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  1. Donation made. Thanks for great site.
  2. 9 and 38SC...I'll go down and take a 1/2 day class on setting it up and running it..I got lucky and got a slot that someone had backed out of...
  3. Bought a Revolution today...now the 30 day wait begins...Anyone here using one and have any tips or suggestions... Thanks Jim
  4. Ordered from Australia...shipping was bad at all.. thanks for link..
  5. Anyone have an ideal where a person could find this item in stock? If I can't find one before next match, the Alpha X is gone...it digs into my hip and hurts like hell after 4 or 5 stages.. Or if you have one you'll sell, I'll double your money on it so I don't have to buy a complete new holster setup.. jsfowler@catc.net
  6. This...the yellow specs are everywhere after just a few rounds..I'm going back to Autocomp though it does appear that I have a fast barrel as 7.0 AC with 124MG is giving me 1390fps average..
  7. Any of you guys running Sil. in your Chaos? I must have a really fast barrel as Adam recommends 7.6-7.9 grs..that makes about 180pf in my gun..7.2 runs 1375 or so with 124 MG...I started with 7.2 Autocomp at about 1400 making 173pf or so..loved the dot lift and pulse of this load...not really sure about the Sil....main thing is it's the dirtiest crap I've ever run!
  8. Had a bunch of loads for my Akai already loaded...used them..7.2 WAC under 124 MG at 1.165.. Got a bunch of Sil. inbound that I plan on using though..
  9. Finally here!! Worked it on a plate a little bit this evening with loads for my soon to be sold other open gun...dot never left the scope! I'm very excited and impressed!
  10. $2500 for package?



  11. Are you guys not having problems of your thumb rest not clearing hangar block?
  12. Block digs in leg, but more importantly the design of the of the hangar block..on my gun, my Go-Guns thumb rest rubs/interfers going into the holster and coming out on draw...it's a no go design for me and a wasted $260 bucks..I'm going back to my old race master..
  13. I ordered 4 of these for my 9major open gun. I shoot them through 7 stages at Old Fort Shootout this past Saturday..lots of mud, rain and water. My buddy then shot my gun with them on Sunday, so together, we put roughly 500 rounds through them over the two day period. They performed flawless thru both days. They are a great product, at a great price! Thanks Adrian!
  14. +1 on Autocomp if you can find it
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