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  1. Enough with the divisions already. I remember when there were 2. Now we have it so watered down it is pathetic. More divisions make more burdens for everyone involved. How many e Nationals do we need? We need some more divisions with 15 or 20 (or less) competitors at an Area match, works out great.
  2. I currently have the Gauge with my prescription high center for shooting Limited. I am going to buy a second pair for shooting with optics, but can't decide what style I want. What is a favorite style of Hunter's HD Gold and why? I like the look of the new Velocity, but have not got to see them in person yet.
  3. Do lots of Bill Drills also. You will learn your gun and all the tendencies very quickly.
  4. Look up Ben Stoeger's doubles drill and work with it. It will help you diagnose your grip and stance so that you can recognize an acceptable sight picture to break a shot and not have to spend the time tracking the whole recoil impulse.
  5. I have some pretty serious color deficiencies with red and green in my eyesight. Using Hunter's HD Gold it is no longer a problem for me to see a 8 MOA C More dot in any lighting. And a .040 green or yellow (I have no clue which, I think yellow) has got me back to seeing a front sight again. For me they were a great way to extend my way below mediocre performance in shooting USPSA for years to come.
  6. Never once have I had that problem. I have emailed and used FB Messenger. Usually get responses within a few hours. I would give that a try.
  7. Check out Bobby @ Freedom Gunworks. He does any level of work you want and is very innovative. I am waiting on a slide he did for me to come back from nitriding, then he will be shipping it to me. Very good value work.
  8. I would suspect the problem is with the tuning, not the ammo. When STI first came out, we did not know for a brief time to load long. Our guns ran fine back then with factory ammo and light standard length loads. Longer ammo, of course, is preferred. Lots of guys running Syntec at major matches out of 2011 platform guns. I would sacrifice felt recoil for reliability any day. You can tune in between matches.
  9. Have you thought about trying a different color fiber? Many men have color deficiencies in their vision and are better served looking for the right color fiber. I am red/green color blind. I might as well paint a red fiber with carbon black on the sunniest day. Bit with a green fiber and my Hunter's HD Gold glasses it becomes too bright some days.
  10. Freedom Gunworks will treat you very right. Bobby does a great job and has great customer service.
  11. We waited about 6 weeks on a couple of them. What an awesome product. I have not been able to use it much, but will be able to start now.
  12. I second the Hunters HD Gold. Brian is one of the most accommodating customer service people I know. If you have questions or doubts, please call him. He definitely extended my limited gun years.
  13. I have at least 2 that are near new I would entertain parting with.
  14. I emailed Everglades and voiced my concern. Steve was quick to reply and was quite helpful. I ordered it Tuesday and received it today. What a fantastic piece of art. I am currently working on adjustments and will comment a bit more later.
  15. I am seriously interested in the MRH, but I have one concern. I see that it is supposed to work with basically all 2011 grips, whether they be CK, PT, SV, polymer, and whatever. How does it work with all? I have multiple guns for different purposes and switch from polymer to CK. I would love to have one great holster for both rather than two top tier holsters that don't make me excited. I am darn close to ordering one anyway, but just need a little reassurance I can sell a couple holsters I am not 100% happy with.
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