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  1. I am expecting to receive some more dirty in this weekend. If that happens then I should have some available for shipment after the holiday. PM me if you need some sooner than that but that is what I am expecting based on a conversation I had last night.
  2. At this time I am not set up to process 40SW brass. Cleaning and polishing are the only services I am set up for on this caliber.
  3. ToddKS

    9 Major Brass

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I appreciate it.
  4. ToddKS

    9mm Brass

    Thanks for the kind feedback. I am glad you are happy with your brass. Just let me know when you are ready for more.
  5. My brass is cleaned primer in. I can provide decapped and sized brass for an additional charge.
  6. ToddKS

    9 Major Brass

    Keepkool, Thanks for your order. I hope you enjoy your brass. Thanks, Todd
  7. ToddKS

    FC 9mm Brass

    I am working on another box of FC brass. I should have it ready to ship by 8/21. PM me if you are interested.
  8. ToddKS

    9mm Brass

    I have 9mm in stock and ready to ship.
  9. ToddKS

    9mm Brass

    Tim, Thanks for your order
  10. 9mm is sold. 45ACP still available.
  11. I have the following in stock and ready to ship. Prices listed are $5 off the normal price. All brass is cleaned and polished. 9mm brass is sorted as described in my 9mm brass thread. All are large flat rate boxes. 1 box 9mm (approx 5000ea): $110 Shipped 1 box 45ACP Large Primer (approx 2600ea): $110 Shipped 1 box 45ACP Small Primer (approx 2600ea): $110 Shipped Post, PM, or email to aplusbrass@gmail.com if you would like to order.
  12. ToddKS

    FC 9mm Brass

    This box is sold. PM me if you would like to pre order
  13. One box of FC in stock and ready to ship.
  14. ToddKS

    FC 9mm Brass

    I have one large flat rate box (approx. 5000ea) of FC headstamp 9mm ready to ship. This is cleaned and polished like all my brass but has been sorted to only contain FC headstamp. Price is $165 shipped. Please post, PM, or email to aplusbrass@gmail.com if interested. Thanks, Todd
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