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  1. aandabooks

    CZ TSO holster

    I bought one of these for my SP01 and it is great. I have a RHT Level 2 with hood for my TS during 3 gun. Love the Guga Ribas for Open/Limited in USPSA.
  2. aandabooks

    CZ TSO holster

    I use a Guga Ribas. TS/TSO/Czechmate all in the same holster.
  3. I was kind of going back and forth on my thinking on the 90%. That is why I computed it both ways in my initial post. I know a person can have an initial classification up at M/GM but with the other lower scores mixed in I was thinking that it might get that 90% tossed.
  4. My understanding is that you lose the 4 count rule when something like this happens and the classification system can run like normal with 6 of the best last 8 classifiers shot. Hence the 66.667% answer unless like in normal circumstances the 90% would get thrown out since it is more than 5% above the classification for the shooter.
  5. 66.6667 B class. The top 5 from the classifier match and the July match will count. The June will be too old. The next one to drop off would be the July match and then the 50% from the classifier match. After the initial classification only scores above 55% will count since this shooter will be a B class shooter. There is a possibility that the 90% won't count initially due to being so high over the initial classification. If that is the case then the initial classification would be 64.166. Then it is the 80-40 and the June/July matches that count.
  6. I used a ball endmill to put a detent hole in my slide. I then sank the original set screw down into the detent until tight. I added another set screw on to to lock them together.
  7. I just put an extra 9mm open upper for sale. I bought a Czechmate a few months ago and have one of my TSs converted to open as a backup/occasional match gun. Just acquired a TSO in .40 to be my primary Limited gun and have a TS as a backup. The uppers I put for sale are extra to my needs at the present time. If you drill and tap your frame you could try open pretty cheap.
  8. I bought one of the GX holsters about a month ago for my CZ SP01 and it is awesome. Pricey but it is the best holster I have owned. I put it on my own hanger and it is one rigid setup.
  9. I guess I'm a little different in this Virginia count debate. I actually kind of like Virginia count stages. Having a set number of rounds that I can shoot and having the pressure of knowing I have to get it done in that amount of shots or eat the misses is good. Puts the pressure on. I normally shoot open and spray bullets all over the place so VC is a nice change of pace. I wouldn't want more than one stage of it per match.
  10. I've been pretty happy with my Caldwell for the past 5 years. I have no complaints and no need to look for anything else. At $129 it is affordable and reliable. Their app is pretty nice for doing all the math for you.
  11. Get a backup gun. Not only is it insurance for matches to be able to finish but the backup can be your primary practice gun that takes the bulk of the work. Shoot a hundred through the match gun to confirm zero and function but don't overwork it.
  12. Do unclassified shooters no longer get a listing on the results by classification?
  13. I guess I am still missing your point on this removing shooters from a match. Even non-members get reported as participants to USPSA and have an activity fee paid for them. You don't have to be a member to shoot Level 1 matches. Want to shoot Level 2 and up requires membership. To each their own on what they want to shoot.
  14. I was just wondering if you had submitted and paid activity fees. You would then know what USPSA asks you to verify before submitting scores and paying as it relates to shooters in your match. I have had a couple discussions with Ken online with an issue with Practiscore about a year ago and I am a financial supporter. I manage the registration and treasurer work for my local club and the 3 times a year that we run 3-gun matches that we utilize Practiscore for.
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