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  1. Can you take a picture of the bottom of the slide? The side that mates up with the grip module.
  2. I would contact Sig. I have numerous P320s and the only time I experienced this is when I also built a P320 using the custom shop P320 FCU. The reason there was an issue was due to the barrel being a Ti-Nitride and the tight fit with the aftermarket Grey Ghost Precision slide. I had to follow specific break in instructions from Killer Innovations in regard to the barrel, for that barrel and slide to break in together. Otherwise all of my P320s have never exhibited this behavior. If you are using all stock Sig components the gun should work without a hitch as long as you have assembled it correctly.
  3. My Atlas 140 mm and 170 mm 9 mm mags arrive Tuesday with an Athena. Looking forward towards using them. Have only heard good things so far.
  4. At that price point I would go with the Vortex 1x6 and it should be fine for most AR applications. I do not have any experience with the other optics you listed but for the price the Vortex has the best blend of Glass, reticle (brightness), weight and eye relief. I never see a hint of scope shadow with that optic and the JM- BDC reticle is easy to use. Plus it’s hard to beat their warranty. One other thing to think about is first focal plane versus second. When you step up to 1x8 and 1x10 those optics tend to be first focal plane. Both FFP and SCF optics have pros and cons.
  5. Eurooptic has them in with pretty decent frequency. They currently have 5.0 Mona SROs in stock. Usually that’s the real hard one to find.
  6. Who’s thicker guide is that? Did you switch them out on all of your tool heads?
  7. Did he show you where you couldn’t use it in the rules?
  8. You learn something new everyday. Nice vocab.
  9. Man Mark 7 hit it out of the park with the form and finish. From what it looks like controls as well.
  10. No need to wait for the Dillon version then. Mark 7 it is.
  11. I use to do this, but I feel I would need to revert to this system process if I removed the ratchet system. I have been contemplating this, due the the noise and annoyance of that system. Thanks.
  12. Thanks. Also a good idea. For those who operate in this manner is there an issue when there is a hiccup In a pull of the handle? The nice thing about the ratchet system is it holds the head in place while you can assess what happened or what is causing the issue. In my eyes that prevents a lot of double loads and/or under charged loads. By the way we need to have an Reloading room ugly curtain contest judged by the moderators.
  13. Would it be possible to get a photo of this installed on the press? Thank you.
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