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  1. If we were talking 3 gun... I would have Daniel Horner 10 Jerry Miculek 8 golds Taran Butler 7 golds The late great Michael Voight 6 open Golds Pattrick Heavy King Kelley
  2. Heres a before and after. This was last year. I purposely balooned up for this transformation contest. And plus it gave me a reason to splurge with the sugars and buffets. This was a 3 month process. Since then, I have focused on trying to lean out more on the mass, muscle and fat. Agility and speed is winning the pcc division which I plan on entering once I get back. Let me know if you have any questions!
  3. Hey everyone! I wanted to share a video i put together about preparing in the offseason. So I am currently in South Korea via Uncle Sam. Ive been here for 8 months and got four more to go. I was previously deployed back to back. However, i had m4s and m9s with me which I dryfired in my tent. Korea is different. We are not allowed to have anything resembling firearms in our room. Its an antigun country. But, I did get to go to an olmypic clay shooting training site but was so expensive. 40 dollars for 25 rounds. Ive never been able to steadily progress in the sport since I constantly leave. And when I did get back, I wasted money on equipment that I thought would help me get better. I was so wrong. This time was different. I spent gun money on nongun items. Yup. I invested in books, a forearm trainer kit, and a dillon reloader. Im also investing in my body. Hopefully, when I get back, I can pick off where I left off in a more effecient body. Lastly, I have been doing Keto on and off for the past 5 years before the whole craze started. I consider myself a very effecient dieter as it is my go to. For those that dont know, its a high fat, low carb diet. It trains the body to utilize fat as an energy source. It differs from the atkins diet in the following ways; protein is limited to 20 percent in keto and there is no cap on the atkins. Atkins lets you reintroduce carbs at some time, keto no so much. Its a heavy focus on fat. So butter, mayo, and porkchops are the go to. For those wondering if there arteries are at risk, rest assured they are when doing keto correctly. There are countless studies on it and my personal account of health check ups confirm it. But im not here to sell you this bacon diet, im just simply sharing what works for me, which may not work for others. It was hard at first since I love cookies and rice, pizza, pasta, you name it. And being an islander with innefecient insulin, just looking at rice will make me gain weight. But i also hate cutting out amazing beef, pork, and bacon. I digress Anyway, here is the video
  4. Jcgatus

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    So i bought the book and a dynogrip. Cant believe how weak the numbers i put up. Definitely had to change my workout routine to cater more to shooting. After watching your vid on the correlation of grip strength and the effecient recoil management, it really made kick myself after wasting money on all these useless recoil gimmicks. I mainly do keto because, well Im an islander and Ill gain 30lbs just looking at bread and rice. So far, its been awesome but ill have an occasional pizza or ice cream. Best of luck!
  5. Awesome instructions sir! Definitely going to try this dry and live.
  6. Jcgatus

    Made a dryfire stage at home...

    Thats what my mind tells me... But my skillset says otherwise I guess i can practice both. Static and when sh** hits the fan mode. I can pull the trigger when the plate comes into sight Or i can just stop sucking.
  7. Jcgatus

    Made a dryfire stage at home...

    I know it will probably be simple to make, BUT, has anyone ever made a dryfire, scaled down texas star target that spins?!
  8. Jcgatus

    Made a dryfire stage at home...

    I dunno... Im in military base. Lol
  9. Jcgatus

    Open 9mm Glocks

    Best advice after learning from my mistakes, go glock 22. It is the most versatile, affordable, and most competitive platform to go by. It will require you to modify it perfectly for whatever division you shoot in. Wanna shoot limited? Get a magwell, and a frame weight. Once you master that, add a sight block! All this while still scoring major. They got caliber conversions to 9mm, but you cant convert 9 to 40 without buying a new slide. I wouldnt say shooting open minor/major was a waste of time. I learned a few things and mastered one. I learned how to chase and track a dot during live and dry fire. I mastered clearing the numerous jams it had. Ever seen a stovepipe get cleared in .7 seconds? Bottom line is, buy a used trade in glock 22. Perfect the fundamentals as you work your way up to a 2011
  10. Jcgatus

    Made a dryfire stage at home...

    Haha, I can see that happening.
  11. Jcgatus

    Halo Neuroscience?

    In all reality, those guys have won before without it. Max won the big three in 2014 without it. There are studies and videos of it online by people who were trying to master a musical piece, a marathon runner, and a dancer. It supposedly primes their brain to be receptive. But, i think their daily practice was what contributed to the improvements. I would wear them too and tell people online that i got this good because of this if they were paying me 3k for a fb shoutout. Not sure if thats how much it is. Id rather take Max Michel's shooting supplements and dope up for my next local match.
  12. Jcgatus

    How to practice in Iraq?

    Unfortunately, this has been the story of my shooting journey. I started back in 2015. Everytime i was getting somewhere, Uncle Sam deployed me again. So, i printed out a bunch of scaled down ipsc targets and taped it throughout my living space in our tents. We created blanket walls to give us some borders (commonly known as spank tanks). Guys would look at me funny but ended up challenging me to mag changes and transition drills. fast forward, im still having to compromise. Im now in korea where no one is allowed to have guns. Reading Cha-lee's posts inspired me to work on my grip strength. I also bought a ton of uspsa training books. So im pretty much focusing on every other aspect of shooting besides the shooting. i did get to go to an olympic skeet shooting and indoor range. Although it was expensive, it was worth it. Fired the glock 17, instructor was telling me to stop canting my left wrist forward. I continued to do so. Target came back from the 25 yard line with a 2.5" grouping in the center. I just smiled back. as for my workouts, I purposely turned then into uspsa driven exercises. I make them explosive while i grip onto a 5lb dumbell. I used my grip trainer as a pistol and dryfire the targets taped all over in my room.
  13. Jcgatus

    Open Glock question... 34 or 17?

    I too run a glock 34 open gun. It took about 10 months to build and tune to how it is now (due to constantly working) i think all open glock shooters go through similar phases 1. "Im just gonna try open minor, see what the deal is about, plus its more cost effecient" 2. This glock is looking cool 3. Compensators and red dots! 4. Why wont it run? 5. 500 to 800 dollars later in parts, im selling this piece of **** 6. (After selling it) sigh... I miss that glock or maybe thats just me. anyway, i made a video of open glock tutorials and other things that i wish i knew before to help save me money and time. most importantly, getting it to run. Main thing is the loads, you can get away shooting minor with it using 124 gr nato rounds, remington 124 gr from walmart and snipping down an 11lb spring to about 9 to 10. Thats very important. if you want to shoot open major and have a higher success rate of cycling without reloading yet, i bought everglades ammunition online, major pf. It was the most cost effecient, i think 15 bucks or something. I kept my recoil spring to 13lbs. heres the video. It has footage in slow motion. I was practicing bill drills all day. Rapid fired 12 rounds with no hiccups. And showed my bill drill progress (unofficial) https://youtu.be/_ZTzeDuSY-U Its no 2011 but its a great introduction to tracking and chasing a red dot. Here is a pic of it. Its a screen shot from my silicone carbide tutorial vid. But like everyone says, go with a trusted barrel like kkm to shoot major. Try not to shoot major. Shoot minor with weaker springs. im letting this one go so i can move up to limited major.