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  1. There is a way to petition headquarters for a reduction in classification. Probably have to have something of a history on your classifier record showing that you can't perform at the level that you used to.
  2. I load 9mm minor with a 147gr bullet for $11.00 per 100. If I don't feel like picking up brass at a match, I have a source for indoor range pickup and cleaned for $20 per k. That moves me up to $13 per 100. Still a lot cheaper than $190 per k and I am making better ammo with a heavier bullet and lighter recoil. The stuff you can get for $190 per k is likely 115gr stuff.
  3. CZCustom sells a 11 coil spring. Likely won't fit the Grams follower. I just replaced all of my springs/followers in my TS mags with Grams. Had been running the CZCustom internals and getting nose down feeding issues with full mags. The design of the followers in quite different between the 2 companies.
  4. I went ahead and rented both a roughing and finishing reamer. Still cheaper than buying one. I figure this is a one time project that I won't need to actually own the reamer forever. I did buy a 9mm reamer a couple years ago because I own a lot of 9mm handguns. I've loaned it out to friends a few time too.
  5. Going in a .40 TS slide. The barrel is not nitrided. It is a barrel that CZCustom carries and is the OEM equipment. I let go of my only .357sig a couple months ago and am kind of excited to be setting up a TS as a .357sig Limited gun. I love the round and been loading for it for several years and have a lot of supplies to load. I asked around about getting this done and when the extra 9mm barrel fell in my lap I decided it was time to do this.
  6. All of the Tango pistols I have had require trigger work. (Limited, Open and 2-3 DA/SA). All of the CZs except a SP01 and 97B do not require trigger work. (TS, TSO, Czechmate) I consider the CZ lineup to be superior.
  7. I've always used reamers for the last .002-.003" and that is why I asked. I have a 9mm finish reamer that I have used on a couple 9mm barrels too make deeper but changing a caliber of a bore is something that I have not done. It will be done on a lathe with the barrel indicated in.
  8. I want to change the caliber of a barrel and am not sure what reamer I should be shopping for. I acquired an extra 9mm barrel for a Tactical Sport and want to change it to .357sig. I see finishing reamers and roughing reamers. Do I need to get both or will just the finishing reamer do the job for a one time cut?
  9. The whole top shooters end up with 2011s might be a valid point. Just switching to a 2011 is not going to make you all the sudden a better shooter. If you are like me, you'll take a step backwards while you are working to learn the new platform. As a counterpoint to the top shooter arguement. Consider Ben Stoeger who takes a Tanfo to second place in Limited which is not a gun that he shoots as his primary in a division that he only messes around in and is not his serious focus. Not the gun but the shooter.
  10. I'm in the same boat as the OP except I already bought an Atlas Titan and have been working on making the switch from a TS/TSO in Limited and a Czechmate in Open for the past several years. I'm 2 matches, many dryfire sessions and about $3500 into this experiment. I"m really starting to wonder if it is worth it. I really want to like it but the switch is going to take more work than I anticipated.
  11. Cracked comps, cracked slides and finish issues might be part of the problem. Guys around me that bought STI Open guns have all had one or more of these problems.
  12. Talk about not organized well. Just put it in chronological order. Don't need it by type and having matches under the wrong area is no good. Maybe even put it on a calendar type page but the way they have it makes no sense.
  13. Buy the S&W M&P 15-22 for $350ish and cut out all of the magazine/feeding problems.
  14. I posted in the other thread thinking much the same. I picked up and Atlas because I got curious about the 2011. Shot 2 matches with it and a bit of practice. The PT Evo grip has some contour to it but not as much customization as the TSO/Czechmate. Couldn't stand the plastic 2011 grip. The Atlas does return nice but not that much better than the TSO. I'll need to shelve the CZs for quite a while to truly get a handle on the 2011 trigger. I don't know that the juice is worth the squeeze.
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