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  1. Great idea. Always buy more guns. .40 minor is a good option until a 9mm comes along.
  2. Using the zip tie to just see if there is a squib. If a squib exists the gun goes off the range to get repaired. No squib then reshoot.
  3. About the third variation of that story I have heard. First was they are supposed to come with the gun. Second was that they don't come with the gun but with the comps. Now hearing one comp but not the other. I don't think they can keep them in stock and include them when they can. It is not an easily reproducible thread. It is an odd TPI, trapezoidal and has a slight taper to it for lockup. I figured it out and made my own but I have a HAAS CNC lathe that I can program and make it do what I need with the right tooling.
  4. I'm the one making them. They come with a handguard nut, locking nut, spacer and the comp. PM me for price and availability.
  5. Won't make Havana in May. Mine will be going on my VR80. Might think about another one for the PCC but the C'More is good on there at the moment.
  6. Just bought one after checking one out this afternoon. Great dot and I like the options. I bought one in red. Will be interested to see what others have to say.
  7. Until I figured out the thread and how to cut it, I was going to do the same thing. I didn't want to since there does not seem to be a factory replacement available.
  8. Correct. SA slide on TS lower.
  9. Firing pin retaining roll pin.
  10. I've been getting periodic light strikes on my Tac Sport open gun with Fed primers. Figured it was time for a new hammer spring so I installed one last week and went to an indoor match. Ran perfect for one run and on the second run had 3 light strikes in 28 rounds. Tonight I figured it was time for a new 9lb recoil spring and while I was at it I would change the firing pin spring. Took everything apart and inspected the firing pin. Good so far. Getting ready to put the gun back together I picked up the roll pin and it didn't feel right. Here is what I found: There is a chunk missing out of the roll pin. Didn't find the piece of metal. Not sure where it went to. It might have fallen out when I was disassembling and I didn't see it.
  11. I see that rule not going all the way to forbidding the construction of a course that has to make the targets unavailable past the 180. I think it is referring to having a target placed so that a competitor can only shoot it while breaking the 180.
  12. I don't remember that being a rule. It would make course construction way more difficult if every target had to be hidden past the 180. Up to the shooter to know where they are in the course of fire and not break the 180. If there is a rule that I have missed, I would also be interested to know more about it.
  13. Does anyone else other than the Youtube video posted a couple pages ago have experience with a Pro Mag drum? I was in at my dealers today and noticed that he has a 12rd drum sitting on the shelf. I hadn't paid any attention to it in previous visits but he said it has been there for several months. $75 is the price on it but I could get it cheaper. Should I go for it or let it sit? I've got 19rd mags on the way and 9 rd mags that need the post cut to get to 10 rds. Not sure where I would use a 12 rd drum other than the cool factor. Also, any word on aluminum base plates from anyone yet?
  14. This is not really panic buying in the sense of right after Sandy Hook and people were giving $1500 for a $500 AR at gun shows or a brick of .22 was getting $60-$100. That was panic buying because there was no supply and the demand went way up quickly. This is buying when the time and price is right. I went through the shortage of primers, powder and .22 ammo. I will never be caught in the position of having to decide if I'm going to shoot a match because I don't know that I'll be able to replenish what I shoot.
  15. Got 4 to go along with my 2 9 round mags I bought a couple weeks ago. That should hold me for a while.
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