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  1. I kept the trigger pull with the TriggerTech just under 2 lbs. to prevent issues for this reason. We will see how long that lasts. I like the trigger a lot. I can get splits down to .10 seconds, but it will take work to get the finger to pull that fast with consistency. I was just on the TriggerTech site and the product description indicates it is adjustable, but I have not seen any other references that you can adjust lower than 3.5 pounds.
  2. Yea, I completely do not get the 3.5# minimum trigger pull. Makes zero sense. I currently have a TriggerTech AR Diamond trigger set at just under 2#s. Works great. I am curious if and when it will start having the auto issues I have heard others having using that triggers in PCC.
  3. In the little research I have done in creating 300 Blackout casing from 223 I have also read this a couple of times of non-US headstamps creating necks are too thick. Maybe a rabbit hole to do down.
  4. The skill in shot call is watching the location of the fiber or the dot when they actually lift as the gun fires, instead of seeing the location of the fiber or dot are when you pull the trigger. Two completely different things. Something I missed when I first was trying to understand shot calling.
  5. Just received the Holosun 507K and its durable for certain. Will the dot last without issue? I believe so because the research I have done has not indicated many issues with Holosun's RDS having issues. It was either this or the new Trijicon RMRcc. Since Trijicon addressed the battery tabs in the RMR Type 2 it does not seem to have the same issues. Only time will tell. The Holosun 507K came in at about the half the price of the Trijicon RMRcc and the adapter plate required to mount it. Also the Holosun 507K has incorporated rear notch to co-witness the front Iron site. I w
  6. Yes there is an app. I have not used it much, because I have not had the time to learn the ins and outs of the app. What I really like about the Lab Radar is the fact you can install an SD card and that captures all of the Series of runs onto the SD card. It can then be opened in as a .CVX File in Excel. You add the load data to the file and all of your load data is saved in Excel files. Pretty handy. The functionality of the Lab Radar in using the App and the SD card makes saving load data pretty easy.
  7. @Jim O'Youngthanks for the info.
  8. I love my Lab Radar. Yes, the unit is right next to you when using it and It would be pretty hard to shoot as the muzzle is to be placed to the side of the unit during Chrono. I have great results with the Lab Radar. It takes a second to get use to the menus but once you do it’s great. Like mentioned above once your load data is figured out you do not use it much after that so unless you intend to tinker with loads a lot the Lab Radar might make sense due to cost. With that said chances are extremely low you would ever shoot the thing. I have chronoed 9mm and 223 with pretty good
  9. I have just purchased the Blitzkrieg buffer system with the JP short Stroke bolt in my GMR15. I have only started initial testing and it has not had any issues with the first 100 rounds. I am currently running 124 mg JHP running about a PR of about 130. It is definitely different in the impulse. Not sure it is better or worse than the JP SCS system as of yet. I intend to test some different loads, and really tune the rifle in before next year. I will say once I held the rifle more firm to the shoulder it really calmed the dot, but I need to do some extensive testing to see if there is re
  10. Was the RMR a Type 1 or Type 2
  11. Nice. How many rounds do you have on that optic and any double dot issues when pointed into the sun?
  12. I am curious about the Airmpoint Arco as well, but I am not willing to the Guiney pig at that price point.
  13. Yes on both of my EDC guns. Mainly because I am way faster with a dot than I am with Irons. In shooting carry optics, training and competing with a dot carries over to my EDC guns. Dots allow you to be threat focused more so than Irons. With Irons you train mainly as front sight focused. As iron shooters become more proficient I hear that iron shooters learn to shoot some targets as target focused and use a combination of front sight and target focus during competition.
  14. My setup does not require looking outside of the optic to use the laser. I went with the green laser for this exact purpose. I have a red dot and a green laser to easily tell which aiming devices point of impact will be and can distinguish hold overs as necessary. Shooting fast with a laser is definitely a different skill set then using a dot. For whatever reason I want to confirm the laser longer than I do a dot when coming onto target. When you think you would automatically treat them the same. Nice PCC.
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