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  1. I have one box left that will be available to ship on 6/18. All the rest has sold.
  2. I have enough on hand to do a second box as well.
  3. I have 4 boxes still available for shipment on Monday.
  4. I am taking orders for a large batch of 40 SW brass that I am going to start processing this week. Brass will be available for shipment starting on 6/12. Brass will be cleaned, polished and sold in boxes of 3500 cases. Price is $115 per box shipped. Please PM me or post if interested. I expect to have 7 or 8 boxes available from this batch.
  5. I am offering up the headstamp seconds from my most recent sort. This brass is cleaned and polished just like my normal 9mm brass. This is all the head stamps that I remove which include: CBC, Perfecta, WMA, WCC, AUSA, AP, and other random types. Price is $85 shipped for a 40 pound box (4500+ Cases). Please allow 2-3 days to ship so that I have time to remove the 380 brass. Please PM or post if interested. I have enough to do 1 box at this time but would have more later this month if someone wanted multiple boxes.
  6. I have plenty of 9mm available and more in work. Please PM me or email to order.
  7. I will have 2 boxes ready for you when you return.
  8. I have a large flat rate box of 38 Special brass. Brass is cleaned and polished. No nickel cases. Box has approximately 2800 cases based on weight. Price is $115 shipped. Please PM me, reply, or email to aplusbrass@gmail.com if interested. Thanks, Todd
  9. I have 4 boxes in stock are ready to ship at this time.
  10. ToddKS

    9 Major Brass

    The box I had available has sold. I will be putting together another box. Please let me know if you are interested.
  11. ToddKS

    Excellent service

    Thanks for the kind feedback. It is always appreciated. Todd
  12. I am now offering large flat rate boxes of matching headstamp 9mm brass. Each box contains approximately 5000 cases. I can offer your choice of WIN, RP, or FC headstamp. Price is $165 per box. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery due to sorting time required. Please PM me or post if you would like to order.
  13. I have 2 boxes available to ship. Please PM me if interested.
  14. ToddKS

    357 Sig Brass

    I have a medium flat rate box with approximately 2000ea 357 Sig cases in it. Price is $100 shipped. Please post or PM if interested.
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