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  1. i had another stock trigger that came with the grip that is on the gun so I put it back in. I backed the screw off quite a bit. Dry fire it seems to be working. The trigger that came in the gun had been cut down quite a bit and the new one is stock. I'm going to shoot it today and see how it works.
  2. I shot my sig last night at our league match but afterwards I pulled out my 2011 and one of the other guys was looking at it. I was showing him that when I would try to shoot it the trigger wouldn't move. He reached up and bumped the mag and the gun fired. We did it several times. I would try to shoot and he wiggled the mag and the gun fired. We kind if thought it might be the trigger binding. Does anyone have any ideas?
  3. I'm not turning it back on. My thumb is staying in top of the safety and I think I am pushing on it so hard it is bending on the inside. I have had other experiences shooters watch me and they can't see what is causing the problem. My thumb is holding the safety down and I can't pull the trigger. If I take my thumb off the safety or just relax my grip it goes bang. I am the only one that can make the gun do it. I have switched guns with another shooter and she ran it a the rest of the match with no problems. I used her sti edge and didn't have any trouble.
  4. This is the last one I had put in.
  5. I ride the safety and if I loosen up my grip the gun will fire. The gun smith I use said that I am twisting the rod on the inside of the safety
  6. I have the grip safety disabled. It's the thumb safety. If I lighten up my grip it shoots fine but when I'm in a match I squeeze the hell out of it. I have had several right handers shoot it and it's fine.
  7. Do any other left handed shooters have a problem with the safety on there 2011. I have had two new ones put in my limcat and they only last a few matches then I get trigger freeze. If a righty shoots the gun it runs fine.
  8. I have a limcat 2011 and it is a great gun but I am left handed a I have broken the safety in it 3 times. I have had right handers shoot it with no problems but I can't lighten up my grip so after a few matches I get trigger freeze. The last safety was $140 and $60 to have it installed. I'm just over the hole 2011 thing and want to go back to having fun.
  9. I have been using this shell holder for a year now. It works great if I load before moveing anywhere but it leaves a trail of shot shells every time I run. Does anyone have a remedy for this.
  10. I still call the guys that shoot pcc my friends but we like to give each other a hard time. When they build stages they like to put in long head shots to make it hard for the pistol shooters. it's still a game and if you can't screw you buddy than why play.
  11. In my opinion I don't like PCC and because of it unlimited capacity and virtually zero limitations I'm trying to level the playing field a little bit.
  12. At barrel high it might make it difficult for some of our older shooters to get down and then back up. I wanted it to be a disadvantage to the pcc crowd.
  13. Is forcing a competitor to crawl under a wall laied horisontial and pop up inside a window to shoot targets a legal stage?
  14. I was thinking about having my versamax ported but don't know if it would put me in open class. And is there any cons to having it done.
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