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  1. Anybody know how long will the battery last in my FF3 if I leave it on automatic all day? Thanks
  2. I would go for an Italian gun before one made in Turkey. The Browning BT99's are made in Japan but have read good things about them, check the classifieds on Shotgun World. They sometimes have some good deals there.
  3. I said I might be hooked well I think I need to go to shotguns anonymous. I just added a Beretta 20 gauge 686 Silver Pigeon to my addiction. After a Year and a half of shotgunning I now have 4 shotguns. Beretta 686 SP1 Sporting 12 Gauge 30" Beretta 686 SP1 Field 20 Gauge 28". Thanks to warpspeed for buying one of my other guns. I.Rizzini LX680 Gold Trap 12 Gauge 32" Winchester 1300 20 Gauge Pump. This pump gun is so much fun to shoot. It's got to end here.
  4. I have had it for about a year and have put several thousand clay's through it. The only issue I have had with it is sometimes It won't feed the last clay and I have to dry fire it and then it will feed it. Other than that it works flawlessly. The remote works great with the delay. I hang it on the zipper of my vest (I have the delay set for about 6 seconds) press the button and wait for the target.
  5. Got one for my Wheely Bird 2.0 delivered on Thursday. I went out to the BLM on Friday and tried it out. It is awesome. It throws targets from about 3 feet off the ground to almost straight up and everywhere in between and left to right and everywhere in between. You just never know where its going to throw it. Man when the targets come out of there at about 3 feet off the ground they seem really fast and then it will shoot one almost straight up and they seem really slow. I think this is going to be a helpful practice tool. Not to mention a lot of fun.
  6. My WheelyBird works great. Mine has a remote control with an adjustable delay.
  7. sandrooney


    I bought myself a ShotKam for Christmas. It is an awesome learning tool. I was shooting some skeet (which I really suck at) and the guys I was shooting with kept telling me I was missing behind the clay. I was using my ShotKam for the first time and when I got home and looked at the videos of the shots there wasn't one of my misses that was behind the clay. They were all way under. I was running out of swing and the barrel was dipping. I went out a couple day's later with my Wheely Bird and shot crossers from both directions and focused on foot position and moving only my upper body, like a tu
  8. I have WheelyBird 2.0. Works every time I push the button.
  9. You say you started out as a one eyed trap shooter do you still shoot one eyed? Thanks a lot and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.
  10. I am still trying to learn this game. I do ok at trap. I average around 20/25. 23 is my highest. I really suck at skeet but don't get much chance to shoot it. I really want to shoot Sporting Clay's and 5 Stand but the nearest range that offers them is over 100 miles one way for me. Oh well, it's all fun as long as I am putting lead back into the environment.
  11. I found a Verona smith in Lake Havasu. He used to work at the factory. He services them and has parts. I did go ahead and get it but for way less than he was asking. It seems to be a pretty good shotgun. Has an adj. comb and Gracoil recoil reduction system that is fully adjustable.
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