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  1. I was torn between the A400 and the 686 Silver Pigeon. I got the A400 and really like it but could not get SP out of my mind so I ended up with both. If I had to choose I would keep the SP. I really like it. The A400 fit me well right out of the box. The SP LOP was a little long but fixed with a shorter recoil pad. Now all I need is Practice, Practice, Practice.
  2. I definitely am going to train to shoot with both eyes open and no tape. I am just excited to find at least part of my issue with right to left targets. I am doing the 3 bullet drill a couple times a day. I am pretty sure I will figure it out. Like I said before I am having fun with it. Thanks for all the help.
  3. I went out today with the wheely bird to practice targets from right to left with eguapo's explanation in mind. I tried shooting both eyes open with no tape on the left lens. Didn't seem to make much difference, got pretty much the same results. I hit most left to right and from behind and missed from right to left. So I thought I would try closing my left eye. I kept both eye's open till I picked up the clay then closed my left to get the lead and break the clay. I broke the first one and about 20 more in a row after that switching between my SA and O/U. Thanks to eguapo's explanation that prompted me to try this, I think I am on the right track. I am hoping that the 3 bullet drill will teach me to shoot with both open but if not I have read where some do close one eye. Thanks eguapo. I am excited.
  4. Thanks a lot for that explanation. I will work that 3 bullet drill over and over and hopefully overcome this dilemma. Thanks again I will keep you posted on my results.
  5. elgaupo, Thanks for the help and the video. It's time for my yearly eye exam and I will talk to the Doctor about that. Thanks for the video I will practice that drill. warpspeed, Like I said the 32" just seemed awkward to me. I never shot one just handled one at the LGS. Thanks
  6. I mount the gun on my right shoulder. For lack of being able to come up with the right term I will say that I am barely right eye dominant. I shoot with a piece of tape on my left lens.
  7. I have had my first appointment with a gun fitter. He wanted me to practice my mount and shoot some before he makes any adjustments. I have done a lot of reading on gun fit and am aware of it's importance. I am anxious to get all that out of the way so I can really start shooting. I purchased a wheely bird trap w/remote to get some trigger time in. Its a cool machine. I can hit 99% from the rear of the trap and about 95% with the clay traveling from left to right but when I try to shoot the clay traveling right to left I MISS probably 95%. I don't know why. I plan on getting some help. I took a lesson right after I got my A400, before I ever fired a shot out of it. My shotgun experience was next to none and I feel I got nothing out of the lesson. I think after some trigger time and fitting a lesson will help more. All that said I am having a lot of fun with these shotguns. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the tip practical_man. That is where I need the most practice. I tend to lift my head. Wood on wood will be my new go to phrase. Thanks elguapo, the 32" just seemed a little awkward for some reason. I am not planning to shoot competitively and even if I did I don't think a 32" gun over a 30" gun will hurt me at this point. Thanks
  9. I have had chance to shoot my A400 and love it, but I still couldn't get the Silver Pigeon out of my head. I found a 686 SP1, 12 gauge, 30" sporting on sale and Beretta was giving a $150.00 rebate on top of that, so now I have both. Just need to learn how to shoot them and all will be good.
  10. Thanks. Any suggestions on a rod to use?
  11. Does anyone know if the Wilson 13# 5" flat wire recoil spring will work on the factory guide rod? PPQ Q5 Match. Thanks, SR
  12. sandrooney


    These are great tips. I am just starting to shoot clays. I have taken one lesson and just had my first fitting appointment. Luckily the gun (A400) fits pretty well right out of the box. The smith said maybe a little cast off if anything but wants me to practice my mount and shoot at least 500 clays before he adjust it. I bought a Wheelybird 2.0 trap and finally got to go out yesterday and do some shooting with it. It's awesome. Never thought I would hear myself say this but I am going to the skeet field on Sunday instead of the USPSA match.
  13. No they were the 70 series colts. I have no experience with the newer colts.
  14. sandrooney

    best semi

    Got my A400 Xcel and I really like it. Had my first fitting appointment Friday and he said that all I should need is a little cast off, should be doable with the provided shims. He wants me to practice (get more consistent) my mount and shoot at least 500 birds before he actually does anything with the gun. He seems to know what he is doing. It's kinda scary pointing a gun at someone's eye.
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