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  1. I have another companies that I believe went out of business. These are the ones that range panda offers on his site.
  2. Welcome. I'm also from Central IL. Have any questions about where/when the matches are, PM me.
  3. The only 100 round that I'm aware of is the Hundo case gauge. They are great and do what you want. I do like it a little better with one of the 3D printed stands under it that allows the longer bullet lengths for my open gun to go flush with the top of the gauge.
  4. What gun is it? There is a lot of variable that is going to go into giving you answer and even them it could be wildly off.
  5. CZ Custom for the mount and I believe they carry the red aluminum short grips also. I would recommend LOK grips though but that is up to you. Holosun I am not sure who would have the best price but Optics Planet would be a good start.
  6. I've worked Level II and III matches where the hotel for double has been covered and pay the other half. One Area match where I paid for the hotel and at the end of the working the match was handed several hundred $$$ to cover that. I've never turned in any paperwork or been issued any taxable paperwork. Staying at a match hotel and having the room paid for by the match I would imagine they are getting paperwork directly from the hotel. If you are worried about the IRS and are planning to MD for several higher level matches year after year then it might be worth looking into setting up an LLC.
  7. Correct. Person in 4th would move up to be second in classified order. There is just no way to know for sure when someone is an X for whatever reason where the person would be if actually classified. Logic would be at a larger match that a U would be more likely for someone that changed divisions and just didn't gather enough classifiers before the match. Could be a GM with a U or a D class with a U. Can't be sure unless you know the person.
  8. Not normally since there is no way to place the skill level of a shooter with X in the classification. If it was a Level 2 or higher match their should not have been any X class shooters since a USPSA membership is required to shoot.
  9. 140mm mag is the limit in CO and with correct springs/extension and follower 24 is available. 23 in almost anything from stock with any extension. Same amount of round an open guy gets in their 140mm mags. 20rds would be if you are shooting CO with .40.
  10. One closest to the glass got angled. Second was straight up. 10 degrees if I remember correctly.
  11. I had poppels in my Czechmate and a converted TS. They did make a difference. Anyone with a mill should be able to do the work. I did mine with 5/32" holes. Milled a slot for the holes.
  12. Nicely weighted gun with a 230gr bullet moving at right around 580FPS to make minor with a little cushion. Very soft shooting.
  13. Following this logic to the end would result in everyone winning a popper challenge since proper calibration ammo never makes minor PF.
  14. For kydex I have a mix of RHT and GX. Both are good but I like the locking system on the GX better. RHT has more models available.
  15. Mark at Carne Customs is my go to for both of my open guns last year. Builds an awesome gun the wait time was reasonable. Don't know where he is at for times currently but would be worth a phone call.
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