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  1. Shot Show day 1 is in the books. Interviewed a few booths. Will be releasing those later on along with other companies. It was inspiring to finally see the legends of the sport.
  2. Here is a quick video of Shot Show 2020. I have a few interviews waiting to be released tomorrow and some lined up later on. Let me know which booths you guys want me to venture in and I'll add it in! It's your chance to see what's in store without being there!
  3. Picked up a new co setup. Went straight into dryfiring it. A day later, I tested out my loads and factory ammo. Factory ammo played in my favor. Reliable, i was more impressed with how well the dot snapped back into the previous shot. My goal for co is to start carry optics in the most cost efficient way. After spending a ton for a custom gun only to be disappointed, Im now on a quest to shoot well with minimal cost. I picked up a canik tp9sx. I gave it a silicon carbide grip job but kept everything else stock. The best part is the red dot i picked up. It was stupid cheap, reliable, and it boasts a very decent sized window. More to come on that!
  4. I have also played around with it. Its a little bit heavier, or standard. But, thats because Im used to a my 6lb tron. The only thing I might change out is the buffer and the comp....comp being the least priority. The trigger comes with a polished enhanced spring. It has a lighter pull. The buffer is a little too harsh on the red dot. But for the price of the package, that saves a ton of cash for a taccom buffer, or a blitzkrieg. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  5. I assembled 2 so far for friends who bought them. The competition build is pretty light. It runs out of the box. Let me get you connect to the right person. If you want, pm me your contact.
  6. Its the one with the yellow housing. It came standard with my pcc. It definitely does not reset strongly enough, if that makes sense. This was without any short stroke features. Sold it and bought my 4th hiperfire. I do preach that hiperfire triggers do a great job kicking out the trigger to reset it faster The new phantom trigger from hiperfire costs less, 2lb pull, and fully drop in. It will also work with most stubborn pcc lowers like the colt lower I had
  7. I agree, no content behind my statement. Lol. The timney pcc trigger gives me tremendous trigger freeze. At first I thought it was user error(not properly letting my finger off to reset the trigger), but I was able to do it on command. I wasnt the only one experiencing the issue. Since then, I went and replaced it with a hiperfire trigger, my 4th one.
  8. Stay away from the timney pcc trigger
  9. Thank you. Im all about helping the next shooter. If someone had told me about the issues before I bought it, I wouldve made a better decision.
  10. I actually never spoke with Johnny himself, it was with 2 other reps. They never told me about the reason. However, they did mention that they will have a glock lower coming out soon.
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