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  1. TRD- it s all great info..thanks to all for sharing!
  2. Damn..why haven’t I thought of that! Thanks for the tip!
  3. Smaller hands, the SP-01 fits much better. The Shadow 2, I couldn’t reach mag release without really rolling the gun in my hands. A PT fits me ok, SV is awesome, and Cheely grip is perfect...just for reference
  4. Got a link? Did a google search for Dominate Defense and can't find anything..
  5. I put the M2 kit on my belt a couple of years ago, and it bunches up pretty bad if you ratchet on it very much...just wondering if one had come up with an ideal or way to stop that other than not using a inner..
  6. When you ratchet the belt tight, how do you keep the inner belt from bunch up?
  7. Thanks kugo! That’s the comparison I was looking for..
  8. Owner of that one on kens list says he is having elbow problems so who knows..
  9. I've been struggling with this for a while now..trying to shoot to fast Going work this drill.. ! Thanks for the tips Cha-Lee!
  10. Thanks for all the info guys - It's between a Tungsten Middy or a full custom Altas..I've owned AkaiV8, Akai Katana(damn wish I had it back) and a Atlas Chaos....liked both so it'll probably just come down to me finding one available..
  11. Powder Finger - thanks..I've owned a bunch of different dogs in my life, but I'll never have anything again other than Chessie. They are the most stubborn, loyal, protective, loving, smart, driven, focused dogs I've ever been around. Course everyone thinks that of their dogs and they are right too!
  12. It was lot more than 20 post..your post count gets reset to zero when they slap your hand.
  13. Brown Clowns-Chesse’s are great!
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