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  1. I like / use the push button style by Elfman. https://www.opticsplanet.com/elftmann-tactical-ambi-speed-safety.html?gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIn86DmLz04gIVBrnACh2cMA9BEAAYASAAEgKCQvD_BwE
  2. I have a PSA 9mm, 16” upper. It has PSA handguard that I’m considering changing. Does anyone know if the PSA upper takes a mil spec barrel nut? Has anyone done this change? I’m considering Foxtrot Mike Products Ultra Light Free Float Primary Arms Exclusive M-LOK Handguard - 15" Has anyone had experience with Foxtrot Mike products?
  3. Geissele says the SD3G MAY not reset bolts that are ramped for Glock nags. I run a G2S. I’ve come to like the 2 Stage for longer shots when I deed to slow down. But I don’t think it makes much difference for fast shots, once you get used to riding the reset.
  4. I run the baby stroller also. One observation from the matches I attend is don’t get the one with a front swivel wheel (unless it can lock). I see shooters withthose swivel wheels fighting the wobble. The fixed wheels are usually larger and to turn you just tip back off the front wheel & go.
  5. If you really like Geissele triggers, I run a Geissele G2S in my PCC. I know it’s a 2 Stage but once you get a feel for the reset it’s fast, light, and has been 100% reliable. Geissele said it would work with the 9mm cut bolt. You can catch them on sale for around $100.
  6. I like the Elfman push button safety. Easy reach, my thump is right there. No dual levers for ambi use. Very smooth but solid function. For consistency, i’ve Installed them on all my AR platforms, including PCC. The only drawback is I’ve had to demonstrate the function to a couple of ROs, who weren’t sure I engaged the safety.
  7. I have astigmatism and have found that most RDS flare. I had an Aimpoint H1 that was pretty good. Currently i’ve settled on Vortex Spitfire 1X DRT, for my PCC and bay stages AR. The etched reticle does not flare at all. The 2moa dot is pretty small and I only use it for longer shots. Most of my shots are using inner ring. The Spitfire is larger than the 501 but that’s not an issue on a AR. It also cost more, but I found mine on sale fit less than $200. I have 1 of the older style with the knob for brightness and 1 of the newer that uses push buttons for brightness. I prefer the knob style better. For me It just seems easier to use.
  8. I double checked and mine is straight like yours. Must be a gen 1. So, it looks like my only option is to mount an Odin Works, like you did. Which Odin product did you use?
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I thought of that too. It looks good. I may have to go that route. In the mean time I did a deeper search of PSA’s website & found they have their own branded one - https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-custom-ar-9-9mm-extended-mag-release-116013.html it’s out of stock, but I think I’ll wait & order one. My fall back plan will be as noted above.
  10. I’m looking for an extended mag release fit my forged PSA Ar9. I called Odin a works and they told me the XGMR1 would be what I needed. Today then it arrived I found out they were wrong. Not even a close fit. (The pivot pin to mag engagement point were waaaay off. So, does anybody know of a product that WILL work on the forged PSA AR9 loser?
  11. I have a PSA upper. I called them and told them I wanted a spare, just in case mine broke. They sent me out one, no charge.
  12. Whar’s your load for 115s? i’m thinking of switching to 115 (Berry’s) . The recommendation I was given was 4.3gr of TiteGroup, Winchester SPP, 1.15 OAL
  13. I tried this a couple of years ago and love it. I now have them on all my ARs. It’s easy to use right or left handed. The button does not interfere with trigger finger. You just have to get used to a different motion to operate it (that took about 10 seconds)
  14. I Had a Vortex Spitfire lying around. I put it on my PCC and love to.
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