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  1. The offset holes are designed to help the pistol raise straight up and straight down..lots of testing on where and what angles to place them...and I can attest to the fact they got it right..dot lifts straight up and down..no 2 o’clock hook..the gun shoots soft and very flat as well. I’m waiting on die’s, so I bought some of the new Eleyn38SC ammo..10 grains of VV105 ..1369 avg for 170 pf..in old SV barrel and comp it made low 1300’s...so barrel and design if very efficient while feeling softer and shooting flatter..
  2. Sounds like he knows something but he doesn’t want to be taken as “bashing’ a brand I’m guessing. These forums are great and offer place for us to learn. I’m not saying there was anything wrong with the pistol he bought, but if there is something wrong or we have a bad experience with any pistol, we can’t share it here without being accused of trashing or bashing a brand. I bought a well known brand several years ago and it was complete crap..I had to send to another gunsmith and spend over a grand to make it even shoot. I thought others should know before they spent their money so I stated the facts and only the facts along with everything that was wrong with it...I got hammered with fans boys and mods closed thread..I currently setting here with another bad customer service experience from another well known company that brags on their custom service, but I dare not share my experience because I’d be hammered again..I’m not talking about Honcho either..
  3. I’ll find out in morning how it runs...new pistol with new SPV barrel, new ports, new comp and no extractor!
  4. Take a look at accurateshooter.com - lots of good info, good people there..
  5. For those that have started their daughters in USPSA, what pistols did you start them with that fits their hands and size? My 14yr old can shoot my SV Open gun, but it’s big for her..not in the sense of recoil, just size and weight? Any recommendation from those who have brought their kids up in the sport? Thanks
  6. https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/combo-rangepackpro-rangecartpro I’ll never be without one..little pricey, but it’s awesome, and their warranty and customer service is great as well..
  7. Christensen Arms Ridgeline - around $1800...light weight with carbon wrapped barrel, great trigger..and honest 1/2-3/4” gun. Full custom action of their own.
  8. Thanks for the response..
  9. Tony Barone Do you happen to have the lot number on the bad Winchester primers? I got 5000 old lot here and want to make sure they aren't part of the bad lot.. Thanks Jim
  10. I’m sure you checked all this..but I was having same problem..Turns out platform mounting bolts where both just a little loose..just enough shell-late wasn’t centering cases in primer station..tighten the bolts, problem mostly went away..I’ve also learned Hold handle with same certain pressure and speed on each stroke..this help smooth things out a lot..if I really grip handle and push/pull anyway other than straight and square on up stroke, I can throw things out of wack a little..
  11. I reduced my case flair just a little and it helped quite a bit. Check my crimp..it was at .377..thanks for all the tips..
  12. My new blaster - First SV and got to say it was worth the money. This one is a 9 and plan on using it for a practice gun and local matchs - hope have my new SV 38SC in the next few weeks..be using it for bigger matches...
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