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  1. Thanks for the positive feedback. It is always appreciated. Todd
  2. I think this is a new Winchester product. I believe this is brass from Winchester's new USA Ready line which is supposed to be a step up from their white box product. If anyone has some of this ammo and can confirm it would be appreciated.
  3. ToddKS

    9mm Brass

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  4. I will find some and post a picture when I get home from the office tonight. I do not believe this is Starline brass. There is too much of it showing up. I believe this is either a brand I am not familiar with or a new headstamp style from a known manufacturer (marketing change).
  5. I am finding 9mm brass that has USA for a headstamp. Anyone know who manufactures this ammo?
  6. The fact that there is no bang on a second or third attempt would support the possibility that the primers are not getting seated fully. You indicate that some are not below flush that would also support that theory. I have personally loaded CCI primers in 9mm for many years without issue. That said a bad box is always possible. If you have another box or another brand it would be worth changing primers just to exclude the possibility. You say that you dried the brass for 30 days, was that in an open pan or did the container have a lid on it. Cleaning with the primer in should not be a problem if properly air dried.
  7. ToddKS

    9mm Brass

    I have one box available for shipment. Once that is sold I will be taking preorders for shipment the week of 11/25.
  8. ToddKS

    9mm Brass

    Tom, Price is $115 per 5000ea shipped. Thanks Todd
  9. ToddKS

    9mm Brass

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing that.
  10. I have a box with approximately 650 45 Long Colt cases. Brass is mixed headstamp sourced from an indoor range. Brass is cleaned and polished. Asking $85 shipped for the box. I would also consider splitting the lot if someone wanted a smaller qty. Please PM me if interested. Thanks, Todd
  11. ToddKS

    9mm Brass

    PM Replied
  12. Most of the brass I sell is not decapped and sized. Fully processed brass is available for an additional $85 per 5000ea. That includes decapping, sizing, stainless tumble, and polish. Thanks, Todd
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