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  1. I’ve been told that dots on dovetail plates take more of a beating, leading to early failure. I don’t understand how that could be the case. Has anyone found that to be an issue?
  2. Looking at pros / cons of mounting a Red Dot Sight (RDS) on a plate that installs in the rear dovetail vs having the slide milled. If I go the mounting plate route, I’m inclined to go with EGW. I’used other EGW products and found them to be well made and high quality. Here is what I’m looking at: https://www.egwguns.com/pistol-and-r...dot/?brand=737 The plus is that it doesn’t alter the firearm, it doesn’t require taking my pistol out of service for milling & refinishing. The only con I can think of is it basically puts the sight in a cantilevered position from the dove tail. That is wh
  3. LOWER: Lower receiver: PSA Billet PX- 9, Gen 2, FCG: Geissele G2S 2 Stage Safety: Elfman Tactical Ambi Push Button Speed Safety Grip: Magpul MOE-K2 Pistol Grip, FDE Magwell: Techwell Magwell Stock: Magpul CTR Collapsible Mil-Spec , FDE Buffer Tube: PSA 6 Position Adjustable (Mil-spec) Mag Release: Odin Works XGMR (Extended Glock Mag Release), FDE UPPER: Upper Receiver: Spikes Tactical Slick Side Flat Top (Cerakoted FDE) Charging Handle: Geissele Super Charging Handle, Desert Dirt Barrel: Taccom3g ULW Ramped (top & b
  4. I guess it depends on how you use the RMR. My offset dot is sighted the same as my scope. My main use is for those hard /awkward leans. In those instances my cheek positioning is already off. fFor that use I find the 45 degree to be better. I’ve settled on the Midwest Industries offset mount. It puts the sight just a bit further out than most other mounts, which suits my intended use.
  5. thanks. Good point on the trigger. I used the G2S because I had one on the shelf, along with a SD3G. Geissele told me the SD3G would not reliably reset in a PCC. I’ll have to look at the trigger suggestions. I know that Hyperfire 24C comes highly recommended, but I’ve seen a couple of guns with those triggers go down. I’m not sure it was completely due to the triggers, but it makes me skeptical. I will definitely address the trigger before I work on short stroking.
  6. Thanks for the helpful info. Yes, my ULW has the removable top ramp. I love the way the ULW changed the balance of the rifle. I believe the 3 stage buffer has an extra spacer. I see the ESS is on sale, so I plan to pick one up. I have spare bolts for all my ARs. I’ve just been waiting for a good opportunity to get one for my AR9. I figure for a few dollars more than a good 9mm bolt, it can’t hurt to go with an ESS. Maybe I’ll just send Tim a note asking for guidance about how to set up the buffer & bolt combo (unless he sees & responds to this post).
  7. Do I add quarters until it doesn’t cycle the trigger, and then back off a couple?
  8. I’m looking to better my splits. I think short stroking is the answer, but I’m not sure what I need to do to short stroke my PCC. I have a PSA lower (no LRBHO), a Taccom 3 stage buffer, Taccom ULW barrel, trigger is a Giessele G2S (it’s what I had on the shelf and very similar to what I run on my AR15). I run the Standard Taccom bolt. I see the ESS bolt is on sale. Is that all I need to swap to make this rifle short stroke? Any thoughts or point me in a direction. thsnks
  9. I’m looking for a LRBHO. Mist seem iffy at best. I saw a video about the American Defense lower. It seem to take a different approach to addressing LRBHO. Does anybody have any experience on these lowers and the reliability of the LRBHO feature.
  10. I never thought about a laser. Which one is recommended?
  11. I’m thinking of running a 45 degree RDS for hard leans, as opposed to switching to off hand shooting. I currently run Vortex Spitfire 1X as my primary sight. I’m thinking about a Vortex Venom for the off set. What I’m not sure about is what dot size to tun. The options are 2moa or 6 moa. This is mostly for bay stages, inside of 50 yards. Any thoughts on this plan? What size dot do you think would be best?
  12. I use a similar home made tool. I made a T handle on the end. Also I use Slip 2000 Carbon Killer. My final step is to swab it out with a patch wrapped around a 12 gauge mop tool. It only takes a few minutes and shroud is clean all the way done to the barrel.
  13. Taccom3g has a few different barrels that are short barrels 5.25,”, 10”, 13”) with an extension pinned & welded to make it 16” OAL. These let you use regular pistol loads without need for tweaking for PCC.
  14. that’s exactly what i was concerned about. Thanks for the reassurance.
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