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  1. Which locking ring? I can do the one at the comp but the one at the hand guard is going to be a problem. It looks to be a proprietary thread. Supposedly the guns ship with a nut that locks the hand guard. I didn't get one with mine but emailed RIA to see about that. I've heard that they will be shipping them out to people that didn't get one this week. I think I'm going to cut down my shroud since I like the look of it but want to run the comp. I should have some ready to ship by the end of the week in raw aluminum. I'm working on a local guy to do some cerakote on them but that will be $25 each and more time.
  2. I ran off a first pass at a 3 port model. It is getting fairly long. Especially compared to the first one that I did. I went with a slightly rectangular shape for this one. I'll be testing both of them this weekend. I might gear up for a small production run of these. I have a buddy that I'm working on to get him to do some cerakoteing on these. I could just sell them in the raw and the price would be much cheaper.
  3. Yes I'm making my own. I have the right tap. I went back and ran the tap by hand now it is good. Used the lathe the first pass.
  4. Just got it yesterday and haven't even gotten out to the range and already the customizing is getting started. Swapped out the stock and grip. Went with a minimalist stock I had laying around and a Hogue grip. Will put on a Vortex reddot after I get it to the range to break it in. Have a Cmore railway on the way for it. Started working on a comp design. This one is going to end up being too short but I kind of like the way it looks on the gun. Whipped up a quick round one and it stays steam lined but not enough venting I don't think. The threads on the barrel are slightly over-sized and makes it difficult to turn these on. Might be ordering a die to chase the threads.
  5. Good to hear. I need some basepads for some pistol mags from them.
  6. I got my VR80 in today from Palmetto State. Everything looks great and I will be getting it out to the range this weekend. Also got in 2 9rd mags from Advanced Tactical. Unfortunately, one of them has a broken base plate. That one is going to have to go back or I'm going to see if Advanced Tactical will just send a new base plate. Is anyone out there making aluminum base plates? I'd be interested if someone like Taran started making some.
  7. I'll wait and see. Since AdvancedTactical is essentially Rock Island Armory they might have first dibs on new shipments.
  8. Then I think I'll wait for Advanced. Not really in the mood to pay double. Might have to do without a 29rd mag though. Advance doesn't list that one.
  9. Am I missing the right listing at Tooth and Nail but their prices are double what Advance Tactical is? I have 2 9rd coming from Advanced for $29.99 each and they show a price of $60 each for the 19rd mags that are currently out of stock. Those mags are $70 and $135 at Tooth and Nail.
  10. With the release by CZCustom of the threaded barrel for the TSO, it makes it a fairly simple endeavor. About $800 in mount, optic, barrel and comp will get you there. Magazines will add to the cost if you have a .40 TSO and have to purchase 9mm mags.
  11. What material is the comp made of on a shotgun? I can't imagine aluminum holding up. Has to be either steel or stainless, correct? I'm like making comps for my pistols so might just order up a tap and make my own until something comes back in stock.
  12. Not on my TSs. I want the grip to be as thin as possible. The circumference of the TS grip is fairly large for my hand size.
  13. I'm in the same boat as you with the medium/large hands. On my TSs I run the thin full checkered from LOK. I tried a palm swell at one time and had to rotate my thumb too much. The full checkered have a good amount of grip and remain thin enough. If you have run the aluminum CZC grips they feel the same with the LOK grips having a little more texture.
  14. Anyone running this pistol in CO yet? I already have one P10F without the optic cut and was thinking about adding another for the CO side. Put an optic on it and occasionally shoot CO. Just curious if anyone else has done this and what they thought of the setup.
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