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  1. Did that about 4 months ago - said site is updated daily..
  2. I heard it was their shipping programs that alerted them to the fact that a larger amount of primers where going to same addresses time and time again...you knows how hear stuff though...those customers had apparently been warned before over placing multi orders...PV finally give them the boot..as regards to the bots, I've not sure on that...
  3. Good to see Powder Valley post regarding "banning some people for life" . The whole Cozy deal is trying to beat the bots. Apparently some of these guys had programs where they were ordering 100K at a time and it going through until PV caught on...you know those all ended up on gunbroker...anyways, good to see a company step up and try stopping the resellers so their regular customers might get some products..
  4. Has anyone on here been successful at catching bullets in stock and buying any? I've been trying for months to catch them stock but haven't had any luck....Just wondering if my timing is truly that bad...
  5. Tried the laser at the last match..I must be to stupid to run one...had a open target straight ahead on starting..green dot dead center...buzzer goes off, two quick shoots and then I just stand there looking at the holes - wasted couple seconds. Point is for me the dot wondering around on the target is so unusual that it throws me off..I'm sure with pratice I'd get use to it quickly, but combined with the it's useless in bright light, I'm not a fan..putting my red dot back on 45 for hard leans and going from there..
  6. Some awesome guns here! I might have missed it, but reason for the ball? Got smoke hand guard installed - going have to add some color next...
  7. Where you guys mounting the laser?
  8. Let’s see them..be neat to see everyone’s setup...I’m always looking for neat/useful accessories.. I got 3 JP’s GMR-15’s- one comp ready with vertical port comp, one comp ready with 3-port comp and a ultra lite. All three wear hiperfire triggers. Main gun I’m running 24C trigger, 45/90 safety, Taylorfreelance mag well, Holosun 510C GR, RTS2 on 45 mount, and Smoke Composite stock. Waiting on tool from JP so I can install Smoke 12” hand guard. These guns simply run...
  9. My Infinity 9 open loved 10grs of Shooters World Major - soft and flat. Tried the same load in the Akai 9 open that I picked up, it was horrible - dot jumped out of glass at 2, came back in at 3....switched back to my go to load of 7.2 WAC, pistol shoots as flat as anything I've owned - just trying the say that different powders will shoot completely different in different guns. Need to try them. You'll end up with a mess trying to run 3N38 in 9 major - spillage due to the full case is pain in the tail..
  10. Well I ended up really liking PCC class, so I bought two more JP's - one comp ready from Shooters with vertical comp and another comp ready with 3-port side comp. I bought a spare JP 5H Short Stroke SCS as well to play with between the 3 guns since they come with the SCS but with 5 Stainless instead of the 5 Tungstens. While I love the JP15 Ultralite weight, for me, the comp ready guns with the14.5 barrels are the ticket - I settled on 4SS and 1T weight in each system. Loading 124MG to 133PF keeps boths bullets within inches apart double tapping fast as I can out to 15 yards or so. The Ultrali
  11. I just installed a hyperfire 24C in both my JP GMR15's....hate to admit it, but I spent over 5 hours trying to install the first trigger. Just couldn't get the pins to align...when I finally did, everything was locked up.. Turns out the the Hyperfire and JP safeties weren't working well together. Drop a Armaspec 45/90 in both guns and they function and run perfectly now...while the JP triggers are nice from factory, I'm a real big fan of the 24C with flat trigger and shoe - awesome trigger..
  12. Darqusoull13, Thank you for reply! That's the kind of info I'm looking for. I'm bump the power factor up some as 124's is all I got at the moment. Did you leave trigger stock? Thanks again Jim
  13. Recently picked up a GMR-15 ultralite - It's my understanding that the gun is already short stroked(from factory with JPSCS2-9SS-5). I'm assuming the 9SS-5 stands off 5 stainless steel. It's running the polished stainless JP 9mm Enhancedbolt. Worked up a load with sport pistol under a 124MG running about 133pf...unless I'm really locking the gun in hard, I'm getting more movement than I was expecting. I'm new to the PCC game, so I'm looking for some tips and mods to get this rifle running the best it will...only thing I've done is add a Taylor Free mag well and bought a couple of TT plus 10 b
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