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  1. I will get you those pics. But when I brought a micrometer to it, the feed lips were a lot closer. There were some grind marks too.
  2. The minute grooves on it dont disturb my loads one bit. I dryfire a lot and compared to techwell, it feeds just right! Techwell just has a tughter funnel
  3. Just wanted to share some savings! I use compression pants and arm sleeves for many reasons when I shoot. I finally got the chance to be brand ambassador for Sleefs.com. they specialize in custom designs for sleeves, compression pants, shorts, and accessories. If you use "Gatoose40", you can save 40% off on your first order!
  4. Here is an update on my kitty. About 5 months and 5k rounds later, you can clearly see something looks different with the tron. About 2 months ago, I competed in the Tropang Vegas Presidents Cup. Awesome match, but every round kept giving me malfunctions. Double and triple feeds! I got fed up and drove down the street to New Frontier Armory where I bought a 9mm glock lower. I had the gunsmith swap out the parts and moved it over. it has ran reliable since then. I contacted Limcat and informed them about this. They sent me 2 tuned colt pcc mags. I want to give it another chance but I there are too many pros with glock mags. overall, I really regret buying this overpriced pcc. I was doing well with the mbx and stalled with tron. Lesson learned!
  5. So I shoot a Limcat Tron and I got to shoot the tier 2 setup. I feel cheated.
  6. I shoot 147gr remans from Extreme Reloading NV. Im sponsored by them but I was a fan even before that. I have more recent videos where I finally won my division and class, placed 2nd overall. It definitely helps minimize dot movement.
  7. I havent posted here in a while! Been busy shooting for sure. Ive also been busy writing in my real range journal. Since training with Nick, I have been more analytical of my progress and training. I started looking at nunmber because numbers dont lie. In the past 6 months since moving to Las Vegas, I have seen tremendous progress. Probably not as fast as I would like, but there were many factors that got in the way. Military for sure. Once I got back Arizona, I shot a match in Mesquite Az, the Tropang annual Presidents Cup. That was a nightmare. My colt mags ran fine in training then they started double feeding every stage! I just went through the stages annoyed towards the end. I got back and i instantly purchased a New Frontier Armory glock lower. Those guys are awesome. Speaking of which, they are releasing 2 builds at 2 different prices. One budget and one high end build. But the prices are unbelievable! Anyway, my pcc is now a limcat NFA hybrid. It ran flawless. It really helped me in my last match. I finally took 1st in my division and class, and 2nd overall. Everything ran great, even with 4 hours of sleep. Thats where I am now. Get better, get faster. Next priority on the list is the hiperfire swap. My timney pcc trigger is straight trash. So much trigger freeze!
  8. I usually use a hiperfire trigger. I live by it and it so do hundreds of shooters. I plan on going back to hiperfire soon.
  9. XiaoYing_Video_1567486710247.mp4
  10. Trigger freeze is a real thing unfortunately. I have encountered it numerous times in training and in the match. That is why I love the hiperfire. Im going to upload a footage of where it actually bothered me. You could see that I actually had to go back and renegage mt follow up shot. A lot of people who have never felt it will tell you youre just not letting the trigger reset properly... You can actually simulate it in the cmc and the timney's... Just rapid fire it and you will get a hiccup. The pcc wont be able to keep the cadence you set it out to.
  11. Thank you helping me connect with him!
  12. I took away so much from this session that I was blown away. He broke my fundamentals down from my draw to my stance. And I thought I knew a lot until he showed me where I was lacking..but he showed me how I can get there by observing the analytics. I never trained and practiced by reading data, I always went off how I felt. "That draw felt slow. The transitions was slow..." But your time says otherwise. And this is evident when you watch your timer. One of the highlights was one drill we did. We were trying to get my draw and 1shot under a second. With both eyes open, I would clock in a 1.2 ish. It was pretty frustrating. Fast forward after Nick's instruction. I shot a .97 first shot into upper body a zone...... With eyes closed. Mind blown. Overall, I highly recommend Nick as he taylors the session towards your weaknesses. I sent him videos of some matches prior to the course and he goes from there. Now time to do the homework! Hoping to work with Max soon!
  13. im currently in the process of taking a training session with him. He is a busy man to track and book but i know he will be worth it!
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