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    i've got 7 of them

    LEt me know how many you want

    300 for the lot shipped

    IF you want less make an offer

    1. lightfighter363


      How much for 5 mags? any picture? text  916 897 0580

    2. jcc7x7


      I'm going to text you the pics

    3. jcc7x7


      I'm going to text you the pics

  2. Anyone can point me where to get a mount for my romeo 1 red dot to my STI?
  3. My New Built V6 Black & Gold Open Gun.
  4. @ igolfat8 thanks for the tip. @CHA-LEE i have a lot of AUTOCOMP load and just switch to HS6 because i thought HS6 is better. ok i will take a video of the Auto comp. thanks man.
  5. Thanks guys. i appreciate the comments. primer looks good.
  6. Still working for my load . HS6 8.0gr 124grFMJ i accept any advice. STI DVC open 2 holes on top. Custom V6 Akai Comp.
  7. Thank you. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  8. Is the apex flat trigger for P320 is legal for CO?
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