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  1. Taccom3g has a few different barrels that are short barrels 5.25,”, 10”, 13”) with an extension pinned & welded to make it 16” OAL. These let you use regular pistol loads without need for tweaking for PCC.
  2. that’s exactly what i was concerned about. Thanks for the reassurance.
  3. I have installed a Taccom 16” ULW Barrel and a 15” handguard. That leaves about 1” of barrel sticking out past the handguard. I plan to shoot some matched that will require PCC and shotgun. I’m concerned about how the end of the barrel will hold up when I have to dump the PCC to transition to the SG. I was thinking of adding something to the end of the barrel to take the beating. What i had in mind is a PVC cap, with the center cut out to the ID of the barrel. Is my concern to protect the (aluminum) end of the barrel valid, or do you think it will hold up ok? Does the end of that barrel get to hot for PVC? Does anybody have any other thoughts / ideas?
  4. I’m wanting to give this a try. Where do you put the quarters? between bolt & buffer?
  5. Adam, what part of the lower did you have to file?
  6. I recently received and installed the Tacom Super Feed 26” ULW 9mm Barrel. I did install a 15” Free Float handguard. That leaves about 1” of the barrel extending past the handguard. I know the shroud is aluminum for light weight. My concern is the end taking a beating, especially during Barrel dumps. I’m looking for suggestions how to protect that end. I’m thinking something as simple like the caps that sometimes come in the ends of pipes (cut the center out of course). But a few random checks have failed to find one that fits snuggly. Any suggestions?
  7. I have a rather severe astigmatisms and have tried several sights. EOTech holographic sights just seemed to fuzzy for me. I tried a few red dot sights and found the Aimpoint T1 to be workable. However, I’ve settled on prismatic sights. I use the Vortex Spitfire. Another option might be the a Primary Arms Cyclops, but I have no first hand experience with that one.
  8. I’m not sure if the ID required for the handguard, but I recently jumped to a Foxtrot Mike 15” hsndguard. The weight, with the barrel nut is around 11.5 oz. it’s a little effort to install, because you have to shim to get the right positioning. But the weight savings was well worth it.
  9. How is the accuracy? Most targets are bay targets but occasionally they put a plate rack out at 75yards.
  10. My favorite trigger for AR & PCC is Geissele G2S. It’s a 2 stage that is easy & quick for single action type shots, but has that 2 stage feel when longer or more precise shots are needed. They can be had in your price range, when on sale. for a single stage upgraded trigger I like the ALG Advanced Combat Trigger. Dim the & crisp with a nice reset.
  11. I have a MBX buffer system and have been using the same load a my G34. 124 gr bullet with a power factor of 130K. It runs well and very little bounce on my RDS. I’m looking to lighten up the front end. I have a Foxtrot Mike 15” handguard (11.6 oz). I CAN’t find an advertised weight for the PSA handguard but simply holding them feels like the FM is noticeably lighter. I was thinking that the Taccom ULW barrel at 15 oz might be a good alternative to the standard PSA 16” barrel (listed at 26.5 0z) I’m thinking I will shed close to 2 lbs off the front end. The only concern I have is that our local competitions ocassionally have shots out to 75 yards. I know that is doable with a pistol barrel and it would just be a case of getting the holds figured out. what do you guys think? Am I missing something or expecting to much, with this plan?
  12. I’m considering the 16” ULW barrel also. What do you mean when you say “it has to be tuned”?
  13. Please excuse my ignorance. I have an upper receiver that I was going to eventually build into a 5,56. Can use that same receiver to build a 9mm upper? (Just change to a 9mm barrel and appropriate boot) if not what is a good scourge for a reasonably priced 9mm receiver only. (I want to use a Taccom ULW barrel)
  14. I’m considering swapping my PCC barrel. I’m a custom to my current handguard because all my competition ARs have same / similar handguards. This give me the same feel and hand positioning on every one. Question: Can I run my existing FF handguard (AR15 style) over the Taccom ULW 9mm barrel? What would be the minimum inside diameter for the handguard?
  15. I like / use the push button style by Elfman. https://www.opticsplanet.com/elftmann-tactical-ambi-speed-safety.html?gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIn86DmLz04gIVBrnACh2cMA9BEAAYASAAEgKCQvD_BwE
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