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  1. Posted from Cell phone, ended up here by mistake, in wrong forum..mods delete if needed..
  2. Loading my Akai 9 top 1.165 with MG JHP’s no problem. 8lb spring cut a little with one blue soft buffer and one alumi buffer..with Shooters Major at 170pf, my dot run out of glass at 2 o’clock, back in at 3..weird load..it’s was very dirty..went back to WAC 7.0grs..dot moves straight up and down..doesn’t move 1/2 way out of glass..soft and very flat in my setup..
  3. Blake Liles of Area 415 training out of Abilene does a very good class...
  4. Put in wrong forum..sorry..they lasted less than 5 mins
  5. Bullets showing in stock..just got couple cases..
  6. Grey gun trigger kit with Keres ProAdjustable trigger, W74 Tungsten guide rod,,awesome setup..
  7. Anyone have a led on a small frame Tung. infused X5 Legion grip/frame/module? I hear that they exist, but I yet to find one in stock anywhere..The small would make the gun perfect for me..
  8. Chad, Thank you and your staff, and all the guys at Old Fort that worked your tails off to put on a great match. Beautiful weather, great stages, very well run match! Not any easy thing to pull off!! Jim
  9. Put about 500-600 rounds through each gun now in practice..timer and consistency tells me I’m shooting Sig quite bit better..I’m getting sight picture/dot much faster with Sig..the Canik still fits me hands a lot better, but it’s just not as natural point of aim as Sig..I know I could spend little time dry firing and help this though..the Sig has yet malfunctioned..Canik jammed up twice now with stock spring..installed Tungsten guide rod and 12 pd commander spring..gun run perfect today..It’s hard to pick just one of these..they are both great guns. I’m fixing get dermal tool out of start redu
  10. I’ve tried both Titegroup and Sport Pistol now...I can’t really tell a difference in the two at same PF of 132..
  11. SGT What do you define as accurate? That may be where our definitions are different..accurate for me is 10 shot groups at 600 yards with my 284 or TAC40 under 2 inches..at 1000 yards that 10 shot group must be under 5 inches with 284 and 300 WSM..
  12. It's my experience in never getting a Chassis to shoot anywhere near as good as a stocked rifle, whether it be a custom chassis built with a custom action(Bat, Panda, etc) or a stock chassis gun such as a Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle in 6.5PRC. I know there are some custom built Chassis that will shoot lights out, but I'm referring to the OP question, and why I would pick the stock over chassis.. If the gun isn't capable of hitting what your shooting at, then my point does matter...
  13. I called him a couple weeks back asking about a CO gun, and he talked about how well you are shooting your Canik. I've been shooting them both quite a bit for the last day or so, and I gotta be honest - From what I'm see so far, I'm shooting the Canik better. I think part of it is the grip is smaller so it fits me better. Until I shoot them in real conditions, on a stage, I'm holding off and trying to remain open minded...then, as you say, I'll make a decision on which one I shoot best, and buy a back up of it..
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