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  1. Grab a tikka, he stock/chassis options are about as plentiful as they are for a Remington 700 and you don’t often have to worry about trusting the Tikka action.
  2. It’s super bright, bright as my vortex razor. After some range time I will be deciding if I’m selling the Razor or not.
  3. I bought the Remington R1 in .40 and had a friend tritop it and smoothed the trigger out. It’s a great shooter and shoots pretty flat in comparison to my STI 2011. I recommend them!
  4. I have the hyperfire 24C and CMC curved trigger, and I tried a Calvin Elite and long for one now. It won't make me shoot better but it's by far the nicest trigger I've tried in an AR
  5. I just received my NX8 2 weeks ago. The eyebox isn't as large as the Razor, but I like the size, weight and the fact it's a FFP is a large reason I wanted to try one. My other rifle scopes are first focal plane and not worrying what I'm set at when I shoot at a target is a good piece of mind. It's not perfect, but it seems to be a good fit for me. And as far as reticle being too large at 8x, is less of a concern as the major matches I attend and will attend in the future have always used a fairly large plate for a target. Once we get to shooting 4" plates at 400yds, then I might worry. (The strike eagle reticle is huge in comparison and I never had an issue with it)
  6. I bought the xl hundo, still my ammo doesn't fit fully. And it's near bullseye accurate so I'm not wanting to change too much to make it work.
  7. I've had both of my STIs chambers over sized to ensure they are more reliable, then I bought the Hundo case gauge and guess what, nothing fits it but does fit my Dillon case gauge. I'm wanting to ream my case gauge to nearly match my chambers so I can speed up the ammo checking. Any one have 1 to lend, or can I send my case gauge to someone to have it opened up? Thanks
  8. I had the same problem with someone's plated rounds. Buy a different batch and try those. I had a bad box, they were the only ones I ever had tumblr in thousands of rounds.
  9. Been there as well, tried 9 minor halfway thru the season and did damn good, placed top 20 in a field of 60-80 consistently, then came winter break and starting the season, placed waaay down the list. I'm completely sold on 40major, tho I'd like to try 40 minor just for fun once. Btw, I'm top 5 but the experience and practice has helped a lot with that.
  10. The stages and props at the MO3gun were awesome! Though I think a bonus point stage with this in it only would be a great incentive if you give the option to apply a few seconds off the worst of the stage with the single guns (pistol only, rifle only or shotgun only). Might add a little fun...or just throw out an award for fastest run...regardless, bring on the difficult props!
  11. Well crap, my bullet seating depth caused serious malfunctions in my 6" gun so I went to me 5" backup and shot probably just as good as I would have..to be continued.
  12. I just got a FGW 6" and really like how it handles and shoots, easy to make Major with less powder..do you guys think they will ever be "it" gun? Heck, I'm even entertaining the thought of a 6" sight-tracker!
  13. Nice, I'm curious how good they shoot, price seems right
  14. I actually sold my 627 vcomp for a S&W 610, and kept my 625. So easy to reload that it makes me look like I know what I'm doing.
  15. I only use Duluth pants, their line is pretty good on varieties but for all day comfort i run the dry on the fly stretch pant and shorts. And if you wear them out, send them back for a new pair..best thing out there in my mind
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