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  1. My main club (I'm the registration/treasurer) handles this very easy and we have a 6 stage match on the ground in usually under 2 hours. Saturday we get there to setup at 8am with a 10am shoot time. Usually a few of us go the night before to build targets. Show up at 8am and help setup get you the match for $5. Don't setup and pay $15 Sunday the shooters that helped setup on Saturday can shoot again for $5 even if they switch divisions. First time Sunday shooters are $15 and a returning shooter is $10 unless they switch division then they are $15. We normally have 25-30 people setting up and sometimes it almost more help than we really need. Sunday tear down is the finishing squads tears down the stage and brings everything to front of the bay. For the OP, if you are at a club that struggles to setup in a timely manner, don't show up so early and not help. Show up a half hour before shooting time and walk stages then. During the match stop doing everything when the guy 2 slots ahead of you is up. Then you have his scoring, the guy ahead of you and your prep time to finalize your stage plan. We have a couple guys at our club that will be there an hour to 1 1/2 hours early that don't setup but want to walk stages. Their choice and their money but it really kind of pisses off the setup guys that are trying to get a stage on the ground and one of them is walking around air gunning and the targets/walls aren't even staked down yet.
  2. They make a plug with a step in it that allows you to use standard 5" springs in a 6" gun. That is what I have in my gun.
  3. MGM Targets makes a nice one that has the ability activate 2 at the same time.
  4. Holsters mostly come drilled for either Bladetech or Safariland patterns. There is some variation like G-Code but that is just a Bladetech with the top 2 holes .75" apart instead of 1.5". The bottom of your triangle is .75" down. The BOSS is made to fit Bladetech/Comptac hole pattern unless you buy the additional plate to do Safariland. If you order from Red Hill or GX then just choose the Bladetech pattern and you will be ok with almost everything on the market. If you are not too worried about offset but want some drop then with a shorter set of screws you can just fasten the holster plate to drop plate and be done. Or sand down spacers for less offset.
  5. Never seen #1,2,3. Seen the ones from the 70s/80s once. Fell asleep in the theater during #7,8. #9 was decent as an action/sci-fi/done on a green screen movie. Watched the Holiday Special last year in chunks on youtube. Not impressed.
  6. How about if we go the opposite way. Level II and Area matches go to a no prize table, no cash payouts format with a $75 max entry fee. 10-12 good quality stages. Max of 300 competitors. That brings in $22, 500. Enough to pay the range, buy targets and supplies. Comp the hotels for staff and call it a day. People will show up to compete at a good quality match. Nationals can do whatever it wants since they are the only matches that are actually run by USPSA.
  7. I would make the argument that STI/Stacatto has not truly broken into the LEO market. They are flirting around the edges but broken into would be defined as the Glock/Sig/M&P level of saturation.
  8. I had one on my Czechmate and didn't like it for the weight and size on the gun. The window is awesome but the dot is a little small compared to the 6moa size that I prefer.
  9. My son (3 matches under his belt) is currently running Lim Minor until he gets more comfortable with stages/safety and then will move to Production. He is not going to be competitive in either division for a while so might as well let him start with about half the mag change issues.
  10. I started off much the same as you with and idea that I wanted something better and more sturdy than anything else on the market and for a much more reasonable price. Started off with some aluminum and hardware. It has evolved through a few iterations but I still run a couple of the early designs with no issue.
  11. I run Fed SPM with no issues. I believe they are the same cup on both SP and SPM.
  12. These are my favorite thumbrests. They also make a version for STI pattern. I have them on my open gun. Really makes a nice kickstands for those table starts.
  13. I'm not sure if the Max3 will fit. Like I said above I know the XL does not fit. The SRO would be a solid choice as it seems to be the replacement in popularity to the Leupold DeltaPoint. That is another good one to look at but the 2.5moa dot can be a little small for some. The 7.5moa is a triangle.
  14. No. When I am the shooter that is up to shoot. You know when everyone else is supposed to be scoring/pasting/filling mags and a guy that is 2-3 spots away from shooting decides to go ahead and air gun the stage when it is supposed to be mine to prepare for my run.
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