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  1. I transferred one of the first 1911s Carne built for a good friend of mine. I will say the trigger on it was better than my wilson combat classic and on par with all of my canyon creek customs. As other people have said, a lot of people have specific desires on their triggers. I have talked to Mark several times over the past few years at matches and I am pretty confident, if he knew the type of trigger a shooter wanted he could get it tuned specifically to them.
  2. I just received both my slides back today and they had black coated barrels installed.
  3. Did you inspect the hammer hooks for wear? Is there a fitted disco installed? What about the screw "Yigal" posted the picture of. Did you confirm that was tight? That screw can back out, as it is staked from the factory. If you removed it, it could cause some problems if its not tight and loctited in place. Do you have a spare sear spring to drop in it and try?
  4. Pull the trigger to the rear and hold it. Grab the hammer with your other hand and work it from all the way down to all the way cocked a few times. It should be smooth as it comes back and as it goes down. If the screw I referenced is too far in(too little over travel) you will feel it, as the sear will feel like it is grinding on the hammer as it goes back and forth. If it feels super smooth, you are probably good.
  5. Check the set screw in your trigger. A long time ago I had issue with that screw getting loose and actually over-tightening itself which puts pressure on the sear. This caused some doubles and burst fire. If you pull the trigger to the rear and work the hammer it should feel smooth and you should feel no pressure of any parts engaging or catching. If yours does that the over-travel screw is too tight and causing your issues. I ended up taking that screw out in a couple of my guns as, even with loctite, it would eventually work itself out and the benefit was less than negligible. If you rule out this I would replace the sear spring as posted above and inspect the hammer hooks. Not sure what your round count is, but have heard some shooters wearing out the hammer hooks and the gun doing some goofy stuff.
  6. I filed a claim last week. Sig also advised me to send in only the slide.
  7. I submitted for the rebate as well. Plan on using my rebate for another TXG grip as well.
  8. I used this exact Clymer Throater for a couple shadows and my Czechmates. You will take more time setting up then you will turning the handle. The czechmate I had is a new one and I didn’t run into fighting coating on the barrels as some have. Good luck.
  9. JHicks8h

    New Shadow 2 stoppages

    A few shooters at are club have had some similar issues, however both of them were running the extended safety. After putting the gun through the paces they realized there support hand thumb was touching the slide and inducing the malfunctions. They both switched to the flush safeties and the problems went away.
  10. Ryan and Kyle hit a home run on this match. Hope to see these guys put together another good match for 2018.
  11. JHicks8h

    Accu Shadow 2

    With your experience on CZs I am sure the question was great. Keep us posted when you get something back. Thanks for doing it.
  12. JHicks8h

    Accu Shadow 2

    It sounds like based on Stuart's comment and the recent ruling on hammers, someone could send the official question to DNROI to get an official ruling if adding the accu-bushing to it would be an allowable modification. In all honesty removing the factory bushing and tapping the slide is all internal modification and the external part is on a production approved gun, so it actually makes more sense than the hammer.
  13. I 2nd this. I did this on mine. It is the same safety system and no fitting required. It makes actuating the safety a more natural feel to me than the improved CZ Custom model or the one that comes standard on it.
  14. I have ran one of the thermal printers for about a year now. Saw one of Eugene's youtube videos and did the same. Haven't really had an issue with the thermal printers. Sat it in the sun all day multiple times and still working. The issue I have running at club matches is the inexperience on the scoring devices and most of our stage devices are the legacy non-bluetooth versions. On the android I used the POS Printer Driver app as the interface for the bluetooth thermal printer. From the approve scoring screen tap the top corner that says share and it will print. I personally would rather see more of these at Level 2 matches than seeing ROs copy on to sheets. Just more of a chance of human error while copying, which I have seen quite a bit over L2 matches.
  15. If you like the aggressiveness of VZ it might be worth the call to them and see if they would cut them for you. Not a lot of options out there that I have seen. Good luck.
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