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  1. Bfrisk72

    SJC Frame Weight

    Sorry its rightie
  2. Bfrisk72

    SJC Frame Weight

    I have a Redeye Tactical fame weight holster sitting on the shelf if anyone is looking for one.
  3. Matt did nice work on my 6" Eagle Last year, would recommend. https://mclearncustomguns.com/
  4. Not sure if Ron does bluing or not but I can recommend his Hard Chrome. Mahovsky Metalife http://www.mahovskysmetalife.com/ -BF
  5. +1 for Dawson Buy it new from them and if you have any trouble getting the POA/POI where you want it to be they will cut a new front sight for you free of charge. Has helped greatly on my Glock 34's and Glock 24's. --BF
  6. mostly I've used the Hornaday cleaner diluted per instructions with distilled water.
  7. Have one for sale if you're interested send me a PM. --BF
  8. Agree with what has been said about OAL, I run a little heavier spring (15/14#) and that might picking up the first few rounds in those filled mags.
  9. +1 for Safariland 773's. Watch Midwayusa and you can pick them up cheap on clearance both with and without the ELS fork. Have CR Spreed pouches on my backup belt and they have been good but I dont care for them coming loose and rotating out of position.
  10. Good overall magwell. I thought it was taller than similar magwells but the mouth opening was slightly undersized compared to a Dawson or SJC. Fitment and mounting was excellent with no modifications or sanding to the grip was required. If your hands are on the larger size then the taller shape will give you a little more room without forcing your support hand/changing your grip. Would recommend. --BF
  11. Having run numerous different trigger bars, flat shoes, hand fit connectors and even short pined ejector housings and can say design and craftsmanship go a long way on improving the factory Glock trigger. With a factory trigger bar, vertical extension and cruciform there's a lot of hand polish and finesse needed to get a superior end product. Based on the website pictures I would suspect the pre/over travel and break should be better based on design. Curious why they kept a stock style vertical extension shape. At that market price i'd be tempted to give one a try. --BF
  12. Using Grrrrip right now, lotion, and have been very happy with it. https://www.amazon.com/GRRRIP-Enhancer-Improve-Hands-Lotion/dp/B06Y5P9SYN/ref=sr_1_7?crid=1AVZ79OHRTHZ7&dchild=1&keywords=dry+grip+lotion&qid=1611104215&sprefix=dry+hands+grip+lotion%2Caps%2C172&sr=8-7 Other guys at the club use liquid grip: https://www.amazon.com/Liquid-Grip-Combo-Kit-8oz/dp/B007VQKGAA/ref=sr_1_37?crid=1AVZ79OHRTHZ7&dchild=1&keywords=dry+grip+lotion&qid=1611104304&sprefix=dry+hands+grip+lotion%2Caps%2C172&sr=8-37 I've noticed I started doing this as well. After originally starting with spray progrip and moving to the lotion, the spray does make for quick touch-ups throughout a match where i dont want/need a full application --BF
  13. Can anyone recommend single power RX lens/frame combo for -7.0 with Astigmatism? I have shot with contacts all my life and now am considering RX shooting glasses but am struggling to find makers that can go up to my needed power/axis. I'm leaning towards a single power lens instead of an insert (never tried an insert so maybe i'm off base) due to my RX and lack of peripheral vision. Any suggestions and experiences welcome. Thanks, -BF
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