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  1. They are 10 yards apart. The furthest cones will be apx 20 yards away because the nearest cones would have to be far enough for the steel. Paper wont matter. Feel free to put a barrel on the starting cone to maneuver around an actual object! If you can, please record it! I would love to see the triangle incorporated by others!!! Also, if you can, placing shooter boxes will benefit more than cones. I like to run a bunch or agility drills for shooting and thats why i use these.
  2. Thanks! The triangle drill in the all steel set up focuses on speed. Ipsc cardboard targets focuses on accuracy and hitfactor. I cross train with both. Add a steel and cardboard for training on speed, accuracy, and cadence! Calling shots, slowing and speeding up! And why stop at one merry go round, see if you can go for 2 or 3! Itll should build some stamina and make shooting more tiring with fatigue kicking in! Simplicity was my intention for the drill!
  3. After 2 weeks, i have fell in love with it. I want to shoot it, but there are 2 reasons preventing me from doing so. 1, i do not want it to gey dirty or I was have to clean it up....again. 2. Im afraid I will neglect my others "tools". Lol
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    alright, let me try this again. apologize about the last one! thanks for not lighting me up guys!
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    sorry about that fellas. going to change that right now!
  6. Jcgatus

    Transitioning from open polyner to open steel

    just listed it for sale. so far, ive had two guys offer trades for it. one tried to get me on a kriss vector and the other a sw revolver.
  7. So i purchased one to have some fun in the PCC division. Was going back and forth between ck arms, mbx, and jp. There is not much videos on the ck and mbx. I ended up going with the mbx, it was priced in between ck and jp. Ck still had a lot of things I wanted to change, which will eventually have me spending more than the mbx. Here it is! Unboxing, tabletop, and shooting review.
  8. Jcgatus

    JP or MBX for new PCC rifle.

    Theres a bunch of videos on the JP. Theres like 2 vids on the MBX and theyre both by Adrian Cobb, MBX owner. I did an unboxing, tabletop, and shooting review. I put 500 rounds, only 1 failure to feed and it wasnt the rifles fault. I was testing its reliability with my problem glock mags and it did pretty good! Ill be posting the vid soon. It definitely can run faster than my finger can. Im no pro but I felt like it when shooting this thing. I hate optics because red dots like to play hide and seek with me. I ran bill drill a few times with it. Not only did that dot just nod calmly at me, i was able to push the splits to what a c class shooter shouldnt be seeing. All in all, it works. Its a handsome rifle, and its cheaper than the jp.
  9. Jcgatus

    Transitioning from open polyner to open steel

    Thanks for the advice fellas. Im definitely going to sell this away and add the funds for my open 2011. Its such a eye candy. However, looks do not put holes in the a zones.
  10. I normally shoot limited. But, i put together an open glock to "mess with". In other words, I wanted to get a taste of open style fun without diving straight into it. What I found out... - dot tracking is an art - dremels are your best friend - clearing malfunctions have been second nature... I loved how it ended up looking. However, functionality was not all there. That is why I am considering "investing" on a dedicated open style pistol. On the bright side, it gave me a red dot platform to dryfire on in order to get this darn sight tracking thingermajig down. For 8 months, i think its done some good and helped me prepped for a real real gun! Lol Any advice on what to avoid, what to expect, and what to work on? Heres a vid of my final complete gucci glock
  11. Jcgatus

    Big time Noob from NM

    I have shot steel before when LC idpa hosted it in the weekends. I get off late during the weekdays and won'tbe able to. I will still try to to get as much trigger time