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  1. Used them for years - both standard and mags - never had an issue
  2. I'm running the 2.5..its small, but for me, I like it...I do believer the 1 moa would be too small for sure..
  3. posted here in error

  4. Atlas still available?

  5. I surprise to see how many rounds some of you'll go before cleaning. I'm sure most gun will handle not cleaning as often, but its just a mental thing for me to know that gun is clean and there's no reason for it to not run..
  6. Your gun is going to be awesome! Nice build!
  7. Everytime it's shoot more than 100 rounds its cleaned..
  8. I think there is an upgrade that is free that will allow this. I think I remember doing this to mine but I've never used it. Check their website..
  9. I love both grips - the IMP grip I like just a bit better when it's really hot and I'm sweating bad..other than that, they are both great. I think I prefer the Romeo over the SRO..both good sights, just little that the Romeo is easier to turn off and on, plus little bigger glass...
  10. Here is my par - 9 Major and 38SC
  11. Think that is my favorite build so far!!
  12. Let me help! Just get a Pair!!
  13. Thanks Ozy- shoot match with it this weekend...while I’m still getting back up from long lay off of shooting, the pistol handled beautifully, not a single malfunction thus far...goal for match was no M’s, procedural or no shoots...very first stage we shoot was lightning and thunder classifier-of course I shoot 2 NPM’s...other 6 stages were each 30-32 rounds and I made my goal..I’m finding that my shoots are stacking lot more than usual...it is super flat and soft at 170pf...really happy with it thus far..
  14. The offset holes are designed to help the pistol raise straight up and straight down..lots of testing on where and what angles to place them...and I can attest to the fact they got it right..dot lifts straight up and down..no 2 o’clock hook..the gun shoots soft and very flat as well. I’m waiting on die’s, so I bought some of the new Eleyn38SC ammo..10 grains of VV105 ..1369 avg for 170 pf..in old SV barrel and comp it made low 1300’s...so barrel and design if very efficient while feeling softer and shooting flatter..
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