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  1. Thanks for the sharing. I think I'll get my hands on a few guns with some of the different options and see which feels right. My CZs all came with the wider style safeties when I got them... as I refined my grip I started putting the flat smooth safeties on them to get a higher grip. As I learn to handle this gun... I guess it's possible that I might already have what I need. I don't ride my thumb on the safety like I used to. Hopefully a little time will tell me where I need/want to be. Thanks again for sharing...
  2. I'm new to the 2011 platform. I'm changing from CZ. With the CZ there are not as many options...
  3. I'm sure neither of us had an original thought ... but they say "great minds think alike". Often I wonder who "they" are...
  4. Surprised to see this thread... I had the same idea just a few weeks ago. I discussed it with a buddy and he thought was great idea also. Glock mags and grip angle could be a heck of a combination when combined with the 2011 platform. I know I would try one.
  5. Good information... thank y'all for that. Seems there are a lot (maybe too many) options. I was kinda hoping there was a general consensus that a particular one would be the one to get ...
  6. I am new to the 2011 platform and I am not sure which safety I should order. The gun came with only a single sided safety. I would like an ambi and one that is a little wider. Any and all suggestions/recommendations are greatly appreciated... Thank you
  7. That A01 looks very interesting... guess I have been out of it for to long. Has anyone put their hands on one? If so how's the grip compare to other CZs? Looks like there are a lot of new possibilities in the future.
  8. I had one of my Shadow slides cut for a DPP. I have shot it on the 75 Shadow lower as well as the SP01 lower... and again I seem to prefer the 75 Shadow lower due to the way the grip fits in my hand. It's not about how wide the grip is, but more the length front to rear. With all things considered I think I would like a down sized Shadow 2 (SP01 length and weight) or maybe a SP01 with a Shadow 2 grip... bull barrel of course. I can not help but wonder what the CZ Mad Scientist will bring out next... probably right after I buy a new gun.
  9. Like the topic asks... Which is your favorite CZ and why? I have kind of gone in a circle... My first CZ was a 75 Shadow SA. Next came a LSP... then SP01 Shadow... followed by Shadow 2... and now I am back to liking my 75 Shadow (DA now). And a PO7 for carry... What I found ... 75 Shadow SA - wanted a DA for Production LSP - I found It top heavy SP01 Shadow Custom - small grip Shadow 2 - never shot it that much, loved the grip but gun felt heavy Thinking of getting another CZ ... just undecided on which... Maybe a Bull Shadow or Accu Light... Help?
  10. The answer is the new ambi lower from Gibbz. The ejector can be moved for right or left side eject. Really nice video on their website showing how it works. I have been looking at them myself, but I am waiting on the left handed bolt and upper that they say is on the way. I have a Gibbz left handed (side charger) 223 upper and I must say they make nice stuff. If you pick one up please advise as to how it works.
  11. Gcarr

    S2 vs LS-P

    I have a 75S, S1, S2 and had a LSP. I can say the S2 wins hands down. The LSP felt top heavy when the slide got to reciprocating.
  12. I sent a shadow slide to a reputable company ( no names at this point ) it came back with no pins and the mounting screws were over sized with the Vortex Viper's mounting holes drilled out for the larger screws. The mounting surface was not flat. I sent it back and they re-milled the surface flat. They stated the larger screws were needed to hold the viper in placed. At this point let me say this ... the pins hold the red dot from moving ... the mounting screws hold the red dot on the pins... I am highly upset over this. The dot failed within a couple hundred rounds... vortex did a warranty exchange. Now question Is ... do I weld the oversized holes up and start over and get the pins ... or just try to get pins and drill the new dot out... or drill the dot and run without pins. Oh and because the mounting holes are larger... I can not put the dot on something else and/or a different dot on the slide without drilling the holes out. I have a mess ... I could have done better than what I got on my buddies mill... but I decided to send it to a company with AAA+++ reputation thinking I would get a first class job and not have to worry about screwing it up myself.
  13. That's why I built a colt lower to replace my Glock lower. I have a Troy release on the colt ...
  14. You can try mine ...
  15. I had to modify a Troy release to allow the mag catch to seat deep enough to catch the mag in a colt dedicated lower.
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