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  1. aandabooks

    Accurate no. 2

    That is my go to for Acme, S&S and Blue Bullets in 147gr Production loads. I run 3.2gr to get to about 130PF out of a Shadow 2.
  2. aandabooks

    CZ p10 F for IPSC/USPSA?

    I didn't buy the 10c but now after handling this 10F I'm thinking about it for a mid-size carry gun. I'm thinking the 10F will be better for CO for the mag capacity. I bought 2 extensions from HBI for $10 each that will get the mags to 21. I'll have to measure them once I install them to see if a longer basepad will fit. Springer or CZ Custom will likely do some to max out.
  3. aandabooks

    CZ p10 F for IPSC/USPSA?

    I bought one last week. Haven't shot it yet. For the price I got it for I might send the top end down to Primary Machine to get it cut for an optic. Got the HBI trigger in yesterday and will be installing it this weekend.
  4. aandabooks

    Cracked slide.

    I would be very concerned about that crack. That is wide and looks like it is migrating to the edge at which point it has a chance to take a chunk off the back of that slide.
  5. Grabagun has the pro model for $1450ish. They don't seem to have the standard model.
  6. aandabooks

    Holster belt questions

    Duplicate post
  7. aandabooks

    Holster belt questions

    The DAA is just a little thicker so it makes it harder to slide accessories on. Clamping belt attachments on can be a bit of a problem with screws being too short until clamping down the mount. For the hanger, I use my own on all of my rigs.
  8. aandabooks

    PCC Stripped Upper Receiver Suggestions?

    How much is that showing up in 15" for you? I have B-day pricing available and it is $99 for me.
  9. Browning Buckmark with a Tactical Solutions barrel.
  10. aandabooks

    Cz open, checkmate or 9mm TS build

    CZCustom just came out with a threaded 9mm barrel. Optic and mount plus figure out a comp for the 1/2-28 thread. That will get you there. About $800 in addition to the gun to get to open. Little cheaper if you go with a C'more rather than the RTS2. Optic mount, barrel and comp will remain the same.
  11. aandabooks

    Which is your favorite CZ and why?

    Currently my 2 TS converted open guns. An accu-shadow that I picked up a couple months ago is rekindling my interest in shooting production. Contender for favorite might be a 97b I got in last week but I haven't shot it yet. I'll know more once I get the LOK grips in and I get it out to the range.
  12. aandabooks

    Classifier ReShoot Clarification

    My club ran a little 2 classifier match yesterday and we allowed shooters to register for 2 runs in the same division. Shooters could alternately register for up to 4 divsions with one run each. The results in practiscore treats each set of 2 classifiers as an entry and ranks them for a match score. When putting them through to USPSA the classifier system will take the best run and apply it to the classification.
  13. aandabooks

    CZ-97B Warped Factory Plastic Recoil Spring Guide Rod ??

    I just got a 97b used and when I stripped it down to check everything out the guide rod had a slight bend in it. Not as bad as in your pic. I had a spare SS guide rod laying around so I threw that in.
  14. aandabooks

    45 degree offset mount questions

    Correct. 360/12=30 degrees.
  15. aandabooks


    Federal Small Pistol Magnums. I haven't tried any others yet.