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  1. I hope to have more 40 brass available by the end of the year.
  2. I have a batch that I expect to have ready some time in October.
  3. I have 1 box of approx. 3000ea 45ACP small primer cases. Price is $139 shipped. Brass is cleaned and polished.
  4. Current delivery estimate for both 9 Standard and 9 Major is January 2021 based on current wait list.
  5. Everyone who asked to be added to the waiting list should have received PMs. If you did not please message me. Thanks, Todd
  6. I have sent PMs to all who asked to be added to the list at this time. Please PM me if you did not receive a message. Thanks, Todd
  7. I would like a box of standard sort 9mm brass cleaned and polished

    Thank You

  8. All new replies should have received PM's Current estimated lead time for 9 Std is 90 days. Current estimated lead time for 9 Major is 90-120 days.
  9. 7/31/20 Update: Brass is coming in at a reasonable rate, however the range is not getting any Federal ammo from its distributors which is impacting the amount of brass I am having to sort to get each box and is going to delay shipment of existing 9 major orders. I am not accepting any orders for matching headstamp until further notice as a result and there is a price increase on 9 Major from $159 to $179 as well. Please see the pricing thread for further details. 9 Standard orders are flowing well. Thanks, Todd
  10. Everyone who has posted in this thread should have received a PM from me. If not, please message me to confirm. Thanks, Todd
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