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  1. Let me know when youre in Vegas soon, I got something for you brotha
  2. Thanks brotha! I forgot to mention how well balanced this pcc is. Its lighter but they really put the weight in the right places! Whats your initial impression when you shot it?
  3. Mine came with the phase 5 bad level already.
  4. Best budget pcc, new frontier armory tier 1 package, ruger, fm9 mid level, mbx pro pcc top would be jp.
  5. Bro, way to nail it on the head. Everybody is so caught up on his build. He can run an fx9 (granted there are no jams), and still place 1st. I like how he is putting out more practice vids. Because it shows the work behind the gold.
  6. We shall see. I know it will definitely change the game
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