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  1. Where are the best places to buy 38 Super Comp brass new or once fired? Any leads are appreciated. Thanks!
  2. @arkadi@muncie21@IHAVEGAS@ltdmstr@Rnlinebacker@Silverscooby27 Thanks for the feedback...it is always good getting different perspectives. All my 2011 sights are the predominantly Front FO and Rear Plain Black...Was wondering to see if trying something different was worth it. My SV has an Aluminum Magwell, thought adding the Stainless Steel Magwell will help some with recoil. Plus it would last longer given the dry firing punishment practicing reloads. I do like the heavier pistols like my Atlases with Stainless Steel Magwells.
  3. So 2 in 1... 2011 5" Limited - Understand personal preference for both of these, but want to hear the pros/cons 1) Rear Fiber Optic vs Black background - Easier sight / target acquisition & contrast? - Too busy/bright to the eyes? Distracting? 2) StainlessSteel vs Aluminum Magwell - Dry firing magazine punishment - stainless steel holds up better? - Overall weight difference helps some with recoil flatness? Dipping? Thanks for your comments and feedback on advance!
  4. I have had good luck with both fixed and variable springs (Wolff). Atlas Nemesis: Factory RS 11F / MS 17 Tested several combos: RS Fixed: 10, 11, 12 RS Variable: 11, 12, 13 MS: 17, 19 Combos that performed well: 11F/17, 11V/17, 12V/17, 12V/19 For now I settled with 12V/17, but want to do more testing.
  5. Shooters understanding their sight picture limits at different distances to see what is an acceptable shoot. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.luckygunner.com/lounge/flash-sight-picture/amp/
  6. Transitions/sight picture... Recommendations from an Open Division GM. Simple. Have two metal plates. Doesn’t matter the size. No time limit. No draw. Present sights on one target. Break one shot. When shot breaks snap eyes to other target while gun is recoil transfer gun to the new plate where ur eyes are at. Break the shot. Now u have a black dot on each steel. Repeat this but aim at the black dot. Again no time limit. So if the sights do not align on the black dot don’t shoot. Drive the sights on the black and break the shot. So you are working on transitions and accuracy. Once you get that down, then increase the speed. But again you are going for hitting the black dot. This will do wonders. Do this 15-20 yards out and 5-7 yards side to side.
  7. It saves you from that one bad mag reload... I have the Cheely Magwell on my other gun and the self-correcting works great.
  8. My bud has two Atlas Limited fitted with the LIMCAT Magwell...they run great!
  9. Atlas puts 11F/17 which does well, but I went with 12V/17 with shock buffer. There was a trigger pull (lbs) slight difference between 17 (1.75 lbs Trigger) vs 19 lbs (2 lbs Trigger) MS. The gun ran great on my last match. I still want to further test 11V/17, 11V/19, and 12V19 with and without the shock buffer. As able, I want to add some pictures and maybe videos. Once I start reloading, back to testing again...lol
  10. So tested : Fixed: - 10/17, 11/17(builder recommended), 12/17 - 10/19, 11/19, 12/10 Variable: - 11/17, 12/17, 13/17 - 11/19, 12/19, 13/19 Limited testing...MS 17 and shock buffer return to zero group at 10 yards - 10 rounds total per recoil spring combination: -- 5 at a 2x2 circle in the ready semi fast -- 5 at the USPSA target as fast as possible from draw position) Best results; - Fixed: 10/17, 11/17 - Variable: 11/17, 12/17 (smallest group) I had limited time at the range. More testing to follow.
  11. Folks thanks for the feedback. Leaning towards a PT Magwell (no fitting) or a LIMCAT Stainless Steel (fitting req'd).
  12. Looking to upgrade the Magwell in a PT EVO Grip. What are the recommendations? LIMCAT / Akai / Dawson / PT / EMG Looking for a self correcting and minimum fitting Magwell.
  13. Atlas Nemesis / Sight Block Owners, Current Nemesis recoil spring and mainspring 11/17 w/ shock buffer PF169-170. Tried a different combination PF 171-173: 10/17, 12/17, 10/19, 11/19, 12/19? ---------------------Added--------------------- I will be trying: Fixed: - 10/17, 11/17(builder recommended), 12/17 - 10/19, 11/19, 12/10 Variable: - 11/17, 12/17, 13/17 - 11/19, 12/10, 13/19
  14. Cheely Guns just run...I have a 40 Limited, no issues and very accurate. My 40 Limited runs very good with 40 Long 1.185". Factory length ammo wasn't that great, but I am still in the process of breaking it in...
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