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  1. Open - R3XL larger wider window...has worked well for me.
  2. Currently 15 yards zero...Only shooting USPSA with the Open gun. Option 1: change it for nationals since sometimes you can find one stage with 30-35 yard shoots (not the norm throughout the match) Option 2: Zero at 15 or 25 yards, but know your elevation/drop (POI) at certain distances (10/15/20/25/30/35 yards)
  3. Gock and ETS work great on my GMR-15. Like the folks have say, check the springs and followers with the cheap mags. Keep in mind...Some mags could give you some issues with the mag extensions (Taran/TF) depending on the ammo you use. Ammo could get stock or not be smooth to transitioning between the extension and the mag. Additionally, for best results make sure to tune the buffer...2 Tungsten/3 Steel or 3 Tungsten/2 Steel have been some of the two combinations that have worked for me with factory ammo. Good luck!
  4. cperazza

    Lack of P320’s

    Locally, haven't seen one. Online, they pop once in a while. Just got one from here. I have seen a few other good deals here, but I didn't take advantage of them !
  5. If you had to pick between: 1) Short pre travel, heavier pull, or: - Apex Trigger - Gray Guns Trigger 2) Longer pre travel, lighter trigger pull - Legion Trigger Which one would you pick and why? Any other things to consider?
  6. Ordered my Limited in May 2020, got it Jan 2021.
  7. Thanks, obviously many will agree! I can agree...
  8. Fellas, Thanks for all the inputs. Any thoughts on BOSS Unicorn Holster?
  9. Looking for thoughts and recommendations on best P320 XSeries/X5 Legion Competition Holster. - DAA Alpha-X Holster - Comp-Tac Holster - Blade-Tech Holster - Any other? Currently using the DAA Alpha-X Holster with my Limited. No issues. Borrowed a Comp-Tac Holster, used it a couple times seems to work pretty good. Thanks for your help in advance!
  10. Just talked to NORSSO today...They recommended Springer Precision or a RMR to R3XL plate. I am settling with the idea of a SRO/Holosun 507. I currently have a HS508T on my XCarry w/ RMR cut.
  11. Leverage some help: So I am set to run SRO/RMR/Holosun on a full size NORSSO Slide with a TXG grip. I do have a R3XL, what plate will I need?
  12. Current upgrades to Gun #1: - Grayguns Trigger System upgrade Reduced trigger pull to 2 lbs 11 oz -- Trigger alone brought it down to ~5.5 lbs -- Trigger with pins and sleeve brought it down to ~4.5 lbs -- Full Trigger System ~2.7 lbs - Grayguns TXG Grip - Pretty grippy and good weight...Gun weight: -- 38.10 oz no mag -- 42.50 oz mag 0 rds -- 50.50 oz mag 21 rds -- 51.70 oz mag 24 rds - Grayguns Steel Guide Rod - 15# spring (might try 13-14#) Future upgrades to Gun #2: - Sig Armorer's Competition Action work - Tungsten Guide Rod - 14# spring - Grayguns TXG Grip - NORSSO Slide Mag extension: Debating TTI vs Henning Barrell: BarSto is a good barrel, from my research and some comments on the thread not a noticeable difference
  13. GMR-15 16" Barrel, 18" w/ brake. No Thermal Disipator - extra weight, not needed Roller trigger or Flat Trigger - like the feel, personal preference. SCS - Short Stroke 3T/2S - PF 140-155 pretty flat - 147 gr @ 922 fps NC Shooters - 115 gr @ 1350 fps Fiocchi Note: Waiting on another Tungsten weight to go 4T/1S.
  14. Opinion JP GMR-15 / 140 PF (124 gr & 147 gr Bullets): Preference Techwell or Taylor Freelance Magwell? Buffer configuration: 3 Tungsten/2 Steel, 4 Tungsten/1 Steel, or 5 Tungsten?
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