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  1. To be honest in CO what does it matter? You typically have only one reload during a course of fire. For production I could understand NOT allowing magwells due to the fact there are so many reloads in a course of fire and is considered “part” of the game at obtaining a consistent reload as a skill to be competitive. With that said it would seem the way things are headed is a carbine, a dot, and a non dot division.
  2. I’m assumming you are asking for USPSA? Not sure when you would ever use one in competition. Cannot think of a rule off the top of my head that would prevent it.
  3. If one were to choose an MPX I would buy new and make sure it’s a Gen III. First generation MPX had a few issues, but everyone running Gen II and newer seem to be pretty happy with them. Many they have used the Gen II and Gen III say they would go with the Gen III. Do your homework before buying an MPX. Sig seems to have fixed all the issues when they came out with the Gen III. I have ave a JP and it never has issues as long as I do not load to long of an OAL for TTI mag extensions on the Glock mags. That is a mag issue and not a JP issue. The JP has had zero issues. MPX and si
  4. I have used it a couple of times now without failure. Maybe an iOS update issue?
  5. Is that the oldest model it will work on? The app works fine on my iPhone 12, as it also worked fine on my iPhone 8 before I upgraded to the 12.
  6. How do you make sure your neck is correct without using some type of expander ball, or full length sizing die with an expander ball?
  7. I have yet to process any 223 brass and this comes from what seems all of the same questions you have are the ones I had, and preparing to process 223 of my own. This post has re-enforced what my research has revealed. Hopefully this week I will be processing brass., but most likely it will be next week. I would take the information I have gathered an hopefully use it to help your research and speed up the process. Hope this helps from one noob to another. From my understanding in limited research in regards to neck sizing versus full length sizing in PRS only it would seem it
  8. The dot was not moving on the screen on mine, but the zero would drop down and to the left. It got the the point were I could not make POA meet POI. It had to be sent back. Sig sent me a new optic. Never mentioned what was wrong with the old optic. Turn around was about 2 weeks. To be clear the dot was still projected into the middle of the screen but the POI would be low left. The pots were finally to their end point and the optic could not be zeroed.
  9. Sig was aware of the issue. They may have tightened up QC for the new mags coming off the line. Any mag I take to a Level 2 or above I measure to make sure I wont get bumped to open.
  10. You might have already figured this out, but if you have not. Adding the Henning base pads to 17 Round Sig P320 magazines gets you to 23 round reliably, and has room on the measurement gage to spare. Unlike adding TTI base pads to 21 Round Sig P320 magazines where I have to remove some material for them to pass the measurement gage on about 50% of the magazines.
  11. I would be interested as well. Maybe a mirror port, and/or a mount for a mirror possibly? Maybe a recess to glue in plexi on the under side of the half that is stationary the end user could incorporate. Not sure how much time it would be to design that if you care to? Pretty cool idea. I was just thinking last night how loud that case feeder is.
  12. I had to knock the very back corners of the feed lips on the 21 round Sig mag using the TTI +2 bass pads on about 50 % of my 21 round mags for them to pass the gage. I mean just the smallest amount, but they would not have passed if I did not do that. Others have had to do the same. The key is making sure you measure all of the 21 round Sig mag tubes you use regardless if base pad before heading to a level 2 or higher match. I am selling Qty: 8, TTI +2 base pads in Titanium Gray for anyone with Sig P320, 21 round magazines. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  13. Boomstick303

    AXG Grip?

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. To answer your question, Yes. Noticeably so. At least with mine. I have two X5 Legions, and two original X5s. Do you have compacts? If you do squeeze the end of the slide near the very tip at the front of the gun, i.e. the end of the barrel compressing the slide against the rail of the grip module. There is slop in all of the X5s. Not a ton, but enough to notice. Do that to Compact P320s. There is noticeably less slope. This makes sense if you look at the design of the P320s (like most polymer guns) not having full rails. The ra
  14. Boomstick303

    AXG Grip?

    Yes, considerably more. I actually could see using an AXG module with a compact slide or maybe full size slide for competition over the TXG module. My P320 compacts are and have always been more accurate than my large P320s. The lockup between the slide and the barrels is much better and they are quicker to transition than the larger P320s. I have been considering cutting one of my TXG modules down to accommodate a Carry/compact slide combination and doing some testing. Shooting with a red dot negates the one big pro for the sight radius advantage longer slide guns had over shorter
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