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  1. Grab a tikka, he stock/chassis options are about as plentiful as they are for a Remington 700 and you don’t often have to worry about trusting the Tikka action.
  2. It’s super bright, bright as my vortex razor. After some range time I will be deciding if I’m selling the Razor or not.
  3. I bought the Remington R1 in .40 and had a friend tritop it and smoothed the trigger out. It’s a great shooter and shoots pretty flat in comparison to my STI 2011. I recommend them!
  4. I have the hyperfire 24C and CMC curved trigger, and I tried a Calvin Elite and long for one now. It won't make me shoot better but it's by far the nicest trigger I've tried in an AR
  5. I just received my NX8 2 weeks ago. The eyebox isn't as large as the Razor, but I like the size, weight and the fact it's a FFP is a large reason I wanted to try one. My other rifle scopes are first focal plane and not worrying what I'm set at when I shoot at a target is a good piece of mind. It's not perfect, but it seems to be a good fit for me. And as far as reticle being too large at 8x, is less of a concern as the major matches I attend and will attend in the future have always used a fairly large plate for a target. Once we get to shooting 4" plates at 400yds, then I mi
  6. Shot this in 11.43 with only 1 C rest A's, I was shooting Limited Minor. Got some work to do..
  7. Great! I will do that, I did the search and geez, this is a wealth of info and get lost. It seems that the biggest hurdle witht the GP100 is the trigger..
  8. Can a GP100 be resprung to get it close to S&W levels? I know that Smiths are great but a Ruger might be a feasable contender for hunting/steel shooting for me.
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