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  1. I have 2 iron city bolts. Their proprietary pvd coating makes cleaning easy. I have not lubed nor sprayed anything on the bolt since Ive bought it.... 9k rounds so far. Their guy who does it did it for formula one race cars so it has to last and it has to run.
  2. It is more comparable to an mbx pro
  3. If you weigh the pros and cons of the mag, its up to you to decide. I have a buddy that uses them and swears by them. I asked him what makes them great? He said that they feed ammo well, and they insert easily into the magwell.... In my head, I thought to myself...oem glock mags do just that. But for a fraction of the cost. He even had a mag get untuned and had to send it back to mbx to get it retuned... Never had to do that with oem. Also my opinion, the top shooters dont use them because the oem ones just work. If I see Josh Froelich, Max L, and Zach S start using them without any sponsorship, Im all for it. But these champs found a way to fine tune their poly mags. Not worth it...Just my 2 cents. I think I would rather buy $200 worth of ammo or a backup bolt.
  4. Haha. Thats funny. Yeah, i'll take faster and accurate over soft, slow, and comfortable. Im switching to 115s. Also, i have also messed eith 135s and they do a good job without tuning and short stroking.
  5. I use bullseye and I am looking into switching to lighter loads. How is the reliability in Extreme's 100 grainer? Also, what is the recoil impulse and dot movement like?
  6. Hello. I did not mean to make that into a question. Thank you for the offer though. Have we shot before?
  7. Steel is much easier to do when prepped right?
  8. That is impressive. Skeletonized uppers will always be lighter next to a comparable upper of similar design and material. My MBX pcc was close to 6lbs (without magwell). Meanwhile, my iron city pcc was 5.5.
  9. I have owned 4 pcc's so far. From the most budget, lightest Taccom build, to the most gucci pricey Limcat Tron. In between were the Iron City. and the MBX. I settled with the Berserker Lite Here's the kicker. I got into PCC after a buddy let me shoot his MPX in a match. I got hooked. After doing some research, I decided to start off with a budget build. I then sold it and upgraded constantly. From the 2 years of shooting pcc, here is what I learned so far, which I wish I knew before. 1. Reliability is King. 2. Functionality over looks. 3. Balance over weight. 4. Looks are bonus points. Lol Ive witnessed common issues that most blowback pcc's get, even ones that dealt with the glock and colt mags. There are isolated incidents that can occur with any firearm. Ive seen accidental discharges with a stock m&p that was a result of a reverse primer. Its all about qc. A lightweight pcc may be beneficial for steel challenge but not necessarily for uspsa. Shooting with Max, he said there is more pros with having more weight in the back end. When running long distances with one hand, a balanced pcc will feel like running with an open gun as long as the front end was lighter. Investing in the right parts will also save you a ton of money. Buying a 150 dollar comp for a 16" barrel is almost useless. Dont get a trigger just because it is dubbed a pcc trigger. Achieving .10 splits is near impossible if the reset weight is too light. There are bolts known to easily go full auto so thats an easy dq at a stage. Lastly, the buffer and buffer spring really affects dot bounce. Dont be afraid to fail and learn.
  10. Interesting. I'll look into it. I used to own a taccom shrouded barrel and it really affected my 100 yard groupings so I steered away from uml matches. Have you had any luck with the wiland barrel with further distances?
  11. I remember they were going away with the colt lowers and onto glock. Did they menthion anything?
  12. The extra powder will also create more gas to help activate the comp
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