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  1. I have an extra CZC magwell and a set of grey/black thin LOK full checkered grips. If your interested in a good price on them, PM me. Can't help out with the basepads.
  2. I tried to fall in love with revolver a few years ago. Had a nicely setup 625 and then they changed the scoring so I bought a 627 shooting .38 short colts. All rigged up and shot a few matches. Nobody around here is shooting revo. To try it again every other division except L10 would have to cease to exist and then I would shoot revolver division.
  3. I have a LSI planned on a build I'm having done. I told the builder to go with an aluminum magwell due to weight in the bottom end. Doesn't a steel magwell get heavy to the back and bottom of the gun?
  4. Since I have 3 of them with 1 being in open configuration I keep spares of everything on hand. All the springs and at least an extra sear cage and hammer. Slide stops seem to break about 5000 rounds. I put in a brand new one before bigger matches. After that they go in for locals and practice.
  5. Local match yes. Not a problem but should probably be someone competent and comfortable. RO classes in some areas don't come along often so having a lot of certified ROs can be a challenge for some clubs.
  6. aandabooks

    A01 LD for Limited

    I might want this more than the Dan Wesson DWX. Hinged trigger that I'm already used to on the Czechmate and TSO but heavier in .40.
  7. Pre-travel on a CZ is controlled with small set screws on the trigger. It is possible to adjust the pre-travel and post-travel out of the trigger. Go too far or change of temperature with the gun frame can keep the gun from firing with the post-travel screw.
  8. Love all 3 of mine. Great value guns that are now discontinued. CZ Custom has the basepads you'll need to get to 20 rounds.
  9. I'm much in the same situation as you. Used to be that I would do all the work and take the time. Half of my matches were spent scrounging brass. Then I got buckets of brass ahead but time became an issue so I started buying brass. Shipped in 5k at a time or 1k bags cleaned and ready to load from a local gun store. The buying brass did not start until after the 2013-2015 reloading supply drought. Now brass is so plentiful and cheap it is easier to just buy it. I don't pickup brass at matches anymore unless it is in a nice pile at a shooting area. I got a wet tumbler for Christmas so I am now working my way through the 5 gallon buckets that I have accumulated from working majors or stuff that never go in the mix before. I'll start loading some of this and some will go back into buckets for storage in case another reloading supply drought happens.
  10. Around 1000. Internal parts will have rubbed together enough to smooth out as much as they will. Can speed up the process by taking the gun apart and polishing parts. Also a change of the hammer spring to 13lb or 11.5lbs will drop the DA immediately.
  11. Shooter's Connection hands down. Only paster I will buy for our club matches.
  12. kneelingatlas here on Benos or John Durso over on the CZ Open Gun shooters sight at Facebook
  13. You would have to have the right side of the Czechmate drilled/tapped for your thumbrest so if you have to go that route have it done on a STI pattern then you can buy any STI pattern thumbrest for a lefty. Not like you'll need to run a 2 sided optic mount so do what makes life easier.
  14. I've had both over the past couple of years. The Czechmate is what I am currently shooting. The Tanfo was a problem for the 170mm mag. Never could get a MBX mag to run in the gun and finally gave up. The gun with 12 poppel holes was incredibly loud but not hugely noticeable when actually behind the gun. The Tanfo needs trigger work right away. Patriot Defense is good for the trigger work. The Czechmate is more forgiving when it comes to the mags. CZCustom has everything except the Grams spring and followers. If you go with a Czechmate pickup a multi-optic mount as soon as you see one come available. They are the hardest accessory to find when you want one. I run a John Durso comp and guide rod. Excellent setup and the gun is flat. Czechmate won't need trigger work out of the box. I did put a metal trigger in mine but that was personal preference and not required. I'm not sure what Tanfo is coming out with this year for an improvement on the open gun. If you are buying right now I would go with the Czechmate. If what is coming from Tanfo is an improvement over the Gold Team that is currently on the market it might be worth waiting to see the improvements.
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