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  1. PM Sent. Product mix has changed but I do have some available.
  2. I would do $189 shipped per box is someone wanted both.
  3. I would be open to offers for the entire lot. I would also consider shipping 600ea instead of the full 1200ea.
  4. I have both brass and nickel fully processed 357 Sig brass available for immediate shipment. I have 12 pounds (approximately 1200 cases) of yellow brass. Price: $70 shipped I have 3 pounds (approximately 300 cases) of nickel plated brass Price: $20 Shipped $80 shipped for all. Brass has been fully processed: Cleaned and visually inspected Roll Sized Headstamp Sorted (Federal, Winchester, Remington, Speer only) Decapped and sized Stainless Media Tumbled Polished Final inspection I
  5. I have a small bag of Starline 38 Super brass. Brass is in new condition. Bag is 3.4 pounds net weight which is approximately 375 cases. Asking $70 shipped. Please PM me for payment details. Please be sure to include your address so there is no delay in shipping. Thanks, Todd
  6. I have 4 boxes of 38 Super brass fully processed and ready to ship. 2 boxes are yellow brass and 2 boxes are nickel. Each box has a net weight of 10.8 lbs which is approximately 1200 cases each. Brass has been fully processed Visually Inspected Cleaned Decapped and Sized Stainless Media Tumbled Polished Final Inspection Brass is boxed and ready for immediate shipment. Price is $130 shipped per box. I would sell the entire batch for $475 shipped. This is brass that I acquired from a fellow shooter, not a ca
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