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  1. It’s my understanding that it’s not doing every bullet, but a consistent % of them. I would still say wrapped plate... which would be a consistent number as the plate goes around and around...
  2. When I was having high primer issues on my 1050... I found a warped shell plate was the reason. Replaced the plate and no more problems. Only thing worse that a reloaded that won’t run is a gun that won’t run!
  3. The majority of limited shooters can still shoot limited. CO is not for everyone, but if they wanted to change over... add a dot to the slide and less powder in their load and they are there. They already have the right mags, belts and holsters. Sir... if you feel like another class split with minor and major scoring is the way to go... you sir are entitled to your opinion and should cast your vote that way.
  4. Never said anything about saving anyone any money or making it easy for the majority of any class switching to it! Your post reminds me of something that would be on CNN... Gezzz!
  5. I’m all for changing up CO a little. Make it 2 Classes... Production Optics (what we have now) and Limited Optics ( minor only, 140mm mags, single action triggers and small magwells. Optic must be slide mounted and no comp. Besides that ... we have single action striker fired guns legally in CO now, just not single action hammer fired guns. Study on single action striker fired triggers and you will find a bunch of them have excellent triggers. Example - Glock is a double action striker and Canik is a single action striker. Do not underestimate some of the striker triggers. Once a
  6. My vote would be for two classes... Production Optics and Limited Optics It’s a shame my vote is worth as much as a spent primer...
  7. I must say... I am all for single action triggers being allowed in CO with no other rule changes needed or wanted... Maybe small mag wells, but that is all. If you shoot CO and you disagree, I would be interested in why? If you don’t shoot CO ... why do even care what rules that the division has? The evolution of classes and rules is what will keep this sport alive and growing. Don’t miss understand me... I agree that there can/could be to many classes at some point and you have to draw lines somewhere, but the class is continuing to grow and attracting shooters from 3G, IDPA and Tactical sho
  8. I have both direct mount and the CZC plate system... the plate is the way to go
  9. Thanks for the sharing. I think I'll get my hands on a few guns with some of the different options and see which feels right. My CZs all came with the wider style safeties when I got them... as I refined my grip I started putting the flat smooth safeties on them to get a higher grip. As I learn to handle this gun... I guess it's possible that I might already have what I need. I don't ride my thumb on the safety like I used to. Hopefully a little time will tell me where I need/want to be. Thanks again for sharing...
  10. I'm new to the 2011 platform. I'm changing from CZ. With the CZ there are not as many options...
  11. I'm sure neither of us had an original thought ... but they say "great minds think alike". Often I wonder who "they" are...
  12. Surprised to see this thread... I had the same idea just a few weeks ago. I discussed it with a buddy and he thought was great idea also. Glock mags and grip angle could be a heck of a combination when combined with the 2011 platform. I know I would try one.
  13. Good information... thank y'all for that. Seems there are a lot (maybe too many) options. I was kinda hoping there was a general consensus that a particular one would be the one to get ...
  14. I am new to the 2011 platform and I am not sure which safety I should order. The gun came with only a single sided safety. I would like an ambi and one that is a little wider. Any and all suggestions/recommendations are greatly appreciated... Thank you
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