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  1. The match director at my local has a below the knee prostectic. He is M class in Limited and finishes well. Alot of classifiers are stand and shoot. Field courses will be the bigger challenge.
  2. aandabooks

    Looking for a specific range cart

    Sounds like a Zuca cart. Beware of the sticker shock when you pull up the webpage.
  3. aandabooks

    TSO 40

    Trigger return spring and slide stop.
  4. aandabooks

    CZ shooter dipping toes into 2011 waters

    I'm done switching around guns every other match like I did in my first 5 years in the sport. I've landed on the CZ TS as my go to gun and that is all I've run in competition since the spring. I have 2 setup for open and one for limited. I shoot them so much that when I put a 1911/2011 in my hand at the range it feels abnormal. I don't feel like the platform holds me back at all. I can guarantee that they can shoot just as fast as any other gun on the market and can be just as accurate. The magazines are simple to run.
  5. aandabooks

    Converting Tanfo 38S to 9mm Major in Gold Team

    Here is a complete top end that you can swap between. Not a bad price.
  6. aandabooks

    CZ shooter dipping toes into 2011 waters

    I didn't do anything to my chambers. I run 115gr PD HPs at 1.145". They feed fine and make PF easily.
  7. aandabooks

    CZ shooter dipping toes into 2011 waters

    A top end can drop right onto the frame. You have to build the top end yourself. I've acquired mine from members here either as a 75SA or SP01 slide. The 75SA requires a 6" barrel to be cut and threaded. The SP01 you can just buy a threaded barrel.
  8. aandabooks

    Ruger PC Carbine

    That is what I need for mine. The Taccom plastic one has too much flex. Have to push about halfway up the lever to get it to work reliably.
  9. aandabooks

    using HS 6 to make major PF

    I'm running 8.4gr of HS-6 under a PD 115gr HP loaded to 1.145" for a CZ open gun. I was running 124gr PD bullets with AutoComp previously and like the 115gr load better. I'm going to try the 124gr with HS-6 and see if I like that combination.
  10. aandabooks

    CZ shooter dipping toes into 2011 waters

    It's not necessary to shorten the frame and relocate serial number if you just run comp in frame. Don't have to worry about holding the comp with guide rod with if it is in the frame. No rotation. I have a little bit of a thing for CZ handguns. The Shadow 2s are my son's for Production.
  11. aandabooks

    CZ shooter dipping toes into 2011 waters

    I would have started with a CZ and never looked back. If you have an Orange you are already most of the way to open. Under $1k will get you the rest of the way and you'll still have your Limited gun. Optic mount, optic, 9mm top end and a barrel threaded with comp.
  12. aandabooks

    CZ Open Build Theory

    Did you do this to add grip or subtract weight? Or did you get both benefits?
  13. aandabooks

    CZ Open Build Theory

    Moving a TS over to an open gun is actually fairly easy. Keep an eye out for a SP01 upper or a 75b upper and snag it when you get a chance. Then you'll have an upper to build off of when you get ready. I drilled mine for a STI optic mount so I have more options. Fitting a barrel in a CZ is really simple. Toughest part is threading the barrel and making a comp. Slide racker can be an issue.
  14. It was a great match. Can't wait to sign up for next year. Who won the gun drawings?