level 1 so like any level 1 match, each squad is responsible for RO'ing and scoring. What does the winner receive? Bragging rights for the year. It's a fun match. https://clubs.practi
  6. I was shooting 147 gr SNS and Xtreme plated through my CZ Shadow 2 with great grouping results. Chrono around 130 pf. Those same rounds did not group well when I moved to the X5 Legion. I've experimented with 124 and 115 grain. And for me, I've found the best results with 115 grain. 124 gr grouped better than 147, but not as well as 115. Also, i found around a 135 pf also groups better than below 130 pf.
  7. I see the Ladies Open winner at Area 6 beat three B class shooters to win the Ladies Open title. I thought you had to have more than just four people in a category to be considered a category winner? Or is that all it takes?
  8. This topic has really derailed.
  9. While I like being able to use 140mm mags in CO and hose away, I did prefer when it was similar to PRD with 10 rounds. People can moan all they want that in the "real world" there are 15 or 17 rounds in a mag. Yeah, we know. But this is a game. Again, let me repeat, this is a game. Let's put some obstacles into the game to make it a little more challenging. Obstacles that rely on skill and practice (such as having to do two or three mag reloads during a stage).
  10. I've got a bunch of 147 grain loaded with Xtreme and SNS with ramshot competition. In my CZ Shadow 2 they grouped incredibly well. In my X5 Legion the groupings really opened up. I was pretty disappointed in the X5 Legion, thinking it didn't shoot well. I've got a bunch of factory loaded 115 from many different manufacturers. So I thought I'd try that in my X5 Legion, and the groupings went back to equal that of my CZ Shadow 2. So I've been shooting the 115 gr factory ammo for some time and I'm really happy with the results and loving the X5 Legion.
  11. I think a positive consequence of CO division was that some of the red dot manufacturers realized they had to go back to the drawing board and create a more durable red dot. CO division has created a very large and wide scale red dot testing scenario.
  12. A couple things. When you talk about "significant" increase in the cost of mags, I don't see it? When I was shooting Production, I still had Springer basepads on my mags. With my Sig X5 Legion it came with three 21 round mags. I bought two extra mags that I put on Springer basepads and grams followers so I have two mags that can hold 23. A sanctioned match isn't going to have a 40 plus round stage so you only need one or two extra capacity mags. And you don't need as many mags as you would in Production, so that's a cost saving, too. I'd call it a wash. You also mention that the
  13. I also shot the first CO Nats at PASA Park in 2016. I live an hour from the range and shoot about every match they have there from Area 5, Production Nats, to the Single Stack Classic (when they still hosted all these matches), so I thought why not try CO Nats? I set up a Springfield XDm 5.25" (PRP trigger) with a Burris FastFire 3 and a Springer mount. Why? Because I already had an XDm and the FF3 and that combination met the weight factor at that time, and all I needed to do was order a Springer mount. I'd been shooting Production with a CZ Accu Shadow for some years, and thought I'd give
  14. Got to shoot my friends XDm Elite 5.25" this weekend. I own three XDm's, all with a drop in PRP match trigger. While the PRP is still a better trigger, the Elite made a great improvement on the trigger. I was really impressed. Even went out to 30 yards (because why not?) and had no problem hitting steel on the steel plate rack.
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