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  1. Mark at Carne Customs is my go to for both of my open guns last year. Builds an awesome gun the wait time was reasonable. Don't know where he is at for times currently but would be worth a phone call.
  2. During a match I carry the little alcohol wipes for eyeglasses in my range bag. Every 3-4 stages it gets wiped. When home CLR on a Q-tip works great. I haven't tried to coat my lens with anything. Rain-X would be something I might try but not need yet.
  3. I tried some 147s a while back for major PF. Ran about 100 through to give it a test and did not like it at all. The dot was making a figure 8 pattern and was at times leaving the glass. I normally run a 124gr bullet with SWMP in a poppel hole gun. My normal load has the dot tracking straight up and down about 1/3rd of the overall glass size.
  4. I have a case of Acme 147s I put in the classified section last night. Available to ship tomorrow.
  5. I ream my own and have the reamer that Brownell's sells. Solid Carbide. Don't try to go cheap with a HSS. I've done several of my own and lent out the reamer once. Still very sharp.
  6. Show up at a match here in IL and if you see a giant of a redhead, a head taller than anyone around him and has hands that look like someone is walking around with hams at the end his arms, you've now found him. He does not hide easily in a crowd.
  7. That is part of the beauty of living 2 hours from Mark. First one I picked up at his house and the second got delivered at a match. Just kind of came home in the range bag.
  8. Order the second, you won't be disappointed. I knew the first one was going to be great. Didn't even need to look elsewhere when I ordered the second a week later.
  9. My go to production powder. 3.4gr under a SnS 147 or 3.8gr under a 125gr.
  10. Where would you put a thumb rest for the strong hand thumb? You can get a wide safety that acts as kind of a thumb rest.
  11. I believe he has to be a Haz-Mat authorized shipper. So registered with UPS or FedEx. USPS doesn't do primers.
  12. I have a 100ct box of Everglades 147s that you can use to try to work up a load for major if you want. My initial trial with them doesn't give me much confidence that I would be successful in finding a load for my guns.
  13. I was given some 147gr open major loads by a local guy that worked up a load for an open Sig X5 Legion. I tried them in my Carne with poppel holes and 2 port comp. Dot completely left the glass on recoil. Very jumpy. With my normal loads of 124gr the dot moves straight up and down using about half the glass overall. The 147gr made it look like the dot was doing a figure 8 with the dot leaving the glass at the top and bottom.
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