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  1. Fantastic. This allows my limited to be as fast as my comped gun
  2. Does anyone have that section they can post? what if I use a small 3mm thick stick on pad that serves as a thumb ramp in that location?
  3. Grip Pad For Thumb On Dust Cover Legal for Limited? In addition to skateboard tape on the grip I just added a textured thick plastic tape just forward of the takedown lever and above the trigger guard on the dust cover to increase friction where my weak hand thumb would index/rest. Is this legal on my G17?
  4. @tonythetiger Can you post pics of this gas ring reaming out the bore? I have two of the 3gun labs BCG's an have run one on a 300BLK build and don't see any wear. Probably only have 150 rounds though...
  5. What about using after market slides for carry ?optics?
  6. WellI just ordered a bx trigger and volquartsen carbon takedown barrel and magpul takedown backpacker stock So looking for the best deal on the actual gun or a receiver minus the trigger group aftermaket receivers are ok too as long as they are gtg LolPlease post prices and links? Thanks
  7. I tried safety walk and stopped using it. I ordered some MOB grip tape and Dark Angel grip tape. Both of those are much grippier / coarser/ sharper than the safety walk. I've used the Dark Angel since January and it's stuck and no granules have come off since I installed on my edc. Compared to SWalk - that only lasted a few months before granules would be coming off.
  8. Interesting That rca low mass bcg looks and weighs almost exactly the same as the. Brownells one that’s $120
  9. would you share your set up? Buffer weight, spring, gas system and barrel length?
  10. I got a set of Lyman 300BLKOUT MSR dies and a Lyman M die I have Varget, Red Dot (LOTS), TiteGroup, Benchmark, BullsEye and Win 748 as a selection of powders. Would prefer to use up the Red Dot LOL Looking at using some 200gr projectiles
  11. any update on this? I have the same barrel and SLR7 gas block
  12. Thanks what barrel and gas block? gas port size and gas block setting?
  13. Thanks - that sounds a bit like my issues. Narrow adjustment range. I'll add some weights back to the carbine buffer and try again
  14. Yes- and that did not work too well 2A actually said to use an extra power spring...
  15. Question for those running the low mass Whiskey Arms low mass bcg. What buffer, spring, gas system are you running? I am having some teething / set up issues with my low mass adjustable carrier 2A bcg. Using carbine buffer with weights removed, red extra power spring and dialing back to lock up on empty mag but still getting occasional mis-feed. The live round after firing about 2 to 3 consecutive double taps jams tip up with the bolt jammed into the casing midsection dialing gas down to single shot mode and then dialing up to mag lock back...
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