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  1. My Super 1050 came with too much packing grease in the assembly. I need to clean out the grease and apply a small amount of red axle grease and this cleared the issue up for me. It does not sound my issue was as severe or happening as often as you seem to be having it come up, but maybe something to check. I was able to make the stock system work correctly without having to upgrade any parts.
  2. Do you have issues with primer pockets getting loose in 9 Major reusing brass that many times?
  3. Yes. I have two Safariland 578 GLS holster. I will be using this holster for my X5 Legion for 2 gun competitions. It started out as a holster for my XDM, but I was able to adjust it to make it work for the Legion. The optic clears the top of the holster just fine depending on the optic and the adapter plate. Using the most current Springer Precision SRO/RMR adapter plate with an SRO.
  4. Interesting and enticing price point for certain. I wonder when it will be released for sale.
  5. From what I have read I have not seen anyone mention to check with their USPSA Section if one exists in your location or near your location. I understand some areas may not have a Section, but it might be something to look into. Our section is set up that the section schedules and arranges RO and CRO classes. Have you looked into if you reside in an area that has a section, or maybe an area close by that has a section? Just and idea. Next contact your USPSA Area Director to see what might work best for the location. They may understand the USPSA landscape in or around the part of the co
  6. If it is mixed brass of 223/5.56 brass that was converted to 300 Blackout I have read in a couple of Forums that NATO 5.56 wall thickness creates issue when trimming or cutting it to make 300 blackout brass. I have heard you only want to convert brass from the US to 300 Blackout brass. I cannot remember where I read that but maybe a rabbit hole to go down. I have to say I’m not 100% sure that was exactly what I read but fairly certain that info is accurate to what others had experienced through reading various forums.
  7. I asked a similar question a couple of months ago about purchasing a CP2000 just for processing, then I had a thought about skipping the CP2000 and automating my current 1050 to do both process and load 223. Then use the money for the CP2000 towards automating the current press. I asked what made more sense to automate or to buy a CP2000. Someone on the board pointed out essentially he wished had not purchased a second press for processing. He made the suggestion to me that I just swap processes on the 1050 when I performed maintenance. You remove the tool head anyway for the major maintenance
  8. Using Springer plates for both SRO and Romeo Max/XL optics as well. They work great. Just be sure you order the correct plate. The plate for the X5 and X5 Legion are different.
  9. New to loading and processing 223 brass, was hoping to get an idea of how people are prepping then loading. I have gathered some information from some on the board, but looking to expand my knowledge in general. @bigedp51 can you give me part number for the Forster Die you use to size your .223? I have been trying to figure out which die everyone is talking about, but Forster has a couple of different options. From the research I have done Forster sizing Die seem like the one to go with, I just don't which one exactly. Or are you using multiple Forster dies?
  10. Discussion is good. The RO was not wrong, I was incorrect. Shots were not fired while using the prop for support. At least I do not think it was, it would have been hard to tell from my advantage point due to the stage design. To your earlier point, those that know the rules, game the rules and tell the RO to prove them wrong holds true. My error.
  11. Sorry I will be more precise. The RO should have never let the shooter start the course of Fire. Is that better? Or is it legal to start a stage leaning on a prop outside of the shooting area and not incur a penalty. He would be leaning on the prop on the clock, after the timer is started right? He is still leaning on the prop once the buzzer goes off. Either way it looked to me the RO errored. Or am I not correct? Again, your example of rules that are not concise is????
  12. Trust me I understand that rule. This is a rule I have seen gamed as the shooter used the object outside of the fault line for support at the start of a stage. The RO was distracted by the other questions the shooter asked pertaining to hands below belt. I was not the RO, nor do I feel I need to explain the to RO the infraction as it is not to the outside observer to point the fault out. This rule is very concise. Again what rules do you think are not concise in the book, as you failed to provide an example. Your quote, "If you think all the rules are clear and concise you h
  13. I would agree with this statement and most of the time this is correct. I have encountered what I have described as well. Using Props outside of fault lines for support for example. I have not ever read the entire rule book. Have you? My point was I have never left the rule book questioning a rule or they way it should be interpreted. Do you have examples where the rule book is not concise?
  14. I am relatively new and have been an RO for a very short amount of time. I have no issue with the way the rules are written at all. They from what I have experienced and have had to ever reference in the rule book been clear and concise. What has not been clear is how the rules are enforced or not enforced, on an organization's, club's, RO, CRO, RM or MD whims. I have a bigger issue with the way the current rules are or are not applied in situations. I cannot see rewriting a rule by placing the same words in a different order make the rule any more or less clear.
  15. News to me. I believe Trijicon changed their battery door design. I believe it was the o ring that was used to seal the battery door was changed. Could be wrong. I had the battery door loosen up on on the first SRO I bought. No problems since tightening it up a bit. Curious to why the QC seems to be all over the place with just about every optic out there. My first SRO was bought in the first batch that was distributed. Well over 20k rounds on it. No issues to date. I have two others between 5-10k each respectively no issues. Had to send the Romeo 3 Max in to be replaced with less than 500 ro
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