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  1. I'm kind of a collector of Sigs. I've got three P226 USPSA models. Two with stainless steel frame and one with the alloy frame. Great guns. Warren Tactical rear sight and a Dawson Precision fiber optic front. No longer ideal Production guns but they could hold their own even today. I've got several first gen P226 X-Fives, including two X-Five Allrounds. These are outstanding guns. I'd put their accuracy up against my CZ Accu Shadows and Shadow 2's. Feel great and shoot great. With a good trigger job this gun can compete with any Production gun even today. Both the P226 USPSA model and the P226 X-Five Allround have a long, heavy DA pull, and only a decent SA pull. You'd want a trigger job from one of the big name Sig smiths. They are not easy to find, though.
  2. While it's not an area match, come on over from Iowa and shoot the Illinois Sectional Match. It really is one of the best Level II matches you will ever attend.
  3. Very innovative. Congrats on both the product and the partnership with Nighthawk. I hope it takes off. It has me intrigued.
  4. I like what I'm seeing. At least Springfield is trying to keep up with the innovations of the other striker fired guns hitting the market. https://www.springfield-armory.com/xdm-elite-features/
  5. Interesting. The amount of LCI barrels sent back for replacement with non-LCI barrels must have been significant?
  6. JGus

    Carne custom

    I was the one JHicks8h did the transfer for. One of the first SS's Mark ever built. A 9mm. I'm no 1911 expert but i own several custom, semi custom and production 1911's (several Canyon Creek Custom, Ross Carter Custom, Calhoun Custom, Ford Custom, Springfield Custom TGO, Wilson Combat, Ed Brown, Les Baer, Dan Wesson, etc). So i at least can recognize a really good 1911. And the Carne Custom i bought is on par with any of my custom and semi custom SS's with trigger and function. As one of his first guns i was expecting to be underwhelmed. But it's outstanding. If i was looking to build a custom 2011 there is no question i'd go to Mark.
  7. I get what you are saying (I think), as the gun of choice is always personal preference. But, it seems that if you don't have experience with either gun, the prudent thing to do would be to ask the opinions of those that do have experience with either one or both? Then see if you can get some trigger time with both with your preferred match loads and make a decision based on all available information.
  8. Yeah, my complete upper (first barrel replacement they said send in just complete upper) came back in that exact same box, then the barrel (second barrel replacement they said just send in the barrel) from my second X5 Legion was also returned in that big Sig box. Nice box, but I thought that sure is a lot of box for just a pistol barrel.
  9. I agree. Any metallurgy experts out there? If so and you tell me it's not a big deal to have coating on the barrel, I'll just keep it and shoot it. I just don't want the barrel to start pitting or rusting.
  10. I requested to have the LCI barrels on my two Sig P320 X5 Legions swapped out for non-LCI barrels. One my first request, Sig CS said to just send in the complete upper. On the right is the replacement barrel the first time I sent in my complete upper to Sig to replace the P320 X5 Legion barrel with a LCI for one without an LCI. Barrel looks great, has a coating on the barrel. For my second P320 X5 Legion Sig CS said just send in only the barrel. So that's what I did. I just got the non-LCI barrel today, which is the barrel on the left. Just got it delivered to my office FEDEX. It's straight out of the box. It's completely wiped down, no oil or residue on it. It appears as if it is still in the white, just bare carbon steel? Don't get me wrong, I'm going to shoot the heck out of both X5 Legions, but If it's supposed to have a coating on it to preserve it's longevity I'd like to have it. Anyone else that has had their LCI barrel swapped out for a non-LCI barrel also get a barrel in this condition? I thought i'd check to see if maybe that's just how the barrels are on the latest X5 Legion barrels before I contact Sig CS? If this is how the latest barrels come out I'll just shoot it. I'm not concerned about looks, just don't want it rusting or wearing prematurely.
  11. I've tried several factory 40 loads in my CZ TSO and found the lowest power factor was Freedom Munitions RNFP 180 gr. Chrono'ed it at around 173 on average. I've never tried the Federal Syntech.
  12. I have never met Kita, haven't read her book, and haven't taken a class with her, but geez, I'm amazed at some of the crappy comments coming from people that have never taken her class or read her book. I've seen some of her shooting videos. And she isn't "terrible." She isn't an elite shooter, but she is a solid shooter. She was married to the best shooter in the U.S., so you know she isn't terrible. This class would probably be great for many beginning shooters or people that weren't in sports growing up and never learned proper footwork or hand/eye coordination, and even for some of us that did grow up in sports we could still probably pick up a thing or two. She's just like the rest of us, just trying to support her family and make a living.
  13. As I noted above when I sent in one of my X5 Legions to have the LCI barrel swapped for the non-LCI barrel, Sig said to just send in the upper, not the entire gun. They turn around time was very fast. I'm now also sending in my other X5 Legion to have that barrel swapped for the non-LCI. This time they are saying just to send in the barrel only. Here is the email I received from Sig asking if I could send in my second Legion to also have the LCI barrel swapped for the non-LCI: "Thank you for contacting Sig Sauer. This time we just need your barrel only. Please package up your barrel and use the attached Fedex shipping label to send it in. Upon receipt we will swap out the barrel for the NON-LCI for you as a courtesy." And I'm ok with that. I've bought drop in barrels from Sig in the past for my P226's and the guns grouped just as well as with the original barrel. I would expect the same with a drop in barrel for my P320 X5 Legion.
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