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  1. I considered trying the PRI charging handle but changing to plated bullets solved my problem so I never followed through with that change.
  2. Magpul CTR stock and MOE grip with the rubber coating 6MOA CMore Surefire green lazer (for ultimate gamer goodness) Hipertfire trigger (mine is the 3 gun model) Magwell is enlarged and polished (I did this myself) I also have a JP Enterprises SCS buffer installed but that would be the low item on the list. Get the Caldwell brass catcher for practice. It works great on my gun. My 16 barrel would feed anything but shot great with 115 and 124 round nose plated so that is what I shoot. Coated bullets are a no go as they caused excessive smoke to come back into my face from around the charging handle. At some point I am going to either replace my BCG or have the gas key welded. It keeps coming loose despite having been restaked multiple times. This is a common problem not specific to the ATI but to 9mm BCG in general.
  3. ToddKS

    45acp in PCC

    If you are at all serious about shooting PCC I would get a 9mm conversion kit and dies for the 1050. If you a just looking to build a 45 caliber PCC then proceed. The savings on bullets will quickly cover the cost of the conversion kit if you shoot very much.
  4. ToddKS

    New Headstamps Using Small Primer

    If anyone is looking to switch to small primer there is a listing in the brass for sale section that may be relevant to your interests[emoji16]
  5. ToddKS

    Precision Delta 115grn JHP

    I have a lot of experience with this bullet and I am also shooting Glocks. 4.1gr TG @ 1.100 produces 128-129 power factor from my G17. I have tested up to 4.4gr with no issues in my pistol. PD bullets are great. Very accurate out of my pistols. The load above used to be my match load before I switched to N320. I still shoot the 4.1gr TG load as my go to practice load for 9mm.
  6. ToddKS

    Unburnt clays powder

    I was having a similar problem with CCI primers and a different powder. I would have black specs all over my arms after shooting. I switched to Wichester primers and that resolved the problem.
  7. ToddKS

    New Headstamps Using Small Primer

    Here is a photo of the suspects. Small primer used to be the exception, now it is nearly half of most batches I sort.
  8. Previously the only small primer 45 ACP brass I had seen was Federal, Blazer, and Win NT. I was sorting a batch last weekend and found Speer, GFL, and Hornady 45 ACP cases with small primer pockets. Just an FYI as I nearly missed the first ones I encountered because I was not looking for small primers in those headstamps.
  9. ToddKS

    How has PCC going?

    The perception that PCC is slower to run is personnel related. A PCC shooter and RO who have their act together will run as fast or faster than most shooters. That said, I have seen PCC shooters who did not have their act together and it can be painful.
  10. ToddKS

    Glock Mag TUBE failure

    I know this is acedemic now but has the mag ever been dropped? I sounds like the bottom of the tube could be slightly tweaked.
  11. 124gr Xtreme plated. 3.7gr Titegroup.
  12. ToddKS

    Vortex Razor Red Dot Distortion

    Have you ever looked through a 6 or 8 MOA Cmore? This is my preference over any I have tried.
  13. ToddKS

    Vortex Razor Red Dot Distortion

    The Razor I have looked through was more crisp than my Aimpoint. It may be your eyes or there might have been an issue with that particular unit.
  14. ToddKS

    C-More confusion

    I have both polymer and aluminum. I only got the aluminum because I got a good deal on it here in the classifieds. The aluminum is heavier. I have had no issues with my 2 polymer Railways. I recommend the Arredando lever for the adjustment knob. Makes it easy to set to your normal level of brightness and you can confirm at a glance you have it turned off.
  15. ToddKS

    how to fix burst fire?

    I think that might exacerbate the problem.