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  1. Mine as well. I run Clay's mostly but they also work great with Maxxam CSP1.
  2. Looks awesome so far. What slide fixture is that? Post more pics when done.
  3. I have about 2500 rounds of 9 through my Thunder 5.5 in the last few years. Had to break it in about 50 rounds with factory ammo and it went right to eating 130 PF loads. Steel challenge loads were not quite up to reliability, but I never tried to tune to them either. You should be able to eat that 115 right from the break in period. Just pay attention to the extractor instructions from Bobby and you will never regret the Thunder. It's a piece of art.
  4. Aftec extractor and a few extra springs for a lifetime of trouble free service.
  5. Or look for a good used custom that is already checkered. They are out there. Gunbroker, Armslist, GunsAmerica, or EVEN Enos forums!
  6. Red Hill Tactical is making some of the finest competition holsters out there. Anything for an STI Edge model will work.
  7. I have done both and have been happy either way. In the long run, if I was only going to us a polymer grip, I would probably prefer silicon carbide. Shaving the grip and using marine tex is quite simple. The biggest problem is the new plastic grips from some of the manufacturers are not molded as accurately as they used to be. Some are so out of spec they are causing hammer follow. The DVC is really easy to do, just order a soldering iron kit off amazon with the right tip and get busy with your belt sander. Or, you can save yourself $200 and a lot of time and just put the money you will wish you had spent on a Cheely Custom E2 right towards it.
  8. It all depends if you want a precision tuned machine that is akin to a piece of art, or want to spend the same money on a gun that is priced according to licensing costs with quality being on the back end of the price. I can't even imagine why anyone with access to the internet would even as this question.
  9. They are a great company to deal with and very forthcoming. I hope they have more innovative products coming our way.
  10. In that case you save yourself a ton of work and get the Cheely Evo2 grip. To heck with the silicon carbide. After working with SC for over 40 years it is much better suited for polymer.
  11. You don't need the meatal grips for silicon carbide grips. Blend the polymer grip to the shape you want and use Marine Tex and your choice of grit screen size. Lots of opinions on that.
  12. FGW in Camilla, GA recently posted a stock Edge on the Facebooks that was awesome. He also listed the price for all the work including nitriding the complete gun. He turned a mundane looking gun into a beast.
  13. Have you tried the Brass Juice? I am in desperate need of a shoulder surgery and it has made a tremendous difference in the number of rounds I can load in a session. Been using One Shot over 20 years. No more.
  14. I will drop some pins in the magic elixir and make sure I'm not brewing up something that may draw unwanted attention. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  15. I cannot imagine the cleaner would have a reaction with ss pins, but I will know in a few weeks. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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