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  1. It is yours. All brass is SPF. Thanks, Todd
  2. 2 boxes are sold, I have one box left.
  3. I can accept PayPal Friends and Family, Check, or Money Order. Thanks, Todd
  4. I have 3 large flat rate boxes of matching headstamp R&P 40 brass. Each box contains approx 3600 cases (36 lbs). Brass is sorted by headstamp, cleaned and polished. I believe the majority is once fired based on the source and condition. Asking $139 shipped per box. $15 off if you buy all three. Thanks, Todd
  5. ToddKS

    9mm Brass

    I sent you a PM with details and a couple options I think may work for you. Thanks Todd
  6. ToddKS

    9mm Brass

    I do not roll size the brass I sell. I believe that sorting the brass by headstamp eliminates most case gauging issues. I remove the headstamps that are prone to causing such issues. If you have a gun that is particularly sensitive I would recommend using matching FC headstamp brass or my 9 Major mix. I do offer brass processing as well.
  7. ToddKS

    9mm Brass

    I have 1 box in stock and ready to ship and a large batch that will start shipping next week.
  8. That box is sold but I would be happy to run a box for you. PM sent.
  9. I have a box of FC ready to ship.
  10. Unfortunately not. It is an additional $85 for the procesing so a fully processed box of my standard sorted 9mm would be $200 ($115 + $85) This is obviously not for everyone but I do get requests for it occaisionally so I thought I would put the option out there. Mostly I just wanted an excuse to post a picture of this batch of brass[emoji3]
  11. ToddKS

    FC 9mm Brass

    I have one box of FC 9mm in stock. PM me if you would like to order it.
  12. This is a fully processed order that I just finished for a customer. This brass was cleaned, sorted, decapped and sized, cleaned in stainless media and then polished. If you are interested in having your order delivered processed the cost is $85 per 5000. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.
  13. I am expecting to receive some more dirty in this weekend. If that happens then I should have some available for shipment after the holiday. PM me if you need some sooner than that but that is what I am expecting based on a conversation I had last night.
  14. At this time I am not set up to process 40SW brass. Cleaning and polishing are the only services I am set up for on this caliber.
  15. ToddKS

    9 Major Brass

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I appreciate it.
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