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  1. Owner of that one on kens list says he is having elbow problems so who knows..
  2. I've been struggling with this for a while now..trying to shoot to fast Going work this drill.. ! Thanks for the tips Cha-Lee!
  3. Thanks for all the info guys - It's between a Tungsten Middy or a full custom Altas..I've owned AkaiV8, Akai Katana(damn wish I had it back) and a Atlas Chaos....liked both so it'll probably just come down to me finding one available..
  4. Powder Finger - thanks..I've owned a bunch of different dogs in my life, but I'll never have anything again other than Chessie. They are the most stubborn, loyal, protective, loving, smart, driven, focused dogs I've ever been around. Course everyone thinks that of their dogs and they are right too!
  5. It was lot more than 20 post..your post count gets reset to zero when they slap your hand.
  6. Brown Clowns-Chesse’s are great!
  7. Couple quick thoughts here..I’ve been member here since 2007 and was a lurker long before that. I’ve been shooting USPSA off and on since I shot my first match in 1995. I fell in love with the sport cause it’s probably the truest shooting sport in the world..and by true I mean it’s not dependent on what relay you draw, whether you get a good puller on your target or puller throwing your skeet or trap clays..it’s the truest form because the results you get are directly related to what you do on the field. Everyone shoots the same stages..some will see the stage and shoot it a lot better than the next guy, but it’s 100% about how much you put into it, and no one else fault if you don’t burn it down. While my first love is USPSA, my second is long range F-Class..which I’m a lot better at than shooting pistols..I’ve focused on my F-Class over the last few years, and my hard work has paid off with a number of wins and a couple of national records..I’ve put a lot into it, yet there are still a number of factors outside a shooters control that can determine the outcome of the shoot..ie..slower pit service, screwed up E-Target(cost me National Championship in Mid-range), lazy match directors that don’t squad and seed on 2nd day of shoot so all the top shooters are on same relay, etc...and I always find myself thinking or telling someone if I was shooting USPSA right now, this wouldn’t be happening..I’m not bashing F-Class..I love the sport,and it’s been great to me..I’m just saying that we are shooting the purest shooting sport there is and we should always remember that. Second and main thought-I’ve bought and sold a lot of stuff here for years, and honestly never thought about the fact that I was abusing the board and it’s members by lurking and not sharing or taking part here. I always said that if I had something to contribute I would..but we all have a lot to contribute if we think about it..we can all help new guys asking questions. We don’t have to be keyboard warriors or think we know everything(lord only knows I don’t know much!), but we should never loose site of why this board is here...I did, and I got banned from the ads till I contribute here. At first I was pissed cause I’d been a member here a long time and thought it was heavy handed..but it wasn’t...I just got called out and I deserved it. Took me a while to come around after that, but I did a lot of browsing and reading here and realized how many of you guys had helped me and answered some of my question on here when I couldn’t find it elsewhere over the years. If your new or old here, don’t be me! Contribute and help out..This is a great forum with a great bunch of guys that truly love this sport. Love your sport and realize it’s the truest one we got....it’s all about what you leave on the field..nothing more, nothing less..
  8. 5.11 Pants and Shorts for year now..very comfortable and durable..
  9. Richard, The V3 is awesome setup. It bluetooths to your phone. Download the app, and its simple as typing in the charge weight and off you go...no more having to re-enter or rezero you scale everytime you want to change charge weights...just type in weight and go...this version also doesn't drift like V1 or 2 did..I threw 600 rounds getting ready for nationals this past fall..it under threw 8 loads by 2 tenths max and over threw 6 by 2 tenths grain max out of the 600..all rest loads fell either dead on or one powder kerrnel over or under..
  10. Love the Brazo Cyclone. I have smaller hands and tend to end up dropping mags accidently using the tear drop style..
  11. My problem is I like a lighter, faster gun..really like shorty's....I was just wondering if the Tungsten really helped that much with dot tracking and recoil lift..need to find one to shoot to compare..
  12. I’ve always used around 7.0 grains of WAC in my 9 major loads under a MG124...going make me look and measure, but I’m pretty certain this is not a compressed load..
  13. I'm currently looking pretty hard at a Akai Open in 9 Major base on my past experience with Akai guns. I had a Katana several years back and absolutely loved it - biggest mistake I eve made selling it - Looking at the newer Tungsten middy stroked pistols - for those of you that have run both, non tungsten verse tungsten, can you give me your thoughts...$8000 is a lot of money to spend a any gun and being that I've never shoot a Tungsten barrel pistol before, trying to get all the feedback I can. Thanks
  14. I ended up signed in on support page...where they ask for different levels of support...not required though...
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