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  1. At this time I am not able to offer 40 brass. There is insufficient quantity coming off the range. Thanks, Todd
  2. I have two boxes of fully processed, 9 Major sort 9mm brass available for immediate shipment. This is an overrun from another order. Each box has a net weight of 37.5lbs which is 4500 cases by weight. Brass is 9 Major sort (FC, RP, Blazer headstamps only) Brass is cleaned, roll sized, decapped/sized, swaged, stainless media tumbled and polished. Price is $285 shipped per box. All shipping is now via UPS, not USPS. Please PM me if you would like to place an order. Thanks, Todd
  3. I have 2 boxes of fully processed, major headstamp, 40 SW brass. Each box has approximately 3300 cases. Content is limited to Federal, Winchester, Speer, and Remington headstamps only. Brass has been fully processed: Cleaned and visually inspected Roll Sized Headstamp Sorted (Federal, Winchester, Remington, Speer only) Decapped and sized Stainless Media Tumbled Polished Final inspection Price is $190 per box shipped, $180 per box shipped if you take both. Thanks, Todd
  4. I have a large flat rate box with approximately 2750 (36.5lbs net weight) 45ACP large primer cases. Brass is cleaned and polished. Price is $199 shipped. Please post below or PM me if interested. First request based on time stamp will get the brass. Thanks, Todd
  5. PM Sent. Product mix has changed but I do have some available.
  6. I would do $189 shipped per box is someone wanted both.
  7. I would be open to offers for the entire lot. I would also consider shipping 600ea instead of the full 1200ea.
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