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  1. Any interest in a 6” Hybrid (40)?
  2. Just purchased a Eagle 6.0 with a SAS serial #, can you tell me more about "Shirley's" guns and if there is any meaning? I did reach out to STI but they were unable to give me a build date for the pistol. Thanks, --BF
  3. I've run a Gen4 G35 but ultimately sold it and moved back to Gen 3 frames. (common grip matching my production and CO guns) I scored a NIB Gen 3 G24 from a local shop and have since set it up with SJC magwell and frame weight and while i have enjoyed the novelty of a lesser known Glock model, the lack of holster options can be frustrating. Hand downs, if you want to run with 2011's a G24 can get you there for half the price - but I would recommend the CR speed holster or custom kydex build. If i were to do it all over again, I would get a Gen 3 G35 (Magwells on Gen 4's can be a challenge for the changeable back straps - my TTI magwell would not comply but i believe some models will accept them but cutting off the bottoms) and install a extended barrel and Taylor Freelance sight tracker. Holsters would still be a pain, but that can be offset by the ease of converting back over to a std barrel and having a few complement of holsters and gear.
  4. I havent pulled the trigger to have my G34 cut for an optic but in discussing the options with my gunsmith he did make a good point regarding the depth of milling and thread engagement on the MOS is minimal. This seems to jive with me after hearing several stories about insufficient thread locker resulting in lost zeros or sights becoming detached.
  5. I've run the SJC frame weight with and without the thumb rest in a Red Eye Tactical holster built for each. I've since moved away from the thumb rest and one reason for that was I struggled to meet the USPSA holster requirements for distance from grip to belt. I started with my G34/35 and later moved to my current G24 - due to the open bottom design the holster will work with various barrel lengths. The holsters do fit the frame weight well with standard tension screws but I would not recommend for 2gun/3gun due to insufficient retention. I would like to see the kydex be thicker, more sturdy if you will - more like a double layer. But shy of having a custom item molded I would recommend. I second the CR Speed holster, the modification was easy to do with a sanding wheel and fit/function was tight. PS - both SJC and Red Eye have newer/updated designs. Important to note that current generation frame weights will not work with older generation holsters. Would recommend clarifing with SJC/Red Eye if you go to purchase.
  6. I have been wanting to chop a 17 lower to accept 19 mags. (effectively building a 19L or a 17K) If one did not want to buy/adapt the slide and barrel to work on the compact frames, does anyone have the chop measurements and/or instructions?
  7. Agree with the above, for limited and open, its about capacity and compatibility with your magwell. I ran TTI +5's on my G24 in limited this season but did have to file fit my SJC magwell to clear up minor interference. I'm not sure I would buy the TTI's again, performance is solid but I hear you when it comes to stomaching the price tag. Taylor Freelance Polymers will be the next ones I try.
  8. Amazon used to offer a "4 x 12' roll of skateboard/safety tape for under $12 (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01IC15FE4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) I see its not available any longer, but it was nice to have the extra room to cut different shapes or to trace an old Talon grip. Can anyone recommend a Silcone Carbide application or process? I've been talking to my local glock-smith about having the epoxy and grit added for a more permeant solution
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