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  1. I tried this a couple of years ago and love it. I now have them on all my ARs. It’s easy to use right or left handed. The button does not interfere with trigger finger. You just have to get used to a different motion to operate it (that took about 10 seconds)
  2. mitommy

    PCC optics

    I Had a Vortex Spitfire lying around. I put it on my PCC and love to.
  3. I have a Vortex Spitfire with the brightness knob on the top. That knob doesn’t allow the caps to lie flat and the caps obstruct the knob. Does anyone know of a scopecoat type of cover for the Spitfire?
  4. mitommy

    PCC Rack on Cart Legal

    Some matches will not allow muzzle up. Muzzle down is less likely to cause sweeping when handling.
  5. I have a PSA 9 with 16” barrel. I had a Geissele G2S trigger lying around so I swapped that in. Geissele told me I should not have a problem with the G2S or SSA. But not to run a SD3G. I’ve only run a couple of matches, but the trigger has been flawless. I like the 2 stage for longer shots and the reset is still short enough for hoser shots. The other advantage is Geissele runs with aftermarket safeties. I run an Elfman push button. It gives me a ambidextrous safety without a lever on both sides.
  6. Help. I can’t find the thread about splicing 2 mags.
  7. mitommy

    Holusun users question

    I like the 2 moa dot on my Romeo5. For up close fast sight squire I just run the brightness up high. The 2 moa easily looks like a 5 moa. For longer more precise shots dim it down to the 2 moa size. It’s the best of both worlds.
  8. Carts are common in 3-Gun. Lots of good ideas about converted jogging strollers, onthis site if you do a search.
  9. Question regarding transporting Long guns between stages. For several years competitors used a variation of a jogging stroller. This method typically pointed the muzzles down at an angle. Occasionally there would be a cart made that carried with muzzle pointed straight up. Over the last couple of years I’ve noticed an increasing use of wagons. (Mostly collapsible type). I’m sure this make it a lot easier in most vehicles. However, these wagons typically carry the long guns with muzzle in horizontal position. This often causes the muzzle to sweep competitors when pulled and / or parked. This method appears to be a violation of 3GN rules: 1.8.3 Long Guns must be cased OR if hand carried or slung, the muzzle must be pointed up. Using a cart where the muzzles are pointed downward is allowed. Should the rules be changed or should match directors be aware and enforce the transportation requirements? Or are my concerns out of Line?
  10. My VM started to run sluggish and I thought it was just dirty. Eventually it became harder & harder to rack the bolt. It got to the point that when stuck, I had to "mortar" the bolt. I finally found the cam pin was worn. It had a couple of flats worn. I replaced it with a Benelli M2 pin and now it's back to running smooth. While ordering parts I did get a new recoil spring too (extra power).
  11. mitommy

    HELP - Versa Max problem

    UPDATE: The problem occurred with dummy rounds (made with Fiocchi hulls) and even with empty chamber. I took the bolt apart for closer inspection. The cam pin was all chewed up. I replaced it with one for a Benelli M2. It was better, but still had an occasional problem, but only with the dummy rounds. I then switched to dummy rounds made from Federal hulls. Ran 10 magazines full with no more problem. I went to the range & ran 50 rounds of Federal bulk pack ammo with no problem. So, it looks like the problem was both the cam pin and the Fiocchi dummy rounds. While I hav the trigger group out I noticed the hammer looked beat up. I've ordered a M2 hammer and hammer spring. Also I've read that I should replace the extractor. So, I ordered one of those too.
  12. mitommy

    HELP - Versa Max problem

    70+ views and no thoughts / suggestions?
  13. mitommy

    Scope mount for Vortex razor 1-6

    I run an American Defense tall mount and have really come to like it. It allows a more natural head position for me. Took a little getting used to for prone, but otherwise the switch was well worth it for me.
  14. mitommy

    One piece tube for Versa Max

    No, I never thought of that. Off hand, I think it will be bore expensive than the VM Tactical Competition tube. I'll have to check.
  15. mitommy

    Versa Max Forend - Mesa tactical

    if anybody replaced their forend, I'd be interested in buying the original one.