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  1. I used to use the GR-x Redding and it did fine. I have since switched to Rollsizer.com equipment and my time saved is huge. Even with the Bulge Buster dies I used to have some failures, and I try to minimize or eliminate all failures. Lots of great ways to minimise and eliminate, just have to find the best way for you. The most important part is correct die adjustment.
  2. Exactly what I did on mine years ago. Don't remember what weight i ended up with. I just preheated the guide rod. plugged the end and filled it up. Worked awesome.
  3. The nick under the feed ramp is usually caused by a mag being over inserted with the slide locked back. Knock off any burrs and it will be fine. There is no issue with either one. It would probably be best to contact them in person rather than post in a public forum hoping they may even have the slightest clue who you are even talking to.
  4. Check to make sure your trigger bow is not dragging on mags. I couldn't find where you said if you dryfire with a mag in.
  5. Definitely. You cannot go into a match looking for that kind of result. Shoot 1 less major next year and take Steve Anderson's Mental Management Class. It will accelerate your performance at majors. It is far from just for shooting. It will help your whole life.
  6. Aren't they all? May not get squat for info some days but always cheap entertainment.
  7. Great job on the new best amidst what you could have looked at as adversity. Congratulations! The holster reminds me of my very first holster a lot. Ernie Hill Speed. Brought back some memories as soon as I saw it.
  8. I would buy once and cry once. Het ahold of Kurt Grimes and get a CWA style 22 or go Volquartsen Black Mamba. Use the Scoth tape trick, it Can (won't always) switch eye dominance. Buy a couple of the Steel Challenge dry fire targets. Throw away the laser. Get Steve Anderson's first book (also known a s Refinement and Repetition) and do drills 1-12 EXACTLY how printed except do them for 3-5 minutes at your current par time or .1 second faster to chase the time. Find par times for yourself on whatever SC Dryfire Targets you buy and keep pushing your par times down. Never practice more than a few
  9. I am not sure where you have been since March, but this is not a Sig P320 X5 Legion problem. It is way deeper than panic buying. This is a nationwide firearms and reloading supply problem. One major firearms distributor I deal with carries 2007 SKU's of handguns. On any normal day last year they would have had 1500 to maybe 1850 on hand. Today they have 8. The consumers and first time gun buyers have gone batshit crazy. The distributors have massive orders. Most of what is coming into distributors is spoken for. This will not be fixed any time soon. The manufacturers are not slowing down. Some
  10. I use the doubles drill to define and diagnose deficiencies in grip. 90% of the time for me it really does not show up until 10 yards and it is almost always my support hand needing to grip more. The doubles drill is done at the yardages prescribed and is strictly just pulling the trigger as fast as you can and diagnosing by that second shot. Controlled pairs are just simply 2 A's or an A and an EXTREMELY close Charlie.
  11. I agree with SGT_Schultz. In the 80's and 90's there were stages designed at all major matches as a holster test. This stage was just simply running a few feet with a gun in the holster, not nearly what would have been called a holster test stage. The fix is very simple here. It is either faulty equipment or a faulty adjustment. Fix the problem and move on. It will help your mental game immensely to fix the problem and move past this subject.
  12. The only one sensitive enough for dryfire is the Commander.
  13. I have 3 KKM Barrels all throated just a bit differently.It is not necessarily the fact the bullets are coated, it is the shape and ogive of the bullet. My OAL for Blue Bullets and Brazos Bullets are totally different due to the ogive of the bullet. Also makes quite a difference if they are sized at .400 or .401. I have one barrel I can run coated .401 @ 1.210, but I choose not to. I have found a happy medium for all the barrels with a few different brands of bullets and stick with those. Not all gunsmiths use the same reamer or throat the barrel the same. You have to find what yours likes an
  14. I think Matt is a freak of nature when it comes to going out of his way for the customer.
  15. Not complaining at all. Stating facts. Multiple problems right off the bat that were taken care of, but when you have to repair parts on a steel grip to allow mags to drop free it is perturbing @ best. Emails on other issue from 4 weeks ago no response. I will stick with the quality and customer service of Cheely Custom.
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