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  1. aandabooks

    S2 Rear Sight

    File it until it is as wide as you want it. Or, put on a skinnier front site. Same difference.
  2. I've been debating the same thing myself. Choice seems to between plate system and no plate system. The last one that I had done for a CZ SP01 was with Primary Machine. They did some really nice work and cerakote is part of the price.
  3. When I saw Grabagun had them in stock today for $599.99, I couldn't resist. I really like the first one and have invested in mags for the platform.
  4. So, what size are the holes? I just bought a second VR80 that might become an experimenting gun.
  5. You just can't sell there yet. Need to get yourself to 50 posts.
  6. Just out of curiosity, why did CK steer you away from HS6?
  7. If you are running 7.0gr of the WAC and I am using 8.0gr of the HS6 to make the same PF with a 124gr bullet then I am using 14.2% more powder than you are. That gas that the powder produces when it burns has to go somewhere. The basic idea is that it goes up which in turn pushes your gun down. With that in mind, I used to use 9.8gr of AA#7 so it should have produced even more gas but there is a limit to how much your poppel holes and comp can expel up before the remainder goes out the end of the comp after the bullet.
  8. I only bought 1 pound to try and about half pound is still on the shelf. I'll be sticking with HS6 unless I decide to try something in the Vihtivouri (sp?) lineup. My main reloading shop just went out of business so I'll have to find another steady supply of powder if I'm going to switch. Got about 30lbs of HS6 to work my way through before I have to worry about it.
  9. Nice looking gun. When developing my open loads for guns with poppel holes, I went with HS6. I tried WAC, CFE and AA#7. First two were too fast and didn't adequately work the holes and comp. Didn't like how full the case was and how like sand AA#7 is. Settled on 8.0gr for 124gr and 8.4gr for 115gr PD bullets using the HS6. The dot movement is straight up and down. The guns are flat and while I'm not sure .22 soft they are very shootable.
  10. I'm looking for a kydex holster for a Czechmate with the stock thumbrest and optic mount configuration.
  11. My load for 147gr RN from S&S is at 1.110". I run them in a TS upper and they feed great.
  12. Is this for a 9mm or .40?
  13. I'll talk to Caleb tomorrow about a "Crocodile Dundee" type kydex option.
  14. You'd be surprised what a comp does for this gun. I thought mine was pretty good with no comp and just the shroud. Then I added a comp and the pattern got better and the recoil reduction was noticeable. Good that yours was good out of the box. I couldn't get a whole 9rd mag through mine without an issue until I got to about 75rds. After that it has been loosening up and the last couple boxes have gone so fast that I should have brought more to the range so I didn't have to put the gun away before I was done having fun.
  15. Amarok Tactical. Caleb has two sizes available. I have both and they fit like a glove. I plan to run 10rd mags in them. Haven't got a belt clip to carry an extra 19rd mag.
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