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  1. Make sure if you order that one that you specify the Safariland plate. They come standard with the Bladetech pattern plate.
  2. Felt furniture pad from a place like Menards/Home Depot with the self adhesive.
  3. I don't know any with a ball mount for a kydex holster. I know my hanger will do it with the sanding of the spacers. I include plastic spacers that can be sanded/filed to create an angle.
  4. Not possible to know what the weather is going to be a couple months in advance when the stages are getting planned and submitted. For all we would have known it could have been in the 70s that weekend and then people would be bitching that it was only 10 stages and there were open bays that could have been used.
  5. Your best bet for a race holster like that would be the Guga Ribas. I know that it can be adjusted for a Tac Sport. Has a lot of adjustment so I would imaging a 625 could be made to fit.
  6. Red Hill makes what you are looking for. I have one that I am no longer using since 3 gun around me has dried up. It is only compatible with the factory thumbrest. I would sell mine if you are interested. PM me if you are interested.
  7. I have plans to play around in Production this winter with my 97B running some 230gr S&S Casting loads I need to get to work on. I figure I will aim for a load between 575-600 FPS and will likely move to either a 6lb or 7lb recoil spring.
  8. I don't know how far I would drive if I wanted an outdoor range. I own my land 10 minutes from my house and have a range permanently setup there with steel hanging and a plate rack. If I want to go to a shooting range that I'm a member of then I have to go an additional 10 minutes. I rarely go there other than matches because then I have to haul gear there to shoot.
  9. The ELS is just the hole pattern. It is longer than the Bladetech pattern. Not a lot of makers support the ELS with holster hangers.
  10. Do you have one for sale?  I'll take both those items.



    1. aandabooks


      I make and sell holster hangers and accessories for shooters.  I have them in raw aluminum and anodized.  Send an email address and I will send some pictures.


      The raw are $25 shipped and the anodized are $30 shipped.



  11. PM me if you are looking for a hanger that will accommodate your holster with the ELS and if you need a hanger that will also fit a 2" Safariland belt.
  12. I like to enjoy a cigar during a match. Most of the time I put it down if I'm ROing someone. Not always and I have never had anyone say anything. If someone were to be sensitive about it then I would make sure that I don't smoke around them while they are getting ready to shoot.
  13. LOK thin grips. Have them on my TSO and used to run them on my Czechmate when I had it. Great for smaller hands and very good grip. I do still use the grip lotion but that is also to take the moisture out of my hands rather than strictly for grip.
  14. I have another companies that I believe went out of business. These are the ones that range panda offers on his site.
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