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  1. I've only worked a hand full of Level II and III matches the past couple years. There can be a bit of a shortage on ROs at some of the stuff this year. Worked the Indiana Section last weekend and for the first time worked as an embedded RO. Here is my take on the RO situation for staffing these matches: There should be a staff hotel where people don't have to make their own reservations and 2 people per room or pay 1/2 for private. Person real local then give them the cost of hotel room to cover travel costs. Lunch should be provided for staff and if they don't want it can brin
  2. Exactly. It is a courtesy to the staff that put on the match and gives a place for competitors to compete. If some people that just want to show up and shoot then go home knew how many hours a couple people for a local match actually puts into holding monthly locals they would shut their mouths and tear down the stage then thank the staff for giving them a place to shoot for the princely sum of $15-25 for a 6-7 stage match. The clubs I mainly shoot at all offer discounts for setup crew and then tear down is the responsibility of each squad on the stage they finish on. If we had
  3. Living the code: 2 is 1 and 1 is none.
  4. I started right before Sandy Hook and my reloading mentor was a guy who ran a small shop and specialized in reloading equipment and supplies. Taught me early on to always buy a sleeve of primers at a time minimum and 8lb jugs of powder are better values than 1lb at a time. He was a guy that had half a million loaded rounds at home and still loaded something everyday. I'll have to worry about my level of shooting sometime in 2022 if primers don't come back by then. That would be for centerfire. If I have to go to shooting steel matches with .22s then I'm not sure how long it w
  5. Worked the Indiana Section this last weekend and heard more than once competitors talking about the supply shortage and their plans for shooting competitions going forward. Several seemed like they would be lucky to make it to the end of the year competing regularly and some were planning to go to dry fire only and shoot only during matches. Any match directors out there that are planning to have their Level II and up matches early in the season might be hard pressed to get people to signup for the matches not knowing about the ability to even have ammo.
  6. He also finished #2 for the L10 Nationals shooting back to back with the SS Nats the day before. Solid 2 day performance.
  7. My club bought the Ipad before the Fire 10 was available. The Fire 10 is a good and cheaper option than the Ipad.
  8. Kindle Fires for squads and Ipad for master.
  9. I got 700 for my club at A3. With the discount and no shipping it was $53/100. Good guy to deal with and reasonable prices.
  10. I'm a fan of the LSI myself because of the area under the trigger guard that has no grip texture where the middle finger sits? Is that the area you're talking about because I think the double undercut that was referred to is to the trigger guard and not the grip. The LSI already has the double undercut to the trigger guard.
  11. I ordered mine from Brownell's a couple years ago. Typical Brownell's week shipping. MidwayUSA probably has them. I ordered a .357sig reamer from PTG and I thought I might end up selling the gun before the reamer finally got shipped. It was 3 months and no notifications about any issues getting it out. There is a company that rents reamers if you only need it for one job. Save a bunch of money but has to go back in same condition.
  12. It has been out for months and many comments on it. Some have found success with some mods and tricks. Some have given up and returned them. Can't remember anybody off the top of my head that got one and said it ran flawlessly right out of the box. With that said, less than half the cost of a Dillon filler and you can return it if it doesn't work. I'll stick with my Hornady handheld filler until the reviews get better.
  13. Yes. Those are made by Springer Precision. SS can now have the back strap at or above the top of the inner belt. It used to be the front strap.
  14. To Practiscore as soon as I get home and upload. Web report to USPSA and fees paid the next day after I get to the bank to deposit the match funds.
  15. No rule for that. You can leave a gun laying on the safe table. When I ran my Czechmate I couldn't lock the slide open since I ran pins in place of a slide stop.
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