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  1. Bfrisk72

    SJC Frame Weight

    Its fair to note the dimensions on the Gen 2 SJC weight are different, so if you have an Redeye holster from the Gen 1 time frame the new frame weight will not fit. Last I spoke to them about this the new Redeye holsters were be clearance to accept either gen 1 or 2 frame weights.
  2. I like most of Gabe' stuff, I have his triggers and a slide on another G34 but haven't used the L-mount. I liked that it came with provisions for me to run backup irons, but did not like the idea that it used a proprietary backplate. I shot with an EGW plate (Vortex Venom) for a season while in Area 2, never had an issue with zero or the plate coming loose. --BF
  3. I have an SJC magwell sitting around that was off my backup G24. I run a Carver on my primary G24 now and used to run a TTI on my G35gen4 for a brief time before going back to all Gen3 frames. I liked the TTI, fit and finish was nice but did not like the inability to use my backstraps on the Gen4. the Carver is working will for me now but the mouth is not as large as other models. The SJC is huge, its like throwing a mag into a 5gal bucket. but with that it doesn't leave a lot of room for my grip based on the shape of my hands, would be perfect with a "big hands" fluting like we
  4. I personally have not used their slides but I recently returned my backup G24 back to stock dress, I have a SJC frame weight and couple of compatible holsters if thats something of interest for you. I run a KKM barrel and have been very happy with it the past few seasons. --BF
  5. I've stuck with Gen3 models over the years, so the parts buildup and interchangability helps with spare parts. So the small tacklebox of springs, pins, trigger bars, sights, plungers, strikers, etc are there if I need them. But a good once over the night before the match to check/catch any major boogers before they become issues and I shouldnt be making a trips to parts bin day of the match. --BF
  6. According to people much smarter on the topic than myself say the Gen5 is a significant leap ahead for Glock and their internal geometry and bearing surfaces. Im sure like each of the previous generations, the aftermarket will respond so I wouldnt be afriad of starting there. Turth in lending, I only run Gen 3 Glocks, but that is a product of years of tinkering & parts buildup. Nothing wrong with a Gen 3, and a good launch platform if your interested in making your own changes (and cheap when your changes "dont work as you thought")
  7. +1 for ELS. Being think in the middle as myself, Sometimes the holster and hanger angles don't work in your favor. The ELS belt is a very sturdy platform and the Forks and receivers allow me to quickly swap out pouches to shoot different divisions/guns. irregardless of what rig you go for, get the best gear you can afford, it will last you a long time. --BF
  8. +1 If you have room in your bag it's nice to have a backup. I keep mine in the range bag along with a staple gun, pliers, and a few other essentials that come in hand from time to time and keep the match moving.
  9. +1. I consider myself a rustbelt redneck that spent time on the farm shooting anything that got handed to us, but my Glock shooting experience went way up when i switched to a better set of sights.
  10. Used progrip for the first time at a match this past week. I ordered the spray instead of the lotion after reading some of the reviews and have to say I was disappointed. The spray coverage was less that even and trying to spray your second hand was less than ideal. If I got in on and it setup, i saw a difference, but next time i'll stick with a lotion type. --BF
  11. I have ran both 14# and 15# in my G24 with factory 40SW ammo can couldnt tell the difference, I left the 15# in to aid in reliable feeding.
  12. I have switched to BSI slow cure for my SC projects, I like having the long application window and the epoxy naturally wants to self level better than my experiences with JB weld. A couple of season in and have not seen any premature wear, chipping or cracking.
  13. Modding a Gen2 is mostly likely not worth the time and effort, but can be done. I did a Gen 3 Frame swap to gain the front accessory rail turning a Gen 2 into a proper truck gun a few years ago. Since they still ran the two pin frames in the Gen 2 i had to swap locking blocks to utilize the Gen 3 holes and not leave one empty - the list goes on from there... I recently chopped my G17Gen3 to a 19 grip and recontoured the backstrap and removed the finger grooves - if I were to look at another Gen 2 this would be but the path I would take and in your case get you to comment magazine
  14. OEM barrels perform well in USPSA, and in my opinion the newer Gen5 barrels being some of the most accurate from the glocks I've shot/owned. I do have a few aftermarket barrels (KKM, Double Diamond, Lonewolf) however their increase in accuracy results more from the fitting process to my slide than simply a drop in replacement for an OEM. If were to recommend a barrel change, I would suggest a Bar-Sto or similar barrel that is intentionally oversized specifically for fitting.
  15. Ran the EGW dovetail plate in CO for 2 seasons with a Vortex Venom and had no issues. Easy to install and held POA/POI. Recently i build a Swenson G17gen3 slide that was milled for a Vortex RDS and have been very impressed with the fit and finish. Came with front cocking serrations, assembled tight and the dot sits low to the slide - would recommend checking them out on Midway's website - picked mine up for under 170 bucks.
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