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  1. I have a old school C'more on mine. I like it on the gun. Same optic I currently run on my open pistol. My other choice would be a Holosun 510.
  2. My main range is still open as it is a private members only range. We didn't have our USPSA match in March. April is still in question. A couple of the indoor weeknight matches shutdown and the ranges are mostly closed. Here is IL the state order to stay at home extends until April 7th but there is talk of it being extended into late April. Luckily, I own my own piece of property that I can shoot on whenever I want. I won't be hampered other than by weather in my live fire practice.
  3. You can go watch a match. They are open to the public. Just bring eye and ear protection. Stand at the back of the squad shooting and don't touch anything on the stage you are watching. Someone will eventually notice you and offer to answer questions about what is going on. Very sociable sport with some really good people.
  4. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Shooters-Connection-Sidewinder-Slide-Racker-Finished-P544.aspx This is the racker that I run on the left side of my gun. Comes out easy for when I want to take the slide off the gun. You could train yourself with what you have on the right side of the gun. Like I said above, I've seen people run rackers on both sides.
  5. I've seen people run on either side of the gun. I prefer to run on the left side but my slide racker comes off with an allen screw. You could get your gun milled for a slide racker with a ball detent.
  6. Here is some thread data: https://outerimpact.com/product-category/red-dot-screws/
  7. Gives you the hole size below the print. Look for the green shade legend. I believe most of the red dot sights mount with either 4mm or 5mm screws.
  8. https://optics-info.com/footprints-on-red-dot-sights/ They are in metric but not a big deal to convert.
  9. This would be a great option to go with. You could start with 2 holes closest to the end of the barrel and you'll get the benefit of not smoking up the glass on your optic as much since the smoke would go out to the sides.
  10. No problem poppel holing that slide. I would only do a minimal slot if that is what you want and then put in 2 5/32" holes. Likely slot into the comp and put one of the holes in the comp and the other about where a front site would sit.
  11. Who is the coating company that PT is using? Changing colors is a bothersome process for a coating company so I can see where they would likely want to run things in batches so as to minimize the change over process. Odd colors might be the holdup waiting for enough parts to make it worthwhile to make the change. I know that PT had several color options listed.
  12. Love it. Way better than the stock one.
  13. I got one about 6 months ago in .40. Love the gun and I've had 3 TSs for the past couple years. Haven't done anything to the gun except going to some LOK thin full checkered grips and added a better thumbrest from IPSC Alex. I finally got my reamer in and now have a .357sig barrel to run it the gun occasionally. Haven't developed a load for it yet but took some old reloads out from when I had a .357sig in a M&P and they were incredibly accurate. Little more snap than the .40 loads but fun.
  14. aandabooks

    TSO Magazines

    I run CZCustom basepads with the stock springs and followers. No issues with the mags running. I do have the Springer 170s for my 9mm mags and they needed work to get them to run. There is a lip between the mag and follower that has to be blended to get the Springers to run reliably.
  15. One of our local clubs shutdown through April. Haven't heard from others or the indoor weekly match. Seems like the spring outdoor season is probably going to be a wash with the way things are going. Might actually have to use some of my time to practice at my own range instead of shooting locals every weekend.
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