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  1. The magazine disconnect parts can be removed without replacing the housing, FYI. I have one. It definitely needs to be clean to run well and it likes hotter ammo, but it works pretty good for the price.
  2. I see Brazos is selling a bald slide now. I haven't heard any reviews yet though.
  3. An aluminum grip would also make weight, but it's pricey.
  4. Obviously this was 3 months ago, but I figured I should chime in for clarity's sake. 1. Yes, lightening is now legal. 2. Full length dustcovers have been legal since 1/1/2017. 3. A thumbrest wouldn't fit the box. That's the main one I can think of.
  5. In my opinion pre-travel is irrelevant from a shootability standpoint. My 2011 has probably 3/32" of pre-travel, but if it was twice that I probably wouldn't notice. I don't notice pre-travel on a Glock any more than I do on a 1911. Also, from a technical standpoint, in a 1911 you need to have some pre-travel or else your trigger bow would be resting on the sear at all times which would be rather unsafe.
  6. I would recommend buying some 12 gauge ammo and going to your local match. If it's anything like my area there will be people lining up to lend you shotguns if you let them know you're new and don't have one. That being said, inertia operated guns are by far the most popular in the sport for reliability reasons. So typically that tends to go in the direction of an M2, or at a lower budget the Stoeger M3000/M3K. But try out some guns and see what you think. But for $700 (which is the cheapest I saw SX4's online), you could get a pretty well set up M3000. For $850 you could get the gun with the whole MOA Precision race package on a Stoeger. Anyway. Welcome to the sport.
  7. So you took the full rail and cut it back? Are you talking about a full length aluminum guide rod or a GI style? Also, do you still have the magwell? I assume a 9mm? Do you know what the final weight is? Sorry about all the questions, but I'm rather excited that I might be able to make this work.
  8. Thanks. The 46oz is just the standard full rail 9mm? At least it's a couple ounces lighter than I thought it would be. I thought about the short dust cover, but for IDPA they require a bushing barrel and all I see with the short dust cover and no rail are in .40 and 10mm, which RIA only makes with bull barrels as far as I can tell. Which model is the 38oz one?
  9. Has anyone tried to make one of the 51679 models IDPA legal? I'm a machinist, so I can cut back the dust cover to 3.25" and such, but I want to make sure it's possible to shave off enough to make the 43oz weight limit. It looks like they weigh around 3 lbs. I presume the mainspring housing is already plastic, so I won't save weight there. I could also possibly flat top or tri top it to save an ounce or two. Thanks.
  10. So I recently picked up a used (1987) HK M1 Super 90. It has an 18.5" cylinder bore barrel, no vent rib, not threaded for chokes, milled in front sight. Obviously those traits are less than ideal. Now I could spend $400 on an M2 barrel and handguard to make up for the length, rib, sights and chokes, or I could spend $200 to get it threaded for chokes, but then I wouldn't have the the vent rib or longer barrel. Would it be a reasonable option to sell the M1 and pick up an M3K and use the leftover cash to get it set up? Is there a big enough difference performance wise between the two platforms to justify the downfalls of my particular gun?
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