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  1. My son James shot one of the 13.5" Armalites and loved it. He had no trouble hitting out to 450 yards with it. Once you know your hold overs drop doesn't really matter. For those who remember the boat stage at FN a few years ago, he went one for one on those two awkward shots off the trailer hitch with it.
  2. It was around the beginning of 2017.
  3. I've had one in the SV 9mm I built over ten years ago. Never a problem.
  4. I've seen to different SLP's have that pin break.
  5. Have you checked with RCI, they could probably cut and re-thread their 10 round mono-tube to 8 rounds.
  6. The difference is something you might notice dry handling the gun but never notice in actual match use. That said I bought one of the new JP titanium comps and I'm loving it.
  7. Not a 100% positive but pretty sure the A400 gas system prevents you from adding an extended magazine tube.
  8. I installed a Noveske QD mount in a Versamax forend.
  9. I've opened two Armalite 5.56 comps to 9mm but used a milling machine to do it.
  10. My upper of choice on the three PCC's I've built has been the Aero Slick Side. No need for the FA so why have it? Makes for a very clean looking rifle. As for comps, I've used the JP on two and an Armalite comp on the third. I opened the comp up to 9MM, sent it and the barrel to ADCO and had them cut and re-thread it so the barrel would be just over 16" pin and welded. It came out pretty nice.
  11. Sell then while they are still in demand and replace with Invictus? I used and liked the AP's years ago, but had the same problem.
  12. Alma, The Versamax uses a dual spring. Assuming the springs are about the same size I can bring you in a set of the VM springs for you to try in your Browning.
  13. I've put the STI/Bomar style rear sight on a few shotguns. I don't really like the way it looks but I can't deny that the .115 rear notch combined with a Hi-Viz fiber front is one heck of a good sight picture that allows you to adjust for point of impact.
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