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  1. you guys are awesome! Thanks for the feedback and the ideas!
  2. I made it fun using shooting workouts, which made getting into shape effortless. I was doing two things at the same time; i did drills that improved shooting And at the same time, im losing weight! Im currently running a blog/vlog. I purposely balooned up to an unhealthy weight. I wanted to set an example for my family (who are all at risk for heart diseases and diabetes) and my troops. Im in the military and im in charge of younger troops that make excuses all the time. Anyway, during the holidays, i challenged my peoples to a new years weight loss challenge. I normally weigh in at 160. So during thanksgiving all the way until the new years, I just ate everything and stayed stationary. I gained 40 lbs. I was not blessed with good genetics and im no personal trainer, but 40lbs was rough since I had to get new clothes in just a month. So far, Ive lost 15lbs. By no means, I am not bragging. Im in the "suck" with everyone else trying to live healthier. Only difference is, my mind is already set on the end results and showcasing the journey. You got this, you just need to rewire then neurons!
  3. Im reading all kinds of awesome suggestions. Main thing is to consult with your Physician to see if doing some diets and workouts are going to be ok. One thing that I have to do when its time to slim down after hibernating... Is prepare your mindset. Simply put, boost your willpower. As weird as it sounds, mastering your mental will let you master everything else in life. Im not saying that I have done just that, but i can with my health. There is a science behind it. Ive done almost every diet out there because I was desperate. But, I would crash and gain twice the weight. Ive bought supplenents and spent more money on eating healthy, only to fall back on pizza and ice cream. After rewiring my psyche, which was a long process, I could turn it on or off. You master your thoughts, you master your body, you master your actions. Good luck, cant wait to see progress pictures!
  4. Ill enjoy dryfiring this as much as shooting it for sure!
  5. Here is a brief overview of my progress so far #MotivationMonday I started my 2k19 resolution about a week earlier on the 19th of December. My goals mainly catered towards shooting sports: get lighter, get more agile and get explosive. I also needed to find a way to increase my grip strength because its the number 1 recoil softener. Instead of figuring out what to feed my body, I first needed to feed my psyche. I fed it daily Philippians 4:13, some Dr. Eric Thomas, and your occasional Dwayne Johnson. As you can see, 14lbs in a month is still good, but I have lost more in the past. Reason was, I had a few cheat days here and there. (Its Korea) I use heavy lifts that incorporate the forearms without straps along with classic forearm trainer tools.The gripdyno showed that my grip strength is going up. It also showed in my heavy lifts as I was able to get back on 315's in the deadlift department. Being patient is difficult. But when you record your journey and progress, clips like these help remind you that youre getting somewhere.
  6. If we were talking 3 gun... I would have Daniel Horner 10 Jerry Miculek 8 golds Taran Butler 7 golds The late great Michael Voight 6 open Golds Pattrick Heavy King Kelley
  7. Heres a before and after. This was last year. I purposely balooned up for this transformation contest. And plus it gave me a reason to splurge with the sugars and buffets. This was a 3 month process. Since then, I have focused on trying to lean out more on the mass, muscle and fat. Agility and speed is winning the pcc division which I plan on entering once I get back. Let me know if you have any questions!
  8. Hey everyone! I wanted to share a video i put together about preparing in the offseason. So I am currently in South Korea via Uncle Sam. Ive been here for 8 months and got four more to go. I was previously deployed back to back. However, i had m4s and m9s with me which I dryfired in my tent. Korea is different. We are not allowed to have anything resembling firearms in our room. Its an antigun country. But, I did get to go to an olmypic clay shooting training site but was so expensive. 40 dollars for 25 rounds. Ive never been able to steadily progress in the sport since I constantly leave. And when I did get back, I wasted money on equipment that I thought would help me get better. I was so wrong. This time was different. I spent gun money on nongun items. Yup. I invested in books, a forearm trainer kit, and a dillon reloader. Im also investing in my body. Hopefully, when I get back, I can pick off where I left off in a more effecient body. Lastly, I have been doing Keto on and off for the past 5 years before the whole craze started. I consider myself a very effecient dieter as it is my go to. For those that dont know, its a high fat, low carb diet. It trains the body to utilize fat as an energy source. It differs from the atkins diet in the following ways; protein is limited to 20 percent in keto and there is no cap on the atkins. Atkins lets you reintroduce carbs at some time, keto no so much. Its a heavy focus on fat. So butter, mayo, and porkchops are the go to. For those wondering if there arteries are at risk, rest assured they are when doing keto correctly. There are countless studies on it and my personal account of health check ups confirm it. But im not here to sell you this bacon diet, im just simply sharing what works for me, which may not work for others. It was hard at first since I love cookies and rice, pizza, pasta, you name it. And being an islander with innefecient insulin, just looking at rice will make me gain weight. But i also hate cutting out amazing beef, pork, and bacon. I digress Anyway, here is the video
  9. So i bought the book and a dynogrip. Cant believe how weak the numbers i put up. Definitely had to change my workout routine to cater more to shooting. After watching your vid on the correlation of grip strength and the effecient recoil management, it really made kick myself after wasting money on all these useless recoil gimmicks. I mainly do keto because, well Im an islander and Ill gain 30lbs just looking at bread and rice. So far, its been awesome but ill have an occasional pizza or ice cream. Best of luck!
  10. Awesome instructions sir! Definitely going to try this dry and live.
  11. Thats what my mind tells me... But my skillset says otherwise I guess i can practice both. Static and when sh** hits the fan mode. I can pull the trigger when the plate comes into sight Or i can just stop sucking.
  12. I know it will probably be simple to make, BUT, has anyone ever made a dryfire, scaled down texas star target that spins?!
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