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  1. Can anyone tell me if the hardware off my current GMR-15 will fit? Smoke Composite forearm, stock and grip? Any upgrades needed to trigger?
  2. Thanks for input guys. I'm getting one on order.
  3. Sold pistol in classifieds - $100 donation made for great site. Wasn't sure where to make it, so did it in quarterly section..
  4. Thanks for input. Flatter is what I’m looking for, but not at expensive of reliability as far as ammo goes. I’ve got my 15 decked out and shooting good. Never had a failure so far. I do use a Lee in my 650 already, so ammo shouldn’t be an issue. I now needed to figure out if my Smoke Composite stuff will fit JP-5.,
  5. Anyone telling me if there is enough difference in the new JP-5 over GMR-15 to justify the price?
  6. Smoke hand guard and stock..awesome setup!
  7. Differently not right - I've owned 5 or 6 Akai's and never anything like that - Shay will make that right I'm sure..
  8. Good to know..Are they as bad as RTS’s have been? I’ll stick with Sig and Trijicon..
  9. I second the ideal of buying a used Open gun to start with. Buy a SV or Akai IMO. You can a low mile one on here often and save a ton of money. When you get the chance to shoot buddies open gun of different brand, never pass it up. I've owned Atlas, Akai, Cheely, CK arms, Freedom arms, STI, and several other brands...currently shooting a SV Infinity and will likely order a new one this year...but it's all personally preference really. Find one that you think is sharp gun, one that feels good in your hands, more importantly, one that runs, and enjoy.
  10. While I've always shot SRO/Romeo/RTS's optics on my open guns, I recently bought an open pistol that had a Vortex Viper on it. It last till I got home with it...then it started going off by itself...you could turn it on and drop the hammer and it'd go out. The previous owner had to have known there was an issue but didn't disclose it, so you can image I wasn't real happy with deal. Vortex to the recuse though....I called Vortex and reached a very nice lady(Jodie Hernandez). She sent me a PO and shipping label. This was on Monday the 5th of April. I sent it out on Tuesday the 6th. Thursday the 8th, I received a brand new replacement Viper at zero cost to me...I wasn't even out shipping. Vortex customer service is absolutely the best hands down that I've ever dealt with. I believe that a company that gives this good of customer service deserves a shout out, especially in todays market where lots of business are using Covid as an excuse for horrible customer service.
  11. Did that about 4 months ago - said site is updated daily..
  12. I heard it was their shipping programs that alerted them to the fact that a larger amount of primers where going to same addresses time and time again...you knows how hear stuff though...those customers had apparently been warned before over placing multi orders...PV finally give them the boot..as regards to the bots, I've not sure on that...
  13. Good to see Powder Valley post regarding "banning some people for life" . The whole Cozy deal is trying to beat the bots. Apparently some of these guys had programs where they were ordering 100K at a time and it going through until PV caught on...you know those all ended up on gunbroker...anyways, good to see a company step up and try stopping the resellers so their regular customers might get some products..
  14. Has anyone on here been successful at catching bullets in stock and buying any? I've been trying for months to catch them stock but haven't had any luck....Just wondering if my timing is truly that bad...
  15. Tried the laser at the last match..I must be to stupid to run one...had a open target straight ahead on starting..green dot dead center...buzzer goes off, two quick shoots and then I just stand there looking at the holes - wasted couple seconds. Point is for me the dot wondering around on the target is so unusual that it throws me off..I'm sure with pratice I'd get use to it quickly, but combined with the it's useless in bright light, I'm not a fan..putting my red dot back on 45 for hard leans and going from there..
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